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Tattvam = Truth

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 13, 2016

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“Be real with yourself whether in the net or somewhere else.
Release the play as you sail in and out of the middle way.” ~ plr

“The student only learns as well as the teacher teaches.” ~ plr

“Sometimes being self taught is the best teacher one could have.
Although it is gratefully accepted both ways when both ways,
meaning teacher and student are met,
after having learned from somewhere, from something, realizing,
the greatest gift was knowing that you knew all along.” ~ plr

I have seen the patterns in between the place in space.
Which is why my heart joins this journey on the tree of life of my choosing.
Of self discovery. Of many things.

“Looks can be deceiving in a snippet, without walking the mile of a heart.”

“Reality is created by a repeating pattern.
Sing a different tune,
and dance to a reality,
worth stepping a foot into.”

children laughing

“If we were all ONE?
There would never have entered into the equation,
A word called; Segregation.”


“I see the world differently.
I see me differently in it.”

Lady love deer pamela quote

“Love is so beyond the tale.”


Let go of the past.
And feel the now without regret or fear.
Flow with ‘you’ ~ like a seed birthing anew.

It begins with one and one = the way it should be for eternity. Peace.
“A relationship begins with loving YOU first.”


“I wrote this some time ago ~ so surreal really as I view life.
It’s what it was, it’s what it is, it’s what I know to be true.
Kindness, appreciation, forgiveness, understanding,
compassion, empathy, giving time someday to recognize,
the pain, the sorrows, the laughters,
the simply living every day moments,
coming together eventually singing a song of saying,
always smile.”


The idea of Taijiquan … he was inspired by watching the bird and a snake fight.
When the bird flew away without its prey,
he realized the strength of the softer path.
With that idea he created Taijiquan.

“Teachers lineages can be from spiritual ancestors, yet,
sometimes we must be able to delineate,
from that which should be perpetuated,
and from that which should be erased.” ~ plr

The white bird, the Bennu bird, the Phoenix,
landing at my feet magically in Egypt.
It was a sign that I was on the right path.

I’m attracted to the martial arts in kind.
Aikido does not seek a fight, however does not fear one.
Aikido is often translated as “the way of unifying (with) life energy”,
or as “the way of harmonious spirit.”

“Sometimes we try to fit into each others dreams,
and sometimes the reality is ~ they never will it seems.”
~ plr

“The smaller the error, the stronger the energy,
the highest state of aim achieved without blame.”
~ plr

“Act upon the necessary,
while being alone in silence taking care of it.”
~ plr

“Sometimes you have to meet your foe face to face,
while not becoming it, in order for Peace to be recognized.”

“I’m just one page in a vast library.”

“Its never too late to open the gate,
and follow the whispers of your dreams.”
Even if they flow in a different direction from current reality.


All writings and quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise credited with respect 1960-current
Her Book: OceanHeart. An Ongoing journey.
Images: unknown unless stated or self evident.
Image: Pamela with Sunset photo taken by Bill Mortimer
Image: Whale lady by Elena Kalis
Image: Lone Wolf by Collin Bogle, appreciated.
Image: Bennu Bird ~ pamela leigh richards copyright 2007
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