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Moving Forward Fearlessly

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 10, 2010

Flight, more than anything is the most profound metaphor,
Of pushing our boundaries, reaching beyond ourselves and freedom.
Not only in the physical worlds,
For we all relate to reaching for the sky, reaching to the stars, but within us,
For we all relate to flying in our dreams and soaring in our imagination.
To me our fascination with this fantasy of flight is simple.
Something draws us beyond what we think we are, for more of what we truly are.
For each and every one of us, at any point on our journey, has an opportunity to look within
And take a step beyond ourselves.
And the metaphor of flight will always be the most profound expression of this.
Flight is also the most profound expression of freedom.
And this freedom gives us an opportunity to see our world and this experience we call life,
From an even greater perspective.
For as we cruise along from our lofty perch, we get to look down on the world, our world.
And see it from a higher perspective.
And as we look off to a distant horizon,
We can’t help but wonder what might lie beyond that horizon.
And then as we look up into a seemingly never ending sky
We can’t help but wonder what it might take to go beyond our current perception.
And climb even higher.
This is the magic and the power of flight. And the freedom it presents.
To the clouds … to the stars.
The opportunities of flight are endless, and they are also timeless.
For we were drawn beyond ourselves in the past.
We are drawn beyond ourselves in the present.
And we will be drawn beyond ourselves in the future.
The metaphor of flight and the freedom it expresses, Has the power and the potential
To touch each and every one of us, In very profound ways.
Not only as individuals, but as a society and as a planet.
We’ve seen the last 100 years. Let’s create the next.
Flight, more than anything on this planet Symbolizes our deepest desire.
To push our boundaries and to reach beyond ourselves.

Let’s use it to inspire humanity to take the next step on its journey.

Thank you dear friend, Kermit Weeks.

“Since the dawn of time, man has been fascinated by flight.”

“That fascination is a physical reflection of what we all long to return to.”

“We all fly in our dreams and when we awake, we long for that inner freedom.”

“I hope the fantasy of flight will help light that spark within,

to continue you on your journey.”

~ Kermit Weeks


“Once you have tasted flight
You will walk the earth
With your eyes turned skywards
For there you have been
And there you will long to return.”

~ Leonardo Da Vinci

Click the link below to view the acceptance speech. It will move you to ‘feel’, something good!
Living Legend of Aviation Kermit Weeks Receives the Bob Hoover Freedom of Flight Award.

Feel Your Essence Build Peace

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 03, 2010

“One of the greatest contributions I have given to Life, is making up my mind.”
~ pamela leigh richards

Open your heart and feel the power of love that has been sown.
That needs to be shared across the universe we have ever known.
The magnificent power of the energy of light that is free and abounds
That flies and its movement is everywhere awaiting your awakening
To unleash it and put an end to all pain.
May all be enveloped with this heart of change
So false infractions never do what they did before, and could never do again.
Bring the purity of love that is ‘formless’ into this ‘form of matter’.
In sympathetic resonance, through ones imagination, ‘thought’ and harmony.
With gratitude, honour and respect, I am truth-speaking.

History is bound to be repeated, unless you learn from it.
The Architect said to Neo in the Matrix movie “We’ve done this six times already,
We’ve gotten pretty good at it.”

History, [cycles of time] as we currently “know” it …
Is a revised edition, revisionist reconfiguring of linear events to a pre-determined destination
And thus is a pre-determined mind set for the largely unthinking mass consciousness
As we observe it today.

Upon closer scrutiny, when real thinking and inquiry is applied to this revisionist text, we must first discard all the usual signposts that we have been “taught” to view history through and within.
One of these signposts that we take as “normal,” but is really just another revisionist trick of the magicians and spin-doctors, is the linear nature of history and of time itself.
Time is not linear, it is spherical and holographic.

History, therefore, is not linear, and the revised editions are not only written forward towards a
pre-determined destination, it is also written backwards, revised from the back end,
starting from the pre-determined conclusion and being filled in accordingly all the way to the beginning.

The real question we must then ask is why and how did the spin-doctors
know the destination in the first place from which to spin their tale both forwards and backwards?
The answer is quite simple, and when considered objectively and without the mind-set of the spin,
is painfully obvious. The answer is simply that the destination was inherent in the inception.

You see, we humans are much more than we allow ourselves to be.
We are indeed partners with creation, partners with our Divine Source…
we are co-creators in this ongoing and eternal game of creation.
As such, we are literally bio-crystalline, virtual reality projecting units that can indeed
be the Cause and not at the effect of our own creation. But we can be controlled.
We can be entrained by a simple law of mechanics known as sympathetic resonance
in which, like a hundred pendulum clocks that begin their mechanistic timing at random
but quickly entrain to each other if placed together in an enclosed environment,
we can also be entrained to project our reality projections into a predetermined construction
based on fear and separation. We can be divided and thereby conquered,
entrained to believe that there is an enemy that is keeping us from ourselves.
The fourth dimensional overlords know this fact very well, and they have been working
with their third dimensional counterparts for these last 13,000 years,
because they knew one very important fact that we were kept in the dark from.
That fact was that there would come a time when the fourth dimensional overlords,
by divine law and legally binding contract, would have to leave,
so they have spent all these years working and training those on the ground in 3D
to achieve an artificially maintained hologram into which the six billion incarnate forms on the planet would continue to project the reality of lack and limitation, fear and survival, and thereby be controlled.

But now the treaty is over…and those of us who are awake in the game are free.
But in order to be free, one must be truly free of all things that bind…
fear, belief in lack and limitation, belief systems of all kinds, belief in limiting sciences,
limiting religious forms, beliefs that beliefs are real.
For, you know, the animal that is domesticated and trained to live on a leash or in a cage
will not be able to leave the cage even when the bars are removed.
It is only the one who knows that the bars were never there in the first place
who can walk free from the illusory cage first.

In the age-old image of the Ouroboros lies the thought of devouring oneself and turning oneself
into a circulatory process, for it was clear to the more astute alchemists
that the prima materia of the art was man [physical thought form] himself.
The Ouroboros is a dramatic symbol for the integration and assimilation of the opposite, i.e. of the shadow.

This ‘feed-back’ process is at the same time a symbol of immortality, since it is said of the Ouroboros
that he slays himself and brings himself to life, fertilizes himself and gives birth to himself.
[birth=co-creation by thought-intention-encoded-blueprinted-projected-holographically]
He symbolizes the One, who proceeds from the clash of opposites, and he therefore constitutes
the secret of the prima materia which … unquestionably stems from man’s unconscious.
We are a planet of Freewill and we are a creation of love.
Fear and deception will destroy us, whereas the love vibration
and an understanding of who we are will bring peace and harmony to the entire galaxy.
[The 1 symbolizes the Alpha, The Beginning. The 9 symbolizes the Omega, The End.]
[The number 19 is the number of the Sun. 19=(9+1)=10 10=(1+0)=1. The Father and Sun are 1.]
[We are the 1’s we have been waiting for. The inner light we all carry. Lighten up!]
[The illusion is that all flames are hot. They are not.
[Light picks up code and carries information.]
[Cycles of ‘time’ reflecting, repeating and fulfilling itself again and again, history, his-story, his-lie.]
[Polarity began when darkness entered the equation.]
[It is time to Light Up. It is time to Wake Up and Open Your Eyes to a new Reality in Harmony]
Some supporting documentation: Ken Cousins, Holographic History

The Big Bang was the marriage of Light and Dark?
Polarity began when darkness entered the equation. Co-creating forms of ‘matter’.
The original ‘thought’ that ‘thought all life into existence, was living in peace and harmony.
My view is that the Sun is the original Source. The coherent Light. The original ‘thinker’.
Which is why it was worshipped so much through Sun-worship. I feel it could be a Stargate as well.

I also feel this Stargate or Inner Sun is within each and every one of us to co-create.
We are co-creators and have the power ‘within’ to do this.
“Source”, call it god, oneness, infinite all, or whatever name, name, name you give it,
the pureness energy of ‘life’ is in everything, and I feel, is there to be used wisely and kindly.
Keep it Simple!
It does not ‘matter’ what “Form of Matter” one is in, be it the clothes one wears or the colour of ones skin.
What ‘matters’ is where ones Heart sits. Where ones Intentions sit.

Light picks up ‘thought’, as this generates information and encodes it.
Then manifests it as your co-creation. Thoughts create.
It is time to be coherent. Bring balance in. It is time to wipe the slate and thoughts clean and begin anew.
The devil’s in the detail. Keep them busy on the farm. Keep them in constant confusion. The polarity.
The back and forth, the yo-yo, the yin yang, the left right, the up and down. The who you going to vote for?
No more.

The darkness said to the Light “I offer you all the kingdoms of the world, if you bow to me”. The Light said;
“They are not yours to give for they only exist because of the Light I give you, holographically speaking.”
“I am in this world (the Light) but not ‘of’ it”. Of course not.
The Light is here and there and everywhere, what I call the white thread of love in truth-speaking.
It permeates everything, for it is the Source of Creation. Get it? No name. Just is what it is.
Do not get lost in the distractions of names, names, names, for there are many, many to capture your mind.
Some co-creators have abused the Lights powers for its own greed and eventually will be its own self-destructing.

And it too, can be re-born again to come back in another cycle of ‘time’.
I simply choose not to support this timeline.
Change your mind, change the world. Change direction and focus? Change your life.
The darkness can appear as an Angel of Light? Of course it can.
For in a holographic universe many, many pictures can be contained within the same picture frame.
The wolf in sheep clothing? The darkness in human form? Yes, indeed it can be.
Remember, it is not the clothes one wears to look at, it is the heart ‘within’ to pay attention to.

Do not get caught in the web of deceipt. Follow your heart, stop ‘thinking’ so much and keep it simple.

And whoever/whatever, encoded/wrote/entered into the equation
that women must bear pain on childbirth forgot one thing … It is not nice to fool Mother Nature.
Love is All. Our greatest ally is Nature and we are all a part of it.
Be kind to yourself. Love yourself. Love Life.
Protect your environment and what enters your eyes/ears/mind/body and soul. All your senses.
Free Your Mind, Remove Fear, Wipe the Slate Clean and Know Thyself.
Stop intellectualizing everything and go ‘within’.
Rise, Awaken, and become the powerful loving being you are.
Remember you are the Captain of your water/body/vessel/vehicle. You are the Captain of your ship!

“Where you look, there you are. Your reality awaits you”

“One of the most interesting definitions of enlightenment I have ever heard described
Was having ones Heart and Mind Rise to the Heights of Ecstasy
And then Sink to the Depths of Despair
Alternating at the Speed of Light Between the Two.”

When one sees the truth, the world turns out to be a dream, a fiction in ones mind.
We are fully real-eyes’d beings, saying that we are not.
One will come to see that this is a fiction of ones imagination, a dream.
And when one lets go of it, what is left over is the infinite one in all.
Then it is here one is fully real-eyes’d and totally free.
Learn to act, not react. Let outer events be a reflection of inner action:
solve problems inwardly, as the gods do, and outer events will follow.
Walk in a sacred manner.

“When we have absolute ‘nothingness’, then, we will be free.”
Just Another View of Life.

Do not think twice before you listen to your heart.
Let go of all attachments, fears and misguided belief systems.
Remove the names, names, names for ‘things’, and simply listen to your ‘within’

and follow the Light of your Heart.


quotes and writing: © pamela leigh richards, plr.

“Truth is an individual thing. Truth is not ‘out there’, Truth is ‘within’.
Whatever you believe, will be your truth-speaking.

As co-creators of our reality, let us gently seed a ‘new dream’
and hold it in the belly of our imaginations.
Let us hold the vision in our hearts, and share the dream.
And may your journey continue to unfold with ever deepening elegance and grace.
As the unfolding fractals of who we are dance among the ever flowing waves.

The chaos, in my view, (Clearing Hell, Applying, Out of Space)
is simply the Fractals of life (us) changing direction.
The vibe is on, the focus is different,
therefore, the new reality is happening and co-creating.
The window is opening and it is time to go with the flow. Remove Fear and Know Thyself.

“This is a message and a prayer to share with whomever,
that what my travels are teaching me is a great truth.
That we already have what everyone is searching for.
The love that loves me, and we were all born to love with forever.
Presiding and flourishing in our gardens and skirts of the seas
Simple in its treasures as the understanding self made awakens to being
Docking into the harbours of home
Where worries, grief, fears, angers or the mighty winds of time
Could never knock down the seedling of a tree now grown.
May everyone know
This kind of Love and be healed by it.
May this ink on paper be heard and erase all guilts and regrets.
And put an end to all anger, warring, misunderstandings,
divisions and chains that bind the mind, please.
Who will be the branch in the wind that bends to release?
I pray it is I, for the choices I make are not about thee, but surely about me.”
~ pamela leigh richards


Quotes: Pamela Leigh Richards unless otherwise noted.
The Gift of a Fall

On The Verge

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 02, 2010

Someone said to me the other day; (Thank you Shane.)
“I wish that I could write poetry and words that come from the heart like you do.
You have an amazing gift for writing!”

I was touched and honoured and replied with this;
I discovered something and began to see differently.
I was in the grocery store looking at this woman down the isle just standing there.
It was here, in this moment again, I became one with everything.
I was coming to a realization about life around me so I say this to you:
When someone is a good singer or a really great athlete or an amazing artist?
I look at them and go ‘wow! I’m a good artist or singer or athlete too!
It is just a part of the whole, which is you as well, experiencing itself subjectively.
So, I thank you for the acknowledgement and shall now send this gift back to you with love
in recognition of yourself.

A Gentle Touch
Get A Clue
Columnist: Jann Burner

Once upon a time in the ancient days, long before writing, (before the first scientist)
when man lived in the moment and thrived upon the still warm memories of real Gods and Goddesses, the story tellers of old had a problem.
Their stories became interwoven and entangled and elongated over time
until a good tale was as complicated as modern brain surgery
and yet there were no written words to memorize, no script to refer back to.
No storyboard. How to keep it all straight?

The early story teller would create an architectural wonder within his mind.
He would build a palace and grounds within his imagination.
And this palace and its attendant gardens would be very specific, very detailed and very predictable.
Each flower and arrangement of trees and bushes and each entrance and hallway
and sleeping room and dining room and banquet room and storage room
would be very specific, furnished with very specific pieces in a very precise order.
In his mind this would be a place he could return to time and again
and feel secure that it would always be the same.
Flowers never wilted and paint never faded in the mind of the story teller.
This would be a universe of mnemonic devices, encoded with all the cues necessary
for the telling of his long tale. This was the original Memory Palace.

This was Natures first Random Access Memory, complete with an icon shell
with which to connect the myriad lines of bio-computer code.
Simply point with the imagination and click with willful intent. No mouse necessary.
Thus armed, the ancient story teller could hold his audience spellbound for hours on end
telling a perfectly wonderful and magical story and then, a month later,
in another town, tell it again, exactly the same.

We are God’s Memory Palace. We are an interactive holographic construct of
dynamic memory being visualized by a higher form of consciousness.

We choose a forgetting when we choose to incarnate in this Earth Frame.
We forget who we really are and where we originate from.
We choose, often, a second forgetting, when we forget that there is even such a thing as “Spirit”.
But although we have chosen to forget what we are and where we originate,
we have remembered to give ourselves “clues”.
In every life there is a trail of clues to our truth.
If we pay attention we each have the opportunity to wake up in time.
To literally wake up within this dream we call our “Life”.

Until we “wake up” we are stumbling around like sleep walkers,
bumping into one another, incurring pain and creating drama.
But once we begin to “notice” the clues we have left and the clues
which have been left for us by others, then we start falling into synchronicity and then flow.
As we begin to wake up we discover that it is a pathway and a trail.
We are not lost, we have not been abandoned.
We are not lost at sea on a tiny raft awaiting rescue or death. We are cruisers. [I call it floaters]
We have a point of origination and we have a final destination and we are on a Path.
We are not a chance assemblage of molecules. We are holographic God sparks.

By discovering these clues along the trail of your life you’ll gradually come to—“understanding”.
And what specifically will you come to understand?
Well for one thing, you will come to understand that
this is not the “end of the day” reality you have been taught and a second thing you will learn,
is that you are much, much smarter than you have ever been led to believe.
But most importantly you will want to pick up these clues
so that by the time you pass on beyond this frame, you’ll have succeeded in “getting it!”
You don’t want to be utterly confused and taken by surprise at death,
at the moment you detach and separate from your body. You want it to be a gradual unfolding.

As the Irish say, “May your spirit outgrow your body before your body gives up the ghost.”

There’s nothing worse than having wasted a life stacking up stuff, stacking up “scientific facts”
and chasing vaporous ego dreams until you become so distracted
that when your time finally comes to separate Spirit from body, you’re taken totally off balance.
You don’t have a clue, you don’t “get it”.
You don’t want to end up wandering as a ghost or maybe attach to another
and become part of their dream. Now’s the time to, “Get a clue”.

Article Copyright© Jann Burner

“You must be right for your “condition” or you wouldn’t be in it.”


Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on

Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence.
As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.
Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others,
even to the dull and the ignorant, they too have their story.
Avoid loud and aggressive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.

If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain or bitter;
for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
Enjoy your achievements as well as your plans.
Keep interested in your own career, however humble;
it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery.
But let not this blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals,
and everywhere life is full of heroism. Be yourself. Especially do not feign affection.
Neither be cynical about love; for in the face of all aridity and disenchantment
it is as perennial as the grass.
Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.

Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune.
But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings.
Many fears are born of fatigue and loneliness.
Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself.
You are a child of the universe, no less than the trees and the stars; you have a right to be here.
And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should.

Therefore, be at peace with God, whatever you conceive him to be.
And whatever your labors and aspirations in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul.
With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams; it is still a beautiful world. Be cheerful.
Strive to be happy.

Max Ehrmann 1927
Desiderata – Latin for Desired Things

The Dancer On The Beach

Posted in: A - Book - OceanHeart by Pamela on September 01, 2010

Pirouette with Peace. Dance on the Beach.
Dance in the Ocean of your Heart.

“The Dancer On The Beach” is another Chapter in the book ‘Oceanheart’, to be published soon. It is a collection of stories, of one girls journey through life which took her to Egypt to film and experience telepathic communications with wild dolphins in the Red Sea. Many great truths began to unfold profoundly for her in the quest for the light of a new dawn. Where the world will be one in harmony with all. Here are some raw excerps as it is still a work in progress.

Everything up to this point in my life was sort of like an accordion that has been stretched so far representing the experiences I’ve had and now it was squeezing all of the pain out, leaving the lessons learned and holding onto the only thing that ever mattered along the way. “Love.”

I did not realize the impact of what was happening until the eco-village I was living at, including guests and staff, adopted a name calling me … “the dancer on the beach”.

I walked across the fear of what others would think of me because I realized, hey! I want to dance on the beach and why should I not do so because of anything or anyone? We all have them – insecurities. I don’t want them anymore. I want to fly free in everything I do. And I did.

I was also consciously doing something else.
This was intentional and purposefull from somewhere very deep within.
As I danced I was very aware of the enormous responsibility humans have upon this planet.
I looked out into the beautiful Red Sea and on the other side was the amazing Arabian Desert.
I began to focus my thoughts on calm, understanding, forgiveness, peace and love.
Uniting the seas and everything within it, to the land and all that resides on it.
And to the sky and everything that flies. I was calling out.
It was a yearning for something that I wondered why it was ever necessary to ask for?
Why must we ask for peace? It is innate.
It should exist naturally to the whole of life. To live without fear.

So here it began.

I put the music on and walked from my hut to the beach, which was only ‘just there’.

It was usually in the wee hours of the morning about 6:00 a.m., watching the sun come up over the water’s horizon as I was dancing with this conscious focus for peace. Lost and far, far away beyond even my own mind. I could feel an energy whirling all around me. It was almost tangible and ever so powerful.

This is a very quiet beach with few people walking across it. I loved having it all to myself.
Yet, when anyone would walk by I could peripherally see them looking,
Smiling, taking photos, filming, giving the thumbs up as I happily smiled back.
It was almost as if they were picking up on the intensity of the love I had in my heart
connecting to them and all of life in these dancing moments.
They had no idea what was going on inside yet, knew they could ‘feel’ it.

It is very hard to describe. I was so happy and beyond elated! I was practically flying
from one end of the beach to the other like a ballerina with wings.

It was emotionally massive and such a ‘high’ that I never wanted to stop. I would dance for hours. Sometimes as the sun was going down I would still be dancing in the dark in my own little world. I could almost see the waves of energy moving outward from my body like a ripple effect. It was amazing! I cannot stress enough how powerful it was.

I went ‘within’ myself to somewhere that had no attachment to this material world and as I danced it was having an impact on others. It confirmed for me how one person can cause positive change to occur by an act so simple with pure intent and “will” from the heart.

I like my privacy so I used to eat dinner in the corner of the restaurant most of the time alone.
One night as I was looking out the window to the sea a young European girl walked up, leaned over, and asked: “Are you the dancer on the beach?”

At first I was taken aback. I looked up to her saying:
“Well, I do dance on the beach so I guess I am?” as I giggled.
I asked her to please sit down as she proceeded to share her story with me.
The words flowed from her mouth and it took all I had not to cry for I was touched.
In such a childlike way, a sort of embarrassment brushed across her lips as she said:
“I love to dance but I only dance in my room.” At this moment she fell into my heart.

I know it might seem like nothing to some, however, it is everything when one can appreciate
the magnitude of anothers pain such as this. It was a hidden pain crying to be heard.
And I was honoured she had the courage to come and sit with me and to share this.

I invited her to embrace a dance with me the next morning but she was leaving.
So we hugged and loved and something passed between us that I have no words for.

Another profound moment was when a lovely elderly Frenchman was walking on the beach
and caught my eye peripherally as I was dancing. It was dusk and the sun was setting.
I slowed down because I could feel him watching, then stopped for he was just standing there staring.

He kindly asked for a picture as he pointed to his camera. So, I stood there in pose *giggling*. He gestured with his hand spinning asking me to dance as I had been? I realized he had a movie camera and wanted to film me in motion dancing. So, I did. I stopped and then he took a still photo.

After he took the photo he just stood there … staring at me eye to eye.
Slowly, he walked over and in broken English said; “What is it that you do?”

“I am a filmmaker”

He paused for a moment. Then said; “Whatever it is you do … you must dance”.

It was a very moving moment as he walked away, that only the two of us will truly understand.

Our individual unique contributions to making calm and peace our reality will happen.
In dancing I planted a seed to be sown and You are the dream. You are the difference.
May this awaken and inspire the Dancer in you. Everything is perfect no matter how you move.
You are the NOW. May the choices you make allow beautiful intentions to grow.
There is good in this world. And you are that good.

Remove fear and free your mind. It is time to wipe the slate clean.
It is time to dance on the beach.

This is the effect one can have on others without realizing it.
I received an email from someone I met in passing as he was leaving the eco-village
and gave him my card. To my surprise and humbled heart, yet very happy heart, he wrote:

“I was laying on the beach yesterday and saw you dancing. You looked so “free”.
I’ll remember that moment forever. It was beautiful.”

The mask .. the facades … what I was doing by dancing on the beach in Egypt
To break the cycle of time and its false insecurities upon our precious minds
By dancing freely on the beach for one and all …
If you wish to, let’s all dance in a similar way for Peace …
For Life wants to see who you ARE I truly believe.
We live through each other is another beauty.

The book looks beautiful. I want to read it!
Michelle Stuart

I Looooooove your book….the pics are beautiful and make my heart dance!
Co-creating with Dolphins. What could be more beautiful and fun !!!!!!

Side Note: As I flew over the Mediterranean from England and entered the lands of Egypt,
As clear as crystal a telepathic message came to me with no words,
just a transference of energy carrying information on it that basically said:
“I needed to get grounded. I needed to ground myself. Plant my feet back on the earth”
I know I needed to do this for I was truly on my way out of here again (meaning dying).

Next, what ran through me after hearing this initial message on the plane, were overlapping telepathic thoughts, explaining that the reason I had to ground was because;

1. I had things to fullfill within myself.
2. This is a very personal journey.
3. I had to realize my gifts, gain confidence, stand strong
4. And I had a heart to give which would help lift humanity in this physicality.

Very, very difficult to explain, for it is deep.
And communications like this get watered down through the filter of 3-Dimensionality language.
I just know what it means on some level, and is becoming more clear by the day.

There is much more to all of this involving personal experiences into the holographic nature of life, how it speaks to us, how we are connected to everything and will be expressed and shared at a later time in some form. No matter what it will be, it will be a living instrument created with great respect for all of life.

“The Dancer” with kind permission: Mr. Ivan Berryman


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