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2022 ~ Soul Spirit Defines Life

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 27, 2022

“I was born on a piece of land called America.
I AM by chance of living life.”
~ plr


“I care not what you wear,
I care what is in your nature.”
~ plr


“When shared vision, knowledge,
and perspective be our bones,
no winter can take us.”
~ Ronald Vincent



Freedom is unwinding itself from the clutches of a center,
attempting to capture humanity within it.
No more says the wings of freedom.


Peace renders itself eternal in mysterious ways.



“I don’t like when the battlefield is defined by the opposition.”

~ Dr. David Martin


Below is an excerpt of the above video,

with Dr. David Martin and his lovely wife, Kim. 


“I am often alone because .. [not alone anymore!] 

I’m not following the narrative defined by the opposition. [touche’] 


This is where the conversation 

is going to appear to be a little offensive ~ 

and I am not offensive in what I am saying. 

I am being precise in what I am saying. 



And this is where we’ve got a real problem. 


As many know there have been protests and marches,

and right now in D.C. against medical freedoms .. 

all are legitimate topics .. 

except for the fact that they spend time and effort and energy, 

away from THE TOPIC. [Agreed!]


THE TOPIC is that for the last 25 to 30 years, 

the national health platforms of ..

have been hijacked by Corporations, 

that are repeatedly violating the public trust, 

and are co-opting public funds to do so. 


And then worse than that are taking aim, 

at humanity’s willingness to fall for stories ~ 

and essentially they are falling into the trap, 

of being trapped for their own harm. 


We live currently under an ‘Emergency Use Authorization” 

for one thing none of you are talking about. 

And that’s a bummer because 

we should be talking about it. 


We have two EUA’s going on right now. 

One for C19, one for the Opiod crisis. 


Now let’s put this into perspective. 

I want you to understand and this is so hard to wrap your head around, 

but .. we have to wrap our heads around this. 


The opioid crisis has officially been going on for FOUR HUNDRED .. years! 

The opioid crisis was not something, 

that just started a couple of years ago ~ 

we’re not in the EUA because we just manufactured this problem. 

As a matter of fact if you go back to the 16th and 17th century ~ 

what you’ll find is ~ 

the British East India Company, 

actually used opium to addict the Chinese to opium, 

so that they could ultimately overtake China, 

because China would be in fact a bunch of drug addicts. 


Opium goes back to at least the 6th century .. 

it’s been around for a long time. 


But the addiction to opium, 

and the addiction to pain reduction, 

that became a drug addiction, 

has actually been with us at least since the 12th century. 

We are not talking about a 400 year opioid crisis today, 

because we are now doing the exact same thing again with the current crisis. 


We are pretending that the crisis ~ 

is in fact what the opposition is telling us IT IS. 


They’re telling us that we in fact, 

are somehow subject to this horrible pathogen, 

and we have to do all kinds of radical interventions around that horrible pathogen ~ 

but what we’re missing is .. that the foundation of this, 

has to do with the definition,

of how we engage as society,

when it comes to matters of health and liberty. 


And we’re not talking about that. [collectively]


So when we have marches and we do these other things, 

the point is that they are in fact nothing more,

than fig leaves on the nakedness and shame of a humanity,

that is unwilling to address the fundamental problem. 


The fundamental problem,

is we’ve decided to let corporations hijack,

what we call health,

and turn it into monetary addiction.


Now some of you are sitting there going .. 

yeah but it’s much harder to deal with that Dave, 

its much easier to march on the capital or truck across Canada. 


And here’s the problem. 


The problem is .. in one sense you are right. 

It’s easier to be playing on the field defined by the opposition. 

It’s easier to do the ‘thing’ where you don’t have to do any original research. 

It’s easier to do things where all you have to do is a ‘Twitter’ feed,

and that’s how you get a campaign going. 

It’s much more difficult if you actually have to inform yourself. 


[my personal view is protesting is a good thing. 

The breakdown is happening on many fronts.]


We have to change the battlefield. [YES!]

We have to change the way we go to battle. [YES!]


I am committed to continuing to show up on the battlefield of my choosing… 

At the TIME of my choosing, not the time of their choosing. 


I am committed to bringing the weapons that I have which are what? 

I have great analytics, I have deep insights, 

I have research that goes back dozens of years .. 

the corona virus case, and hundreds of years in the opioid case,

and thousands of years in the finance case ~ those are the weapons I have .. 

Because we must spend time becoming educated on that which enslaves us. 

Because if we do not understand that,

we will actually feed energy into the very institutions that are harming us.”



DO NOT FORGET the addictions to FOOD.

I’ve always wondered since my teens (1974),

why have all the FAST FOOD business’s survived into my sixties (2022)?

Taco Bell

Duncan Donuts

Burger King

Kentucky Fried Chicken et all.

Follow the money/shareholders of the corporations feeding humanity.

Stop eating from the trough.


David Martin NEWS HOUR

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49:02 minutes of… The Entire Shabang! 

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10:47 minutes of …

The “Milgram Experiment” 

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January 23, 2022 D.C. NO Mandates

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8 Minutes of …. Nurse Nicole Sirotek

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Breaking the Spell through Natural Logic!

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“When exposing a crime

is treated as committing a crime,

you are ruled by criminals.”

~ Edward Snowden


Always factor in the possibility of success!

“If I bow to anything,

it is to the strength of the humbled heart ‘within’,

admiring the courage of the journey of the many.”

~ plr



“Speaking your truth should never be suppressed,

especially from those who say,

they are on your side.”

~ plr





Long Ago Another View of Life

The Wall of Bliss ~it is how I feel much of the time, peace.

The Trust Technique

Jon Rappoport

Happy Dog Web Hosting

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2022 Inner Fields of Flight

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 16, 2022


OTHERSIDE ~ by Avi Kaplan

Above is a link. Click it.



It’s interesting?

What came to mind for me,

when hearing what the ‘Military Insider’ above said?

Reminded me of this.

I have always had issue with ‘FREE WILL’.

Ever since an experience in October of 1984.

It was October of 1984 my younger brother was murdered.

He was 23, I, 24.

The most devistating experience I have ever, every, lived through.

“Grief” parked itself in my water body vessel and ..

no matter what I did, was not leaving.

So move up to October, 1989.

It was five years later, to the very month, this happened.

I was in my apartment and dropped to my knees,

and prayed to God, saying:

“Please let my heart stop”.

Before I finished those words,

the only way to describe it?

It was instant,

like some energy came and slapped me up the backside of my head.

In that instant, the dark world I lived in for five years …

slammed shut.

And ‘Pamela’ came back.

For the first time in all those years I was happy!

I set goals and attained every single one of them.

Everyone around me were saying:

“What happened to you? One minute you want to die,

and the next you want to live!?”


So, MY FREE WILL was intercepted.

I fervently wanted to die, and something said: NO.

Go figure?

Life is more, much more, than we were ever told,

nor what we could ever believe.

It truly is a magical mystery.

Enjoy the ride.

Love over Fear

In Peace.


AJ Depriest Uncovers the BRIBES! 

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Something Much Bigger Going On Here

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This Realm/Earth is shared,

with MANY other Non-Human Beings.

Benevolent AND Malevolent.

Putting this into the equation?

Things start to make sense,

out of all the non-sense.

Covid is a LIE.

Stop following it.




Above is a link. Click it.


“Noah was a ‘conspiracy theorist’ …..until it rained.”
~ Dr. Zelenko

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