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Four Corners Chanting for Peace Centering.

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 28, 2012

“Halocenigen = Boundary busters” (I just made this word up along with its definition)
“There is more to life than what we are doing here.
I have danced with every touch of a ballerinas toe to floor and air.
I have touched leaves on trees with makaws and monkeys.
I have flown wide open sky’s with birds reflecting in these eyes.
I have soared across oceans galore flying in the dolphins breeze.
There is more than this beauty, there is more in thee to dream.”

“In order to see, one must let go of what one saw before.”

“This picture is of a wee birdie I rescued after hitting my glass window.
It was very cold outside and cradled her in my hands for a long while.
Then placed her on my stone floor by the open glass door when I felt she was ready.
Put pillows around to keep her safe and warm.
Allowing her to hear the singing birds outside, a familiar recognition.
It took a slight moment before she flew, and oh what a happy memory this will be.”

“Never give up on flight with patience as your co-pilot.”
“I-Magi-Na-tion – Life is merely creation.”
“There is a song being sung that can’t be heard, yet known.”

It is not nice to fool Mother Nature.

“Did I need to know anything in the language of man, in order to get where I’m going?
May where I am going rain upon this Earth with intent for peace in coherency.”

Life is revealing more and more of its magic. I’m excited.
No matter what any of us is doing … YOU are perfect.
“Each step left behind is forgiven, each step in the NOW is knowing,
and each step forward is a miracle, make it happen.”

Our common bond is love.
“Find your’self’ in today without doubt,
leaving the past behind as living unites.
Like droplets in a vast ocean of energy forming.
Unique you are as one heart, one kind.”

“When one changes their perception to see from another point of view?
Ones frame of reference appears completely different and anew.
We’ve not just been framed in a box to be contained.
Basically changing ones heart & mind to choose?
With intent, it is the trinity full force lest one be confused.
I believe it is the song of the spheres giving you a clue”

“Patience has been her virtue
to share what she sees that feels.
So beyond this collective reality.
Feeling like she was dropped off.
Into a world so foreign all her life?
She is not alone for sure.
All will be equalstood in its right time.
As crazy as it seems balance is forthcoming.
Hang on for the ride.
Push from the edge, hand to hand, heart to heart.
Knowing you are never alone.
As we cause changes to appear eye to eye.”

Tessla a genius!
“Ideas are like rabbits. You get two of them and they turn into a dozen.
Free your mind knowing everything, while ‘thinking’ nothing.
What IS ~ exists beyond the wobbling mind struggling to make it UP.”

“Some want to die and something keeps them here? Some want to live and they die?
Making up your mind seems to be a mysteriously joint decision *giggling*.
I’m still living to expand upon it.”

Exactly. What I have been patiently waiting to share through experience. It works both ways.
Teacher Student. Student Teacher.
This lady gets it! I got it after my Fall. Completely went into Observation mode or what I call Zen.
Seeing the world very differently. Not with mind, but was living through my heart.
Amazing feeling. Amazing energy that drops the mental baggage and you become it, you live it.
“Tears are merely creation (god) showing the heart of compassion.”
I was told I cry too much by a so-called teacher in the truth movement?
He shouted standing over me; “I wish I could cry!”, as I knelt with tears falling to the floor.
The teacher has not cried enough as he tries to teach. May he hear the mirror.
I say, the world has not cried enough as we all embrace letting go.
Isn’t it nice to know we are so not alone …

“Humanity is so busy looking they get lost in seeking.”

“Every noble woman dies. Not every noble woman lives.
She bows on bended knees with grace recognizing every moment equalstood.
Until my last breath may this lady’s voice sing Peace to remember life by.
If not understood now?
Then may anothers journey …
meet Peace in the middle of forever with her somehow.”

“Stop seeking and you shall find your’self'”

“Lifes message is not deep. It is very clear.
Leave falsity as it dissolves without thinking.
It is your very thought that keeps illusion alive.
Think about it. Or Knowt!”

“I am not a he nor a she. I am simply LOVE just being.
Judgement gets one caught in thinking to decide to look left or right.
What follows is placing a bet upon ones own heart.
Make of it what one will. However …
No book nor proverb will ever overcome the truth of calm,
That rests inside.
Noone can seek or reach that which does not need seeking.
Like chasing a ball in the water.
When the external becomes chaotic, tis time to slow down and do not follow.”

“Instead of chasing life, let life come to you.
I feel ‘it’ (energy field) knows more than we do.
Or rather it is an equal-eye-sing dance in the game of life.
Enjoy always with resonance of Kind Peace and Coherency for the good of the whole.”

“Ones talent does not strum a string, although it can.
It sings as one speaks from a mouth & Heart, unafraid of experience.”

“I believe the last place one should be on 21 Dec 2012
Is anywhere that has been a tourist attraction.
Be somewhere more remote and unheard of.”

Images with gratitude and appreciation noted, otherwise unknown.Thank You.
Water Stream: Photo was doubled by Pamela. Original:
Moon resting in plant:
Pamela in Sedona Sunset: Image taken by friend Bill Mortimer
Tesla Dolphin: Image with gratitude from Misa Jelic
Dog Sunset: Michael Bendtsen
Pamela in Sedona Sunset 2: Image taken by friend Bill Mortimer
Quotes and scribings: copyright 2012 Pamela Leigh Richards * unless otherwise noted.

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The Vortex Well

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 15, 2012

“God is a sphere who’s whole circumference is nowhere, but who’s center is everywhere.”
~ Hermetic saying

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.”
Marcel Proust

“Where you Look, there you are, your reality awaits you.”
pamela leigh richards

“When you forget everything, you come into being.”

“Nothing can ever get in the way of the path,
when you know which one you are on.”

“Can the peace movement talk in loving speech showing the way of peace?
I think that will depend on whether the people who work for peace, ‘can be peace’.
Because without ‘being peace’, we cannot do anything for peace.”
~ Bill Donahue

A telepathic message came to me very clearly out of the blue
As I was envisioning a world of peace
It was only just some time ago
The message said “Build What You See”.
The next day or two my consciousness was tapped again, as I was sitting at my computer.
Asking me to look outside. I turned my head looking out the sliding glass door.
As soon as my eyes landed on the leaf of the tree.
The voice said “God is in everything”.

“My Heart is a sacred place. It’s vernacular is eternal and can never be desecrated.”
“Il mio cuore è un luogo sacro. Il vernacolo è eterno e non può mai essere profanata.”
“Inima mea este un loc sacru. Este dialect local este eterna si nu poate fi niciodata desecrated.”
“Mon cœur est un lieu sacré. La langue vernaculaire est éternelle et ne peut jamais être profané.”
“Mein Herz ist ein heiliger Ort. Es ist Umgangssprache ist ewig und kann nie geschändet werden.”

“Life is beyond the many gods that you ‘think’. God does not think, it knows. Wear your god well.”

“The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive. The great opportunity is where you are.”
~ John Burroughs

“I cannot exaggerate the effect of this marvelous night on my childish imagination. Day after day I have asked myself; ‘what is electricity?’ and found no answer. Eighty years have gone by since that time and I still ask the same question, unable to answer it. Some pseudo-scientist, of whom there are only too many, may tell you that he can, but do not believe him. If any of them know what it is, I would also know, and my chances are better than any of them, for my laboratory work and practical experience are more extensive, and my life covers three generations of scientific research.” Master of Lightning: A story of Youth Told by Age

In other words our rage and our very proper rage against evil things which occur in this world must not overstep itself, for if we require as a justification for our rage, a fundamental and metaphysical division between good and evil, we have an insane and in a certain sense a schizophrenic universe of which no sense whatsoever can be made. ~ Carl Jung

“The journey is already dancing for those willing to see/sea .
I’m a dreamer. If you can, catch me. Above and beyond this reality.”


“The pen is mightier than the sword, so it is said.
However, the formless, is mightier than the pen of form.”

“Nothing happens here without it beginning out there.”

Thank you Life. I am grateful for Peace in coherency.

Pamela priceless in England wondering what the bubble is for?
What would happen if I popped it? What would be left?
Me endlessly thinking. Stop it!

Eye Images: With kind permission Suren Manvelyan
All Photos: Source unknown with all due respect unless otherwise noted.
All Quotes: copyright pamela leigh richards unless otherwise noted.
Image: Crop Circle Birds in Flight Freddy Silva
Bill Donahue HIS STORY
Bill Donahue YouTube
Bill Donahue Hidden Meanings
Nassim Haramein The Resonance Project
Pamela’s Dream – The A and the Circle

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I Love Lightning The First Take

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 03, 2012

The secret of Aikido is to harmonize ourselves with the movement of the universe
and bring ourselves into accord with the universe itself.
He who has gained the secret of Aikido has the universe in himself
and can say, ‘I am the universe.’

The quality or condition of being sincere;
genuineness, honesty, and freedom from duplicity.
No waxing nor waning here, I am complete.

What happens is LIFE begins to pour out as our reflecting reality playing on the ground.
And there is much more to equalstand about that!

This is just a snippet of pammys brain reflecting. *can’t stop laughing!*


“Sincerity spontaneously happens like a river flowing and does not require modesty to do so.”
pamela leigh richards

“The merit of originality is not novelty; it is sincerity.”
~ Thomas Carlyle

Rose and Water.
“A thousand pages could be written and never touch the beauty.”


The word Sincere in its etymology so far as I know from Latin:
Sine = ‘without’
Cera = ‘wax’

Simply put as best I can decribe it ~
“If you hear my words and see my actions,
they will not be a pot full of wax covering any cracks.
It will be a peace of pottery with nothing to hide having no leaks.”


“As waters of wisdom are shown to us we can be led to see,
only by deciding are we led to drink.”

“Don’t teach me. Inspire me.”

“I believe heros are the Waters that nourish, the Winds singing by, the Trees that shade, the Birds that remind us we can fly, the Breathing Nature of ALL Life, and the ever changing Hearts and Minds. One at a time … may Peace BE.”

“Better angles (angels) of Light.
We are creating new realities and never worry about leaving the past behind,
if it does not fit through the windows of thine eyes.
Simply with love, wish it adieu with kind goodbyes.”

All Photos: Source unknown with all due respect unless otherwise noted.
All Quotes: copyright pamela leigh richards unless otherwise noted.
Top images left and right of video: copyright pamela leigh richards

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