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Waters Flow

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on April 16, 2016

Quote Pamela Positive outcomes

“May waters flow peacefully through every crook and cranny smiling 🙂
Towards positive outcomes.”

“Drowning in desire.”

“We have no right to assume,
that any physical laws exist,
or if they have existed up to now,
that they will continue to exist,
in a similar manner in the future.”
~ Max Planck

Heart Sand Universe Illusion

“Clearing the path like water over a rock.”

“Smooth sailing we go.
Connecting beyond the rainbow.
Touch without sensing as it becomes knowing.
Floating through imaginary borders
Disbelieving the falsity of lines lies
Creating some form of direction
Leading ones curiosity
Innocently looking
Then born again seeing clarity smiling
The idea breaks free evolving from a seed
Closing the mental door without reading a thing.
No explaining. No justifying.
Simply being free in mind.
Ease the Peace by clarifying.”
~ pamela leigh richards 2010

“If the Universe molds to ideas?
Then may the Silence of mind manifest balance,
for everything is by design.”

And Water Flows Not in a Box.
“… so we put ourselves in boxes, everything is put in boxes,
but actually, everything else in nature doesn’t go that way.
As for example, the snail doesn’t put itself in a box,
the crab doesn’t put itself in a box…”
~ Alan Watts

“Invoking influence of kind heartedness,
for the good of the whole across all time.
Breaking all chains that bind the mind.”

“My heart is still beating as a Peacemaker.”

“Life is so beautiful in every aspect of perceiving the love in all.”

“Her writings have deeper meaning,
if one can fly beyond the lines of thinking.”

“Where we go from here? For all I know, will be another journey.
May it be smooth sailing without questioning.”

Quote Pamela coming out the other side whole
“In our collective expansion of awareness,
embracing the thread of life that holds true to heart,
with peace every step of the way on the journey.
I wrote this years ago coming out the other side still whole.”

“Where is NOW? Catch it if you can.
I’ll be on the other side of NOW,
as the forever NOW passes by.”


“Walk through the fires on planet Earth, yet, not get burned.
Whatever happens is gone in the flare of an instant,
bringing oneself to whence before one was born.
Just don’t come back and repeat it,
come back to make a difference.”

All writings and quotes: authored by pamela leigh richards unless otherwise credited with respect.
OceanHeart: One of her books forthcoming
Images: unknown unless stated with appreciation.
Image: Hummingbirds Collin Bogle
Loving: JonnaJinton
Loving: Adrian Lobo

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