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Dance with no Borders.

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 27, 2013

Cosmic Sinkhole Pamelas quote

The Spiderweb.
“It is important that people de-linearize their view of time.
Decondition yourself from the lie of history.
After all you know, if time were space, history would be a spiderweb.”
~ Terence McKenna

leggy creature Pamela quote

“The internet bores me. Nature inspires.”
NVR4GT (Never forget)


“Did you know that if you took all the energy

that has fallen on all the radio telescopes on this planet

since the invention of radio telescopes,

that it would be less energy than is generated

by a cigarette ash falling a distance of 2 feet?”
~ Terence McKenna


The Dreamer is the Dream Pamela quote 5

Pamela quote Waterfall

“Remember, you never have to take on board anything that has ever been written.”
Leaf Heart Pamela quote

“I will plant seeds in a meme of thought,
and it will grow among the many minds as each chooses to water it, or not.”
Choose wisely.

Pamela quote Step to Heart 2

Pamela quote The known

“Eternal love within you, has never left your ability to see through.
Patience is not there as something to wait for.
It rests in silence for you to open the door.”
pamela leigh richards

“The only reason why you ‘think’ you are alive,
is because others ‘think’ you are alive.
When all in all you always are alive,
no matter what anyone else thinks.”
pamela leigh richards

Dolphin and Mermaid Pamela quote


Black beauty Horse quote copy

“Looks can be deceiving in the eyes of the undiscovered.”

“Being aware of the cycle is one thing. Breaking out is a personal feeling.”

“If we are all connected and One?
We’d better well get to know our’selves’ first.”

“If one looks upon another one as one’selfs’ enemy, that is what they’ll be. Even if they are not.
The mind can play such funny tricks to please the unsuspecting.”

Pamela quote David Orias photo

Pamela quote Lady Sun Fractal Image
An interesting view of enlightenment?

“Diving to the depths of despairs ~
and rising to the heights of ecstasy ~
between the two ~
beyond the speed of light.”

Cat Eyes Falling Leaves Pamela quote

When one sees the truth, the world turns out to be a dream, a fiction in ones mind.
We are fully real-eyes’d beings, saying that we are not.
One will come to see that this is a fiction of ones imagination, a dream.
And when one lets go of it, what is left over is the infinite one in all.
Then it is here one is fully real-eyes’d and totally free.
Learn to act, not react. Let outer events be a reflection of inner action:
solve problems inwardly, as the gods do, and outer events will follow.
Walk in a sacred manner.

When we have absolute ‘nothingness’, then, we will be free.
Just Another View of Life.


To my family and one and all. This is a message and a prayer.
The message is that my travels taught me a great truth.
That we all have and what everyone is searching for, Yet, few ever find.
The one thing in the world that we were born with to love forever …
Spread this like wildfire without the burn.

Seagulls flying in a setting sky 3

I dunno? You go to the chalkboard of Einsteins equations to try and figure it out. He spent most of his life trying to understand and left this world leaving out missing pieces to the equation? Genius’ like Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, Nikola Tesla, Bucky, Gaston Naessens et all … all the Saints and sages like Mother Teresa, Ghandi, Lao Tzu, Rumi et all. How did any of it benefit life today? What has changed with all that spent kindness that gets lost and forgotten as the child now picks up the iPod/Pad or whatever, as they pass another on the path of life, without a sign of recognition to slow down enough to look up, and merely smile, eye to eye? Sigh.

Owls funny

Get this in the funny game of lan-gu-age.
Dogmai (the plural of Dogma) backwards = I AM GOD

“I can only say as much as I know, and I know more than I can say.”

“You may not know it, but you are all messengers of something greater
than any creature that ever walked on this earth.”
~ Credo Mutwa, Zulu Shaman

Pamela Sun Golden Quote

“Times are changing rapidly in the scheme of no time at all.”

Quote Sharing your story

“Nature never loses patience.”

“I always have surprises at the end.
It’s the pause to new beginnings,
for those who have patience to catch it.”

“Calm in heart always, amongst the rough truth.”

“If you live your life thinking everything is a trick, you will continue to be conned.
At the same time if you live your life letting someone else tell you what to believe,
know the world is still always at your feet.
The greatest gift I have given life is making up my mind.
We live, we learn, we grow, and everything can change in the blink of an eye.
That past is gone and this moment is laughing.”


“You grow what you ‘see’d.”

Eye World Cosmos pamela quote

dolphins pamela quote

Pamela Sycamore Canyon 2013

Nemos Chair Pamela quote Light 2

“My patience is breaking thin, and chomping at the bit.
However, tis’ this patience that eventually will open doors,
when the trusted time is right, I do believe.”

Quotes: pamela leigh richards, unless otherwise stated.
Images: unless stated ~ unknown at this time with all due respect, thank you.
Image: Lightning screen shot from pamela’s filming. Additional graphics ‘dkf’
Image: Pamela foot on reflecting Sun water. It’s hers.
Image: Pelican and Wave ~ David Orias Photography
Image: Pamela Sunset, my dear friend Bill Mortimer, photographer, thank you.
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