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2021 Make Waves

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 24, 2021


One way through is together en masse.

Another way is a personal journey.

With like heart and mind.

You are a human being with value and importance.

Our upbringing did not teach us the true nature or our reality.

Yet right now our potential is staring each of us eye to eye

Awaiting our arrival.



“What do you think awaits our civilization?”

“In the long term, a realization of the futility of the technocratic path
of development and a movement back to our primal origins.”

“You mean to say that all our scholars are immature beings
who are leading us into a dead end?”

“I mean to say that they are accelerating the process,
they are bringing you closer to the realization
that you are on the wrong path.”

Vladimir Megre – Anastasia



Above is a link. Click it. 


Who are you? Know thyself. 

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Children are being programmed through Media. 

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This Netflix original children’s show.
“Stretch Armstrong and The Flex Fighters”,
threw it all out there back in 2017-2018. 
Truth in plain sight shown to a fan base
of clueless children under the guise of fiction.


Doctors Have Died For with Dr. Carrie Madej

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Far Smart Matrix

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The DataVerse

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Private Planes in Switzerland

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We were not brought up and trained to know what is going on now.

Others were. A long planned agenda unfolding before our very eyes.

Time to let go of pretty much everything you’ve been taught to believe.

Do not be fearful, be FREE and AWARE.

All together now.







The Trust Technique


“Everyone has Oceans to fly, If they have the heart to do it.
Is it Reckless? Maybe.
But what do dreams know of boundaries?”
~ Amelia Earhart


I share others works and creations on my page because I value what they have to say. I relate to their art, their philosophies, visions, and expertise, that I have yet to acquire. Technology is advancing faster than the speed of sound and light. Therefore, why waste time when a message can be collaborated and shared here between artists born and yet to be born, on the canvas of our ever evolving fractal world.

If we are all one and connected, then I love the dancer in thee, that is in me, I love the nature enthusiast in thee, in me, I love the painter, poet, writer, musician, gardener, alchemist, astronomer, archeologist, mathematician, physicist, biologist, elementalist, photographer, filmmaker, animal lover, astrologer, lighting expert, holographic explorer, and everything in between that leads us all on the journey towards a collective unity of peaceful living.

Sometimes I’m the Director, Producer, Writer, Cinemetographer, DP, Editor, lighting director, and all that happens in creation, as I participate, and/or become part of the audience connecting with something I agree with on the screen. Thank you all for this magnificent journey. Humbled and appreciated you are in my heart.


“It is necessary to create a tension in the Mind,
so individuals could rise from the bondage of myths and half-truths,
to the unfettered realm of creative analysis and objective appraisal.”
~ Socrates

“I would trade all of my technology for an afternoon with Socrates.”
~ Steve Jobs

“What strategic thinking requires is the ability to contemplate possibilities,
not immediately present.”
~ Terrence McKenna

“The past occupies the future in informative information so it is like a self fulfilling prediction is what a fractal is. It predicts by virtue of its past states. They define what its future states will be. Exactly in the same way that I imagine the morphogenetic field defines what future states will be. The fractals that have been talked about to date have been used to describe spatial phenomena. Coastlines, molecular arrangements, the distribution of flowers in a meadow, this sort of thing. But if instead you thought of fractals as descriptors for the temporal dimension, replace the notion of a flat or slightly curved manifold, with an actual fractal surface over which events were flowing, and flowing over patterns, which were repeating themselves at many, many levels in resonance with previous similar patterns. Then you would begin to have a mathematical picture of how the morphogenetic field would work, and you would also have found a phenomenon in nature upon which to hang it. By saying ‘time’ is obviously it. It’s just that we are so engrained by Newtonionism to accept time as an abstraction. As something not having equal status in the other three dimensions, that we’ve overlooked this fact. And yet that is obviously the carrier wave. That’s why you would speak of the presence of the past, what then can it be but time. Past time in the present.” ~ Terrene McKenna


Resonance Science Academy

“Peace is Eye~see”
~ plr 2010

“Words have meaning in truth, of course.
However, if stated without heart and mind united?
They might falter like driftwood,
on the seas of possibilities allowing intervention.
Be sured, steadfast in knowing, confident in the journeying,
no matter what may lie along the path of tither and frowing.
The sailing to get there will be done,
no matter what the waters waves attempting to thwart the destiny.”

“May love turn away rage, may truth turn away hate.”
~ plr 2010

“Seek to be alone much to commune with Nature,
and be thus inspired by her mighty whisperings within your consciousness.
Nature is a most jealous god,
for she will not whisper her inspiring revelations to you,
unless you are absolutely alone with her.”
~ Walter Russell

“May we together,
create a world of beautiful feelings ever lasting.”
~ plr

“I have a romance with reality and truth.”
~ Dr. John Henrik Clarke

“In this infinite sea of potentials,
how come we keep recreating the same realities?”
~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

The past is bound to be repeated unless we learn from it.
May we all in like kind unite, unbounded.
May it be so, may it be so, may it be so.
Thrice is nice, ignite the light.

Peace of mind is the way to build a relationship with life.
The point is, be unafraid to change current directions.
It can never be too late to understand.
It can never be too late to participate in Peace.
One must have discernments with ease.
Integrity within the human institution called consciousness,
operates with deeply rooted truths non-negotiable.

“There is always growth in comforting realities.”
~ plr

“Unjust laws exist;
shall we be content to obey them,
or shall we endeavor to amend them,
and obey them until we have succeeded,
or shall we transgress them at once?”
~ Henry David Thoreau

I feel our timeless creation’s histories, have been recorded quite wrongly.
All life, is energy, tone, intention, harmonics, frequency, vibration, and light.
All life, is electrical, magnetic, and then some.
I value life in birth, and transformations,
through peaceful journeys in entirety.
I respect life for its loving, kind understandings,
and compassionate coherency above all else.

“Never be afraid of the shape,
simply be aware of the intent within it.”
~ plr 2010

“Well its been a short talk tonight but I’m scratching the surface,
of something that would take a lot of talks and lectures to give you …
I do this because I want those who can understand, and have the capacity to understand,
to look into these things in a much deeper level,
because the way its going today we are being turned into forms of machines,
that’s how we’re viewed of course, predictable machines …
has planned for us all is inhumane …
it’s not a natural development or progression.”
~ Alan Watt

“When everything speeds up,
slow down and view with clarity,
then make a conscious move.”
~ plr

“I think one can do a lot – both:
Focused towards oneself and towards the world as such.
Being a part of the solution, not of the problem,
by becoming more and more a part of a complete order.
Trying to set an example – balanced and conscious.
Becoming a sensitive observer of your own life.
The longing for a life without time ~ in time.”
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

“Sharing is not immoral, it is certainly a moral imperative.”
~ plr

“They have taught me that the objective world in space and time does not exist
And that we are forced to deal now not in facts, but in possibilities.
Breaking the rules doesn’t worry me anymore
Now that I can see that only one principle really matters.
And that is rightness.
If it feels good, if it seems appropriate and meaningful,
Then it doesn’t matter how absurd it is
In the light of the established explanation of how things work.
Establishments are no longer as stable as they used to be.
They are having to make way for another kind of knowing
Which is concerned only with harmony, with keeping in touch with Earth’s tune.
Lyall Watson – “Gifts of Unknown Things”


This is 1 hour, 10 minutes, and 58 seconds, of two humans ‘being’, speaking some real truths.

Simple Reminders, Hoisting the Freedom Fighters

Excerpts from this beautiful transmission:

“And getting off of society’s theme ride of scripts and narratives,
and daring to write your own narrative …
even if you have to play along a little bit, okay?
You have to play along a little bit.
I knew a long time ago that I did not want to have to –
throw rocks at it from the outside, nope.
Nobody listens to the rock throwers guys …
And it’s probably a very good thing.
I think it’s better to figure out a way to get in voluntarily,
have them invite you in, and sit down at the table of conversation…
instead of throwing rocks.”

“It is amazing what you can do in ten years,
but not if you’ve been scattered by the system.
Run down, beat down, and distracted.
Your time used up every day listening to gossip, listening to the entertainment,
listening to the so-called news, staying [confined] in your bridal [blinders] …
You know what you are going to do?
You are going to be remade into the image and likeness of your popular cultural creator.
They know what they can do in ten years, believe me.
They know exactly what they can do to you in ten years,
and that is exactly what they are doing.
They are going to take you and your time and your eyeballs,
and they are going to re-make you exactly the way they want you.
Pour you right into the mold,
and cast you right into exactly the way they want you.
They know how to do it in ten years.
Why don’t you take that ten years, and do something for you instead.”

“And troublemakers seem to find each other which is a good thing,
which is why I suspect we have found you, and you have found us.
And that’s why we love you, and that’s why some of you love us.
You are going to take down that white flag now,
and you are going to begin to raise your black flag, join us.
And we are going to be the right kind of trouble guys,
the right kind of trouble, with the big picture in mind.”
~ Bryant and Jenni McGill

“There is nothing more spiritual than freedom,
and it is very spiritual to violate old beliefs for new values.”
~ Bryant McGill

“It seems everything in life ‘lives’ because of sound,
beginning with a tune wavering in the ‘bliss of mellow’ working it out,
Awaiting its arrival for eternity’s yet unheard song to be heard,
a song delivered causing creation from something unknown.
Animals will know purely … beyond definition in the language of man.
No need to prepare for it, for is already happening within,
the silence is deafening, the peace we are is undefinable,
and the outcome is ours to decide.”
~ plr 2010 OceanHeart

“Maybe you are searching among the branches,
for what only appears in the roots.”
~ Rumi

“Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached.”
~ Swami Vivekananda

“Eleutheria Allegoria Holographicticious”
By: Seth McMahon, Jonathon Solter, Gabriel Welch, E Howard & Luke Brown
Shared with love from a dear friend, Silvia Polivoy, Ph.D
Creator of Spirit Vine Retreats

“The spine and the brain are the altars of God [Life force].
That is where the electricity of God flows down into the nervous system into the world,
and the searchlights of your senses are turned outwards.
But when you reverse the searchlights through (Kriya) yoga,
and be concentrated in the spine, you will behold the Maker.”
~ Paramahansa Yogananda

“Ninety percent of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain,
is generated by the movement of the spine.”
~ Dr. Roger Sperry 1981 Nobel Prize winner for brain research.

“If you treat someone as though they will recover,
they will recover more than if you treat them,
as though they will not recover.”
~ Jill Bolte Taylor

“The pervasive influence of bias in our lives is largely ignored or defended, at greater cost than we can afford to sustain. We need to completely revise the way we function, by actively applying adaptive perspectives that allow us to constantly recalibrate ourselves within the subtle dynamics of every moment we are confronted with. This fluid awareness will assist in illuminating the areas of our life that are not being noticed, so we can observe within our emptiness what is truly manifesting around us.” ~ Naomi Jean

“The essence of void consciousness cannot be located via our prejudice, for as we covert light through the bias of our perception we lose contact with the true source of our spirituality. This is the major issue that we are contending with, and the most jealously guarded secret that does not want to be discovered.

The engineered consciousness we have arrived upon via the states of awareness that we are confronted with within this three-dimensional illusion seems so substantially concrete within the exquisite complexity delivered. Our unwavering devotion to this continuous interaction creates a gravitational eddy that can be difficult to escape.

We are simultaneously subject, at this present time more than ever, to external influences that understand the applications of resonance focused upon our bioelectromagnetic field. This invisible interaction is only possible because we are all empathically inclined.

Our internal process of fractal osmosis automatically accommodates the entrance of light into the toroidal field of our DNA matrix, which switches genes on and off in response to frequential infiltration.

In most cases we have difficulty identifying the source point of these alterations for their application is automatically cloaked, beyond sensorial recognition by our ears and eyes. Yet, nevertheless, we are adjusted incrementally via the fact that our body naturally recalibrates itself to unseen and inaudible frequencies, with profound effect that we are only peripherally aware of.”
~ Lujan Matus

“Dancing with self discovery.
You get burned, you get enlightened?
Life should be self-sustaining, unhinged as a freely living entity without suffering.
Suffering is not necessary in order for life to live.
Whatever created the idea that we must go through some fire for enlightenment,
I say fire the architect/engineer making up the equation in this matter.”
~ plr

“When you realize the value of all life,
you dwell less on what is past,
and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.”
~ Dian Fossey

I wish to offer a page for your perusals.
Here is a dear friend, Mr Bill Donahue. His story is … well, you just have to read it.
His videos have risen to almost six million views!
Check him out to see why, and please enjoy.

“Human life does not fulfill its promise,
within the structures and establishments of society.
Noone comes to true self-hood by being what society wants you to be,
nor by doing what society wants you to do.”
~ Gnostics

“May we all blossom towards our ultimate nature.”

The [human] ‘Experience‘ has not become widespread because there is no infrastructure. Neither physical infrastructure, nor human infrastructure. For example this country 150 years ago they tell me over 95% of the people were illiterate. Today 100% literacy. How does it happen? Because somebody built the schoolrooms, somebody trained the teachers.

That infrastructure for ‘inner experience‘ has been wiped out in the last few centuries. So how do you expect it to happen? One guy talking here, one guy talking there is not going to make it happen. What should be a part of our life from the day we start, because the nature of human intelligence is such. That if you don’t mess it up with belief systems, every human being will find it. Too many concepts, too many ideas, too many belief systems … human intelligence is corrupt from the beginning. If you do not corrupt human intelligence, just leave it. Every human being is capable of knowing this. It is not some superhuman thing. The most important thing to remember is this yoga, this spiritual process is not about becoming superhuman, it is about knowing that being human itself is super.”

“It is nice to transcend your logic, but it is stupid to give up your logic.”

“After making a living you don’t know why the hell you are living.”
~ Sadhguru

“One cannot ‘see’ if one has a belief that is so rigid it blocks one from seeing.”
~ plr

“I so greatly appreciate today more than ever,
the knowing that Time was and is, irrelevant to the moment,
and that always is forever fleeting.”
~ plr

“Energy is a living entity naturally,
and should have no second or third party controlling its availability for profit.”

Enter this equation into the algorithm of life for the good of the whole.

“It is not about the messenger, it is what is being stated.
And I feel we make it up as we go along, someone else did.”

“It is not I that must clothe my body, it is you that must clean your mind.”
~plr 2007

Just a few words in the endless ponderings of a wandering mind …
“Sitting like a seashell on the sandy beaches of somewhere.
Going to places spiraling to elsewhere.
Don’t even think about it.
Simply meet me in the middle of forever.”
~ plr

“If speaking your truth means leaving it upon your last breath, then so be it.”

“I have an oath to one thing, and one thing only.
To the unbounded nature of life,
before all thought was born.”

Quotes and writings: Pamela Leigh Richards, ‘plr’, unless otherwise stated. 1960-infinity.
Images: Noted or unknown at this time with all due respect.
Love Yourself First
Trees, Forests, & the Human Brain, what they have in common.
Natures Internet – Powerful Ted Talk with Suzanne Simard
Viktor Schauberger – A Deep Understanding of Water being a Sacred organism.
Breakthrough … decoding immune system’s neural signals.
Braden, Dispensa, & Lipton 2017
Covert Passive-Aggressive Narcissist

Our True Nature

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on December 29, 2017

“Ring out the old, Ring in the new.
Ring out the false, Ring in the true.”
~ John Lennon


“Solutions to all the worlds problems should not be hidden behind,
all the money in the world.”

This website has actually been somewhat of a placemat to offer my life’s journey upon the table of truths. For all who venture over I graciously offer as much as I can for now. It has been extraordinary really as my eyes have witnessed parallel realities happening simultaneously. The emotional, logical, simple, and observational choices are almost never ending. Which brings me to …. stay tuned. With that in mind I do hope everyone has gained something from this blog. It has been delivered from a heart that desires absolute transparency holding nothing back in order for our collective existence to live life in a coherent manner. All the knowledge in the world is nothing without compassion and understanding. Together we go, for we cannot do this alone.

“Looking forward to another view of life during these incredibly puzzling times,
gently coming together. All is subject to so many variables,
so many realities trying to fit into each others dreams.”

“Focus IN coherency Co~Hear~And~See, to feel without fear.”

“Reel to reel theater,
like a fractal repeating.
Time to change the reel,
like a new leaf on a tree.”

“I be~live there is good in humanity.
I be~live there is good in interstellar beings.”

“If one does not stand for something, one falls for everything.”

“Balance has no name. The rest is merely life in play.”

“I am awakening to many things in this journey we call life?
I am in awe as I witness us all.
Tumbling and fumbling trying to figure it out.
Who or what has all the answers?
I am humbled no doubt, to whatever does.
I ask for forgiveness and am grateful for love.
And can only speak for myself, so it is said.
I bypass the distractions within the web.
The illusions and diversions are too much for my head.
I make a decision and turn attention to calm.
The power of change happened within a thought.
Nothing exists where your mind is not.
It is time to unplug and turn ourselves inside out.
The power is yours to make the break.
Freedom depends on the choices we make.
Know within that if it is peace you desire.
And a love you deeply admire.
Whether it be a physical form of matter.
Or simply the beating of life’s heart.
As it touches the bending of a branch on a tree.
In the form of the wind crossing its path gracefully.
Follow this to the ends of the earth and never let go.
The birds will sing and smiles will emanate.
The song we hear.
All comes down to the choices we make.”
~ plr 2008

Let’s discover together the inner workings of our purpose in life,
the totality of our reality, how it works,
and how we interact in it for Peace.

image: Bill Mortimer

“I know no-thing, the simplest place to be in explaining no mystery.”

“Believe in the beauty of who you are without the drama.”

“True love is beyond form.
True love is a fundamental vibrational force,
that requires no thinking.
True love exists alone without need.
This is loves true attraction.”

“I come to the table weak in knowledge,
strong in morals.”

“My moral imperative is to be who I am,

without being a slave to some ideas.”

May our collective good intentions for Peace,
BE our way of life and living unhindered for eternity.

How can I feel safe with my new ideas,
when they might challenge the system from which I write or create from?

“Peace is Easy if we let it be.
And the cost is certainly nothing.”

“Truth never has a risk.”

“Vibrational alignment with the soul~u~shaeon.”

“Don’t always agree with prognosis, choose another way.”

“And my thoughts are not coming from me alone,
it is an Amalgamation of coherent thinking,
due to extraordinary experiencing.”

“Stability. Focus without fear.”

“Life is a path to never ending discoveries.”

Create pathways nurturing coherent thinking and being, living in total harmony all~ways.
3 6 9
Light Encodement Attention Reality Now
I coined this acronym in 2010 after a Near Death Experience involving traumatic brain injury.

Harmonic Geometry

“Some traditional thinkings need adjusting.”
What I mean by this is if we share the same space, it must be coherent in order for all to live harmoniously. Sort of like being in a schoolyard with a big bully. The bully needs some attitude adjusting in order to be a part of the whole in balance.

“Love life, the whole Universe is dreaming with you.”

J’adore tout simplement.
I simply adore.

“In order for me to truly learn,
I must practically unlearn, undo, unravel,
everything I have done, so far.”

When I am on my last legs of life,
I shall look around in a gentle pondering way and say;
“Wasn’t that most interesting … “

“My focus of being is not how many I get,
but how many ‘see’ with me.”

“There is no resistance to resilience.”

“In order to recognize your knowing,
you must allow the respected release of your thinking.”

“Bravery is anyone who is courageous enough,

to let go of pretty much everything,
they have ever been taught to believe.”

“Peace is not a process. It simply is.
May Universal Peace happen together,
like an unstained conception.”

In my vast writings and journaling’s, I wrote:
“I care so much I must walk away.”

So profound really in the depths of its meaning,
as I look back upon it today.

“Ill deception can never participate,
with love that exists in octaves beyond its range.”

I am happy to share the stage of life with those in equilibrium and coherency.
Those that share a voice uniquely independent, yet …
A voice that is welcome in the diversity of the living,
for the good of the whole with respect to Peace eternally.

“Be it nationality, religion, or brand of clothes –
people identify themselves with just about anything.
In trying to bring stability to their lives,
they only celebrate their limitations.
That is not the way of life.” ~ Sadhguru

In 2010 during recovery from my Near Death Experience I wrote:
Clean Earth
Clean Water
Clean Air
Clean Skies,
Clean Hearts
Clean Minds.
We need food, water, resources, and shelter.
Nature provides all freely.

“The great Tao flows everywhere.
All things are born from it,
yet it doesn’t create them.
It pours itself into its work,
yet it makes no claim.
It nourishes infinite worlds,
yet it doesn’t hold on to them.
Since it is merged with all things,
and hidden in their hearts,
it can be called humble.”
~ Lao tzu
Excerpt from “The Warrior Within – Philosophies of Bruce Lee”

“I believe that Nature does not speak English. What Nature tells us is what must be honored. It has been talking to us on many domains and we have data sets that we’re still trying. And I can’t talk to all the theoreticians because there doesn’t exist theories where I am. What we have is wonderful. And it comes from miracles occurring, but that what we will see, will not be what we have. And I therefore tell my team, if you know anything, I really don’t want to talk to you because everything we know is already gone into production. Now if there is something you kind of wonder, or you think of etc … lets take those steps to the future. And thats what we always have to do is walk, literally, kind of a lonely walk, but a very, very, rewarding walk. To listen where language is not taught, and verbalisation is not used. But we have to learn its language.”
~ Boyd Bushman, Senior Scientist for Lockheed Martin, the worlds biggest defense contractor.

“The unspoken language of peace will never relate with a mind filled with deception or hate.”

Edwin Kats

“Roaming the landscape freeing the mind to dance unhindered by thought.”
“The one constant is love has no boundary.”

“We are ONE when in tune with harmony.”

“There’s a thread you follow.
It goes among things that change, but it doesn’t change.
People wonder about what you are pursuing.
You have to explain about the thread.
But it is hard for others to see.
While you hold it you can’t get lost.
Tragedies happen; people get hurt or die;
and you suffer and get old.
Nothing you can do can stop times unfolding.
You don’t ever let go of the thread.”
~ William Stafford, from The Way It Is, 1998

“No matter how brilliant our attempts to inform,
it is our ability to inspire that will turn the tides.”
~ Jan Phillips

Robin Wood Disappearing Animals

Robin Wood is a nationwide nonviolent action group in Germany,
focusing on environmental activism around climate, energy, forests, mobility.
The Robin Wood Disappearing Animals advertising campaign developed at Grabarz & Partner,
featuring three disappearing animals, a deer, capuchin monkey and polar bear,
affected by habitat destruction, has won Gold for illustration at the 2016 Clio Awards.
A polar bear’s back is eaten away by the effects of,
deep sea oil rigs and refineries on melting ice caps.
A deer’s back is eaten away by deforestation.
A capuchin monkey’s back is eaten away by forest fires.
“Destroying nature is destroying life”, is connected with forest fires,
deforestation and melting ice caps.
The photo-realistic illustration style,
the 3D presentation and the wealth of information provided,
highlight the various causes of the decimation of the animal kingdom.
If we destroy nature, we destroy life.

“If you have life in you, you have access to the secrets of the ages,
for the truth of the Universe resides in each and every human being.”
~ Morihei Ueshiba

“We are the nodal point,
the zenith in the celestial sphere of time.”
~ plr

“Confidence is what we need,
love is what we are,
peace is easy,
and truth has no enemy.”
~ plr

“Peace shall be our journey,
the rest is nonsense.”
~ plr

“If one cannot recognize their own gifts,
one cannot share them.”
~ plr

“Adore the beauty in thee, then reflecting in kind,
the beauty in me. See how lovely we are.”
~ plr

“There’s more to life than being a passenger.”
~ Amelia Earheart, pilot

“Great wisdom coupled with impeccable patience,
leads to loving guidance.”
~ plr

With love I highly recommend:
So beautiful this kind way of living together in respectful harmony.
The Trust Technique
Trees, Forests, & the Human Brain, what they have in common.
Natures Internet – Powerful Ted Talk with Suzanne Simard
Pamela’s Tree Story
Sedona 6:32 minutes of … Calm in Chaos

All Quotes and writings: copyright pamela leigh richards, plr, 1960 to now;
otherwise respectfully stated.
Images: noted, or unknown at this time.
Image: Pamela in back of truck in South Africa, with quote.
Image: Pamela in green dress at a friend’s burial ground 2012. Hollywood producer Manny Fox
Top image collage by Pamela: upper Desert Lightning with permission by Bill Mortimer

The Light Will Never Go Out

Posted in: A - Her Near Death Experiences by Pamela on July 05, 2014

I am now at home (February 4th) after being discharged from hospital.

On a warm and sunny Sunday afternoon, January 24th, 2010 ….

I fell twelve (12) feet from the ledge of a loft in the car garage, slipping off the top rung of the ladder straight onto the concrete floor below fracturing my skull, subcutaneous hematoma, head trauma with left epidural hematoma, cerebral contusions, hairline fracture of spine, fractured left wrist with 9 rib fractures and bruising all over my left side.

At some point after falling I somehow walked myself to the guesthouse I rented, with no memory of doing this either and can only assume I walked, and layed down on my bed. Maybe heaven bent and held my hand so I would not lose everything? I have come to find out I walked in a lucid state. The next awareness or remembering I have was opening my eyes slightly, and in a blurry state of vision saw blood all over my white comforter. I went out completely after that. There was noone on the property or living in the main house at this time, so I was alone.

What happened truly was a miracle. The landlords were in town (Sedona) and were across the valley at one of their other properties when the Mrs. had something intuitively and strongly telling her to “go back to the property!”, “go back to the property!”. So, she drove back to this property, walked to the guesthouse and heard moaning. She entered and found me lying on my bed.
If she had not come I surely would not be writing this.

She told me she tried to get me in the car but would not go as I threw up, then had to lay down. There was blood all over the place and now vomit. The Mrs. did not know what to do, so she called her husband on the cell phone. The next thing I remember briefly is a voice shouting, “She’s going to die! Call 911!”, before losing consciousness again. I found out later that what I was hearing was her husband over the cells speaker. He just happened to be a former ER Doctor and soon made his way over.

The Sedona Fire Department responded to the emergency call. The Mrs said I had five paramedics working on me. I was completely in a long gone state remembering none of this. Having no clue what happened. One of the paramedics began sleuthing it out and walked to the garage to discover blood on the floor under the loft next to the ladder and realized I must have fallen. I kept moaning and pulling my left wrist, so they cut the long sleeves off exposing the break. Shortly thereafter I was carried by stretcher to the ambulance, which, took me to the Sedona Medical Center where the extent of my injuries were discovered, as was the seriousness of the situation. I was immediately flown by helicopter North to Flagstaff Medical Center for emergency brain surgery.

They made the incision from the top of my head straight down to just below the top part of my left ear. A circle of my skull was cut out and removed around the fracture line so they could drain the blood from my brain. They then placed this circular piece of skull back in and secured it with four (4) tiny titanium ‘plates’ and ‘screws’. I had two neurosurgeons working on me first, and once I was stable, the orthopaedic surgeon performed his skills on my fractured wrist as a metal plate was inserted to hold the bone together for healing.

I am relaying what was told to me much later because I remember nothing and am very grateful for the love and care I received from everyone who helped. When I awoke in hospital there was noone familiar to me there. Not that I was looking for it but there were no family nor friends there. Only hospital staff who became my family. I am a quantum leaper, a floater, and positive thinker, so saw the only thing that mattered at this moment without ‘thought’. And that was ~ I was simply lying down in ICU in a room with people who were caring for me in the beginning stages of recovery. On some level I was completely gone. Out of my body. It was peaceful wherever I went though. The “form of matter” was the one in pain and only when I awoke in the hospital room did the pain of nine broken ribs make themselves known loud and clear! Of course in short time my father and a few friends visited. Many visited through the internet later on after my release and am grateful. Thank you for caring. All moving to recovery though for I have too much to do before I really fly …. from here.

“He who binds himself to a joy does the winged life destroy;
But he who kisses the moment as it flies,
Lives in eternity’s sunrise.”
~ William Blake

The healing is ongoing and an interesting ongoing journey this recovery has been. Many things unfolding and all is brilliantly good because there is nothing else but the good to have living within you, as hard and sometimes difficult as it has been too. This Fall was an experience that propelled me further into understandings I have held deep ‘within’, probably since beyond my birth, now blossoming. It is a gift of Life I shall not waste. It is like a closed window now opening. I am ever so grateful.

“Sometimes you have to die, in order to wake up.”
pamela leigh richards

I just found out by my neurologist that my injury was in one of the most dangerous places it could have been in the brain. When he showed me the images it was very revealing. The hematoma (blood buildup) was squishing my brain. If it had pressed my brain just slightly further it would have hit the brain stem, meaning lights out for Pammy. Instantly. The gods were on my side for sure that day. Thank You, I am grateful.

Thank you all for being so sharing and caring with me. Especially my father, Carl Richards.
It meant and means alot.
Thank you to my landlords, The paramedic/firemen, Mark, Joe, David, Josh and Millan from the Sedona Fire Department and the entire medical crew for being there! You are valuable beyond measure.

And a big thank you to Patty Marlowe for her support and amazing love in my aftercare at home.
She has become a truly great friend.

Dare to Live every moment, as if it were your last.
Dance, not because you want to, but because you have to.
Purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor.
It is to enjoy every step along the way.
Say what you were ever afraid to say.
Listen, when you did not think you ever would.
Slow down your breathing before ever speaking.
Love the very thing you felt your heart never could.
Look where thine eyes feared to seek.
Embrace All with forgiveness and understandings.
And in the end, merging into New Beginnings.
This shall be a mighty fine relief.

The incision along the fracture line.
They positioned the plates in my head
in North, South, East and West directions
so Pammy would not get lost 🙂

Getting the hardware out. All is good because we make it good!

Sitting in calm. Healing, creating new patterns and re-wiring ‘within’ my brain, for peace.

Healing ‘within’ my own little world, my brain that I am so protective of like a child.
Venturing beyond into the vast field of energy, into the lands of forever.
And the more I discover, the more I share.

If ever there was imagery to describe the world I have been in since having brain surgery,
This film “Ashes & Snow” would be it. Complete Harmony with All and No Fear.
Extraordinarily decent, graceful, profound, elegant and deep.

“I was borne by chance of America, I AM by Nature of ALL.”
“Life is not about what you ‘have’ to do. It is about what you ‘can’ do.”
“I live, I love, I cry, I laugh, I am alive. My heart beats for peace.”
~ pamela leigh richards

A dear friend in Acharya S. Namaste’ and I miss you.
The Light Will Never Go Out – UPDATE

To all my friends and family who have been so supportive I would like to share this with you.
For those that might not know the story and wish to?
Please click here: The Light Will Never Go Out

I went to the Fire Department yesterday (Tuesday 4-13-10) to meet and thank the crew that helped save my life on the afternoon of January 24th. I found out, by way of my landlords, that they were asking how I was as they did not even know if I survived or not?

It really was a happy moment for all of us and I could not thank them enough, I could not hug them enough as they filled me in on everything I had no memory of.

These guys do not get enough appreciation or recognition for what they do and this visit helped them to know just how important they are to this community.

The gentleman 2nd from the right with the hat (David) deduced what happened that day by walking to the car garage where he found blood on the concrete floor beneath the loft and next to the ladder realizing I must have fallen there. They were so kind and stayed with me until I was whisked away by helicopter to Flagstaff Medical Center for emergency brain surgery.

The ambulance we are in front of is the one they took me in to the Sedona Medical Center.
Much love to you all and many, many thank you’s for caring.

From Left to Right:
Millan Zorita, Jayson Coil (Battalion Chief), Joe Kinzel, Pamela, Josh Wells, David Rodriguez, Mark Beneitone

Much appreciation…
To everyone who is sending in thank-you’s to the Battalion Chief at the Sedona Fire Department.
They are receiving emails from around the world in gratitude for helping save the life of one girl.
You cannot put a price on this nor can I express what it was like to go through.
And incredibly happy to have come out the other side, to be alive, with new perspectives.
These men are invaluable and the love being sent their way now is invaluable,
for they don’t see this sort of attention very often. Thank You to All!

Free Your Mind and Remove Fear. The Shift is “Within”.

Responses from friends and family.
Thank you all for sharing a mystical, painful, yet magical time with me.
The importance of what is happening here is being felt within the hearts of many.
Please spread it (love) like a quiet wildfire as these kind words ignite plenty. [without the burn]
Thank you for taking the time to stop by,
it means a lot to the crews when people take the time to thank them.
I just got a chance to read the cards. They were both very sweet, thanks again!

Jayson Coil
Battalion Chief
Sedona Fire District
Thank you for saving Pamela’s life, this world would not be the same without her.
You guys are very special people!
The rest of society needs to hear much more about what you do on a regular basis,
which is probably taken for granted by most people.

Jim Rodger
Jim, thank you for your kind words, I will pass them on to the firefighters who helped Pamela. I hadn’t met her until yesterday but I can understand your feeling for her, she was so positive and thankful it was truly infectious!
Jayson Coil
Battalion Chief
Sedona Fire District
You are all heroes, and the wonderful work you do is very much appreciated!
The world is a better place for Pamela’s presence in it – and for yours, too!
Warmest wishes,
Lisa (Bath, England) xx
Dear firemen,
Thank you for saving Pamela. She is such a dear friend. You are my heroes!
I am emailing from the UK to thank you for everything you did on January 24th
to save our dear friend Pamela Leigh-Richards.
She is an amazing soul and it very obviously was not her time to go.
The world would be just a little less loving and colourful without her here. So thank you guys.
When you go to work each day, you never really know who in the world
you’re going to be saving or helping or how far-reaching your work is.
So a big thank you from a film crew here in the UK who are very happy with what you do.
Well done.

Love and blessings,
Nikki, Mandy and Ben xx
(Time of the Sixth Sun production crew)
I just want to thank and congratulate you and your team for saving Pamela.
I will soon be moving from Illinois to Sedona and it is comforting to know
you have such a dedicated and capable group in place.
My son is an EMT in Maine so I have some understanding of what you face.
Thanks and congratulations for a job well done.
~ Bill
To Jason and the entire crew who helped save the life of my daughter, Pamela Richards,
I want to take this opportunity to offer you my sincere thanks.
The timely and professional manner in which you responded to her injuries was, I’m sure,
the predominant factor that saved her life.
I have always regarded firemen as very special people, which you certainly are.
Risking your lives to save the lives of others puts you in the classification of
“The Bold and the Brave”. You are to be admired,
and my hat is off to all of you for a “Job Well Done”.
~ Carl Richards
Mr. Richards,
Thank you for your kind words and taking the time to send this email.
I will pass your message on to the crews that helped your daughter.
I sincerely believe the paramedics and EMTs that we employ are some of the best.
I know your daughter’s visit to the station helped remind them of why they chose this profession.
Jayson Coil
Battalion Chief
Sedona Fire District
“If You Do Not Tell Your Story You Are Doing Humanity A Disservice”

This is from a dear friend, Bill Mortimer, who is moving to Sedona from Illinois
And was in town looking for homes when he shared this with me:

FYI – I was grabbing a bite at Jose’s Cafe a little while ago.
Two guys from Sedona Fire and Rescue came in.
I had the waitress give me their bill (anonymously)
and asked her to tell them after I left
that this was a small thanks for helping save your life.
The guy at the table next to me overheard and it made his day – random act of kindness.
None of this would have happened had you flown away.
~ Bill

See what happens when you open your heart and share the love within?
It is the simplest act of kindness that can spread with great affect.
Thank you Bill!
Dear Jayson and all of your crew, [Amazingly powerful story from Annie in England]

I would like to thank you all sincerely for the help that you gave to my dear friend Pamela
on the 24th January when she sustained her serious head injury after falling from her loft –
the world wouldn’t be the same without her and she has so much more to give
that we all need her to be here with us.

I only met Pam because of the help that she freely gave to my daughter four years back -she is the kind of person who spreads magic and truth and I am grateful to you all for all the work that you do.
Nothing is more special than being someone who serves and ‘gives’ without any expectation and that makes all of you guys very special too.

My daughter and I were also saved by a fire crew some 15 years ago here in the UK.
They said that the room that fire was in reached around 870 degrees
and with an old Victorian lathe and plaster ceiling they were amazed that it held
and that we survived. My daughter had her bedroom right above that inferno.

There but for the grace of God walk all of us and I pray that He walks with all of you.

From my own experience the only ‘things’ that survived our house fire
were a bible I received for passing my scripture exams,
a bible I received for being a bridesmaid,
a bible that was given my parents when they married
and a book of scriptures that is now 130 years old.
A pair of boots also survived as they were outside the back door.

Everything else in the house was consumed either by soot or fire
but those bibles didn’t even smell of anything and didn’t have a speck of dust on them.
I had about £15,000 worth of other books and they were all destroyed.
One of the bibles has a white leather cover and it still has the same with no cleaning whatsoever.
My ex-husband fell asleep whilst the fire consumed the house – he didn’t expect to
and it frightened him.
He expected to stay awake and that everything belonging to his ex-girlfriend
would be destroyed at the seat of the fire that he set
but his plan didn’t work because he fell asleep
and we all lost everything – excepting the bibles and one pair of boots…
and of course a great wife!

I have nothing material from the years of my life prior to that fire –
other than the boots and the bibles.
This never bothered me and has never bothered me since.
Life is about who we are and not what we have….

Just know that there are always people who do totally appreciate the work that you do.
It can easily seem as though no one cares anymore – there are people who do ….

Thank you to all of you again.

The Grace is yours

Annie x

I have received numerous emails in the past few days from Pamela’s friends and family.
They were all incredibly kind and touching.
Yours however, is the most inspiring and reminds me of how inconsequential
the stuff we acquire is when it comes down to what really matters in life.
Thank you for sharing your love of Pamela, your appreciation for the work we do,
and most of all your incredible firsthand experience.
I can tell you I will not forget and I thank you for taking the time to share your story with me.
I will pass your email onto the men of Sedona Fire who took care of Pamela.

Jayson Coil
Battalion Chief
Sedona Fire District
“We read your personal story this morning. It was very emotional and touching.
You are a true walking miracle. Even when I met you the very first time I knew you were filled with the Holy Spirit. I don’t know your religious beliefs, but we know that God and his legion of angels were with you. Your mission on earth has a lot to be completed. You are like a soaring eagle.” Hugs Georgia

The gratitude, appreciation and love written on this page has been delivered into the flowing vastness of forever. To remain as a gift for others to see, how the little things one can do in life, truly can have great meaning.
Here I am handing my Thank You cards to the heros who helped save my life.

Probably you’ve heard mention of the butterfly effect; the idea that a butterfly’s flapping wings might create tiny changes in a dynamic system which causes a chain of events leading to large-scale phenomena. Had the butterfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the system might have been vastly different. What may appear to be the small, everyday choices are the ones that can be earth-changing.

We will always be alive no matter what we ‘think’.
The journeys and experiences are the necessaries it does so seem.
We save the world by saving ourselves, and in tandem …
We save the world by going hand in hand.
Life is so magnificent and even prophecies can be altered.
Life does not have to be the way its predicted
It can ‘be’ changed as the miracle of YOU happening.

“We tend to perceive only what’s familiar.
So when new discoveries open up unfamiliar worlds,
they present us with a dilemma.
To see new worlds accurately may require a radical step …
the suspension of prior beliefs.”
I AM a Brain In-Jury Survivor. Now re-wiring my desires.
It is all unfolding.
There is so much more to know and tis’ time to step outside the box and know you CAN!

The Butterfly Effect

All The Knowledge In The World

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on April 07, 2014

“All the knowledge in the world is of no use to fools.”
A soft answer turns away wrath, however, a harsh word stirs up anger.
The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly, yet, the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness.
Time to go within, where all the answers begin.

“If there’s no world ‘out there’
What are you reacting to?
Ask yourself that question every moment
Of every day When your peace is disturbed.”
~ Kenneth Wapnick

“Hope you are having a wonderful day no matter where the winds blow,
as the experience always leads to home.”

The Kiss Pamela quote

Peace Train 2


“Reflecting life through thine eyes.
Erase Doubts, Fears, insecurities, and life itself if not nurturing.
For the good of your knowing.”

“I will sit with you making up my right mind.”

“There is always a way. Be kind to nature, every animal, every step you make,
every moment you breathe, spread kindness and peace.”

“Peace crosses many lines in order to make it BE so.”

I saved a wee moth this morning from the bird bath.
It was drowning and spread its wings on my finger.
I blew a warm breath upon its being.
If you could have seen the look in its beautiful eyes.
Rising upon mine glistening.
Life speaks when you thought you could never hear.

Pamela quote Owl and Tree

“Life is just too big for my head.”


My body was once a part of me
but now my body’s dead.
The only thing that’s left to see
is this piece now called the head.

This poet he did not kill me,
he took me from a grave
to restore a form of beauty
and his soul to try and save.

I sat there in my forest
with my roots so strong and deep
until people chasing money
they’ve sold their souls for keeps.

The stuff we all call money
we chase it till we’re ill.
Some people steal it or print it
some people even kill.

I think you’ll all be sorry
this can’t be my God’s will
as you live in your society
where the doc says ‘take the pill.’

Are we all so stupid
that none of us can see
this paper stuff called money
really was a living tree

So humans, look amongst yourselves
and see what you can see.
Does the knowledge that is in this world
come from humans or from a tree?

Magi McGlynn Stewart, Bard of Scotland, Bard of Glastonbury Tor

Tree lined forest path fairies
“Sometimes you have to follow your heart,
and not wait for knowledge.”

Tiny Dancer

Alexandra K. Trenfor

“The strength of ones heart wielding a feather is more powerful,
than one wielding a thought of steel.”

Tigers Eye to Eye Pamela Quote
Birds two in speak pamela quote
Dog shaking water

“Being refined by the struggle.”

“We live in a monetary world I wish to erase.
Life and living should be Free in totality.
No suffering. No hunger. No homelessness. No Pain. No illness.
Free minds. Free living. Free Breathing. Free Life ….”


“Life appears very strange to me.
Words and history have changed over time.
Then the moment comes where we relate.
And have no idea where the meaning came from?
One word in the 2nd century, was changed to mean something else today.
Which lie will one buy?”

aurora-borealis-svalbard_58917_990x742 Pamela quote

Manny pamela quote Heart

“When you read between the lines of life,
nothing is there albeit a silent word waiting to be heard.
Stop and do not look upon listening.”


Ana-h’opta po
Hear my words!
Chief Arvol Looking Horse
19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle

“Somewhere deep within I believe the Peace train began in all of us.
Now coming to the surface to be heard.”


This is the trajectory of the moon over my home currently.
The Moon Over My Pammy *giggling*
“If we are reflections of each other,
then what are you trying to teach me,
and what do you think I’m trying to teach you?
When does the teaching end and all parties to the idea come together,
without having to ‘think’ about it?”

Tesla lightning

TESLA IS FREE: A third approach for wireless power transmission was to transmit electrical power to the area 80-kilometers above the earth known as the ionosphere. Tesla speculated that his region of the atmosphere would be highly conductive and again his suspicions were correct. What he needed was the technical means to send electrical power to such a high altitude.

One night in his laboratory, Tesla noticed a repeating signal being picked-up by his transmitter. To his own amazement, he believed that he was receiving a signal from outer space. Tesla was widely ridiculed when he announced this discovery, but it is possible that he was the first man to detect radio waves from space.

“Why am I here speaking to you that cannot hear?
Never be afraid to shed your tears.”

“If I never said a word, would you hear me?”

Lady siloughette

“He tried to silence her … yet, she knew the music.
He tried to remove a free thinker.
yet, she knew more as a quantum leaper.
He tried to remove her from life.
yet, she had the gods on her side.
They would not let him take away her soul.
For her heart was here for the good of the whole.”
pamela leigh richards 2010

The Phoenix of Pamela and friends with the moonlight for PEACE. Photo.

Don’t even think about it.
Gain control of your ship without thought.
Float freely in calm singing softly.
Erase the non-sense. Set it aside like passing a plate of indifference.
Coming hOMe to a place of knowing.
Meet moi there, otherwise, I do not care.

“How much do you need to know,
before you realize you never had to know anything?”

“I was born in a land called America, however, I am by nature of all.”
Je suis né dans un pays appelé Amérique, cependant, je suis par nature de tous.
SONO nato in un paese chiamato America, però IO per carattere sono di tutti.
Eu nasci numa terra chamada América, no entanto, eu sou, por natureza de todos.
Ich wurde geboren in einem Land namens Amerika geworden, aber ich bin von Natur aus alle.
Jeg ble født i et land kalt Amerika, men jeg er av natur for alle.

Pamela Sunlight Garden 1

“What is life? It’s the seed that grows and noone knows.”
Has nothing to do with sex. Get over it. Calm. No need to do anything.
Love me without the idea. Peace within one’self’.
Calm, soothing, no thought, gentle touching, even in passing.
Find the place you feel alone in, and love IT.
Life did not teach this in school. We are here to rewrite history.
The big bang? A distant memory.

“Do I have to spend the rest of my life trying to sort things out?
I, you, me, what are we? Then WE wake up doing the same routine. Pretty much.

“In the beginning was the word. So what do you have to say?
She says hear without thought and get off the ladies screen,
as she walks in the garden of Peace.”

“I cannot deny life as it pours through me speaking in translation,
to the mind of mankind in the only way I know how.
Am I real? Yes. Do I feel? Yes. So where does one go with it?
I cannot say unless you sit with moi,
for the messages coming through is beyond form and matter and space and time.”

“I think we should all go to sleep before we wake up together.
Meet her in her dreams.”

“Her words are like whispers in the night,
sailing the seas of cruising knowing no-thing.”

“If I gave nothing I know that I left you with everything.”


Swim Bonnie Swans Swim!
“This lady dances on the surface with one foot beneath and above it wondering,
like a carpet weave dipping in and out of life itself.”
“When one loses temptation is when we meet not looking.”
“I’m happy for happy happening.”

White Swan reflection pamela quote

“There is a place I long to be
Like some distant memory haunting me
A void of nothing, yet, everything
Where only kindness matters
In the joy of infinity.”

Elena Shumilova Pamela Quote copy

Lady Desert White Wings Pamela Quote copy

All quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated.
I am so grateful for the collaboration of all artists allowing the sharing.
VISION forthcoming: OceanHeart and her book of “Knowings”.

Images: unknown unless stated with all due respect & grateful for sharing.
Image: Peace Train by David Dees. Pamela played with photoshop on it and voila. 2005-ish.
Image: Pamela camera mirror 2008
Image: White Buffalo ~ moi
Image: The three ladies under the Full Moon
Image: Dog and young child: Elena Shumilova
Image: Lady Desert. Unknown edited by moi
If you wish to travel:
Bonnie Portmore
In A Dream Close to You.
One Looks
The Rabbit in the Road
Going Direct
Her Clearing

A life lived to inspire.

Posted in: A - Book - OceanHeart by Pamela on January 03, 2014

2017 UPDATE: Even I am puzzled by the journey this ladies life has taken since “OceanHeart”, an autobiographical piece of literature that began in 2008. A story of one girls journey with a desire to help open the cages of every songbird longing to sing unafraid to do so. Originally it was to be a co-authored book, however, due to an unexpected life threatening happenstance, it was put on the shelf for awhile. I believe now more than ever, it was all meant to be. That I was not to share my story in a co-authored book, but to share it on my own. There was more for me to know, more for me to experience what life and living was all about, and to share my views later in its right time. I believe that time is unravelling now. There are five books in the line up. I could not do this without all of you, known and unknown. Thank you for inspiring me to never give up. Thank you for riding life out with me, through the highs and lows, the ups and downs, with the greatest comfort being the knowing, we are never alone. I have felt for a long time that I just don’t belong in this world; and will share how I’ve come closer to understanding why this is.

She lived, she loved, she cried, she never knew, she fell, she laughed, she got up, she grew.
Stay tuned. It will be so well worth it. Keep smiling.

“I am simply a breath with a step in the garden of life.”

“We tell Stories not to survive, we tell stories to live.”

Pamela Book Cover Sea Elphinstone 2

Single * Taken by “Life” * .•´*¸•*¨*•.¸¸

The raw sample covers for the book I started to write in 2009. It is a “life in progress”.
Simply thought to post something to set it in place with intent to manifest,
as it is being built and produced.

“When you wake up what do you see?
Well, in 2010, I’m immobile healing in bed from broken ribs, wrist, spine & skull,
and what I see is the beauty of silence in between the butterflies wings flapping.”

“Will the book be written before she dies? Only time will tell.
Know this though. No words were ever lost.”

A biodocudramadreamreality book.

It was in the process of creation when I had a near fatal accident in January of 2010,
which, set everything back somewhat. All is good and exactly where it should be.
Everything is perfect and am very grateful and thankful to still be here today, breathing.
To share some of the most profound experiences of my life with you, including,
telepathic communications with wild dolphins in the Red Sea,
swimming with an Oceanic White Tip Shark, the emotional intensities of losing loved ones,
a journey in life that we are all on and boy, it is so nice to know we are not alone.

“The only way you’ll know me? Is if you never see me.”

“Life is a mental projection. The environment is changing.
Enjoy the New Ride, we are flushing out toxins & Cleaning the Universal House.
One Song. Care to come along?”

More importantly, the revealing and exposing of how important it is,
To discover self-realization by going ‘within’ for release.
It is time to “Immerse Yourself”. It is time to Elevate.

We are on the cusp of the greatest Awakening of our time.
It is the Awakening in ‘You’!

We have the key. Build What you See.

I am now rising to the occassion and coming out of a shell and back into the ocean of life.
Image ~ the lovely Elena Kalis

Interestingly, in early 1998, I met over a short period of time four psychics who said;
“You are going to write a book”.
It was the last thing I thought would ever happen.
I feel it is now going to become a film.

“The book looks beautiful. I want to read it!”
Michelle Stuart

“I Looooooove your book….the pics are beautiful and makes my heart dance!
Co-creating with Dolphins. What could be more beautiful and fun !!!!!!”

“This is so beautiful and inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing.
The photos, the words are breathtaking – beyond words really. Like a visual heart journey.”

“Pamela. I emailed you about one and a half years ago and your response was not only quick but so nice. I was going through a rough time in my life of which hasn’t changed. However I have no pc for quite sometime. I decided to look your website up on my phone! You have, I have to add the most beautiful and interesting websites I have ever seen. I wish the very best for you and will read your book. Sincerely … thank you so kindly, Marie

Lifes experiences do not have to be so extreme to be emotionally moving.
We can change lives by showing every side … without fear, in truth-speaking.
“The world is my family, Life is my partner and Peace is my focus.”

The Peace Path.
Come ride the crest of the wave. Love has all the time in the world to get it right.
Everyone has an opinion and view on the path.
Growth is upon us, and the fork in the road is upon us,
The choices we are making is upon us and we are not alone.
Each ONE choice, will lead the ONE, to ONE place. Where that place is?
Only ONE will know when they get there. All is good.

“The Wave.”
So much more to know as it unfolds and look forward to sharing.
“I am in this world but not of it. Now you see me, now you don’t.
The ebb and flow, the yes and no, the yin, the yang, the hang on, the let go.
The Dance of Life. Enjoy your choice, Enjoy the Ride”
“Out of sight, Out of mind. Never out of Heart.”

I began writing for a book, then a film, when all took a back seat for a break in time.
It has already been written on the pages in between the theatre of our minds.
Stay tuned as the heartbeat is charging UP to explode like the Big Bang
dancing to the only tune left to play.
To the tune of Kindness, Respect, Honour, Love, and Grace.

The Book “OceanHeart” sits with humbled patience.
There are so many ‘in’sights pouring through.
So many mind altering, clarifying experiences
and beautiful magestic visions in understandings being revealed.
About Life, about ALL of us in the gorgeous ‘thing’ we call Creation. Stay tuned 🙂
I have a tale to tell or what I rather like to call ~ a ‘tail’ to ‘wag’ with the world.

“Truth is so powerful that when presented in its entirety from all sides of view,
It changes the minds of people who see it.”

~ Delf Lepidosiren

“Eyes on the Sky. Skies on the Eye. I still have Another View of Life.”

I don’t buy pretty much anything of what has been taught or being told to us.
What matters is right here and NOW. The moment and what I choose to do with it.
The center of my universe. The opposite, the yin, the yang, the yo-yo.
No matter which side of spin I am on …
will be exactly what I am choosing to be happening for both sides.
Peace in equality & Balance. Love! And on the other side of spin is Higher Love.
NOW in the ever flowing moment fleeting in its passing mind in time. Enjoy your ride.

“Life is becoming what it could be. There is good out there and you are that good!”

“Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment.” Lau Tsu

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Anais Nin

“Those who dance are considered insane by those who can’t hear the music.” George Carlin

“My mind is in a quiet place, snipping thoughts at their roots.” Jessica Jane

“Stories upon stories, movies upon movies happening all the time in the theatre of your mind.
The ones that come alive are the ones you give attention to.
As either a fool in a lie, or a sayer in truth.”
Pamela Leigh Richards

“The tears came streaming.
I think I was holding it all back for awhile.
As I stepped into the shower for a bit of relief
The water with no conditions poured over me.”

~ pamela leigh richards 2006

The song of the spheres. “I see vibrancy. I see coherency. I see balance. I see diversity.
I see Peace is Easy.”

When you discharge the output from the transmitting coil …
the arc disappears from the receiving coil.
“Where you look, there you are, your reality awaits you.”

“History is ‘bound’ to be repeated unless you learn from it.
I have learned … I am not here to repeat it.”

Have the courage to ‘know’. Have courage to use your own reason, in the context of …
committing to tasks that need to be embarked upon, however unpleasant or awkward.

“Sapere Aude” is from the epithet of a parable,
explaining that a fool waits for the stream to stop before crossing,
whilst a wise one forgoes comfort and crosses anyway.

“Dimidium facti cui coepit habet. Aude id scire.” (He who has begun is half done: dare to know!).

*peace is essential for one to move safely forward. *peace is fundamental to build dreams in the present to move progressively towards the future. *and peace is necessary to forgive mistakes of the past, during the present, to move gracefully towards the future.

“There is something at the core of our essence unseen, I believe so far, that assists our contribution to Life and living manifesting. It is why this life is such a personal journey. We input, we experience. We offer, we remove. We give, we take. We kiss, we spit. We love, we live. It is what we get. We begin to feel. It is much more than we ‘think’. So much more unfolding in this beautiful thing we call ‘reality’. And it works both ways from the seen and unseen. Looks can be deceiving so be true in revealing.”

A Muse ..
“If I leave this place with what I think? I shall then leave you with it.”

“Life is not about waiting for the storms to pass …
its about learning how to dance in the rain.”

~ unknown

“We are so like children without a clue, yet, at the same time have solved the puzzle.
When we get out of our own way, the so-called mysteries will be revealed”

“TAKE THE WALK. It is always okay.
If you do something you will experience Life in its many facets.
Never be afraid to make the first step changing the path of Creation.”

“History is ‘bound’ to be repeated unless you learn from it.”
I have learned I am not here to repeat it.

“The past will not help one change the direction of the future.”
“I think we make it up as we go along. Someone else did.”
It is time to begin ANEW.
You cannot change the system using the same mindset that created it.
“Who will be courageous enough to let go of everything they were ever taught to believe?”
“Life is precise and I am patient.”

Images: Credited, otherwise unknown source at this time
Quotes: Pamela Leigh Richards unless otherwise stated.
With kind permission ‘The Dancer’ ~ Mr. Ivan Berryman

I Love Lightning The First Take

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 03, 2012

The secret of Aikido is to harmonize ourselves with the movement of the universe
and bring ourselves into accord with the universe itself.
He who has gained the secret of Aikido has the universe in himself
and can say, ‘I am the universe.’

The quality or condition of being sincere;
genuineness, honesty, and freedom from duplicity.
No waxing nor waning here, I am complete.

What happens is LIFE begins to pour out as our reflecting reality playing on the ground.
And there is much more to equalstand about that!

This is just a snippet of pammys brain reflecting. *can’t stop laughing!*


“Sincerity spontaneously happens like a river flowing and does not require modesty to do so.”
pamela leigh richards

“The merit of originality is not novelty; it is sincerity.”
~ Thomas Carlyle

Rose and Water.
“A thousand pages could be written and never touch the beauty.”


The word Sincere in its etymology so far as I know from Latin:
Sine = ‘without’
Cera = ‘wax’

Simply put as best I can decribe it ~
“If you hear my words and see my actions,
they will not be a pot full of wax covering any cracks.
It will be a peace of pottery with nothing to hide having no leaks.”


“As waters of wisdom are shown to us we can be led to see,
only by deciding are we led to drink.”

“Don’t teach me. Inspire me.”

“I believe heros are the Waters that nourish, the Winds singing by, the Trees that shade, the Birds that remind us we can fly, the Breathing Nature of ALL Life, and the ever changing Hearts and Minds. One at a time … may Peace BE.”

“Better angles (angels) of Light.
We are creating new realities and never worry about leaving the past behind,
if it does not fit through the windows of thine eyes.
Simply with love, wish it adieu with kind goodbyes.”

All Photos: Source unknown with all due respect unless otherwise noted.
All Quotes: copyright pamela leigh richards unless otherwise noted.
Top images left and right of video: copyright pamela leigh richards

This reminds me of what happened the other day while driving. I pulled up to the Red Light, first in line. I was in the right lane of a two lane going that way, while the other side was coming from the other direction one way. (you get it). In the intersection, all alone, was a single car that meant to turn left but it was just not moving? The Light was Red. All four corners of people in cars at this intersection were watching this lone car going nowhere. Some honked, shouted, noone did anything. I watched as it was just not moving. I got out and went into the intersection trying to open the passenger door seeing a frail elderly man in the drivers seat. He was fumbling trying to find the button to unlock, so I went to his side where he had opened his door. You should have seen the look in this beautiful beings eyes as he reached out grabbing my hand with a locking grip in panic saying “I’m sorry”. He could have had a mild stroke! Maybe a Diabetic experience. Maybe a brain injury not capable to function in that moment! My heart went out just as quickly saying I UNDERSTOOD! With calm compassion I held his hand saying “It is okay”, putting my other hand on his cheek lovingly. Are you alright? It is okay darlin’ … the light is red is all. Everything is fine. Are you okay? He nodded yes. I looked into his eyes with my hand still upon his cheek saying; “It’s okay, you can go now”. He closed the door and drove the car left. I stood there in the intersection, one girl, not moving, to make sure he did so in Peace. It was silent for that beautiful recognized moment. While all this was happening the four corners of traffic at this intersection just waited in Silence as well. And I wasn’t leaving until this man and his car was safely going where he intended. As I came back to my car, the one beside me had some elderly people in it. They put their hands out the window shouting; “You did a wonderful thing today!” Gave them a thumbs up that the man was okay. All beautiful and what a good feeling. Always follow your HEART. Make a move when noone else does, just because you FEEL TO. Always for the good of the whole.

“Life is a personal journey. Live it. Love it. Care for it. Share it.
Let it all BE, to grow like a new branch on the Tree of Life.
When one sees differently let them go to experience.
May we teach our children well, as we all eventually meet up in the middle of forever somewhere.”

BE THE MUSIC. Time to Break Patterns. Let your voice FLOW FOR PEACE from ALL four WAYS.
Like the winds of change coming in on all sides of Sacred Geometries.
Nature has a knowingness that has no name flying upon your very word manifesting.
Speak Kindly, yet, precisely, with grace.

“Heart to Heart. Hand to Hand. Eye to Eye.
Once met never forgot forever friends.”


“I’ve crossed many paths to be here.
Dancing with scribes and poets, and sages of young and old.
Landing upon truth scattered like the song of wind.
I am that which is ever changing.
I am that which is becoming.
It’s raining love from champions composing Silent knowings ”

“We have no idea, yet, we do.”

Images: Unless noted unknown with all due respect
Quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise noted
New Radio Interview 27 August 2012
Life is a personal journey
Pamela Vimeo Videos
To Japan Please

“Sending much love, especially to my daughter in Alexandria B.
And we happen to have been born on a Creative Three in One January.
Three plus one equals Four. 3+1 = 4 The song of the spheres.
This is one mom who will do all she can, to de-scribe reality.
The line in the sand has been drawn and the only thing I will pass down
Through the connection of DNA so they say, is Peace.”

“Life is a personal journey. Don’t ever be afraid to live it.”
“Love has no separation.”

It is not about size.
It is about intention of Heart and Mind I do believe so far.
And we are so not alone in the seen and unseen.
Never compare, for what works for one might not work for another.
Again, it is a personal journey for us all.
As you think, so does someone/something else.
Have Sympathetic resonance.

“It’s never too late to be heard.”

“I lived, I loved, I cried, I never knew, I fell, I laughed, I got up, I grew.”

“I will live my life through my eyes and you will know me through them.
I am a child of the god particle, an inheritor of an aspect of the mind that created all worlds.”
“Grown ups never grow old, only thoughts do.”

“Some things cannot be taught.
There seems to be a magical truth that is only met,
upon the meeting of mind and Heart without thought.”

“I will call a leaf a leaf, a tree a tree, and any other as I SEA them, as they SEA me.
The true nature of one cannot hide from them’selves’ once revealed.
Wear your nature gracefully upon your ever growing sleeve.”

“In order for something to survive it needs your attention.”
Can anyone see the balls of light passing through this footage?
I find it extraordinary.
“Love does not need to touch …
for it is an energy of such high vibration beyond time and form.
It is within you without even knowing.”

The Key of Life. The Breath of Reality. Get it?
“Some bubbles you have to pop and some you blow into existence.”

All Quotes: copyright pamela leigh richards unless noted
All Images: copyright pamela leigh richards unless noted
Image Cow Child: copyright John Byler with permission
Image Eagle: copyright Bill Mortimer with permission
Image Tree Hugs: unknown with all due respect and gratitude.
Image Key Bubble: unknown with all due respect and gratitude.
Image Boy Cheetah: unknown with all due respect and gratitude.

The Key Dream
New Radio Interview 27 August 2012

Time out of Time

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on August 18, 2012

Nothing is what it seems.

“My song and the instruments I play are singing loudly in the unseen patiently waiting to be heard.”

“Do not be too surprised by the inexplainable.”

“We are all prophets.
The more minds that believe what you say,
the more likely the prophecy is to come true.
Yet, truth in the plural mind,
doth not make it truth in the eyes of the One mind.”

Coming together and whatever. The song of the spheres are WE.
Hearts open wide for the living love of your life.
Remove Fear and Free your Minds.

As I flew over the Mediterranean from England and entered the lands of Egypt,
As clear as day a telepathic message came to me with no words,
just a form of pure energy transferring the message and its translation was this:
“I needed to get grounded. I needed to ground myself. Plant my feet back on the earth”
Next, what ran through me after hearing this initial message on the plane,
were overlapping telepathic thoughts,
explaining that the reason I had to ground was because …
“You have things to fullfill within yourself. This is a very personal journey.
You have to realize your gifts, gain confidence, stand strong.
You have a Heart to give which would help lift humanity in this physicality.”

I further will add: The seeking we each strive for will never be found in the external.
For what is eternal, what has always been ‘in’ternal, can never be lost, only found.
A personal journey? Yes, indeed it is.

“I got to where I am because of experience, yes.
Yet, I do not need the experience to teach or show me what I have already known.
I do not need suffering to bring me back to home.”

“I am not here to answer your question, I am here to help you stop asking them.”

“Im not getting lost, I’m getting found.”
“I love the feeling of just deleting.”

“There are no unnatural or supernatural phenomena,
only very large gaps in our knowledge of what is natural.”
Edgar D. Mitchell, astronaut Apollo 14

The Royal Library of Alexandria or the Ancient Library of Alexandria in Egypt was supposedly burned down by Julius Caesar sometime in 48 BC when he set fire to his own ships to frustrate Achillas (Egyptian general), or was it Achilles (the Greek hero)? I guess it depends on your point of reference or timeline or cycle of time to de-scribe it. Phew! Which view does one wish to see it from? Names, names, names, how many offers on the table of life will accommodate your mind right now? Bottom line today is did any of us miss anything? I don’t think so and have much more to share on this understanding with conciseness as best I can.

“I donate to life all the time with my Heart and Mind.”

“I am protective of how much I feed the machine world the benefits of my mind.
For all higher consciousness, may we meet in the middle of forever.”

“Nature has a natural way of living on the first take.”

“Some things cannot be taught. There seems to be a magical truth that is only met,
upon the meeting of mind and Heart without thought.”


“Do not let history get in the way of your today.”


So it is said we come from ONE, yet, I believe there are many ONE’s.
And we are different leaves on the many trees.

“Wear your god well”

Live life respectfully.

Nature lives in coherency, may humans learn from it.

“I care not what you wear, I care what is in your Nature.”


All quotes: Copyright 2010-2012 pamela leigh richards
All images: unless noted source unknown with all due respect.
Image Snow Birds: Copyright 2010 pamela leigh richards

I Love Lightning The Blue Flash

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 26, 2012


The most amazing moment! Magic is in the air.
A thunderbolt hit right before me on the telephone pole
causing a crackling symphonic sound emitting a beautiful blue light with an electrical buzz.
My favourite time of year. Monsoon season.
The lightning bolt missed its mark though. I was over here 🙂

“Matter is Energy. Energy is Light. We are all Light Beings.”
~ Albert Einstein

“Sometimes you have to die in order to live.”
Nature is crying and has given many signs over long periods of time.
You can understand a nations people by the way it treats its animals.
You can understand a man by the way it treats its own kind.
World Peace Please.

“I care not who has a realationship with ego.
I care for the realationship with nature in its purest & simplest form.”
Pamela Leigh Richards

“Ere many generations pass,
our machinery will be driven
by power obtainable at any point in the universe.
It is a mere question of time
when men will succeed
in attaching their machinery
to the very wheelwork of nature.”
~ Nikola Tesla

The machinery of a telephone pole has done such a thing.
Captured the wheelwork of nature and people pay for it when it is free.

“We are less than whole without it. It is nothing without us.
We are dancing with life.”

Smile when you are hurt the most. Easier said than done I know.
So, when you cannot bring a smile to your face
may this be a helping hand offering a smile until you are ready.
You are never alone and there is light at the end of every tunnel.

Thank you Klaus. Peace and Coherency.
“A common bond of unity even among our formed differences exists in the Heart without thought.”

“Humans have been conditioned and just like retraining a wild horse?
We are retraining the human condition to be kind.
One heart and mind at a time.”

Images: Sources unknown unless stated.
Quotes: copyright 2000-2012 pamela leigh richards
Image Dolphin: copyright 2007 pamela leigh richards
Image Golden Geometry: copyright 2011 pamela leigh richards


Wiping the Slate Clean

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on May 05, 2012

“You Set the Pace by walking a Different Path Unafraid.”
“It always takes something to get you somewhere else.”
“There is never a mistake, there is only an action leaving.”

Nikola Tesla about F U T U R E
Great as are the past achievements, the future holds out more glorious promise. We are getting an insight into the essence of things; our means and methods are being refined, a new and specialized race is developing with knowledge deep and precise, with greater powers and keener perceptions. Mysterious as ever before, nature yields her precious secrets more readily and the spirit of man asserts its mastery over the physical universe. The day is not distant when the very planet which gave him birth will tremble at the sound of his voice; he will make the sun his slave, harness the inexhaustible and terribly intense energy of microcosmic movement; cause atoms to combine in predetermined forms; he will draw the mighty ocean from its bed, transport it through the air and create lakes and rivers at will; he will command the wild elements; he will push on and on from great to greater deeds until with his intelligence and force he will reach out to spheres beyond the terrestrial.

Picture taken by a diver below looking up to Pamela on the surface as a dolphin swims by.
Elphinstone Reef, Red Sea Egypt.

“I have an oath to one thing and one thing only. To my Creator. To not be afraid to do, or not do, in order for Peace to become everything in coherency. God is in everything. The air we breathe, the Earth beneath our feet, the Stars twinkling in the skies and in your eyes, the leaves on the trees and the birds singing. No matter how many paths it takes you to get there, walk with love in your Heart along each step of the way.”

“This is all about pure energy, electromagnetics, the bioplasmatic fields we swim in along the currents of light encodements of illusorealities we co-create with. We know nothing and I believe we won’t until we get there.”

I’m wiping the slate clean.

“Hold within your Heart a very calm place out of thought.
It’s a knowing thing outside of senses. Float.
Free the mind and remove fear.
We are cleaning house. The internal and external.
We must each take out our own trash first.
I am useless if I am disturbed.
Then we will have greater effect upon the whole.
What we ‘do’ each step of the way has great purpose.
It is in the unseen that means everything. Most do not yet know.”

“Life is merely a ‘thought’ happening. A dream manifesting. A meme becoming illusoreality.”

OceanHeart a new book.
All Quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated
Images: Unless noted unknown at this time
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The Awakening fractal image by Luc Railhac. Thank you.
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I am my own life’s experiment.

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on April 27, 2012

THIS IS BEAUTIFUL  7:30 minutes of … One Breath, One Step at a Time.
A great metaphor for what we are all going through at varying points on the path of Life.
Wow, how beautiful is life in its teachings.

It is time to Climb for the doors are opening wide.
I have done helicopters off lips on the mountain at a time

when I wanted to be a pro freestyle skier.

Know when to say yes, and when to say no.

It is all okay to where you are going. Hang on for the ride.
No fear to do what is necessary with a Calm Heart.

Know when to close doors and when to open. Life is precise.

“Con todo el amor para ti” (With all the love for you)
Mit all der Liebe für sie
Con tutto l’amore per voi
Avec tout l’amour pour vous

It is the little things in life that mean so much.

“The only thing that matters is the ever changing moment.

Live it, love it and Be it.”

One day a man was walking along the beach,

when he noticed a boy picking something up

and gently throwing it into the ocean.

Approaching the boy, he asked:

“What are you doing?”

The young lad said:

“Throwing starfish back into the ocean,

the surf is up and the tide is going out,

and if I don’t throw them back, they’ll die.”

The man knelt on one knee saying;

“Do you not realize

there are miles and miles of beach and hundreds of starfish,

you can’t make a difference.”

After listening politely the boy bent down,

picked up another starfish and threw it back into the surf.

Then smiling at the man he said;

“I made a difference for that one.”

~ Loren Eiseley 1978

“How can you talk about where you are going when you know when you get there,
there is no describing.”

“You can search the world over for lands of beauty,
unless you carry it with you, find it you will not.”

“Know when to open doors and when to close.
It can be a tough road, yet, when the answer comes,
it is a very clear yes or no.”
Make it.

We ARE the Lighthouse.

The Dance of Life. Read between the lines.
“Love has no separation.”
There is so much deep meaning in this and find it very beautiful.

OceanHeart a new book.
All Quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated
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Getting through the (W)hole

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on April 19, 2012

“When everything becomes quick, tis’ time to slow down.
Chaos cannot enter the (w)hole to the other side of Life.”

Let’s Go For a Walk.
The story is this:
Time has no meaning in the fields of Life.
There is no separation or division but through the two eyes.

Build what you See.

So Simple saying so much. One step at a time.
“Do not let anyones views or opinions of who they believe you to be,
corrupt the knowing understanding of who you ‘are’.”

Like I have been saying since the Gift of a Flying Fall:
“We are not here to save the world, we are here.”
And it goes beyond even this doing the best I can to de-scribe what I see happening.

Breaking old patterns of behaviour & cycles of time. Removing falseness and fear.
Turning ourselves inside out and doing the different.
Hang on for the ride and get ready to fly.
Quantum Leap with desire.

Peace has no enemy and love knows nothing else.
From personal experiences have much more to share forthcoming.

Silence is Golden and do not waste Pearls before swine.

I Brake for Butterflies.

“Change will happen not so much as what we do, rather what we ARE.”

“Where you look, there you are, your reality awaits you.”
“Stop feeding the need.”

This photo expresses exactly what I experienced. Lightning coming off the tip of every finger. Like magnets attracting or repelling. Like planets through the force of spin jet out away from the drain of a vortex taking it in, named as Rogue planets. You either connect or disconnect. If two planets interact, one can be ejected and become an interstellar traveler. If it later encounters a different star moving in the same direction at the same speed, it can hitch a ride. Our world is magnetic, electrical and highly charged just as we are. And this energy field has been harnessed through the wire, telephone poles, power plants et cetera and humanity is paying for it when it is FREE.

It reminds me of the “spin” that applies to the main stream media when they are perpetuating a form of propaganda to its viewing audience to pull them in. Offering another angle of perspective to draw the attention and light with a particular thought and see how many you can capture to believe in manifesting it. Keeping the pendulum swinging left and right in the wobble of until you stand for something, you will fall for everything.

“Nothing exists where your mind is not.”

All Quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated
Images: Unless noted unknown at this time
Video at top: Ole C. Salomonsen

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The Clearing

Posted in: A Clearing with David Icke by Pamela on September 02, 2011

Egypt Pamela 9 Waving Sea RightLotus Flower ReleaseEgypt Pamela 5 Waving Sea Left
“A picture paints a thousand words and recognition sings eternity’s song.”

Peace on the Path is all she desires, unafraid to knock a few pebbles out of the way.
Breaking old patterns, cycles of behaviour, and to help bring balance.


All the ladies and gentlemen, you know who you are.
Survivors of TBI (traumatic brain injury).
All the Vets. Welcome hOMe.
Anyone who is, or has been bully’d or abused in any way.

Thank you so much for all who have lifted this ONE up,
when she was crawling for solid ground.
Your friendships have meant the world ~ Let’s go make it a better ONE!
Arrow Down

ON THE RADIO in a 5 Part Series Here

Some listener feedback from the shows:
“I just wanted to say, you help me alot to understand and deal with my personal issues of abuse in my life, by some very negative entities. You are right we are not alone, and I respect you so much for all you have been through and speaking out. Much love to you dear sister”

“I just listened to the … webcasts you did with Alan Cox and felt I am moved to reach out to you. I was shocked … You do not deserve, and never did deserve, to be treated in the way you were … I sincerely wish that the rest of your time on this earth is full of happiness and joy. Love …”

“I just write to say, girl I feel for you, I’ve been through a similar experience although with a less public person, I understand you perfectly and can relate to everything you said … Listening to your radio interview had me in tears, it’s my experience too!!! Take care Pamela. Regards …”

Exploring the views of Pamela Leigh Richards on her life with David Icke.
Clearing what needed to be released for the good of the whole respectfully.

“Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, there is a field. Meet me there.”
~ Rumi

“He who speaks the Truth, lest Be prepared for it.”
~ plr

“This is not just personal, it is Universal.”
~ plr

“There comes a time when silence is betrayal.”
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

“It takes courage to live life.” Cor from Latin = Heart.
Tell your story with your whole Heart.
~ plr

The Universe detests deception. So do I.
Truth is meaningless in the absence of understanding.
Truth does not step aside from ferreting out falsehood from reality.
Truth changes the minds of people who see it, that is how powerful it is.
Breaking Silence is of utmost importance in exposing that which wishes to be hidden.
With dauntless knowing that no matter what or who it is, take action to do the right thing.
Time to Clean House.

The Golden Mean of coherency is singing for clarity.

What rests behind this story and how it is going to be healed has great purpose, I know. It is a pathway shifting our resonance and vibration from one of confusion to one of crystal clarity and noone is alone. This is an artistic journey, a gallant dance unafraid to speak as she got past her vulnerabilities and sharing. It is about not taking abuse and living fearlessly. It is about daring to love, knowing when to let go, when to say yes, and when to say no.

What I find most interesting is how David Icke, a man who speaks of wanting to bring people together, asking them to stand up and speak their truth, yet, cannot come to the table and speak with a lady he once loved greatly? What sits at the core of the root issue here? What left him in his consciousness to create a microcosmic war upon one girl, and even more bewildering is why he took this private affair to the world? Stay tuned for truth will be revealing.

For those who have been taking this walk with me I am grateful for your awareness to see there is more to know. The story is already happening in its beautiful unfolding.

For those who do not know what this is about here is a short brief. I am dealing with a personal matter in what should have been an amicable, simple, and fair departure between two people. What was private, our divorce, was taken to the world public by my former husband, well known British author David Icke, who used his position to vent on a global scale using different media outlets, a very one-sided view to the public, projecting manufactured propaganda in an attempt to discredit his wife’s character. Why did he do this; I asked myself? Why did he open the door of our personal life to the world? A man who says he values his privacy? It is all becoming self-evident. What is actually happening is an inability to let go within him’self’ and I have become the lightning rod with no justification for the attack other than spite with malice. No more. You could not make it up, but made up it is, and this lady will make sure this experience is shared with both sides seen fair and square leaving a trail of balance in understanding upon an unsuspecting public mind. Phew!

David dropped a pebble in the pond leaving a ripple effect. She will do her best to bring calm to these waters ruffled leaving nothing but truth and love in her wake. After all this time nothing has changed. When you are in a position of power it becomes a position abused when it is used to control, hurt, and/or harm others. It appears he has chosen to stoop to levels of extreme irrational behaviour, operating out of malice with intent to hurt, and in my view abusing his position, while leading others to do the same. Most important is the threat to myself and father that I do not take lightly. The title of one of his books was “I am me, I am free.”, showing him naked on the cover. He could not be farther from being free internally, in my humbled opinion.

The raw and naked truth of the evidential facts behind this story and the intimate details will soon be revealed to heal a wound crying for closure.

A poem I wrote just before I left for Egypt for rest and recovery. I now read it with compassion and empathy for the girl who endured. I know in sharing our stories we will help many towards peaceful outcomes.


A new day is coming

My house was shattered and my world fell apart

I looked around and for the life of me could not find my heart

I was told to hold on, not to worry and it would be alright

Steady on girl, you have the key to unlock the door

As I continue to pick the pieces of myself up off the floor.

And if there really is such a thing called ‘life’?

For I am balancing on the wire.

Hanging by a thread

Then the wings that have been clipped,

On many a lonesome night

Will come back and find me once again.

As a bird flies, so will I.

~ pamela


“You can lead a horse to the waters of wisdom, yet, sometimes cannot make them ‘think’ to even drink.”

Just as David is asking people to make a stand for justice, what is happening here between two people is the same. Injustice for one is injustice for all.

There is great fear, anger and rage that sits within him with no discourse while trying to still control. There is simply blame discharging discomfort and I have become the patsy. Shocking it has been at the twist of knowing someone who then becomes something other. David and Co are behaving no less than riot police beating upon a girl who simply stands for truth, fairness, understanding, and peace.

“There is a germ of religion in human nature so strong, that whenever an order of men can persuade the people by flattery or terror that they have salvation at their disposal, there can be no end to fraud, violence, or usurpation.”
~ John Adams


“It is not what you are told, it is what you are sold.” Caveat Emptor (Beware the buyer.)


In his own words says ” I want truth [except his former Wifes truth], I am not here to win a popularity contest” and “a vibrational change would bring to the surface all that has been hidden”. This is one lady whose vibration has changed and will bring to the surface what David is trying to hide. This is not about continuing a battle, it is about ending one that never should have begun.

Below is an excerpt from one of many emails David sent to my 83 year old father during the divorce that spanned from October 2009 to its ending 31 August 2012. David was asked to stop harrassing my father. What does he do? Emails over and over again causing great distress to where my father eventually had a mild stroke. And on the day we did not know if my father was alive or not? He sent another email on that very morning! Incredible. It is my opinion that David is demonstrating classic NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) with anger and controlling issues. I have learned through this experience that no matter how much one tries to help another – if the other chooses to remain in their state of defending their fears, if they choose to close the door upon anything you have to say, one must walk away and not succumb to the drowning effect, nor carry the burdens of anchored weight going nowhere.


My father with his comment:

“This just came in from David.

He said he would never write me again, which only proves that he is a very sick man.”

Excerpt from Davids email to my father
“If what I am reliably told is true, she should know that a tidal wave of worldwide revulsion will descend upon her immediately and for the rest of her life and the Richards family name will be dragged through the cesspit ongoing as a result.”

He has gone over the edge to deliver such vicious, sick minded, and vindictive threatening words. A very Saturnus sounding thought to project. This is no different than dropping a bomb or pulling a trigger. Verbal abuse and threatening words pass through the heart ripping it apart. And what it did to my father? Phew! Unbelievable. I lived with this for years and even now he shows no mercy. What fear and angers must live ‘within’ him that still rage on. Sad, very sad.

Pamela Carl Father
Thank you Dad for believing in your daughter. April 30, 2017 my father died.


The sign posts along the way show me the one constant in Life. It is ever changing and fleeting.

I only found out about his venting publicly because someone sent this. An article by Regina Meredith from Conscious Media Network, who is supporting Icke. Everything in this article is a censoring and disfiguring of the truth while perpetrating a sick propaganda. It is an attempt to try and make Pamela fit into some warped sense of a plan that she will not fit into.

“The ultimate weakness of violence is that it is a descending spiral,
begetting the very thing it seeks to destroy.
Instead of diminishing evil, it multiplies it.”
~ Martin Luther King 1967.

Years ago I said to David “You have me in a box in your mind and I will not stay there”. These words all too true to this very day. This article came out ten months after my Near Fatal Accident sent by someone asking me if it was true? I would never have known because I did not go to Ickeland and was healing. Of course it is not true.

By releasing this they created a stir in the public mind causing a reaction where I received vicious and frightening messages from Ickes followers. They do not even know me. He talks about a sympathy for abused children? By doing this he and Regina opened the door for a possible attack upon my life. What Icke and Co. did is no different than inciting one race or country off against another. It does appear David is not interested in peace, he wants control.

Interesting that the comments on this Article’s blog were removed within 48 hours after I finally posted a comment with some facts exposing the truth about their propaganda.This is a man who claims to want to save the world (selectively), and Regina Meredith’s own websites motto is “Question Everything”. Except Pamela. So much for alternative media doing a truthful job.

David emailed saying; “I know you know Hilary Clinton.” What? Sigh. Patience pamela, patience.

What did David and Regina gain by coming out with this? Who sold their soul? What was his purpose? Why did he go public venting his personal views about a private affair bringing others in to something that was not their business, surely one would ask? It only caused trouble and division among people. This has been extraordinary really. Throwing molatave cocktails (propaganda) into the public arena and running while I was wounded on the playing field trying to come up for air. Unfair, unequal, and very sad indeed. More importantly it is extremely childish. What is this showing the children of today? It is showing them what chance do they have if this is what becoming conscious beings is like. And these two call themselves journalists for truth? Time to bring in the scales of justice and weigh the heart with the feather.

I lived with Regina & Scott Meredith in 2005 for four months while going to film school in Arizona when I left David once before. It was a nine month course at the Zaki Gordon Institute for Independent Film Making. After three months, the first semester, David begged me to come back to England saying in email “Come home it hurts too much”. I asked him to hold out for six more months, that we could do this and then I would come home with a thesis film under my belt. He could not wait that long so I gave it up and moved back home to England supporting him and his work. What happened in between the lines is beyond anything most could imagine. It is all going to come to the surface for lies can no longer hide.

Seems that if Pamela comes out to speak, this is the low level David & Co will stoop attempting to control vs being an exemplary example showing how to part ways in a marriage fair and square. Do as I say not as I do seems to be his legacy.

He could come to the table and make peace like any rational human but chooses to live out his own fears and dramas turning something that could be resolved so easily into a battle. I repeat as I said to David before; “You have me in a box in your mind and I will not stay there.” I’m just taking a walk observing & watching true colours unfold.

This experience is a microcosm of the whole. Responsibility sways both ways upon the deliverer and the receiver. Who told the lie and who bought the lie? His psychic reading did say “People will want to follow you do not let them” and “If you abuse the gift you will lose it.”

On a radio show in 2011 Icke says: “Someone once said … you eventually walk into every stone that you throw. Problem is that when some people do they still blame everyone else for it and then throw some more.” Sums it up.

“What future does a truth movement have
if it selects which truth is allowed to be mentioned and which truth isn’t?”
~ Matthew Delooze

Arrow 1
Another TRUTH please. David continued to seek outside himself and was being fed psychic thoughts by Carol Clarke, his now highly promoted guru. This is an email exchange between he and Carol during a very tumultuous time. Phew! I can see ever so clearly now. You don’t know what you are in until you get out. There was a deliberate attempt to get rid of Pamela by the family during the latter part of our relationship. Nothing was safe anymore. They had a nickname for her, “The Wrecking Crew”. I only found out after I left for Egypt for rest and recovery. In retrospect it was all about fear, ego, the business, and money. Something had to give in this relationship. David made his choice and so did I.
“Just a thought though, although I know things have been frustrating with Kerry, do you think, those who are sending negative energy to block your work, just might be trying to separate you from the family? Maybe I’m thinking in the wrong way, but it came into my mind the other day, so I thought I would say it.” [She could not stop implanting suggestions and David continued seeking]

“Hi Carol … I don’t feel that there is any force seeking to divide me from my family. It’s just that I am not taking what I have in the past. Kerry has just contacted me and I am very happy to chat with her, but I will not accept them treating Pamela as they have any longer, that’s all. Pam is not in any way encouraging any rifts, … My actions are coming from me, no-one else, but Kerry is now so paranoid about her I am sure a very different story is going on in her head. I can put some things aside now and let them develop as they will because I have shed the enormous weight of guilt with relation to my family. That guilt has been a burden on my back for so long. No more. Kerry and Linda have no idea about my relationship with Pamela and how no-one, but no-one, influences what I do except me. [What David seems to not realize is he IS being influenced] I might listen, but what I feel intuitively is the only criteria I use when decisions are made. They see some Machiavellian woman manipulating me. Further from the truth they could be.” [True]



DAVIDS LETTER TO KERRY HIS DAUGHTER [there is so much more to understand]

Kerry … I appreciate you being concerned about me, but my safety is fine. No-one is going to make any decision on distributors or printers or anything else to do with the business except me and mum and when this crisis is over it is all going in our joint names anyway, as we have discussed. However, I am getting really sick of being told what I should and should not do with my own wife. If my attitude to Rob [Kerrys husband] or Mike [Lindas boyfriend] was a fraction of what yours is to Pamela you would go apeshit, but I am supposed to take it. You have no idea of the pressure it has put on my daily life [and Pamela’s life], constantly assessing if Pamela can come with me anywhere in case I bump into you and mum. And when it does happen occasionally I really wish you could see the look on your faces. The hatred that comes across takes me aback. [and these people worked in Davids publishing company called ‘Bridge of Love’?]

I am forced to live two lives every day when I am in England, hiding Pamela away so no-one gets upset by her very presence. It is sickening and horrible to go through this two lives ritual day after day after day and the real reason behind her going back to America last year [2005] if the truth be told was to give me respite from this daily stress generated by my own family. By last summer the parnanoia had reached extraordinary proportions and I needed a break before I keeled over. You have no idea. When you or mum have relationships I respect the people involved and treat them with respect in your presence, but there are different rules for me it seems.

The paranoia has reached insane levels now with paranoia feeding even greater paranoia. For me to be parked on the side of the road being told of some conspiracy about Pamela and domain ownership [This was with respect to building a website for davids products, working with distributors, worldpay, the xcart et cetera getting davidickebooks a market place, which, I started, before turning it over to Kerry] when the only reason they were in her name was because it allowed her to deal with the admin etc., instead of me – as I wanted – was just crazy. [Correct] The idea that she is somehow a danger to Erin [Kerry’s daughter] just blows me away. You must do whatever you choose, but would you please back off because I am sick of it, sick of the comments and the constant innuendo about the ‘wrecking crew’ – the code name for Pamela.

She has had so many opportunities to wreck and has taken none of them. She has had the opportunity to exploit me financially and has twice walked away with little … In case it has escaped everyone’s notice, it was Pamela, not me, who secured first a $10,000 gift for the legal fund, followed by a $120,000 grant to my work that will go to the business. [Along with another $100,000 personal check] As Pamela is not in any way connected to the business [although I was and gave eleven years of my life to it] it will not benefit her, but those who she knows hate her. How many are big enough to do that?

She is not perfect, but then neither is anyone else, but she is misunderstood on a monumental scale and the hurt she feels at the way you treat her and look at her only she knows, but I tell you now she has cried herself to sleep many times because of it. It’s bloody disgraceful.

Anyway, it is about time this was said.



Yes, it is about time this was said. So much going on behind Pamela’s back? Sad that David changed sides, fell for their fears, and fell in his own misunderstanding of who I am by attacking just as his family did in their deliberate attempt to get rid of this lady behind the scenes. Never allow another clothe you with their dishonor. Fear Destroys Love.

Another Poem I wrote during the tumultuous time before leaving for Egypt for rest and recovery.

The love that brings people together should never part on their leaving even as they fly away. It should only grow like a Lotus flower blossoming ‘within’. It is called becoming more conscious and not staying stuck. If another can’t find this love themselves it does not mean you have to carry their burden. Simply thank the experience knowing the only thing that matters is what one chooses to do with it.

David has said for years to his audiences about how people try to shove things down not wanting to look at themselves. Don’t want to know. Well, he should really take heed of his own words. This lady is not a rag doll anymore to be tossed about because he could not make up his mind and I have gained strength to speak up when once lost, now found. If showing your openness is a sacrifice? Then sacrifice me, for I have nothing to hide nor fear, and everything to face.


Arrow 2

What David refuses to see and take responsibility for is his role in the breakdown of the relationship. David wrote to his psychic friend Carol:

“Hi Carol … I am confused because I have always been confused when it comes to Pam. On so many things every day my intuition is there immediately, but with Pam the intuitive jury has always been out since I met her. Strange.” [Because his own fears got in the way]

“Pam’s just a bit frustrated at what is being thrown at me. She wasn’t there in the early 90s, but now she’s seeing it for herself. She also wants to get on with her passion for filming, but the overwhelming pressure on me with demands on my time etc. mean she isn’t able to.” [Yes because I was supporting David’s work!]

“Kerry and Linda have been very antagonistic towards her in the last few weeks, since they began to work together in the office, and it has been very difficult being piggy in the middle. They have taken things and blown them out of all proportion and there has been paranoia all the time. Real over the top and not necessary.”

“… but I feel so much for what she is going through and I am so tempted to say ‘Hey, come back, let me make it better for you.’ Also I do have a deep connection to her and I really wish it could work.

“I talked to Credo on the phone yesterday. He said my work would from strength to strength. Funny thing, he said that Pam and me should be together and that I should leave a door open in my heart for her.”

David wrote to Kerry his daughter:

“Funnily enough, I care about my family also. As for negative comments – the comments from members of my family about Pamela and my private life that have come back to me from others would fill a book over the last few years.

And now David is doing the exact same thing. Attacking the lady he once loved. Publicly. Crucifying is putting it mildly from behind the scenes. David is not telling his public the whole truth. This experience has been very revealing indeed. An oath to scoundrels is meaningless.


Arrow 2A

CAROL to DAVID 24 August 2005

“David … I agree with you entirely about Pamela meeting with Credo. I really feel (as I did when you last met with him) that Pamela shouldn’t be involved with him. I have known for a long time that Pam really wants to BE you, to do everything that you have done and be everything you are. That is an impossibility, but she cannot seem to comprehend this, that is why she wanted your name, your business, to appear in your books. I hadn’t realized that she not really worked for the eight years you were together [although she did]. She sees herself as a writer (like you) and that is why I kept asking you to ensure she doesn’t write about your life together.”


CAROL to DAVID 20 October 2005
“You know she will work with you in the future don’t you? And yes, you do have a profound connection with Pamela …”


Pamela and David at Credo’s home in Kuruman, South Africa with the children.
This lass has a divine right to protect her life and environment. Life is an art. Facing one reality while holding a higher vision of another simultaneously. It takes a special kind of person to make a mistake, admit to it, and face whatever comes in making amends. It takes a humbled moment to recognize, a moment to acknowledge, forgive, and a strength of Heart to stand up, reveal it, and let go. Serving some truth on the table with compassionate purpose.


Arrow 3

STATEMENT From an outside experiencer, I thank you.
From a witness behind the scenes validating what I was going through.
And there are more behind the scenes who have come forward.
Whistleblowers I think you call them?

There are false prophets propagand-eye-sing more illusions falling upon unsuspecting minds,
who ‘think’ they are freeing you.
Until they are free within, their words will only keep you in the prism/prison reflecting.
There is so much more I see and with all the love in my Heart will share what I know.
It is not easy for I could fly right now. Follow your Heart always. Breathe in Peace.
Take your troubled walks knowing your steps have great purpose for the good of the whole.

“In early 2007 (Spring), just as my information was becoming popular, I was contacted by a man claiming to be the book sales manager (internet shop creator) on the website. His name was John Peters. I immediately arranged to meet him in … He travelled up from … We met at a hotel in … but then travelled to the .. Within five minutes of talking with Mr Peters about my books the subject of Pamela Icke (The wife of David Icke) cropped up … I was then angrily informed that Pamela Icke was totally ‘crazy’. Mr Peters immediately stated with an extremely confident tone that Pamela was going to disappear and be ‘out on her arse’ soon. Mr Peters also claimed Pamela was promiscuous (A slag was the term used) and that he regularly enjoyed phone sex with her and that real physical sex was always on the table anytime he wanted it. I took this information about Pamela with a pinch of salt and put it down to fantasy and boasting on the part of an oversexed John Peters.” [Sink me … approval in my opinion demands the attainment of perfection. And in that sense Mr John Peters overrates the charm of his own ego. Not only fantasy, it was the Pamela conspiracy being played out by the very minds who ran Bridge of Love. Go figure?]

“The meeting ended and my books were to be sold on David Icke Books. Mr Peters was then in constant touch with me for several months and the subject of Pamela Icke was always brought up by Mr Peters, especially about her sex life. [I call JP to the table of truth and ask him to repeat these words to my face & eyes, if they be true. He can’t because it will open a door involving David himself.] But the main theme being that she was going to be forced out, or thrown out …”

“I was informed that members of David Icke’s family, namely his ex wife Linda and his daughter Kerry had raised many red flags about ‘Pamela’ to David and were constantly trying to get David to do something about it. It appeared that David wouldn’t listen at first but was being constantly informed by people around David that Pamela was trouble. That said John Peters himself said was soon to make a million soon and this would increase rapidly in the future. He also said that because of this increase in wealth that a limited company would be set up in the names of Linda Atherton and others to purposely stop Pamela from claiming anything in the future, after the ousting had taken place.”

“I was informed even a psychic (Carol Clarke) had informed David Icke that Pamela was up to no good and should be got shot of. [Carol was introduced to us by Linda, David’s first wife.) This information was apparently applauded by Peters as he said David took the words of Carol Clarke very seriously indeed.” [Caveat emptor = Latin for Buyer beware.]

“It became clear to me, whatever Mrs Icke was guilty or not guilty of, that several people had it in for her and simply wanted her out of the way. At the time I had no idea if the allegations about Pamela were true or not but the situation started to appear sinister and totally unfair from my viewpoint. In fact it felt like a witch hunt was taking place. I had neither met (in person) David or Pamela so I had no insight into what was really going on. I only had the dirty linen type of information being provided constantly by Mr Peters. That said it was very clear that numerous people were telling David Icke that his wife was some sort of an illuminati stooge or a mind controlled agent out to rob him or cause destruction for David Icke himself.. I found some of the accusations absolutely ridiculous. John Peters constantly informed me about the attacks on Pamela almost on a weekly basis.”

“Around December 2007 I was contacted by Mrs Pamela Icke … The conversations that followed and the extreme emotional state Mrs Icke was in at that time only confirmed my previous opinion that she was becoming the victim of a witch hunt and sadly that witch hunt was prolonged and vicious in my opinion. I eventually informed Mrs Icke of the prolonged comments made by Mr Peters throughout 2007 … From my perspective the witch hunt had gone on for well over 12 months but Mr Peters had stated that Pamela’s position was always being scrutinised and she simply wasn’t wanted or required as the business grew. I always found Mrs Icke to be the total opposite of the scarlet woman painted by Mr Peters and I willingly write this statement based on those findings.”


Arrow 3A

Which wolf will one feed? The lovely parable with beautiful meaning.
How long will it take to become unconscious? To let go of the past and live for today?
This applies to me and all too, as I erase the tapes.

What really hurt was when we went to court and David actually said in his statement “Ms Richards had nothing to do with my books … nor contributed anything…” When I saw this at the time, a shock wave went through my body. I was witnessing someone I thought I knew become something very different. I have strength now to let it fall away and maintain my own pace in space.

I wish to share more of an event that happened over a course of time between a very public figure and his former wife who will not go quietly. The facts will speak loudly.

I’m just now gaining the full spectrum and scope of the situation. I had to fly to England for a 2-Day trial. Represented myself (TBI!), a friend from the Isle of Wight kindly assisting (who is a survivor of TBI), against a Barrister, Solicitor, David Icke, and four witnesses. All the delaying, stalling, breaching, brought us to this point. He had time to prepare, 4 sets of bundles (over 900 pages), sending the final financial documents as I was leaving for the airport. My father gave me the money for the plane ticket. I barely had time to breathe. It was shocking to actually see these people, who were once my extended family, doing this. David could not look at me. I said ‘hello David’. The contradictions in his affidavit were fraught with manufactured lies. It took me aback. And appears the wording and phrasings were in line with his fear, the lies being fed to him by family and psychic to carry out the deliberate attempt to get rid of ‘Pamela’, and his threat upon myself, my 84 year old father and the family name. I call it the “Pamela Conspiracy”.

The phrasings were also embellished to paint a picture that was wholly untrue. Purely coming from an attacking position vs. one that could have been a very calm, peaceful, amicable position. David keeps seeking outside and cannot reason. Throws words around without validation and runs. So, why can he not come to the table and talk? Where is his Bridge of Love? Where is Mr. Infinite Love? I’m one girl? If he and the family cannot make peace with her, what in the world is he sharing with the world? Strange indeed.

He sees me as he believes me to be, not as “I am”. One step removed.

Excerpt from Davids statement to Court.
“A health professional told me at the time that if I didn’t get respite from the stress of the relationship – which he had witnessed himself [prove it] because he knew both of us well [untrue] – he would give me six months before I would face extremely serious and potentially fatal health problems. He told Ms Richards the same [untrue] – that if her behaviour didn’t change or she didn’t leave she would kill me.”

INTERESTING? David also says in this excerpted quote below, which, contradicts the above. Now remember, Mike Lambert, health professional on the Isle of Wight, I can only assume this is who he is talking about, is an ally with David. And David went around asking people to go against Pamela? Seems the ability to allow change to happen within a being (Pamela) was not capable of nourishment by others for the environment she lived in was corrupted. I have evidence in audio and email.

Quote David to Linda (first wife):
“I am forced to live two lives every day when I am in England, hiding Pamela away so no-one gets upset by her very presence … and the real reason behind her going back to America last year was to give me respite from this daily stress generated by my own family. By last summer the paranoia had reached extraordinary proportions and I needed a break before I keeled over. You have no idea.”


The REAL STORY is being revealed unafraid to speak.
The REAL reason I left for Egypt for rest and recovery.
To gain enough strength simply to come home and pack.
It is what it is for all to see/sea.
Nothing can kill me, not even my free mind singing.
Not even David Icke standing before me, if he can bear to look into thine eyes.
He can’t because he is lying too. Mostly to him’self’.
No matter how much they can throw at me, I will always hold onto the beauty’s in life.
The daggers and lies simply pass me by. And after the hurt is gone, love never leaves.


Arrow 4

THE DOUBLE LEGAL CHALLENGE – A newsletter put out by David on 13 September 2011.
“David Icke is facing a double legal challenge to everything he is now so successfully and incredibly achieving worldwide. Can you help to ensure that his work continues?”

“While David embarks in his 60th year on the most gruelling speaking tour of his life on the back of spending the entire summer locked away 15 hours a day writing a new book, he is also having to deal with two legal cases, which together, could make it very difficult for him to continue on anything like the scale that he is now achieving, never mind massively expanding his work as he is planning to do. This comes at precisely the time when he is making such fantastic strides in awakening the world to so many revelations with the promise of so much more to come.

David has been dealing with the first case for a while, Tiny-Violin but circumstances have now changed dramatically after what would appear to be an external source with considerable funds suddenly paying for very expensive London lawyers to support someone who claims to have no money in a case against David. [He is talking about Pamela. It was her father who was helping her, not any mysterious outside sources funding her. And this was all happening during her recovery from a near death experience involving a traumatic brain injury! Icke had no compassion for this. Appears that David is trying to make her fit into some fantasy that she was part of the illuminati and brought in to hurt him. This all escalated in the end of the relationship with the psychic Carol Clarke and the family wanted rid of her. Now it seems he is using the public for sympathy.]

This makes the case potentially of far greater significance with regard to David’s 21 years of work and where it goes from here. David cannot reveal the name of the person involved in this case at this time [Why not, he names everyone else?]. People, however, are going to be taken aback – indeed shocked – when they eventually know. But that is for another day. Sigh cat 1
The other legal case is the extraordinary ‘libel’ action brought against David by Canada’s Richard Warman who has a policy of what he calls ‘maximum disruption’ – setting out to cause maximum disruption to the lives of those that he targets. The case began in 2002 – yes, 2002 – and it has been continuing ever since with a final trial date in the process of being decided. The legal bill for preparation and trial has been estimated at a high six-digit figure.

If you cannot easily afford to contribute to David’s double-legal defence fund then please don’t. These are harsh economic times. But if you easily can and you wish to help David meet these challenges, then please click on the link below. Nothing is too little.

Thank-you. We shall overcome, no matter what – and no matter who.”

In this ladies view I feel David has abused his position in this instance.
Asking for funding from the public using words to entice an idea of TWO legal challenges?
One was our personal divorce. The public never needed to be involved.
Unfair & Misleading.


Arrow 5


Pamela was recovering from a near death experience involving a TBI (traumatic brain injury), whilst going through what should have been an amicable divorce. I thought I was dealing with a conscious man. The first set of Solicitors actually said: “David is a very angry and bitter man”. As each month passed, what I was witnessing unfold was beyond shocking. Listen to the Radio Shows please to understand. Or at least understand as much as could have been shared in short time. There is so much more, but there was not enough time even in five radio shows equalling 10 hours.

The reason she sold a story to the Daily Mail?
It got to the point of ‘no return’, Period.
We all know that the media hypes and twists truth for sensationalism.
That’s what they do, so, let’s carry on.

Pamela received some money to pay for the next Barrister in her divorce.
Icke knew she was out of ammo (money), yet, kept firing the bullets.
Okay. Fair game. Let’s play. So she did all the way.

Feels very much like: “If he can’t have me he’ll kill me?” His threat to my father and I was not taken lightly. Dignitas, or proper fitting of acceptance towards an equalibrium in equalstanding can only be met, when all parties feel the agreement.


Daily Mail Article


“Oh, yes, (name protected) is NOT sitting in the bleachers on this one & accepting a one sided (Lop-Sided) foul play. You have ever so gently revealed more & more of the living ‘hell’ … and I knew your intentions all along were to give David ‘time’ to restore … it all is so bizzare and just doesn’t make sense. Or does it? He so loved you. You had to be torn away … and he couldn’t see it. You weren’t a puppet pulled by strings. You have ideals & strength of character with integrity. David, on the other hand, blinded by ‘emotional’ ties with family, coupled with fears and being fed lies … you became the “sacraficial lamb”. I know this now … because I lived through ‘hell’ when I was much younger than you. My heavens did I learn so much through ‘painful experience’ and who were truly my friends. I am thankful that ‘conscious’ souls are coming forth for the clearing. The unfolding is happening on many levels, Pamela. You may never know, nor does it matter … for nature demands balance.”


Arrow 5A

This is an excerpt of an email reply to David.
The quotes are David. My reply is italicized and bold.



“Many people on both sides of the Atlantic told me there was no way you would not exploit my name for your own personal ends because that was the nature of your character – whatever suits me, me, me.”
So you are admitting to living in a world of gossip over truth. It is by the way, impossible for a wife to “exploit” a proper husbands name. Your suspicions about my exploitation are really admissions of your own withholdings.

“I have known for a long time and not just because Carol [psychic] had her long-held opinion that you couldn’t support me because you wanted to be me.”
When I read this? I knew something had happened. You got caught David. This is insane. You look me in the eye and say this. And don’t flatter yourself. It is the replication of ideas through the memes of imitation that exclusively support you. Take a look around and you will see I mimic much less than others.

“I have looked at your site and it should be called Flywithme-me-me-productions because that’s all it is about – me, me, me. But then, who else is there in your universe?”
Your insensitivity has no limits. Let me ask you something. If it is MY website, who else’s would it be about other than me? Isn’t that the point of a website? And yet, if you truly ‘look’ you will see that my focus is trying to help others and share what I see. My life is just as valuable as yours David. Instead of embracing me you cut me down. It is like a preacher preaching to the congregaton yet, comes home and beats the hell out of his wife.

“Pam = love?? Please.”
How can you say something like this? Too incoherent to respond to.

“I am part of the problem and you are part of solution?? (picture of laughter)”
Too incoherent to respond to.

“You arrogant, full-of-your-bloody-self person.”
Too incoherent to respond to.

“You think your blog reflects you, but it doesn’t. It reflects your fake self-identity of you, that’s all.”
Prove it.

“How much easier my life and work would have been had I never met you and Royal Adams – the two most negative forces in my life by a zillion miles and the two who talked most about ‘love’. What a joke.”
This is so unhealthy to me for you to mix in stories like this, and then aggrandize to the point of deleting every happy memory between us, and then not acknowledging even a tiny bit of your share in causing the lost potentials for love along side of me, and then calling it a joke?

“You abuse me, as you have since the day we met.”
All relationships have arguments and people grow from them. I have always tried to learn from my mistakes. Look at some of your words here. They are unhelpful words. They heap abuse which does not help either one of us.

“And yet still use me because you think it benefits you.”
Too incoherent to respond to.

“what a disrespectful and ungrateful person you are.”

“I am so sorry I ever met you.”

“If you ever feel the need to say sorry you know where I am. I think it would be good for you so long as it’s genuine.”
Too incoherent to respond to.

“By the way ‘I call it the mind that took on a mind of its own’ (actually direct quote from Infinite Love Is the Only Truth (2004) and all talks around that time.) No, sorry, it’s what you call it.”
Too incoherent to respond to.
[This comment by David was about an interview I did. Sigh]

“It’s nothing about the ‘power to forgive’ and everything about using me and my name for your own ends.”
One day, maybe, if you can evolve, you will realize this is about your selfishness and not my usury.

“Go on Pam … be a star like you have always been desperate to be.”
Are you the only star David? We all are stars. We are all entitled to shine and why that bothers you is a commentary about you not me.

“I am not interested in talking about you in any way whatsoever for the rest of my life. It was a ten-year nightmare that I would rather forget, thanks.”
You could choose to hold onto some of the good memories, but this is an admission that you are too weak and dark to do so.

“You are so far up your own arse it is too dark for you to ever look in the mirror.”
Too incoherent to respond to.

“Why don’t you grow up, Pam, eh? Go on, try it.”
Too incoherent to respond to.

“You are a child in a woman’s body. In or out of it.”
Too incoherent to respond to.

“Pathetic was a term invented for you. But, unfortunately, still understated.”
Plain hurtful.

“So why are you allowing this ‘real’ David Icke to come 5,000 miles to earn you a lot of money?”

“Go on … seek to discredit and destroy a man who has done more than anyone on the planet in the last 20 years to alert the world to what is going on – what is now in their faces.”
I am unwilling to play the role of your dark nemisis. This is unhealthy.

“I have helped tens of millions and more because of my sacrifices and constant efforts, despite all the ridicule and abuse, and despite having to take your self-obsessed shit for a decade.”
These words are beyond reprehensible considering who the writer is and who the recipient is. It requires no further commentary as they are exact perfect mirrors to the unseen shadow of its originator. The pride is huge, the self-conceit is apparent, and the words themselves are descriptive of the accuser. The persona which consumes you has obliterated your true self — certainly by these words. That which you speak of is so far out of integrity by the very fruit of these words and actions.

“Go on, seek to destroy a man who has done all that because of your need to expend your bile and revenge, oh being of ‘love, light and truth’.”
This is a repeating ‘thought’ and ‘push’ for a battle that seems as if you are desiring me to destroy you?
I repeat, I am unwilling to play a villian for you, I am a responsible human being.
You have escalated our marital, business, and personal lives to a point where there is no common sense or fair mutual input for resolve.

“Go on … do the work of the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the other expressions of evil who would love to see my work end. Go on, being of ‘love, light and truth’, go for it.”


“How can you make an informed decision if you don’t know the essential background to whatever it is you are making decisions about?”
Yes. You choose to hold in your mind a “belief” of me vs. who I am.

“The key is to let information be the arbiter of what you say … and not pre-conceived idea.
The belief creates a closed-circuit that will only decode within that range of frequency.”
Yes. You see me as you believe me to be or “want me to be”, not who I am.

“All other information – awareness – is lost to you. Or, more accurately, you choose not to go where it is.”

“All knowledge and awareness is ‘within’ you, within the energy we call light, and what we choose to decode decides our state of awareness.”
Choosing to decode false beliefs about Pamela has become your total focus and awareness of who you ‘think’ she is. Causing severe damage to the relationship.

“Cognitive dissonance is a major prison for human perception and an extreme example of denial. It is the state of stress and emotional unease that people feel when their beliefs are at odds with their experience or information before them. To remove this unease, either their beliefs have to change or they have to somehow explain away the experience or information that contradicts them.”

“Unless people are honest and open enough to accept what is happening, how can they possibly do anything about it?”

“If we don’t face what is, the ‘what is’ doesn’t change and goes on getting ever more extreme.”

“‘It is what it is’ must go together with ‘so let’s deal with it if anything is to change for the better, either in our individual lives or collectively. Without acknowledging the first part, you never do the second.”

“One girls journey arrived at the cross roads of choice.
One of the greatest gifts she gave life, was making up her mind.”

Never be afraid to tell your story.
When all is said and done, she lived life on her own terms unafraid.
It is not what happens to us in life, it is what we choose to do with the experience.

“I have experienced death in many ways.
My brother, my mother, relationships, and on and on it comes and goes. Hello from beyond.
Know this please. Life is a personal journey.
There are no guilt trips left behind, so please do not carry them.
Easier said than done I know. So what did living teach?
What was the greatest gift living gave after living has gone? Enjoy.
Be’live’ who you ARE. Right now.
This is not about a love between two people, it is about a love for all of life.
This is merely a taste of how to live and how to fly.
Just Another View of it.”

I choose to see what good came of it all. Not dwell on what did not.

I used to say all the time “there is more, there is more, calling it my ‘quantum leap’, for I had no words to describe what I inately knew?” My once upon a time husband said to me; “if I hear you say ‘quantum leap’ one more time …”

Single * Taken by “Life” * .•´*¸•*¨*•.¸¸

Pamela’s job over the last five years has been trying to get an amicable divorce.
Another thing I wish to point out is how David continues to say: ” … and stop undermining those who are trying to do something about it.” This lady’s life has been undermined for years by David and Co. She had to ‘get out’ in order to ‘find out’. Thank you.

Samurai standing ground quote pamela

Pamela had to gain strength and put on her Samurai Suit.
As the Scotts say: “Nemo me impune lacessit”
Nobody interferes with me with impunity
and this is often defiantly expressed in broad Scots as …
“Wha daur meddle wi’ me?”

I am not here to change your mind, I only ask that you behave justly.

Arrow 5B
If this is where I share more of this story then I shall do so upon upon a gentle journey. David and I were fine even though parting. We spoke, it was good. Pamela was watching it all unfold along the way. For all. In the beginning of (website) he had a Headlines page. December of 2008 (10 months after I left our marital home) whilst chatting with him by phone, he says; “Go and look at the Headline Page”. Below is what he posted. A picture of our writings upon the sand in Australia. Like I say, a once upon a time love that slipped away and died. I rest in a very calm inner place.


In the beginning stages David used to say “why do we have to say I love you all the time’?” There was much confusion for me. Bridge of Love Publications was not matching the people behind it. I was told to stop hugging so much when I first arrived. It is all okay either way for Pamela has flown away trying.

The lady was going to write about it in book form, then it was to be a film. Too long twas’ taking. She released the Clearing by speaking on Radio via a 5 Part Series. I wish to share an excerpt of what she had begun writing as she cleans the slate in good deed:

“What was happening between David Icke and Pamela Leigh Richards is not just about two people, once husband and wife. It is about you too. It is about making a difference and not being afraid to do so by taking the next best step. By crossing the line of divide and realizing there is no line but the line in your mind. It is time to equal-eyes. It is time to love beyond thought and walk in Heart at a Pace for Peace. If you learn anything from this, learn mental temperament, not to give in and keep going with balance, you are not alone, and get to know thy’self’. This book is not a criticism, it is merely an experience shared, and will lay it down as it was, as it is, and as it will be. My wish is that it teaches everyone something good. Time to push off the rivers edge and venture into the beautiful waters flowing in the vastness of forever.”
~ Melting the past and moving on, pamela leigh richards

Thank You to everyone who took the walk with moi. The whole point of this was to bring in a balance of calming fairness to a very unbalanced equation in the playground we all share. It must be safe for all. We did it. Together. And tis’ now time to sail, throwing away the unnecessary. To release and let go. The story remains for all to see on their individual journeys, with a desire to help lift them when they might have fallen too. If I can get back UP? So can you. Oh, I forgot to say that this was also very much about Pamela dissolving boundaries of fear and insecurities. Thinking she wasn’t good enough has held her back on many things. Not this time. She simply took life head on and did what she felt to be right.

Arrow 5C Release


This really could have been a softback/hardback book. Pammy just did not have the strength to do it. Her world is becoming very clear now, strength has been gained and continues to grow. Safe & calm waters are here with moi. This lass endured something that still surprises her. The most important thing was she had to ‘get out’ in order to ‘find out’ ~ this has many ‘Zen’ meanings which, she shall go into in her books. The “Pamela Conspiracy” is a separate digital book on this page. So, so much more, however, it has been unleashed and released. His story and hers sort of merged for awhile. Tis’ time to move on with hers. How she sees life and creation based upon her own experiences. She came across her diaries this morning while writing her other book and felt to add to this page, as it is here where it belongs. On her way she is now …. flying. Thank you all so very much for sharing the walk.

Pamela’s home environment felt as if she was being hit by thought forms, fear was in a rage all around, and she had to get out NOW. So much so that she left on 1 June staying in a London hotel until catching her flight on 6 June. When she walked out of her home, it was like a prisoner walking into a breath of fresh air for the first time.

Below is a snippet of the amazing journey from “Home to London to Egypt”, and what she wrote in reply to a helpful friend.

“Thank you for reminding me … that it is ok to be ‘me’. I am expanding exponentially and so much happening. I have been bruised and battered beyond belief and my energy field shattered to pieces and am still picking up the pieces. This journey though has been so beautiful however, underlying it, an enormous amount of pain, but not as much as it would have been without my deeper understanding. I am perfectly fine. Something is carrying me through this right now. It is ok. I am rising above all of it quickly. I will not have it anymore.

I am now in London (another synchronistic journey in my life) and will leave on Wed for the Red Sea in Egypt. I will share with you the story of what happened on the day I departed.[meaning my home on the Isle of Wight]

I saw this black man walking out of Vernon House from my living room window with his grey rollaway duffle bag. It caught my attention and thought? He was going somewhere. Then went back to what I was doing. Now get this? As I got to the top of the pier to catch the Kat to the mainland … I bought my ticket, walked out and my eyes were drawn to this black man sitting, waiting for the boat. I then looked down and it was this grey duffle bag I just saw earlier out my window! Something was drawing me to him. So, I walked over and said, “Do you live in Vernon House?” He said ‘yes’. I sat down with him and I can’t tell you the energy flowing around me. It was incredible. He is from Gambia. I started talking and did not stop until we parted on the mainland.

He was mesmerized the whole way. I could see it in his eyes and I don’t know where all this information was coming from really. It just started pouring out of me. He helped me with my luggage for I had two big cases and two shoulder bags with my camera equipment. We got on the boat and sat together. I continued to talk non-stop. He listened very intently. He helped me off the boat, we reached the train area, and I had to leave him now for I had a car waiting to take me to this hotel that I am now at in London. I hugged him and could see in his eyes how blown away he was by what he just heard. During the time I was talking, many times, he would ‘get it’ and say the same thing as I was just about to say, which, amazed me too. Our words linked up. It was so beautiful and very powerful.

Now, here I leave him and am walking down the ramp struggling with my two rollaway bags and my shoulder bags. A couple were smiling coming up from behind and said to me: “That will make you stronger”. We all laughed because it was funny, but for me, what was more funny were the little messages that life was giving me like “it will make you stronger”. It hit me and definately what is happening right now? Is making this lass so much stronger. It was such a beautiful journey with a deep connection to people all around. It was just lovely. I was smiling and happy and so full of love.

Arriving on the mainland I got to the car park, and the driver (Ian) came to help me, and away we went. Now, I normally would go to sleep on this two hour journey to London, but again, something happened within me and it just started flowing out. I did not stop talking with Ian the whole way. It was so profound that I noticed during the drive, as I was speaking at one point, it got very powerful in what I was saying about caring for one another and letting others know they are not alone etc… Ian was moved to tears… he wiped his eyes, for I know I was connecting to things that were hitting home for him too.

It was so incredibly beautiful. There is something happening and I can feel this energy connection that is like a download of information which is allowing me to speak very coherently and make perfect sense at these opportune times? I was so moved that something I could ‘say’ to another, touched them so much that it would make them cry? He actually said, that I was denying people what I had to say? It blew me away. He was telling me that I needed to go out and talk to people. To share with them just what I shared with him, and it would be a shame to deny the people of this information. Messages are coming at great speed if that makes sense? I am being downloaded with a lot and rapidly, that I have to have time to process it. Maybe that is why I am going to be alone for two weeks? I need it.

The travel agent told me, when I left on Friday, that “Ruth” the lady who is in charge of the dolphin trips out in the ocean? Told her to tell me, there were two families with children at the same place I will be at and they went out on Thursday (the day before I left my house on Friday the 1st of June which was also a Full Moon!) and they all got to swim in the wild with 300 dolphins! It was a rarity! I just said to myself in my mind: “Please dolphins, be there for me to swim with you freely! This is all happening for a reason. I know it.

I feel David was holding me in a box, filtering through his beliefs about me, and it was clipping my wings. No matter how much I was growing or what I would say he would only hear what he wanted, which, was like talking to a wall with no rational means of communicating towards the end of these days. I was trying to spread my wings and I kept being pulled back to the nest when I wanted to jump out there and fly. I have learned so much, and only wish him well, however, I must now go ….. I am stepping out of the nest, spreading my wings and I am going to fly!”

As I flew over the Mediterranean from England and entered the lands of Egypt, As clear as day a telepathic message came to me with no words, just a form of pure energy transferring the message and its translation was this: “I needed to get grounded. I needed to ground myself. Plant my feet back on the earth” Next, what ran through me after hearing this initial message on the plane, were overlapping telepathic thoughts, explaining that the reason I had to ground was because …
“You have things to fullfill within yourself.
This is a very personal journey.
You have to realize your gifts, gain confidence, stand strong.
You have a Heart to give which would help lift humanity in this physicality.”

The seeking we each strive for will never be found in the external.
For what is eternal, what has always been ‘in’ternal, can never be lost, only found.
A personal journey? Yes, indeed it is.

For it is good.
We are all here to do ~ what we are all here to do.
Playing our roles and living lives. Peace.

Pictures of Imperial Hotel in London.

Imperial Hotel Goddesses Either Side

Goddesses Up Close

The Goddesses

Goddess Foyer Other Side
The Goddess that greeted her as she entered on the left.

Goddess Foyer 1

The Goddess that greeted her as she entered on the right.

Imperial Hotel Room 9th floor
She originally was given another room.
She kindly asked for something higher with a view?
This is on the ninth floor and fit her like a glove. Perfect.
Never be afraid to ask. You never know how good something can turn out to be.

Imperial Hotel Window ledge
Well, pammy saw the ledge and said:
“Hey, I can crawl out there and film”, which she did 🙂

Imperial hotel ledge pamela satJPG

The beginning began. She can now breath freely in peace.
View from the ledge into the place in between the space.

Climbing ladder
The entire exposure has been nothing but pure bliss from within expanding,
unafraid of transparency.
When you have nothing to hide, never be afraid to tell it like it is.
In doing so erasure of the issue becomes much easier and so freeing!
Through the fires she climbed!
Stay Happy on High.

Arrow Down

Thank you for listening to one girls truth. Peace.

Channel Five Documentary, aired 26, December 2006

All quotes: copyright Pamela Leigh Richards unless otherwise stated.
All content of this digital story Book and its writings copyright Pamela Leigh Richards 1960-infinity
Images: Top – Pamela on surface of Red Sea, Egypt, snorkelling with Dolphin going by.
Image: Lotus Flower Screen shot from JC Tefft
My Life With David Icke

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