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The Shift Is Within, and Listening

Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on February 09, 2011

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
~ William Shakespeare

“That’s why this One’self’ cries. That is why tears fall from these eyes.
The Ocean Waters of the Divine Creator in Action expressing upon one’selfs’ face,
from thy Heart it pours in form. Sea-See-Water. The Philosophers Stone.”
~ pamela leigh richards

Get ready for Contact. Contact with your’self’. Your own Awakening is the Contact.
Be creative! Some’One” else was.

“One of the greatest contributions I have given to Life, Is making up my mind.”
~ pamela leigh richards

“A Sea of You. A Perfect Time For Flying Carpets.
A Perfect Time To Get To Know Life. To Get Out, To Go ‘Within’.
To Turn Your’self’ Inside Out. And do the vastly Different.
Where you Look, There You Are, Your Reality Awaits You.”
~ pamela leigh richards

“I love who I am. I love more who I am not.”
Amo Qui Sum. Magis amo, qui sum non
~ pamela leigh richards

“What Is Your Nature?
No ‘thing’ that you do, not one skill or talent that you have ..
Matters more than the Heart ‘within’, the only thing you need to ‘be’.
Wear it well on your sleave, so others can ‘see’.”
~ pamela leigh richards

“There is nothing one can do that cannot be forgiven. No’thing’.
The thing is, one must forgive one’self’ firstly.
Then One’selfs’ Forgiveness will be united with the Forgiveness of One.”

“In this Ocean of Energy, in a world of density and form of holographic matter …
Where to speak is through the Vesica Pisces of her creative mouth, with words that carry …
The symbols that will flow from her lips wherever they stick,
Like feathers as necessary to be heard, in order to bring about understandings …
Clarities, purities and symphonies of harmonic convergences into balance. So be it.
She is truth-speaking.”

“Life knows the meaning behind these words.
How you interpret them ~ is between you and your creator
If it takes more time for us to be understood
Remember, Life is patient and kind, and has nothing to lose.
For Life has all the time in the world.”
~ pamela leigh richards

“History is bound to be repeated unless you learn from it.
We are not here to repeat it, nor are we here to hurt, harm or confuse.
It is time to change the sequence and equations.
To flow in fractality, to spin in another direction by changing the code.
And re-writing the patterns of ones Environ’mental’ behaviour.”
~ pamela leigh richards

“Our Power is in Our Love. Our Might is in our Passion. Love is an ever flowing energy with no thought. Its understandings are carried through its light. Existing and living in the ever present moments of now, which, the collective mind sees as the end of the minute before and beginning of the hour in the morrow. Love does not. It just flows.” ~ pamela leigh richards

Stillness. The love given to Another. May this love be shared with the All, without thought.
Simply and purely from the free flowing energies of the Heart.
This One’self’ shares the same, even if it might appear not.
For stillness and doing nothing are two very different things.
It is the internal Stillness that radiates this Love most powerfully.
Please pass this stillness on and on and on … in your own unique song.
~ pamela leigh richards

“Know where the power rests ‘within’ you. In the Calm of the Heart.
And when you real-eyes how close it is, one’self’ will awaken to understanding that …
It is in the kind little things we do …
And its effects are far more reaching and bigger than we could possibly imagine.”
pamela leigh richards

“…that there is no ‘right way’ to do anything, there is only the way you are doing it.
Never be afraid to ‘try your hand’ because you don’t want to,
might make a mistake, or not do something right.”
“Success in life comes from being willing to move into Unchartered Territory.
Always remember: Life begins at the end of your Comfort Zone.”
~ Neale Donald Walsch

“Can you hum? Then consider your’self’ a singer. Can you hear an instrument of your liking playing in your mind? Consider your’self’ a musician. When you look at the beauty of nature and feel something, yet, have no words to it? Consider your’self’ a poet. Whatever it is you ‘think’ you aren’t, you already are and the audience is always there.”
pamela leigh richards

Images not defined: Sources unknown at this time
International Space Station Photos: View out of the cupola at Earth
Repeat This
The Event Horizon
Another View of Life

Walk On

Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on January 26, 2011

The most amazing things have encountered my being over a very short period of time. Time?
We have all the time in the world to get it right.
I am so happy to now becoming ‘aware’ of many things that I’ve known within and all along.
That I struggled all my life to bring forth in language to share? I wobbled alot.
That’s what energy does when it shifts. It feels like a wobble in the temple body. It will not remain confined.
It likes to move, yet, absolutely understands coherency and calm.
I was caught and knew it. All my life, up until the last few years, could not figure out why or how?
Questioning, doubting, wondering, bouncing from the left to the right.
Confusing not being able to make up my mind ~ Is it this, is it that?
I was a chameleon growing up and a people pleaser. I wanted to be liked.
To conform and be accepted, I had to believe what others believed, or so it seemed?
From the path I knew in my heart, and the walk in our world that separated this ‘knowing’.
To be free to ‘be’. To experience One’self’ in form, from the formless Ocean of Pure Energy.
All of us are caught up to varying degrees.
In a world without judgements and comparisons, this would be quite an easy walk.

The walk I am on, apparently had written that at this particular time Pamela was to take another quantum leap.
Or rather a Flying Fall 12 feet from a loft in the garage onto the floor of concrete.
Upon the skull that doth did fracture, causing disruption within the brain once sitting minding its own business.
The storm was awakened, the lightning strikes …
Changing direction and patterns in the ever evolving ebb & flow of existence.
How ironic, how utterly profound, and even more beautiful, in how I now see this journey we call ‘Life’.
There are many paths to understanding. One is dying and coming back.

“Do not ever be afraid to experience. Just know when to drop off the excess baggage.
For how can one fly when ones mind weighs so heavy with fear.”
pamela leigh richards

“Nature is our Greatest Ally. Nature is our Greatest Teacher. God is in Everything.
The god particle. Get to know it. Get to know thy’self’.”
pamela leigh richards

I always add to these postings. They too, are ever-changing, like the fractals of Life in its e-ternal-motion.
Like an artist that begins with a canvas and paints a colour here, and a colour there.
Then walks away to come back another time.
How kind it is to share a bit more of one’self’ …
In projecting visions from the palette of her mind.

“Breaking Free. The doors are opening for all to see. Life is a most magnificent Journey.
Let Go & Let your’self’ Be.”

“With the strength of my heart and the feathers of my voice,
These shall carry me on the path I came here for.”
~ pamela leigh richards

“If I bow to anything, it is to the strength of the humbled heart ‘within’,
Admiring the courage of the journey of the many.”
pamela leigh richards

What one calls an enemy, I have not.
An enemy is just a big bully. The difference between the name calling
Is the Bully has a heart and can be taught, the enemy is a matter of created thought.
Change your mind environment, Change the Versal environment.
Change your tune. Change the song being sung.
It is all a matter of mind. What form of matter would you mind?
Love has no separation. Bring balance to both sides of the equation.

Shhhhh Listen. Nature is our greatest ally.
She is waking up too. She has had enough of what humans can do. It is time.
To step back & do the drastic. Be different. Be the One who calmly steps out of line.
You are a Living Temple. Your Third Eye ‘within’. It is time, to make time. Let Go and Soar in Calm.
Create a new habit. Change your mind environment. Expand your awareness and do the different.
Know that you will always have wings to fly and soft landings, no matter what.

To my family and one and all. This is a message and a prayer.
The message is that my travels taught me a great truth.
That we all have … and what everyone is searching for … Yet, few ever find.
The one thing in the world that we were born with to love forever …
From the great blue and mysteries beyond we come.
One who is rich in simple treasures … ‘self’-made, ‘self’-taught.
The One’self’s harbour, her forever home.
Where no wind or trouble … or even a little death can knock down this house.
The prayer is that everyone in the world can know this kind of love and be healed by it.
When this prayer is heard …
Then there will be an erasing of all guilt, all regret, remorse, pain, suffering …
And an end to all anger.
Please, hear this voice ‘within’ …
And then …
One’self’ can walk the Earth in peace again.
Spread this like wildfire without the burn.

“I ask you to look inside your’selves’ and find the answer for your’self’.
It is not a matter of question anymore. It is merely a decision to act without ‘thought’.
To hold onto the moment that ever touched your heart and made you feel.
To hold onto the moment where everything was up to you. Where you fell into your own Heart.
Carry this moment with the Power of Love and let it grow.”
~ pamela leigh richards

May It Be. It Is Already Happening.

“Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved through understanding.”
~ Albert Einstein

Images: Source unknown

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The Rest of My Life

Posted in: Quotes & Poetry,The Observation Deck by Pamela on December 15, 2010

As above, so below.
We are created holographically.
Everything is connected. We are not the same yet come from the same.
The universe is a hologram where every part contains the whole.
Outside echoing the thoughts and mind inside, reflecting.
Build it and they will come.
Change your mind, Change the World.

“There is consciousness in all that exists on Earth, down to the molecules in your fingertips, and it is all meant to work together. Consciousness communicates continuously by vibrations of electromagnetic frequencies. These frequencies connect and have a cooperative investment in working together so that each benefits the whole.
[Holograms thrive on constructing frequencies.]
The difficulty with Earth at this time is that humans believe they are separate from all the energy that is here to work together. Your current belief in separate parts prevents you from seeing and accessing the wholeness of existence.” ~ Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library

Follow the white thread of love, that which, is in everything in kind.
Treat it with dignity and respect. With love from the depths of your heart.
Feel it. Care for it. Love it as if it were your last breathe carrying you home.
It has meaning. It has life. It is conscious and has feelings.
No matter how small, it too, that little white thread of love, is something to be seen.

“…that the salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart,
in the human power to reflect, in human meekness and human responsibility.”
~ Vaclav Havel

“Through the Eye of the Storm, We will always come out Whole.”
~ pamela leigh richards

“Dance, Dance, Dance, in the while the Rain Drops, The falling Snows,
The Ice Melts and the Flower of Your Heart Grows.”

Dare to Live every moment, as if it were your last.
Dance, not because you want to, but because you have to.
Purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor.
It is to enjoy every step along the way.
Say what you were ever afraid to say.
Listen, when you did not think you ever would.
Slow down your breathing before ever speaking.
Love the very thing you felt your heart never could.
Look where thine eyes feared to seek.
Embrace All with forgiveness and understandings.
And in the end, merging into New Beginnings.
This shall be a mighty fine relief.
~ pamela leigh richards


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry,The Observation Deck by Pamela on December 14, 2010

“Our existence in ‘form’ of matter, is merely ‘living art’ by thought”.
~ pamela leigh richards

The next quantum leap in understanding, is what dominates the animation of the art?
The Mind or the Heart?

“Our greatest discoveries will not be found in ‘outer space’, they will be real-eyes’d in ‘inner space’.”
pamela leigh richards

I feel to share with you what I have been experiencing, especially since spending time in Egypt with some of the most highly evolved entities of consciousness called “Dolphins” and then onwards to having brain surgery. I have only recently come into a sequence of profound synchronistic attention grabbers that sparked more of the knowingness held ‘within’, seemingly for a long time, now emerging? I have felt it like a percolating energy just waiting, like a race horse behind the gate before it opens, chomping at the bit as the excitement builds to share. We are on the threshold of an amazing point in time. No matter what is happening, know you are not alone and it is going to be okay.

There is nothing else to hold onto but your’self’. Like a sinking ship that seems to be before us?
It is not until the ship is just about to go under that anyone actually ‘does’ something or makes a move?
Well, we are at that precipice now. Nothing to fear, but fear itself. Nothing to worry about, no matter what.
I know it is easier said than done sometimes which, is why that great ol’ saying comes in handy …
“when one is down the other is up”. We can not do this alone. Nor were we ever meant to.
It was never meant to be difficult nor does it have to be. Humans can complicate things so easily.
Not because they wish to but because they know nothing else or rather, they have simply forgotten,
now remembering. It is easy if you allow it to be. You are the Captains of your water, body, vessel, vehicle, ships.
Your mind & the direction of your Heart will steer you where you choose.
Choose wisely, calmly, respectfully, sacredly, and honourably.
Do not think twice before listening to your Heart.
Wipe your mind free. Take the quantum leap and trust your’self’.
Trust your Heart knowing you will have wings to fly and always soft landings when all is said and done.

“If I teach anything, I desire it to be that I teach myself
To Love her, for that is okay.
For I am not always what you believe and say.”

HARMONY is a state recognized by great philosophers as the immediate prerequisite of beauty. A compound is termed beautiful only when its parts are in harmonious combination. The world is called beautiful and its Creator is designated the Good because good perforce must act in conformity with its own nature; and good acting according to its own nature is harmony, because the good which it accomplishes is harmonious with the good which it is. Beauty, therefore, is harmony manifesting its own intrinsic nature in the world of form.

The universe is made up of successive gradations of good, these gradations ascending from matter (which is the least degree of good) to spirit (which is the greatest degree of good). In man, his superior nature is the summum bonum. It therefore follows that his highest nature most readily cognizes good because the good external to him in the world is in harmonic ratio with the good present in his soul. What man terms evil is therefore, in common with matter, merely the least degree of its own opposite. The least degree of good presupposes likewise the least degree of harmony and beauty. Thus deformity (evil) is really the least harmonious combination of elements naturally harmonic as individual units. Deformity is unnatural, for, the sum of all things being the Good, it is natural that all things should partake of the Good and be arranged in combinations that are harmonious. Harmony is the manifesting expression of the Will of the eternal Good.

Life is a song. Life is harmony in motion.
Life is an ever evolving dance whose steps are not about where they are going,
but the one we are now making.
I had kind tears in the shower the other day and said to myself
“Tears are merely reflections of God in action.”
They are healing and when necessary, shed them for release.
They want to flow just like the waterfalls after the snows.

“There is no death, there is simply here and there and everywhere.”
pamela leigh richards

Lady Bird Image: Background Pictures.
Water Flower Image: SixString


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry,The Observation Deck by Pamela on December 22, 2009

We are not alone in this vast universe … and we come in many forms.
Remove Fear, It is time to Change Direction, if you wish?
For it is all about choice in a world of polarity. And the problem has always been choice.
Co-Create a world of doing what is Right. Live through your love.
I had a telepathic message not long ago come to me and say: “Build What You See”.
We are all on different paths and I can only speak for myself, as I say;
Are we not all wondering … the same?
This is a movie with dramatic effect, a story of compassion and speaks to the heart.
It is telling us something much more though, if we read between the lines.
Everything is possible and we are the captains of our own water/body/vessel ships to decide.
What is real and what is a lie.

“Peace has no enemy. Love knows nothing else.”

“Freedom does not need defending when one has no enemy.”
~ pamela leigh richards

The Golden Dragon


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry,The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 22, 2009

“If you would be a real seeker after truth
You must at least once in your life doubt
As far as possible
All things.”

~ Rene Descartes

This is what I have been desperate to speak about, that I ‘feel’ and ‘see’.
Yet, had no words for. It is time now for all possibility to be revealed.
That which one is afraid of. Look it straight in the eye with no fear.
For this is the quantum leap.
What ‘one’ fears is an illusion holding ‘one’ captive until that precious moment
When ‘one’ wakes up to realize the power was always ‘within’.


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on July 09, 2009

“I didn’t speak much, but I laughed often, because every time I looked around
at the earth, the sky, the sun, the trees, the lakes, the streams
I realized that it was all Me – that no separation existed at all.”

peaceful warrior by Dan Millman


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on June 17, 2009

Life is not about anything outside of you
Life is about everything within you.

pamela leigh richards


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on June 16, 2009

Through the tough stuff that life gives us, the pains, hurts and misunderstandings
With a patient heart and something else beyond that I cannot touch but feel
With love and the highest of intentions for good I always knew …
Peace will pave its way through.

pamela leigh richards

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Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on

It is a place that has no name.
No religion.
No judgement
No thought.
No form of matter.
No “what do I look like”
“Am I saying the right thing”
No space or time to bounce off anything.
No nothing. Simply pure energy.
A place I have been and long to return.

pamela leigh richards

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Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on June 14, 2009

When you get caught in the heart
The head and its thoughts
Do not matter anymore.

pamela leigh richards


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on June 10, 2009

The earth and waters of our world is crying for all of life ..
To walk upon it
To dance upon it
To swim with it
To love it
To respect it
To be at one with it
To remember it.

pamela leigh richards
Photo: Unknown source

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Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on June 09, 2009

Truth does not have questions.

pamela leigh richards

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Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on June 02, 2009

Once you have tasted flight
You will walk the earth
With your eyes turned skywards

For there you have been
And there you will long to return

Leonardo Da Vinci


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on May 31, 2009

The world is our canvas
The palette is our imagination
The paintbrushes are our thoughts and actions.

Mix a little thought with imagination and the world becomes your canvas.
Paint Peace & Harmony please.

pamela leigh richards
Photo: Unknown Source


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on May 30, 2009

I feel the polarity in life is a creation which entered our existence
That originally did not have the need for an opposite.

pamela leigh richards

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