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2022 A Quantum Leap

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on May 15, 2022



We  are the NEW I~magi~nation.



“Nothing can disrupt the harmony WITHIN.”

“Patience has been her guiding LIGHT.”

“Where you Look,

There you are,

Your reality

Awaits you.”


“I ought to know by this time,

that when a fact

appears to be opposed

to a long train of deductions,

it invariably

proves to be,

capable of bearing

some other interpretation.”

~ Sherlock Holmes – A Study in Scarlet

Chapter 3: Light in the Darkness.


Speaking truth

in times

of Universal deceit,

is a revolutionary act.


“Would you believe it wasn’t worth it?

Or that nobody would care?

That you added a touch of goodness

to the world by being there!”

~ Tomfoolery


Always remember …

“Laugher is good medicine.”


How many fires

can one put out?


I just had a conversation with a friend this evening … in relation to ‘dying’.  For his step-father (92) is on that leg of his journey.  It was a beautiful, authentic conversation. Very up front and discussing how we would like our parting to be for those left behind.

For mine I said I wish NOONE to wear black, at least not in full gear. I wish for everyone to celebrate my flight with colors like the rainbow and beyond … of course grief and sadness will occur, more to some than others and that is perfectly okay ~ it’s what we do.

I suggested he ask his step-father to be a part of his departure by asking him to write down what he would say to his friends and family if he was speaking to them from heaven looking IN. And you dear ONE could read his words aloud at his eulogy.  He liked that idea.

I feel it is imperative that we change the narrative on so many things in life. Because we can. Bring heaven to Earth. Whatever that beautiful meaning represents to each one of us … no religion necessary, no dogma necessary .. simply being a human naked unclothed and free to speak with integrity and heartfelt from deep within the caverns of our vessels less traveled.

We did not come here to make friends, we came here to BE. And friends are merely the icing on the cake whilst on the weaving thread of love traveling through eternity.

No-one has any idea,

until I am asked,

what happened?

I wasn’t asked,


I shall answer anyway.


“When facing the frigid cold
after a warm shower,
When you become the cold,
The gentler it becomes upon you.”
I am not here to hurt, I am here to HEAL
There is another side to the story.
Hear the
Evolution of
All that
Live beyond nonsense.


Helping the
Recover from
~ plr


Saiwala (Gothic for Soul)

Coming from

or belonging to the Sea,

A moving Life Force.

This is my hearts mission ~

to keep sailing

to my hearts desires

unhindered and unwaveringly free.


“Those who are at peace in their hearts,

Are already within the great shelter of life.”

~ Hope Prophecy


I am going to use this landing post,

to begin the sharing,

of her personal journey,

through  62 years of life,

and what a ticket it was to ride.

Stay tuned.


“There is no greater Freedom than Truth in Love.
There is no greater love than truth without fear.”



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2022 May Waves

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on May 02, 2022


“The more you are censored,

the bolder you become.”

~ plr


Truth is scary sometimes,

yet, the revealing,

is very healing,

when unafraid to speak it.


May 1st 1999

Salt Lake City, Utah

In a hotel room alone

I sat in bed all day long

in emotional agony

watching this movie

over and over again,

and simply cried.


There is always a reason why.

Courage is being able to let go.

May we all have this courage

To say yes to something

That once before 

Felt like a no.


I would rather die,

in my age of whatever time,

my forever youth,

knowing I actually lived

speaking my truth.



“We never tell our tales

to continue the weeping,

we tell our tales,

to end them.”

~ plr 2010


The Voice said,

as I flew over

the Mediterranean Sea,

into Egypt, 2007.


“… you have a heart to give,

that will help lift humanity,

in this physicality,

it’s a personal journey.”


I feel like my story
IS a message in a bottle
Floating in the Ocean
Through the seas of journey
Upon its landing
Finally being heard.

“To all the ships at sea

And all the ports of call

To my family 

And all friends 

And strangers

This is a message

And a prayer.


The message 

is that my travels 

taught me a great truth.


I already had 

what everyone 

Is searching for,

And few ever find.


The one person in the world

Who I was born to love forever

A person like me

Of the outer banks 

And the blue Atlantic mystery.


A person rich in simple treasures

Self made, self taught,

A harbor where I am forever home.


And no wind or trouble 

Or even a little death, 

can knock down this house. 


The prayer is that 

everyone in the world 

can know this kind of love 

and be healed by it. 


If my prayer is heard,

Then there will be 

an erasing of all guilt 

and all regret 

and an end to all anger. 

Please God … “

~ Message in a Bottle



Above is a link. Click it.

Excerpt from above link:


“On May 7, 1966

a 9 year old child named Cathy O’Brien

was subjected to an occult ritual

named “The Rite to Remain Silent”.

This is her own very shocking

and eye-opening life story

about her experience as a CIA MK-Ultra

Whitehouse Pentagon level

trauma-based Mind Control slave.

She speaks out to expose those who abused,

who go right up to presidents

and congressmen and women

and to give voice to the many mind control

victims out there who can’t think to speak out.”

I met Cathy O’Brien circa 1998.

This information is on a “need to know NOW”! basis. 



I AM beginning to unfold,

my Lifetime’s memoirs.


Such is the nature of this realm

Change & Adventure

Walk in Beauty

In strength

In Bliss




Above is a link. Click it.


Once you see the threads,

It Doesn’t take much


Still though,

there is one element

missing from the equation

missing from the conversation,

which is the non-human Connections.



Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.


UKRAINE Seized by Globalists

Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.

Please scroll down the above linked page

to the video “The Plan”

It ties in with Dr. David Martin.


Once you see what is really going on,

you will see the news,

from a totally different

vantage point.



Above is a link. Click it.

Excerpt from link above.

The Highwire 

Episode 265 FOOD WARS, 

with Del Bigtree 

and Catherine Austin Fitts. 

“The way you build your future

is one transaction at a time ~

Small groups.. figure it out

and you build forward.

The whole world

is run with conspiracies ~

I always thought of conspiracies

as wonderful things,

they were fun to do,

they were delicious ~

I was great at it …

I always say,

Don’t ask if there’s a conspiracy ~

if you’re not in one,

then you need to start one ~ 

I’m a Conspiracy Foot Soldier ~

let’s get in the game.

Because if you look

at the Conspiracy Theorist’s

engineering game,

we are going to be eaten inside

while they enjoy

owning us on the outside.

So I want you to embrace

your inner conspiracy creation

[It works both ways!].”

Stop financing those that are killing you.

It takes a conspiracy to beat a conspiracy.  



Above is a link. Click it.


This is the kind of conversation, I love.

We have been deceived all along.

Nothing surprises me.

After the Gift of A Fall, back in 2010,

I woke up in hospital after brain surgery,

seeing with new eyes,

as I called it.

Because I was seeing,

the holographic nature of reality.

Very powerful and freeing.



Above is a link. Click it.


Life is a mystery.

It is being unravelled.

We are IN IT.

In coherence,

Live it.



Tuning Into:


Stop World Control








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