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Two Years to begin letting go.

Posted in: Drawings by Pamela on November 10, 2008

I drew this two years after the death of my younger brother, Robert.
It depicts the first break in coming out of an experience that nearly took my life.
Very challenging. Took a final five years to close the door but I made it.
Oh how I can relate to others about this kind of experience.
It became one of my other greatest gifts
and a catalyst that propelled me into understanding why I’m breathing.
Robert came to me telepathically in 1998 in Cancun.


Posted in: Drawings by Pamela on November 09, 2008

This drawing was done in the midst of unbelievable emotional pain.

My younger brother was murdered in 1984.
He was 23 and I, 24.

My heart was literally broken, which, is why I am floating on the clouds
I was lost and could not be found,
with my heart swirling outside of me crying,
as I try to heal it.

Many tears were shed that could fill an ocean.
It was a very dark time and the depth of sadness I encountered was unbearable.
It was torture just to breathe.

It took five years of my life and I almost did not make it through.
The one comfort I had was knowing I was not alone.

It truly was another world.
For the one I had known
Fell apart.

It was because of this experience that led me to who I am today.

The full story of this is forthcoming
for I wish to be a comfort for others
who have fallen as I did back then.

When one is down, the other picks you up.

Anyone who is experiencing a loss or sadness please know,
that you are not alone.

My brother came to me telepathically in February of 1998
and my mother came to me very profoundly in my dreams
as she was passing on too, in November of 2003 of cancer.

Life goes on. It is never ending.
Let’s simply end the suffering.
Of those that are passing and those that are still breathing.

Enlightenment is the end of suffering
~ Buddah

Picture ©pamela leigh richards, 1984


Posted in: Drawings by Pamela on

©pamela leigh richards, 1976

©pamela leigh richards, 1976

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