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The ‘Sol’ution Is So Simple

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on February 13, 2024


Step Forward Undauntingly.

What I do and say will have a balance, a purpose, a meaning.

If you can’t tell your story then what good is living for? 

Say what was never said.


When everything speeds up? Slow down.

The way the world is going I am in no hurry to follow.

I’m just being sensible amongst chaos.


“Truth can never harm,

it can only further INlightenment

and end suffering.”

~ plr


The Worst Cover-Up in Human History

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Viewed over 4 Billion Times. 

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“Did you hear what I just said?” ~ Dr. David Martin

Dr. “David Martin’ at The International Covid Summit 5 on February 23, 2024 while the second talk was given at The International Covid Summit 3 on May 3, 2023. Martin’s 2023 talk has reportedly been viewed over FOUR BILLION TIMES by people all over the world.


The Future of Humanity and where it goes ..

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New Discoveries at the Egyptian Pyramids

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“So, philosophy, this love of wisdom,

is gained when we can start to see multiple perspectives and viewpoints.

And it’s only through this gaining of multiple perspectives and viewpoints

that we can finally transcend beyond duality.

The transcendence of duality

requires us to make a decision consciously and unconsciously.

And that is, it’s the moment we decide to express love

more than we decide to search for one objective truth.”

~ Robert Edward Grant


Awakening Our Biology of LIGHT

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“If we really have the patience to look down into the water structure of life we find the same sacred geometry that’s depicted in .. it doesn’t matter which people group you go back in, at the macro-level we were depicting in our spiritual art, in our architecture, designs that we are now finding in the water structures of human cells now that we have the technology to look deep inside ourselves. To find out we are probably the original temple. We are that original design of that most complex expression of light .. disease is simply a reduction in that LIGHT energy.. of a reducing LIGHT potential.. Disease doesn’t happen to a healthy human body… and furthermore that entire seven years in Academia gave me absolutely no tools in the toolbox to get people back to their original design.

So, if I don’t have anything in my toolbox to get you back to your original design, then I am not a healer. I am a technician for a pharmaceutical, chemical, industrial complex .. because that is all I could do was to hand out more drugs, none of them naturally occuring compounds .. but the excitement that I have now, fast forward thirteen years after leaving Academia .. oh my gosh, every single person that walks into my clinic or my life, has inside of them, the original design .. how do we get people back into that right relationship with that LIGHT energy ..   There is no way that a human, myself, or otherwise, is going to find a new chemical that is going to change the potential or capacity of that ‘temple’ … as a Doctor I can no longer prescribe drugs because I am convinced the only thing I can really do with a drug now is harm.”

~ Zack Bush


“The larger the vessel

you can provide humanity

to express itself without judgement –

the more radical our transformation is going to be,

and the more accelerated that transformation will emerge.”

~ Zack Bush


Eye On The Sky

Above is a link. Click it.

BRILLIANT Interview!
With Del Bigtree of ‘The Highwire’, and Jim Lee,


Del sits down with the founder of, Jim Lee, to discuss the latest in weather modification and geoengineering. Jim has collected over a decades worth of weather modification history and has archived it so that the public has access. In this segment, Del challenges Jim, and gets to the bottom of what’s really going on in the skies above.


“Semantics is what is destroying the ability to have an honest conversation
about what’s going on or do anything about it.”
~ Jim Lee



Audio: “Twilight” by Tony Dodd


“Relationships are like music, it will never stop.

The point is, to be heard in the orchestra,

even though you are playing different instruments.”

~ plr


“I was never that.”

~ plr


I guarantee you, it is nice to know we are not alone.

Friends in high places beyond this realm.

Surely it must be so.



Sail Away With Me

Feel Alive Somehow

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