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Facing Life

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 21, 2015


“We are endowed with an instinctual capacity to heal,
and a spirit beyond intelligence – to harness this genuineness.”

Pamela with Tibetan Monks
Pamela with Tibetan Monks.Vesica Pisces

I knew something without word.

What this film says as far as I can see? Is something I experienced without ever knowing.
After my NDE involving a TBI, I attended a gathering with Tibetan Monks and could have sat there forever. Silence is so freeing. When I awoke in hospital I said: “The chatter does not matter”.

“If we follow eternity back to the edge of non-existence,
we can find a gate which is nothing more than the first trace of space and time.
This is the transition point where nothingness,
already contains the endless and eternal creation of the visible.

The first division can be found here. Two become one here.
Light and darkness, heaven and earth, man and woman.

Time creates rhythm, rhythm creates the path,
the path creates the number,
and the number creates the speech,
speech creates the symbol,
and the symbol finally reveals the whole world.

And so all manifestations,
are nothing more than,
the symbolic expression of another unseen reality of spirit, soul, and emotion.”
~ Klaus Hempfling

Loving Life at all times, and sometimes not.
It is always okay either way.
New Radio Show Here if you care to listen.

Simply cleaning house inside and out.

Pamela Wishing Tree Quote2

“If you were climbing to the top of the mountain,
you’ll never get there stopping at every booth selling wares along the way.”

“So you think you know? You haven’t seen ‘nothing’ yet.”

“We are something to behold.
The power of love, yes.
Overcomes the shadows of questions,
Thoughts and illusions,
Or doubt,
I have no need to guess..
I am and always will be.
The answer to my seemingly,
Never ending quest.

~ pamela leigh richards November 15, 2005


” I believe in the idea of nurturing the potent of our being.
Not the feminine name, not the masculine name,
but the ONE place that has no name.”
~ pamela leigh richards 2010

Quote Pamela on red rocks September 2012 ONE

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