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September Reigns

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 14, 2022


“There’s something

about human beings,

that makes this species,

want to tell their secret. 

A whisper yearning

to be bold,

so wild a story,

that must be told.”



Time for talk and half measures

are over.


There comes a point in life,

where you just have to

make up your mind.


54:18 Kinda Sums it UP

Above is a link. Click it.


“Life is Worth Losing”

November 5, 2005

Beacon Theater, New York City, N.Y.


3:53 minutes of … Subverting Society

Above is a link. Click it.

When the Nazis wanted to

take over medicine and education,

they removed as many

competent people as they could.

They also removed people of conscience.

If you weren’t a Nazi,

you could not play a role in government

and government controlled institutions.

This cleared the way for the Nazis

to subvert every aspect of society.

The CV Con has been used the same way
with the same result:

They succeeded in removing as many
capable doctors, nurses and

teachers of conscience as possible –

leaving the hacks and sludge

who will go along with anything.

Link above is an example

of what it looks like in teaching

and the price young people are paying.


The above video,

in one minute 20 seconds,

will show you Everything

you need to know

about why the news media –

and that includes:


Facebook and Twitter –

betrayed humanity

and aided criminals,

by pushing

dangerous medical “products”.

And got PAID to do so.


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