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The Song of Breathing

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on December 19, 2012

Girl Sand Ocean hand Pamela quote

“The song of breathing can sometimes be silent, yet, widely heard.
Dance on the winds of your timeless forms.”

“Nature is not the issue, the human vibrating mind is.
It is so subtle, and yet, there is something far more reaching
beyond our brains that exists, co-creating with intent in us.”

Girl Pink Universe Mountains pamela quote

Life Wall Art Quote Pamela small

“Life is simply a majestic moment.”

“Sometimes we are the doers, sometimes we are the viewers.
Yet, always we are the seers.”


“Crossing the divide between Heartmind and eye.”

“Noone is their true North alone.”

“You do not need a teacher to see.”

“Never be deceived by fear.”

“Time is the box.”

Elephant Child Princess Diana quote

Owl Tree Nature pamela quote 4

“If there is nothing there, one knows no-thing.
We make it up as we go along.
There is no death ~
only the real-eye-zation of life and living.”

Girl Fox Mountain View Eragon movie quotes pamela

“He who has no forgiveness in heart
lives a life worse than death.”
~ from ancient artistic thought

“Nothing happens without thought in the play.”
Delete the past and create anew.
Get out of the mind field.

Pamela quote Soft Landings
“Life is not only a mystery, it is a joy to be expressed.
Pay attention to your path of creation.”

“I am not the strum, nor the beat,
I am within everlasting singing unheard, until recognized.”

Lady Water Floating pamela quote

“Words are the collage painting many prints of intention.
It is not the artist who determines outcome.
It is the seer, and we are many.”
~ pamela leigh richards

“Your thoughts take you ever so far going this way or that way.
Make up your mind, and in doing so, never be afraid.”
~ancient artistic thought

“Prove to me what you believe.”

Pamela Red Rocks Quote

Lady Lion Different-EDIT

The Lion was brought down when God shown his light on humanity
and what is written in words doesn’t justify the greatness of the spirit,
for the spirit shines like the Sun, from the place that is nowhere, and everywhere,
without place, not even in the sky.”
~ancient thought


“I plant my foot at your root, to grow with thee in peace for all coherently.”

glass sphere on water
Break the spelling …
In truth speaking – I AM – times four round the door.
You are the “I”.

Girl White Winds Pamela quote

Noone knows who you are until they walk with you.
Most importantly? When they walk with you …
They themselves must be free from their own demons,
before they can truly See!

Beautiful woman in sunset by he ocean

“Life is a journey to be lived, not a puzzle to be solved.”

Pamela quote Life in loving peace whale tale

“The notes of song I strum in sound between the frets,
are sometimes heard when once recognized
by a wandering ear inside themselves.”

Pamela right wrist

This particular quote about ‘tears’ came to me today when I had two nurses and physicians assistant attending to a broken right wrist (fell on ice patch), where it was being ‘set’ into place. Yes, ouch! However, I am my own life’s experiment, quantum leaper as I call it, and breathed myself into it, transcending pain transferring it into balance. After it was all done, the nurse was so thoughtful. As my hand came down to my lap, my head followed in peaceful flow with tears. Of course she said, “Are you alright?” I looked up to her saying along the lines of: “My tears flow more touched by your compassion than I am by my pain. I’m sensitive and recognize the beauty in thee at this tender moment of caring.”
Amazing life is and much will be shared in my film with gratitude for the journey of many.

And on another funny note?
As my wrist was being set in place, being the humorous person I am, leaned over saying: “I am the captain of my ship and I’m about to fire the co-pilot (meaning the P.A. setting my wrist) *giggling* Later, I said to the brilliant P.A.: “You are hired! He looked at me inquisitavely, then equalstood, when I continued saying – “You were the co-pilot and saved the Captain, thank you.”
Laughter continued!

“Do not allow your creativity to be abused for human consumption
on the world wide web and sold,
like our past fellows crying like Tesla, Rife, Bucky, McKenna,
or any of the experiencers of life’s magesty.
There is Another View of Life!”


“Truth, may it be fine.
To ‘become’, it really is beyond boundaries of me and thee, beyond mind thought,
like riding the crest of a wave flowing like a bubble bursting, where words have no meaning.”
~ Pamela Leigh Richards

“Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
~Viktor Frankl

This page is dedicated to: My daughter Alexandria and her generation.
Quotes: pamela leigh richards, otherwise noted
Images: unless noted ~ unknown with all due respect
Images: Left & Right of top video. Photo taken by diver below of Pamela on surface snorkelling, with dolphins fin passing by, in the Red Sea, Egypt.
Image: Pamela Red Rocks taken by Bill Mortimer, thank you.

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Worlds within Worlds

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on December 12, 2012

After my near fatal fall in Jan of 2010 Life changed dramatically for moi.
Interesting that I now look at what I wrote on my website back in 2005,
as I was beginning to create it with these words that ring so true to this day:

“Life has never been more exhiliratingly inspiring.
Miracles are becoming a natural way of life and living.
When stillness becomes your home and the theatre of your mind lets go,
it is here, freedom begins to flow.
Sometimes you have to lose your mind in order to see clearly.
Truth does not give in to fear
nor does it have boundaries as to where it will go
or how it expresses itself. It just is.”

May Peace & Equalstanding be with All.
On our never ending journeys.

You all are a gift to Life. Treat your’selves’ well in kindness.
And when one does? Now, that is something to share.

“Life is a kaleidoscopic spiralling wave of crystals spinning and reflecting like a house of mirrors. Trust your’self’ to float through the images of it, feeling it, clinging only for a moment, releasing and continue flying freely never landing, erasing the unnecessary, carrying the nurturing coherency of equalibrium ~ into the dimensional forests of our path ever lasting, yet, ever changing.”

Celestial Door Pamela Quote

Tears of Realization

“I was told awhile ago that I cried too much by someone who found it difficult to cry.
Dams are broken not by the strength of a hammer, but by the might of vision.”

Lioness with cups at water hole Pamela quote

“Don’t judge me by what others say. Make up your mind. Ask me face to face.
When you have nothing to hide here? You have nothing to fear.
Take the quantum leap, unafraid.”

Fractal Lady Golden Green Pamela quote

“If we we’re all ONE, there would be no war. At least in my sphere of influence.”

Lady Green Nature Butterflies Pamela quote

“Love has no separation and Peace has no distance.”

Owl Facing UP Pamela quote

Galaxy Milky Way Pamela quote copy
“Amidst chaos and blind eyes, remain calm in Heart,
with clear sight.”

“If showing your openness is a sacrifice?
Then sacrifice me for I have nothing to hide nor fear.”

“I am not here to please history’s teachings.”

Quotes: Pamela Leigh Richards

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