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The Rabbit in the Road

Posted in: A - Book - OceanHeart by Pamela on April 04, 2013

road-in-the-forest-between-the-trees-664-1680x1050Rabbit iStockroad-in-the-forest-between-the-trees-664-1680x1050 RIGHT

This is one of the chapters in my book that is yet to be published.
My life’s journey is pretty much upon the canvas of these pages.
Yet, how can one know another’s story,
without entering the path of their heart?
Follow yours always.

The Rabbit in the Road

It is the little things in life that mean so much.

A simple smile along the way, a hug, or a gentle touch.
Even a kiss …
And may we never forget this.

I will share a story that comes from the deepest recesses of my heart. One that I feel would make a world of difference if we all took the time? To breathe, To live our dreams, To do what we know to be right. To take one step back, removed from this manufactured reality. To create co-existence and come together in harmony.

“I was driving alone on a single road towards home one day on the Isle of Wight in England. Traffic was moving at a fairly good pace in front of me and behind, as I was nestled within my own thoughts as usual. The sky was soft and somewhat grey, the clouds were like fluffy white pillows wanting to land – hanging out above as the rain was pouring down 🙂

Winding road small

To my left, and to my right, were rolling green hills of the countryside. The road was fairly straight and flat although a wee bit wavy in front of me, dipping down and up as if I was cruising upon a literal wave, which, allowed me to see further up ahead as I reached the top. It was here at the top of one of the dips I noticed something in the road below. Immediate bewilderment came over me as to why all these cars were passing over it as if they couldn’t be bothered? It was something to surely take notice of! When the car in front of me passed over this object, that I saw from the distance before, and was now directly in my path, and soon to be under my wheels?

I stopped the car and put on my ‘emergency’ lights!

This is when ‘Time stood still’.
Nothing mattered but the here and NOW.
My heart then fell into the creation of compassion.

I stepped from my car and walked towards this object in the road as the rain continued. I got closer kneeling over, recognizing it was a wee little rabbit! Thank goodness it was not hurt, simply frozen with fear, with all these loud cars whizzing by. Afraid and all alone not knowing its way out of here. The cars piled up behind mine in wait, as time slowed down even further. Not one horn honked. The world mattered not, but the safety and love of another life. It was me and this rabbit. Nothing else. Watching the raindrops bounce off its beautiful long eyelashes I said: “You must go, for if you do not, someone is surely to run you over”. Patting its little bum gently, it hopped off the road into the green grasses.

A car coming from the other way was a woman who rolled her window down, obviously seeing what happened and shouted: ‘Good on ya! I gave her the thumbs up as I walked back to my car. It was an experience I will carry in my heart forever.

These things are not explainable as to why you do them.
You do them because it is what is right to do.
No matter what.”

“Life is precise in the dance of life.
Please enjoy the artistic endeavor, like a symphony, a song, or a painting yet to be born.
Nice to know we are not alone.”

“Ideas are like rabbits. You get two of them and they turn into a dozen.
Free your mind knowing everything, while ‘thinking’ nothing.
What IS ~ exists beyond the wobbling mind struggling to make it UP.”

“Some want to die and something keeps them here? Some want to live and they die?
Making up your mind seems to be a mysteriously joint decision.
I’m still living to expand upon it.”

Tigers Eye to Eye Pamela Quote

“May the fires in the forest hear me roar,
with one breath putting out the flames beneath my feet.
How can man do such inexplicable things?”

“Nature is not the problem. Human thinking is.
We have got to cross the line with all due respect.
You either jump, or you don’t. Not with anger, with dignity.”

Sunset Field Pamela Quote

“Good maxims are often worshiped with pretended devotion,
and clothed with the splendours of eloquence,
when their subversion is meditated;
like white heifers whose horns were tipped with gold,
and adorned with ribbons, preparatory to their being sacrificed.”
~ Tyranny Unmasked John Taylor of Caroline

One has a choice in this life, remain a machine attracting all that belongs to a machine,
or become a conscious man or woman, with conscious choice for growth and evolution…

Nature does not use a computer. The natural world. Let’s get back to it.

“The constant seeking keeps one from living.
From interacting with nature and life.
They miss it, because of their obsession with trying to find it.”
~ Bill Donahue

Red Rock Garden Sun Pamela Quote

Pamela S.A 2006 Pamela quote

Green grass clouds sky pamela quote

“Silence is golden long forgotten.”

Beach wave blue pamela quote

“We are all boarding different trains going in different directions, that is all.
Where they originate from, the station is still the same.
Where they end up, only you will know.”

“Our journey’s are unique. Treasure them for they are gifts unfolding.”

Girl Look Pamela quote LIVE
“It is what I say.”

“Trust noone but your’self’.”

“Life is changing rapidly, don’t hold onto it.”

“People know nothing unless you tell them something.”
Lady-Ocean-Wave-Crystal-Clear Pamela Quote

Candle Water Flame Pamela quote

When I crossed the Mediterranean Sea into Egypt in 2007,
it was the beginning of an amazing awareness of what life is all about.
At least from one lass’ perspective and shall share, if willing to be heard.
These words were given to moi profoundly so, upon the crossing of the Sea:

“I needed to get grounded. I needed to ground myself. Plant my feet back on the earth”
Next, what ran through me after hearing this initial message on the plane,
were overlapping telepathic thoughts, explaining that the reason I had to ground was because …
“You have things to fullfill within yourself.
This is a very personal journey.
You have to realize your gifts, gain confidence, stand strong.
You have a Heart to give which would help lift humanity in this physicality.”

While at this eco-village two women on separate occasions said the following:

“You must get grounded. People are not ready for what you have to tell them.”
“You must get grounded, as she stomped her feet in the sand.”

“When you stop trying to figure it out, you realize you already have.”

Going further:
It’s the little things in life that mean so much.

Story: copyright & authored pamela leigh richards
Quotes: unlesss otherwise stated: pamela leigh richards
Images: unless stated unknown at this time.
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