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Wild Dolphins in Egypt. Beyond Telepathy.

Posted in: A - Book - OceanHeart by Pamela on January 18, 2010

Below is the story of one of the most amazing experiences I have ever had.
Capturing these experiences on camera and filming for the first time underwater
was not simply for me alone, it was to share. And it gives me great pleasure to do so.

An excerpt from my journals.

“Life is not to be kept but shared.”

Monday, July 9, 2007

It is asked of everyone who swims in the water with the dolphins not to touch them due to a film on their body. If it is rubbed off it could cause skin problems, so I was told? I honoured and respected this always, for I did not know?

Three days before this adventure was about to unfold, I wrote in my journals with deep emotion in my heart saying; “I wish to touch them, the dolphins, and put my arms around them and love them.” This is very relevant to the story and sets the foundation for what I am about to share and what occurred. What happened was something beyond my wildest imagination and will never forget. Something I shall carry with me into the compassion of eternity. Even though I received my diving license, I chose to snorkel the whole six months I was there for it allowed movement to free dive. They both provide different experiences in the water and I love them the same.

Marsa Shagra. An Eco-village.

This was interesting?  Below is a scene from the movie Star Wars. When I arrived at this eco-village the first thing I said was “This looks like a movie set from Star Wars?”. On one side there was this incredible Egyptian desert and on the other, the Red Sea. From what I understand the movie was filmed in Tanzania south of here. I was ever so humbled and grateful to life for everything that brought me here as my heart was coping with so many things.

Okay, back to the story. I left Marsa Shagra, the Eco Village where I was living on the Red Sea and headed to Wadi Lahami, the third of three villages owned by the same family about 120 km South. It is a one and a half hour drive, which meant leaving Shagra at 4:30 in the morning to meet up with a group of divers at Lahami for breakfast by 6:00am. By 6:30am we boarded the Zodiacs (rubber Boats) and were on the move.

Our destination involved traveling on the live aboard boat named “Eagle Ray”, which was our home for two days and one night, at the most beautiful Satayah, a 3km crescent moon shaped reef forty five minutes out into the Red Sea, home to hundreds of beautiful free and wild dolphins.

I shall skip to the following morning where the story begins after an evening on the Boat.

The divers were up at 5:00am and left at 6:00am for the first dive of the day. I always waited for them to leave so I could be alone with the dolphins. I had one of two rooms on the top deck (my favourite) and Suni and Ruth (from Holland) had the other.This was my bed many a’night on board the Eagle Ray.

Sune and Ruth had heard of the experiences I was having with the dolphins and decided to skip the dive and come with me this particular morning. I rolled out of bed and walked onto the deck to video the sunrise as I saw the divers speeding away on the zodiac. I went back to my cabin to wash my face and was brushing my teeth when I heard Suni say “Pamela dolphins!”. I stepped out and sure enough a pod was coming in from the ‘deep’ into the shallower reef right in front of our boat. This was their usual pattern of navigation and path that they normally took.

We grabbed our gear … snorkels, fins and masks, hopped in the zodiac and went to find them as they move quite quickly across the water after an evening of ‘dining in the deep’ as I call it. They eat through the night and play, rest and mate during the day.

By the time we got in the zodiac they were well gone and could be anywhere in this vast area. This particular morning the sea was like glass, like shimmering satin. Being that it was early morning under these conditions and we were heading East directly into the rising sun, the driver could not ‘see’ where the reefs were very well. And just as our concerns were being addressed about this, bam! We hit a reef! They are like towers of coral coming from the bottom and sit just beneath the surface. I know how delicate they are and my heart sank. It takes coral one year to grow one quarter of an inch. So you can imagine how old these precious and ecologically valuable reefs are. We pushed the boat off trying not to damage the reef as much as possible then carried on in search of the dolphins.

Within moments, there they were. The zodiac was gliding towards the pod slowly as these beauties of nature caressed the bow of our boat, riding the waves like a tender leaf falling from a tree with the wind singing a pretty tune before gently cradling it on the ground. The dolphins dance on the stage of the sea, and I the audience watch, from the air they breathe. Only this time, there was no ground, just the endless possibility of the sea and sky above. They enjoyed us greatly among many other things unseen in this moment of no-time and I was sharing that with them. Something that cannot be described for there are no words.

Shazley slowed down and turned the motor off. With great care and compassion we slid in the water to join them for a brief encounter of play where I fell in love over and over again. To become part of their world, our world, intertwining beyond any love you could ever imagine. It is hard to describe but I could feel the pulsing of my heart moving through the waves and beyond the physical form of this wee girls body. I could not get close enough to this unseen energy enveloping my surroundings which was connected to the dolphins, the water and everything in existence. How can you describe eternity in a grain of sand? It’s a ‘feel’ thing.

Then. Well, it’s what they do. They moved away faster than we could keep up so we boarded ourselves back in the boat. Ruth needed sunscreen if we were to be out so long under the hot sun so, we headed back to the Eagle Ray.

While back at the boat I asked to switch drivers to my friend Shazley who knew the area better. All my crew friends, were taking moments to pause with hesitation, saying, it was blinding to go out this early. Yet, something made it happen and without question we were off into the blinding sun with Shazley.

And guess what? We hit a reef again! I mean, two in one morning? This gives you an idea just how blinding it was as the sun glistened on the water hiding the patches of reef just underneath even with a trained eye who knows the area. We all sighed and jokingly thought “Was this a sign?”. Should we go back until the sun comes up higher? I said “The sun is coming out further now. Everything will be fine.” We all agreed and gently pushed off making our way with caution and concern for the reefs. I was at the bow looking ahead to help Shazley. It was an experience filled with something I cannot put my finger on as the magick unfolded.

Within moments of hoisting off the last reef we spotted the dolphins! There must have been about seventy five dolphins maybe more? They were in a very playful mood dancing with the currents of the bow of the boat as we slowed to a comfortable place to stop. Shazley turned the motor off.

The three of us slid in the water and for the next two hours interacted with these magnificently powerful and intelligent beings. Quiety, respectfully, calmy and peacefully we entered their world. It was incredible. Each of us had our own special time with them. I shall never forget watching Sune take a dive down under the water while the dolphins followed and spun with him in play. Sune and water are like ‘one’. He is about 6’4” with a very sleek body so, to watch him dive and spin with the dolphins was like watching a beautiful ballet. I was in awe.

What happened next was the first of four amazing experiences.
As I was playing with these seven dolphins in my own little world something just sort of happened? All of a sudden we entered a formation together. I had three on my left and four on my right. They were so close it was like a hug without touching. I was basically in the middle as we began cruising. I felt very cradled, very loved and released everything that I thought was ‘me’ as we swam eye to eye. I was experiencing their speed, grace and the serenity of a part of their world I humbly was grateful for and lost all track of time. It was like entering a void. Nothing mattered. I could have been heading out into the deep blue sea and I would not have cared. We were moving at such a speed I can actually say we were flying.

I was becoming ‘one’ with everything around me. It was all dissolving. There was no separation between life around me and my body’s resistance to the water had no meaning. I was consciously allowing myself to let go of all ‘thought’ and just fly with these amazing mammals. I can’t describe it enough. Words defy me.

I then became conscious and aware of a very powerful surge of energy entering the top of my head, shooting down my whole body and blasting out through my feet. It was like every gentle yet, powerful kick of each fin, carried with it an enormous burst which, propelled me through no-time and no-space, cruising with these seven dolphins.

It was as if I was their beloved toy and they were sharing something with me. They were showing me a world that exists beyond physicality. I felt extremely honoured and emotionally moved as it was happening faster than rapid. I felt like a butterfly coming out of its cocoon. These thoughts and feelings I am sharing with you here on paper are a rather crude attempt to give a visual of what happened with words. Not easy, when what happened had no words.

I was looking in the eye of the dolphin on my right most of the time and began what can only be described as a communication beyond telepathy. I had never experienced this before? The telepathy I had always heard about and have also experienced uses a form of language (words) from mind to mind. This communication with the dolphins had no form of matter. It was simply a transference of energy and what I can only describe as a “knowing”. With no letters, no words, no sentences. And what was being communicated I cannot tell you. It was just so pure. Fear did not live here. It was full of love, trust and bliss.

I was completely unaware of what was being witnessed by the others on the surface when all of a sudden this bliss was cut short by the sound of Sune shouting to me. I slowly drifted from the world I was in and lifted my head to see Sune and Ruth in the zodiac coming towards me shouting “Pamela, you were moving so fast we could not keep up!”. What I also was unaware of was that the whole pod had moved with these seven dolphins and myself leaving Sune and Ruth so they had to get in the boat to catch up!

What had just happened felt so natural to me. Flying in the water. Beyond all forms of matter called sky, earth, land or sea and everything in between. A place that exists, yes, a place where we truly are one and free.

This is a photo taken by Sune that morning in the water.

So, Sune and Ruth slid in the water where we had another short time with them before they gracefully swam away. It was an amazing two hours.

We were now heading towards the main boat thinking that was enough and so very happy for the experience. I was still not totally in this world yet, after this. And on some level things were going on within myself on a sort of re-calculating the whole mis-guided, taught to us, “life” thing. The journey back took us towards the shallower parts of the reef and happened upon another small pod with two babies. We moved along slowly and I could not help but feel the enormous energetic presence of peace in the ‘now’ of this moment.

The sound of a zodiac coming interrupted our calm. It was from the main boat and pulled up alongside of us. It was Ahmed telling Sune and Ruth that breakfast was ready and they were going on another dive. So Sune and Ruth transferred to the other zodiac and left. Sune gave me a look as if he did not want to leave as he put one foot over into the other boat and I said “you can stay?”. It happened very quickly as he sort of finished his steps and away they went.

I sat there for a moment watching the dolphins going into my own world, as I always do, and knew they were not desiring company so I respected their resting time. I felt fortunate to have spent two hours with them and decided it was time to go back to the Eagle Ray for some resting time too.

I said “Shazley, let’s go home. I am happy, so happy for what we had, as much as I never wish to leave.” His patience for our pleasures was humbling to me. He turned the boat around heading northeast towards the end of the reef where the Eagle Ray was moored. Gaining speed, I turned and looked left out to the sea and in coming from the deep were ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR groups of fins on the surface. There must have been at least one hundred dolphins! I looked at Shazley and nothing more needed to be said.

We went. And as we approached they surrounded us, jumping, riding the waves, and if one could hear what I was seeing it would sound like a stadium of laughter. I could feel their excitement, love and desire to play. It was beyond happy. To watch them having so much fun, to be so free, is always a great feeling and pleasure to see. After a moment we slowed down, stopped, cut the engine off and I slid into the water for what was to be an hour of something my fingers cannot write to express.

I felt that on some higher conscious level, what I was experiencing was permeating the field of energy we are all connected to and sending out something that I struggle to explain. I hope you can feel it though by the words I’m sharing? It was love beyond itself. Try bridging that gap. Phew! Heart-wings are needed for sure, time for lift off! Ready to leave your body?

Surrounding me were at least one hundred dolphins. It did not take long before three beautiful dolphins caught my attention and never let me go. I feel they might have been three of the seven from earlier before. I do not know though, just an intuitive guess.

It was interesting because I could see that the rest of the dolphins had encircled us as if protecting what was going on? Every move I made, they made and vice-versa. It is what they call “mimicking” which, is another form of communication and play. I always felt honoured when they allowed me “in”. I have these three dolphins on film by the way and am so thankful I handed my camera to Shazley!

So, here we are playing when one of them began to dive down directly underneath turning and looking straight up at me, as I looked down to him. I went into this ‘beyond telepathy’ world again that I described above. I knew what he was saying! He was asking me to come down under the water to play and he knew I had not done this before and was being very patient and kind. I could ‘feel’ it! This was all a “knowing” that was transferred in communication between us. I cannot explain it any other way.

I had not yet ever gone under the water with a snorkel. I was afraid I would swallow water if I did? It never crossed my mind to even try going under with a snorkel and I am a good swimmer! Certainly not afraid of the water, I just never did the snorkel under the water ‘thing’ (laughing).

He kept communicating with me on a level that transcended all ‘thought’ and continued coming around, going down, turning and looking up at me. He did this about three times when something very powerful overcame me. I lifted my head up out of the water and said “I have to do this”. So, I took a deep breath (common sense took over) and dove straight down with these dolphins surrounding me as I twirled and danced with them under the water. I felt as if I could hold my breath forever and never wanted to come up. When I did, they came with me. And as I went “phooof” to blow the water out of my snorkel they were right beside me and went “phoof!” out of their blowholes.

This is when I became a dolphin.

From this moment on all I wanted to do was hold my breath, dive down and dance like a ballerina alongside these majestic beings which, is exactly what I did and could have done into the mists of forever. I have reviewed the film that Shazley took with my camera and all I can say is it was like making love intertwined in the milky way with my three friends. The gentle connection, the love beyond love, the understanding between us, the release of all fear and simply living ‘the knowing’. Words do not exist here so please ‘feel’ this, as I desperately try to share the experience.

Sadly, we had to surrender our flight of bliss as something broke the tranquility of the world we were living in.

I heard Shazley saying “Pamela, can we go now?” Raising my head out of the water there was Shazley having been in the hot sun all this time for three hours. I looked at him in the boat, then turned to see these three dolphins who positioned themselves side by side in stillness waiting as if they were very aware of what was happening, looking right at me. It was ripping me apart.

I was now caught in the middle of something that one heart cannot bear to take. The pain that flashed through me was instant. Shazley wanted to leave, the dolphins did not move and I did not wish to go.

I looked at Shazley – then to the dolphins – and with my breaking heart swam to the zodiac and looked up at Shazley as these three dolphins were waiting for me, still in position and not moving saying “Please, I have to say goodbye to them”.

So, I pushed off from the zodiac and put my right hand out in front of me towards them saying in my mind “goodbye”. Then said “no, until we meet again’. This was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. They did not want me to go. Nor did I wish to leave. Again, we were communicating on a level that one would have to experience to understand.

As soon as my hand went up, as quickly as my thoughts went out, all three, powerfully, with what appeared to be one quick stroke from their tails flew right towards me and I thought they would put their noses to the palm of my outstretched hand but they blew right by me on either side.

Before I could turn around, before I could even ‘think’ or do anything one came up from behind me on my right side and could not have gotten any closer without touching … and stopped.

Our eyes met with intent, a sort of gentleness and purpose that moved me within. And again, time stood still as I was frozen in awe. I mean he just stopped! He looked me directly in the eye and I knew what he was communicating.

He was allowing me to touch him.
[remember, three days before this I wrote in my journals that I wished to touch the dolphins?]

There was a brief moment of silence as I floated beside him, looking into each others eyes. It was so beautiful. Words defy me.

I slowly put up my right palm so he could see it … and he stayed.
I then placed it gently and softly on his side. He did not move.
He stayed.
I ran my hand down his body gently petting him as our eyes remained locked in love with absolute trust.
And he stayed.

What was happening was one of the most intensely beautiful moments of my life.

Then one of the other dolphins came kindly in between he and I, gently nudging him as he moved aside, and this one stopped too. He was asking me to pet him. He was allowing me, and I did. Then the other dolphin came to my left side and did the same thing. Stopping for me to pet him as our eyes met with a depth that released all illusion making this moment as real as it gets. It was beyond the physical realm and we must speak about these things and share them.

“Thought” was not something I remembered to do during this whole time for it was timeless. The connection we shared here proves to me there is definitely something more to all of us and may we all be so kind to one another.

We continued to play and while all this was going on the whole pod of over one hundred dolphins had remained encircled around us as if to protect this beautiful encounter.

I will never forget the last moment when it was over. The vision I will carry forever of all the dolphins, the pod, swimming out to the deep sea as if leaving a moment in time knowing something happened here with purpose. Then like on cue, my three friends left as they trailed behind at the very end. Swimming in synchronicity with their large tail flukes moving up and down gliding them through the water like feathers in a breeze away from me, heading out into the deep blue sea.

I took this as a sign to get in the boat now. It was time to go. I had been in the water for over three hours at this point so it was ok, even though I could have stayed forever.

As I was hoisted into the zodiac, I looked at Shazley and was just speechless. I gave him the biggest hug, thanking him so much! He will forever hold a special place in my heart for he witnessed this and was simply there. As we pulled away and sped off I turned around and to my absolute amazement two of the dolphins were coming after us jumping high up out of the water travelling at great speed. I had not seen the dolphins do this before until now. It was beautiful. I was asking Shazley to please slow down! I felt for them trying to catch up to us. He did not slow down but they did catch up to us and rode/played with the bow of the boat for a moment then pulled off to the side as we sped on.

I watched as they stopped in one place jumping out of the water over and over with what appeared to be extreme joy. I shared it as my heart was breaking again. It was a living torture because I wanted to be with them. I thought to myself … were they wanting me to come back or were they simply saying “…goodbye, until next time?”

It could have been a movie. The only difference is this was ‘real’ and the dolphins were wild and free.

This is one chapter of many about the dolphins in an up and coming authored book called OCEANHEART.
I learned so much on this trip about the oceans that surround our world, the eco-system, dolphins, sharks and all marine life that swim in it. I would rather have gone out to enjoy these magnificent mammals in a sail boat with no motor to meet them safely and quietly in their world. Now I can bring this information back and share it with you. Another point of view from experience. I used to pick up plastic bags when snorkelling along the North Reef and stuffed them in my bathing suit. It broke my heart. One of the darknesses on this planet that needs to be lifted is humanity’s way of thinking and where it chooses to take its mind and heart. It is time to co-envision, co-communicate and co-create a balanced, harmonious new earth, if this is ones desire.
Something is looking to us for honour. Wake up and look around you.
What you see is a collective reflection of ‘thought’. Which wolf will you feed?
It is time to change direction. It is time to place attention on what is good and kind.
It is time to do the different. Peace.

Funny thing happened on the way to eternity … back in 1998 when travelling about the world,
I saw four different psychics over a short period of time who each said;
“You are going to write a book”. Well, it was the last thing I thought would ever come true and now it is. Surreal.

I would gladly leave if it sent a message for Peace.
To bring unity among all living things in coherent Light encoding a voice in speak.
It is so simple really and this is the song I shall sing.
I remember a time when in the waters of the Red Sea in Egypt with the dolphins …
I could have so easily taken my last breath then and there, and was on the verge of doing so …
When something intervened and said ‘no’.
I am sure many feel this way.
And I say never give up the precious breath that you hold and expel each and every day.
It is all going to be okay! It is all so beautiful and your breath is important, valuable and much needed.
For we all here yearn to feel the wind of your voice speaking its truths,
which, assist in the freeing of all life in our collective universe.
Dont’ get caught in the detail, open your heart to the vastness of who you are!
You are not alone and we are all here to hear your song!

“Dolphins”. It is not about being different. It is about not being afraid to be different.
If you listen to what the guide is saying to the humans in this scene,
look at it as a message to humans themselves about captivity of their own mind and what they are feeding.
“Where you look, there you are, your reality awaits you”.
Time to change direction and turn ourselves inside out.
Most people are so addicted to their comfort zones and afraid to venture out of time and mind.
Sometimes you have to lose it (mind) in order to wake up.
Nature is not the one that needs to be understood. Humans are.
This scene depicts the position 3 dolphins took in the Red Sea with me on one of the most magical experiences of my life.”Beyond Telepathy”. Do not support captivity of any kind including the human mind.
Much love in Simplicity.

All pictures: pamela leigh richards
Except: dolphin world & star wars
Quotes: Pamela Leigh Richards unless otherwise stated

May You Find Some Comfort Here

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 17, 2010

To be angry at people means that one considers their acts to be (too) important.
It is imperative to cease to feel that way.
The acts of men cannot be important enough to offset our only viable alternative:
our unchangeable encounter with infinity.Creeds of the Peaceful Warrior

“You can’t hit something you cannot see”
Peace people.

“I believe that a knowledge of that perfect life sits inside you as the North Star sits in its unalterable spot. You may think you’re utterly lost, that you’re going to die a bewildered death in the Dark Wood of Error. But brush away the leaves, wait for the clouds to clear, and you’ll see your destiny shining as brightly as ever: the fixed point in the constantly changing constellations of your life.”

Finding Your Own North Star – claiming the life you were meant to live.
Martha Beck


Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 12, 2010

Any ideas, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.
Napoleon Hill

It is time to change direction. Turn the tele-visions off.
They are only ‘telling’ you someone else’s ‘vision’ using constant repetition.
Choose what goes into your precious mind, wisely. Protect it voraciously.
You have the right to say who and what comes into your surroundings or environment.
What kind of a world do you wish to live in?
Peace has no enemy. Love knows nothing else.

The Event Horizon

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 08, 2010

This is Powerful! Like the awareness that has been growing ‘within’ me for so long with no words. Stretching the boundaries. Crossing the line. Co-creating with pure energy. Where attention goes energy flows. Ask and you shall receive. I feel this could possibly be what the energy message meant that came to me and said “Build What You See”.
I knew that many things we have been told throughout our lives are so untrue.
Sort of goes along the lines of this quote?
“Do not go where the path may lead;
go instead where there is no path and leave a trail”

Do the quantum leap, follow your heart and know,
that you will always have solid ground to land on or wings to fly.


Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 04, 2010

“The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”
~ Voltaire

The thread of love permeates all life.
In the leaf on a tree. In the breath that you breathe.
In the heart that beats. How powerful it can be.
And more compelling is when another shares this with thee.
Self love yes, but mirroring is magical.
~ pamela leigh richards


Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 01, 2010

The world has become too robotical, too mechanical, too computerized and too mesmerized.
We have lost touch with nature. We have lost touch with who we truly are.
Your mind is made-up. What did you choose to use? Beliefs.
Change your mind. Change the Multi-verse.

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