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There are many paths on the road to real-eyesation.
Live in kindness.
Meet you all in the middle of forever!

“I am not here to answer your questions, I am here to help you stop asking them.”
pamela leigh richards

Let go of confusions. Stop ‘trying’ to make up your mind, and just make it.
This state of ‘being’ envelopes all with a loving energy that has no thought.
It is the formless ‘knowing’. It is living bliss.
Be protective of your environment. You can do it and our world needs it.
Collectively we become the ‘new idea’ that is the love that conquers all.

A meme is an idea that behaves like a virus–that moves through a population,
taking hold in each person it infects.
Memes can replicate vertically or horizontally within a single biological generation.

Malcolm Gladwell

“Sit down before facts like a child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion,
follow humbly wherever and to whatever abysses Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.”

T.H. Huxley

“Slow down, Listen to your heartbeat. Now we can feel. Now we can hear.”
pamela leigh richards

“Sometimes you just gotta follow your heart and not wait for knowledge.”
~ pamela leigh richards

Turn off your televisions. They are only there as a meme to “Tell-a-Vision”.
To indoctrinate your mind into believing a version of reality that does not have to be yours.
Yet, yours it is, as long as you keep paying attention to it. The problem has always been choice 😉
Technology is not progress but regress. Go ‘within’ yourself. Get to truly ‘know thyself’.
The greatest and wisest teachers one could ever have is in nature.
Humanity has lost touch with it and themselves.

Clinging to knowledge. Attached to it so ferrociously.
Are you willing to drop all the knowledge you worked so hard & took all that time to learn,
be willing to let it all go, if the “truth” that resides “within you” appeared?
Are you willing to let go of the script you’ve been reading from someone elses dream and co-create your own?
Like the Architect said in the Matrix movie: “We’ve done this 6 times, we’ve gotten pretty good at it.”
Cycles, cycles, cycles of time. It is time to stop spinning, someone else’s tale.
It is in ones Silence that the Universe surrenders and listens.
Chase away the darkness with everything ‘you are‘. Pure Electrifyingly Potent Love.
Don’t think twice before you listen to your heart, no matter what.

I feel part of chaos is accumulated energy of “information overload”.
It is time to relax, let go and fly with the flow.
In Chi, In Understanding, In Love, In Forgiveness, In Gratitude, In Respect, In Honour.

I am a growing and evolving Soul, just as you are.
We’re just at different stages of our development and we will all get to where we each desire to be.
May we all have patience with ourselves and be sure to make time to enjoy the journey.
Always be aware of your thoughts, and pay attention to their Quality;
Because what you think about …
Is directly related to what you will see around you, and what Life will show you.
It is the difference between conscious, and subconscious Creation.
Keep putting those positive thoughts out.
Persevere, as we all may have a bit of negative work to undo first, but keep catching yourself.
And focusing on the positive in everything and everyone with gratitude and love.

Then prepare yourself for an “almost magical” transformation of your circumstances.

Logic brings you from A to B , Imagination brings you anywhere.
Albert Einstein

Photo Courtesy Of: The lovely Elena Kalis
Over to Build What You See

“La Belle Verte” – The Green Beautiful

Posted in: Movie Gallery by Pamela on August 06, 2010

“La Belle Verte”, a rare Awakening movie that was prohibited within all the EU (European Union).
It brings a huge wake up call to people of the World.
Click Here to Watch the Whole Movie

In order to live

Posted in: Movie Gallery by Pamela on July 06, 2009

It is not necessary to kill in order TO LIVE.

Underwater footage of a humpback whale fifteen miles off Bermuda – by Andrew Stevenson, “I had spent 300 hours over ten weeks trying to film the migrating humpbacks underwater. It was the end of April and I didn’t have a minute of footage. And then I was in the water filming dolphins when this whale found me. The encounter was almost two hours long often within inches of the whale. It was also the first chance I had had to use my underwater housing and video camera. I had an overwhelming feeling that I was looking into the eyes of a very intelligent creature. It took me a week to sleep after the experience and a month to talk about the experience without becoming emotional. It is tragic that the Japanese whaling fleet is setting off this year to [let us change this to NOT] kill [0] 50 endangered humpback whales, [0] 50 fin whales and [0] 935 minke whales in Antarctica in a whale sanctuary.”

I completely understand this amazing feeling. Thank You for sharing Andrew.

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Posted in: Movie Gallery by Pamela on May 20, 2009

When we connect through a simple hug
We are pulling ourselves together
Remembering who and what we are
No more seperation keeping us apart.

Jamie Walton ~ Journey of a soul

Posted in: Movie Gallery by Pamela on May 09, 2009

An extraordinary man who has led an extraordinary life.
With an extraordinary talent. Thank you for the music, brilliant.
I love you Jamie, and so do the dolphins!

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