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When I arrived in Sedona, Arizona on February 3rd, 2008
there was one day, 27th of February, while driving around I pulled over and decided to hike up “Thunder Mountain”.
The picture above is Thunder Mountain in the distance, courtesy of Guy Schmickle.

I did not have hiking shoes.
Do not ever let what you are wearing stop you from an experience like this.

Beautiful it was, as is everything here in the Red Rocks.
The land is extremely powerful and speaks loudly.

As I was walking up the mountain about the time the sun was setting around 4:30pm,
looking down at this beautiful Red Earth beneath my feet I said:
“Thank you for carrying me”.

What happened next was immediate.

As soon as I said those words, a BOLT of energy hit me so powerfully in the heart chakra area:

I dropped to my knees with my hands falling upon the earth
Tears rolled from my eyes while this energy was pouring through me.
Travelling through every part of my body as I became and felt almost cloudlike or fluid.
It was intense!

Everything around me was connecting and communicating with me all at once,
with a very loud sound as if I broke through some kind of dimensional portal or barrier.

I became ONE with the leaves, the dirt I was kneeling on, the rocks,
the birds, the trees, the wind, the sky, the sun, the moon, EVERYTHING!

The communication was not in a language that we know of.
It was in a form of energy I understood as I felt it with the dolphins in Egypt.
It was a transference of “knowing”.
It was as if an excitement was there saying “we have one that can see!”.
And it was so happy.
I now know, or rather feel, that what I was experiencing was the song of the spheres.
Each Creation has its own Song. The birds, the leaves, the rocks, the trees …
They were all singing to me, which, is why it sounded so loud.

It was way beyond what we call love and indescribable.

The POWER of it left me with an undeniable truth
that there is something far greater and we are not alone, ever.
The earth beneath our feet is a living breathing organism with a heartbeat.
She is alive, as we are. We must change our ways, turn ourselves inside out and do the different.
We must change direction and path now.
We must live in kindness with this earth and each other.
And as we respect her, it in turn, reflects respect, into our collective, connective Universe.
Her heartbeat will resonate in balance, in coherence and in harmony with ours.

The tears were not of sadness but of a knowing that touched my heart deeply.

We truly are all connected to the thread of love that exists within all of life that never left us.
It is people who choose to leave “love”.
And we have all done this as we dip in and out through experiences.
Diving to the depths of despair and rising to the heights of ecstasy within our heart and minds.
Alternating between the two at the speed of light.
And pretty soon, the valleys of despair become shallow, fewer and farther between.
You begin to ‘live’ in the Heart with understanding, compassion and gratitude. Never give up.
The world will thank you!

The pathway that I feel happening for all of us, is becoming ever so directed and clear.
What is being stated by Drunvalo blew me away, as it truly entered my heart when I heard.
For his description of the heart and mind is exactly what I have been experiencing
and sharing with a few close to me since The Fall,
although without the fine details for I did not know them in language. Just experiencing it.
So will share what I mean.
This is a personal journey I’m sharing, yet, at the same time,
because we are all connected, it is a collective journey.
And when a ‘singulars mind environment’ becomes aware of something
that can help the ‘plurals mind environment’, then share it from the heart with good intentions.
There is a very strong feeling that what I am awakening to,
and what I feel is the most important and relevant parts in the NOW,
have, and is, coming through what has always been an inate ‘knowing within’,
through experiences, through the fall and brain awakening, and tapping into the connection
between the heart and mind without polarity ‘thinking’.
We all have this ‘knowing’, it just gets muddied in the waters of ‘thought’.
It’s a ‘feel thing’ and has always been a challenge to put my finger on it to explain with words.
Now, it is unfolding before my very eyes, being validated and further becoming aware,
as I have been saying to people, that when you think about something,
as a desire from the mind, it must come from the heart.
For when the TWO come together as ONE, ‘meaning it from the heart’ and ‘intention from the brain/mind’,
is when you have, what I have considered and called, the 3rd Force of manifestation.

If we’re going to get there … we’re going to get there with a change of Heart”

Build What You See
The Wall of Bliss


This was an incredibly lucid dream I had and felt to share.

Life talks to us in many ways. I have learned to pay attention.

When I was snorkeling or diving in the Red Sea in Egypt, 2007, if I was not paying attention I could have missed the magnificent beauty of a school of Manna Rays flying under the water to the left of me, or a large turtle coming up for air behind me, or even a shark passing quietly beneath me.

Because that actually happened. This is how poets come about.

I earned my diving license while there as well, at Marsa Shagra, a diving and dolphin Mecca in Egypt on the beautiful coasts of the Red Sea with the never ending Egyptian deserts and mountains breathing life on the periphery.

And through sharing these intimate experiences seeing with new eyes, when never they would have, the story unfolds like never before told. The signs are everywhere now.

It is time to listen to the voice “within” and what you have been asking for.

21 August, 2011
“I have recently discovered something that resonates highly. What I feel this experience was, was Brahman. For everything it describes is what I have been saying without knowing of this explanation or its existence. Brahman seems to be the ultimate supreme Reality. Brahman is eternal. Brahman is beyond words. It is beyond names and forms. Brahman can not be perceived nor can it be described by words. It is beyond senses and intellect. It is indefinable. However, if at all it has to be described; Brahman can be considered as Pure Consciousness.”


The Self is ever the Master however much the forms inhabited by the Self may be bound. [thought Creates form of matter.] The Self is the essential principle of the existence of all those forms, always remaining one and unchanged. He alone who beholds the Self in/as the core of his being possesses eternal bliss.


The Dream


Imagine standing in the middle of the universe. Complete blackness with stars all around.

I was standing there, or rather floating, looking straight ahead. All of a sudden slowly coming down above my head was a thin wall, like a sheet of paper. Peripherally I could see that the left and right edges went on forever. It was a wall of a shimmering fluidic like energy. It was sort of a cloudy white but a whiteness that was beyond what I can speak about. These words are frail to what it was in its true description and the only thing I can say is that it was pure energy.

This flowing down sheath of shimmering energy touched the top of my head moving like a slow breath ~ and as it got to the level just below my eyes, it was instant.

I slipped into the most wonderful bliss. And at that very moment everything I sensed or knew was erased. All thoughts, feelings, senses, memories, all mind … GONE!

Yet, I was completely aware of everything. I was so free is all that I can muster to describe.

It was like diving into the ocean only the ocean was coming into me … the ocean representing the purest form of energy, beyond energy. It was formless. Indescribable because this existence is non-descriptable here. It was Silent in its no-thing-ness, yet was filled with everything.

So, it moved down through my head stopping at that point just beneath my eyes as I slipped into bliss with all lights going off basically.

Then the wall lifted ~ moving over my eyes and above my head ~ and when it did?

All systems came back on in full feeling and memory like a switch had been turned on.

Then again, it moved back down through my head and I experienced the same thing. It was here a message came to me very clearly and direct.

It felt like I was deliberately being shown something which is becoming more clear by the day. The telepathic message that I received was beyond language once again. I call it a transference of energy like I had with the dolphins in Egypt, 2007. This is the best translation I can muster in taking something so powerful and bringing it into this realm. It said: “It is going to be alright” AND “None of this matters”.

I know this is so simple in Earthly terms, or in the language of man, yet, the personal journey is the only one that can see to read between the lines.

We all have that personal journey. I hope to meet in the middle of forever.

Our minds are opening to ‘see’. The Multiverse is ‘within’.

Please see here for The Dolphins

The Hologram

I had another amazingly profound lucid dream where I got up from my bed,
walked over to the wall, put my forehead against it with my feet at the baseboard.
There was some ‘mass of energy’ to my left, (only way I can describe it,) that was very conscious.
I began to move through the wall about four inches then came back out.
Then back in and out. I did this twice.
The communication between this energy and myself is beyond primitive language.
What was being shown is that it is not the wall that changes but myself. Incredibly real.
These are the things we can all do. It is what has been wiped from our eyes yet, now returning.
Paint Peace Please.


“In each person lies the pearl of the highest potential,
if developed it is a treasure to all existence visible and invisible.
This wondrous Metamorphosis was possible of the Human creation, however,
as you see in some parts of nature, not every creation has been given this ability.
Thus there arose a challenge from lower forms of consciousness that manifested as Jealousy
and thus Spirituality and Religion were created, these are the ‘Limits’.
Once again at the close of this time segment the masses will have an opportunity
to discover their true form which is not a Word and comes before even thought.
It is the Highest. If you but knew.”

Build What You See

Posted in: A - Her Lucid and Mystical Experiences by Pamela on December 04, 2010

“For every legend there is a New Beginning. Build What You See.”

“I see vibrancy. I see coherency. I see balance. I see Peace is Easy.”

“Build what you see, It is time to shut out irrelevancy.”

A telepathic message came to me very clearly out of the blue
As I was envisioning a world of peace
It was only just some time ago
The message said “Build What You See”.

The next day or two my consciousness was tapped again, as I was sitting at my computer.
Asking me to look outside. I turned my head looking out the sliding glass door.
As soon as my eyes landed on the leaf of the tree.
The voice said “God is in everything”.

“If thoughts can come to us to deceive, they can also come to elude deception for truth.”

The problem has always been choice. Time to make up your Mind.

“Where you look there you are, your reality awaits you.”

I believe in what I know to be true in my Heart of Hearts.
This is where knowing thyself comes in handy.
Know thy Heart in what you accept and what you deny.
When to say yes, and when to say no.

We are co-creators.
“I’m building what I choose to see. I’m building a new dream.”
All my life there have been two words coming to me … “Trust” and “Patience”.
I listened.

“The God particle is in everything”

“Everything is perfect. Then came judgement.”

Nature is our Greatest Ally. Nature is our Greatest Teacher.
God is in everything. The god particle. Get to know it. Get to know thy’self’.

Instead of subconsciousness, the lamas use a word that could be translated as superconsciousness
~ consciousness of a higher order.
The job of the superconscious mind is to take thought, which is pure energy,
and give it physical shape in the material world.
Our world is unravelling due to changing ‘thoughts’, changing ‘intentions’, changing ‘minds’.
It is now more than ever the meaning behind the voice that said to me “BUILD WHAT YOU SEE”

Please try to ‘feel’ these words. The depth of meaning is beyond language.
For the true existence of who we really are, what we really are …
Communicates beyond the use of letters, alphabets, sentences and words.
It’s a ‘feel’ thing. It’s a “knowing” yearning to be heard.
We have the power to do anything. The gift has been given and is to be used kindly.

“I am a growing and evolving Soul, just as you are.
We’re just at different stages of our development and we will all get to where we each desire to be.
May we all have patience with ourselves and be sure to make time to enjoy the journey.
Always be aware of your thoughts, and pay attention to their Quality;
Because what you think about …
Is directly related to what you will see around you, and what Life will show you.
It is the difference between conscious, and subconscious Creation.
Keep putting those positive thoughts out.
Every new ‘thought’ adds to Lifes building block.
Persevere, and focus on the positive in everything and everyone with gratitude and love.
It is the Beginning of what is to come.

Then prepare yourself for an “almost magical” transformation of your circumstances.
[Your sphere of influence.]

In all this Life we are being provided with tools. But most do not see them.
It is not what we do, but how we respond to it, that is important.
We all have the Free Will choice in how we will use them. We have to take responsibility.
There is only One of Us here. Understand that, and you will understand the Game.
There was an architect of these current structures in our world. They were Created from Thought.
[I used to say after the death of my brother “Something thought all of this into existence.”]
When one understands and sees that all is Illusion, or Thought …
One can “use ‘The Force” to manipulate the illusions.
All things, seen and unseen, are inter-connected Life-Force Energy.
Once you know what the magician knows, it’s not magic. It’s a ‘tool of Creation’.

“Our job is to provide the Catalyst. Yours is to use it.
Can you look beyond what your eyes are showing you?
To find and express Love and Happiness in a world of Fear and Distress?
If you can, you will be as a Beacon of Light into the Darkness.
Will you succumb to the Darkness, or will you stand and shine your Divine Inner Light?
Only you can make that decision for yourself.

Think about this:
If the One Infinite Creator, is Infinite, and has created everything that Is (which It is, and It has),
Then does the Infinite Creator not reside within all things?
When you can see the Divine spark of the Infinite Creator, even within those who would mean you harm, the strong grip of the illusion will begin to lose it’s power over you.”

Thank you to “The Hidden Hand” for sharing.
Thank you for clarifying my understandings and with honour, I am pleased to share your voice.
I am also grateful to the Infinite Creator ‘within’, that I am becoming, on the journey of remembering.

“Love your ‘enemies’ and pray for those who persecute you”.

“Love those who have lost their way and Love more, those who can’t open the door.”

“We have no enemies, they are created gifts to clear clouded eyes.”

We are the music.
It is time to Sing in Tune.
Build it, Think it, Sing it, and It will come following the song in your Heart.
Your true colours will be shown by the direction of your sight and the very way you walk.
The time for talk and half measures are over. It is time to design. Free Your Mind.
Build What You See. From ‘within’.

“Geometric shapes actually represent the manifest stages of ‘becoming’.
To see and work with unity and wholeness in geometry
can help abolish our false notion of separateness from nature and from each other.
Through Sacred Geometry we can discover the inherent proportion,
balance and harmony that exists in any situation,
all manifest reality and even the circumstances of our day-to-day life.

It was Marcel Proust who said,
“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.”

Since the flying fall,
Life has been nothing more than validating what my Heart has seen and known all along.
The simplicity of getting out of the way and let Life ‘be’ as it is.
The choices we make, the focus and attention we give is what we get.

“Let go, free your mind of non’sense’ and create the essence of what makes sense.
No fear is what will deliver you here.”

Beyond The Extreme

As I flew over the Mediterranean from England and entered the lands of Egypt,
As clear as day a telepathic message came to me with no words,
just a form of pure energy transferring the message and its translation was this:
“I needed to get grounded. I needed to ground myself. Plant my feet back on the earth”

Next, what ran through me after hearing this initial message on the plane, were overlapping telepathic thoughts, explaining that the reason I had to ground was because …
“You have things to fullfill within yourself.”
“This is a very personal journey.”
“You have to realize your gifts, gain confidence, stand strong”
“You have a Heart to give which would help lift humanity in this physicality”.

The very probable Dream coming true. It is Time for Us to begin Anew.
Remove Fears and Live in knowing, trusting and being … In Love.

“The seeking we each strive for will never be found in the external.
For what is eternal, what has always been ‘in’ternal, can never be lost, only found.”
~ pamela leigh richards

A personal journey? Yes, indeed it is.

“I think we make it up as we go along. Someone else did.”

Images: Credited, otherwise unknown source at this time
Quotes: Pamela Leigh Richards unless otherwise stated.

I’m “Blowing Bubbles” (Chapter in my book OceanHeart)
The Wall of Bliss

Ayahuasca Experience

Posted in: A - Her Lucid and Mystical Experiences by Pamela on December 03, 2010

Through every rift of discovery some seeming anomaly drops out of the darkness,
and falls, as a golden link into the great chain of order.
~ Edwin Hubbel Chapin

I do believe that this experience I had in Brazil is part of what is happening in our world right now. When you begin to unplug from ‘thought’ and just ‘be’, you open the door for the miracles of all possablity. Ask and you shall receive and it begins with ‘thee’. When you change ‘within’ you have great affect on the whole. No matter where you are or what you are doing, In action or non action.For whether you are in Movement or in Silence, Life is always ‘happening’.

I feel we carry an Inner Sun. The pulsating Heartbeat with a rhythm that manifests the world seen. Light carries information. Light encodes reality. Open your eyes and spread what you be’live’ acting accordingly.

In 2003 I went to Brazil to partake of ayahuasca. This is one of the profound visual experiences. What I am going to share here also reminds me of this passage from the “Peaceful Warrior”, one of my favourite books about Infinity. A MILLION PATHS.

I could not believe it when I saw this picture a few years after the Brazil experience (see above), because it is a very close representation to the vision although different.

I was lying on my back floating in the universe with silver stars all around looking up into space with a massive steel grid above me. To the left, and on the other side of this grid was a hairy monster, sort of like a squatting bear, looking down at me with his claws on the frame. As I looked up I noticed the grid was hinged to the right of this furry guy. All of a sudden it began to slowly open – like an ‘A’ frame. The monster sat there and did nothing but watch, as I did, as a beautiful thin white stream of cloud came swirling through this opening.

The message passing through me, was that this white thread was going into the tops of the heads of every man, woman and child. It was pure energy. It was the pureness of what we might call ‘love’, yet, it was even more pure and powerful than this. It is something you won’t understand until it touches you.

The monster could do nothing because this energy is the highest level of existence or that is what I was receiving mind to mind or telepathically. Some might call it god, oneness, source, the unspeakable, the formless or whatever. I know my Heart and the journey is just beginning. The streamy white cloud from this vision could possibly be what The Wall of Bliss was? Pure coherent free energy. It was beyond describing.

We have the power to change the world that we ‘see’ outside by freeing the mind and clearing the holodeck. With ‘intent’, and the will of your heart, ‘what you feel inately’, are most important in my view. When these two come together (intention in line with the full spectrum of the heart), they create what I consider the “Third Force” of manifestation. Ask and you shall receive? Be direct and focussed about what you choose to ‘think’. Be protective about what you allow into your entire environment. This is your inate right.

Free your minds, empty the trash, open your hearts, remove fear, focus on peace, kindness, forgiveness, and ride the crest of the wave that is upon us. Transform.

In my view I will not take on the “only” choice we seem to have, which is to either sink or swim.
There is another way. It is a neutral place of flying straight through the middle and leaving all the ‘left’ and ‘right’, for it only holds ‘one’ in perpetual confusion like a yo-yo. Yes, it must be dealt with and is being done so, one mind at a time. We are bringing balance and it is a very personal journey for each and every one of us. You are the one to make the choices in your life. Noone else. Once one has enough information to ‘get it’, then it is time to change direction, focus and attention. It is time to change course.

Change your mind. Change your world. Do not be afraid to untie the chord.

You have the right to what enters your sphere of existence.
You have the right to decide who and what you surround yourself with.
You have the right to create an environment around you that is only for the higher good.
Where attention goes energy flows.

Remember in the Matrix movie and what Neo said? “The problem has always been choice”.
Remember, you don’t always have to answer every question posed.
It is time to calm the waters of polarity, steer our water/body/vessels/ships straight down the middle sailing through the illusion of separation and bring harmony back home.

It is time to do the different. To get to know thy’self’.
There are more ways to get to where we are going than just billions. You couldn’t even count them.
“The greatest gift I have given to Life, is making up my mind.”
“There is no greater Freedom than Truth in Love.”
“There is no greater love than truth without fear.”

I recommend this place for anyone who wishes to journey further within. It is where I went and will return. Thank you Silvia and Zoe. The land has turned into a paradise. You are beautiful people and hold a very special place in my Heart, always.


Spirit Vine Retreats

Images: Credited, otherwise unknown source at this time
Quotes: Pamela Leigh Richards unless otherwise stated.

The Heart Of A Sun

Posted in: A - Her Lucid and Mystical Experiences by Pamela on November 17, 2010

Years ago, sometime around 2002 or 2003,
I remember walking home one day where I lived on the Isle of Wight in England.
The Sun was setting on the left side of my walk, about the time of 4:30ish in the late afternoon.
All of a sudden the Sun began to tap my consciousness, like an awareness getting my attention.
This is the only way I can describe it.
It was the same sort of communication I had when in Egypt swimming with wild dolphins.
As I turned to look at the Sun, it was low enough that I could stare straight into it.
What was being shared is not something I could even begin to speak using our language.
When I got home, this is all I could say, as I attempted to share it with my husband at the time;

“The Sun was talking to me and I can’t tell you exactly what it was saying
other than there is more to know about that Sun in the sky. It is not what we are told it is.”

“Thoughts floating upon a guess that can manifest in the ‘chatter that does not matter.”

About a year ago in 2009, I saw 2 Suns next to the 1 in the sky. Throughout my awakening and journey in this life, there’s been a consistent telepathic communication that always expressed two things to me. And as best I can decipher in our language, they were: “Trust” and “Patience”. I have felt comfortable in embracing this and has always put me at ease when life got a bit bumpy. There is some intelligence beyond our current understanding, yet, our expanding awareness, connecting as we speak. And each of us are the ones putting in the call.

Mind your thoughts, heart, and intentions wisely for they are powerful and will co-create.
When one connects with the Infinite Divine Intelligent Creator (I would call this pure energy at the source), is when you become another part of ‘itself’, as a co-creator. And this is when manifestation of form is born into creation.

There is something to all of this Electric Universe, and what that is I could not tell you. I don’t worry about what I don’t know or what I do know. There are so many things to know, I decided to just go with the flow and let go. Enjoy the Moment. Moments can become gravitational and pull you down. Or they can be silent where you fly, even through sound.They are the pendulum swinging neither up nor down. It is the “Stop”, yet, Ever Moving Moment.

When I came to my new home in Northern Arizona many experiences began to unfold as I have posted a few of them in here. I began to feel a pulsating energy pouring through my heart chakra. It feels as if it is coming in through my heart chakra area with a flow out the top of my head and vice-versa. Like phfoom, phfoom,phfoom! Very powerful.

I shared this with a few friends saying that I could actually almost ‘see’ this energy swirling around my heart chakra area with the circumference expanding to about 18″ in diameter. It is so intense that when you experience this energy you cannot help but want to hug and love everyone!
And I mean from the heart not the head! And laugh! Love, love, love, the world needs more of …

“Sit down before facts like a child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion,
follow humbly wherever and to whatever abysses Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.”

T.H. Huxley

Seeing this quote above, is again confirming in my view, how we are so not alone.
For I have been writing it this way with the same theme:
“Would one be so courageous and willing to let go of everything they took years to build and believe in if ‘truth’ facing them denied all that went before?”

Clinging to knowledge. Attached to it so ferrociously. Are you willing to let go of the script you’ve been reading from someone elses dream and co-create your own? Like the Architect said to the character “Neo” in the Matrix movie: “We’ve done this 6 times we’ve gotten pretty good at it.” Cycles, cycles, cycles of time. It is time to stop spinning someone else’s tale.

It is in ones Silence that the Universe surrenders and listens. Know thyself.
Chase away the darkness with everything ‘you are‘. Pure Electrifyingly Potent Love.
Don’t think twice before you listen to your heart no matter what.

Peace has no enemy and Love knows nothing else.

And now I am seeing and reading explanations in language that describe what I am experiencing.
Amazing and this is why it’s important we share to help others.
I never knew until a few years ago, that our bodies have more than one brain?
It made sense to me though. And based on experiences and what is now in front of me through the research of others, I feel it is true, that the heart has its own brain. It seems to be a huge portal of connection to higher realms of existence? If not a direct link to source? The heart is the major centre of intelligence in human beings. We think with our hearts, the most important endocrine gland. The heart not only sends messages to the brain, but before the brain can think the heart causes changes in the physical and emotional bodies! Biophysicists have discovered that the heart is a powerful electromagnetic generator. This is why one can alter the physical and health of oneself purely by loving every cell in your body.

We are truly in epic times of an end to a cycle that appears chaotic, yet, know there is good reason for these dark periods. Not something I am happy to endure, however, understanding its reasons makes the ride much easier. I desire to help bridge the gap between humanities fear of what is before us, to let go with ease, to trust of our own hearts and know that we are surely not alone. The chasm between what we all have sensed to be true and what is actually true, is so vast, yet, the division between the past and what is to come is like a reaching hand getting closer and closer. Be prepared for the touch. For it will be an electrical surge of monumental proportions. Do not think about it, relax and go with the flow of energy. It is the source of who and what you really are. Magnificent, powerful, possibly plasmatic, energetic, beings of pure coherent light?

“It is a strange thought, but I believe a correct one, that twenty or thirty pages of ideas and information would be capable of turning the present-day world upside down, or even destroying it. I have often tried to conceive of what those pages might contain, but of course I am a prisoner of the present-day world, just as all of you are. We cannot think outside the particular patterns that our brains are conditioned to, or, to be more accurate, we can only think a very little way outside, and then only if we are very original.” – Fred Hoyle, Of Men and Galaxies

Try defining a word? It is a construct used to communicate. In order to understand the ‘knowing’ of energy, well, when I go into a state of what I call a quantum leap? I reach a place where I experience the understanding that it has no reason to be explained? It just is. It, whatever that is, laughs at the mind trying to figure itself out when it already knows itself. This is a challenge, as words defy my ability to translate, yet, I know it. It is weird really because on the other side it is so simple. Very hard to explain because there is no other side. I’m trying and I’m laughing!

“We can only discuss or make intellectual advances by passing through the existing body of learning. This is such an enormous task, made even more enormous by the multitudes of specialized gate keepers, that no one can produce integrated thought … we are faced by a crisis in language and communication. This crisis is being accentuated, not eased, by the Universities.”
– J R Saul, The Unconscious Civilization

If you don’t stand for something, you fall for everything. Keep it simple. Free your mind and Remove Fear. I am so grateful for these amazing times we are in and feels like life rafts are being thrown out into the collective “mind fields” for us all to take hold of and share. It is time for transparency in ‘truth-speaking’.

“We stand on the verge of a vast cosmical discovery such as nothing hitherto imagined can compare with.”
~ Sir John Herschel in 1850.

Upon the discovery of a link between magnetic storms on Earth and sunspots,
to Michael Faraday, the vaunted experimentalist,
who was investigating the links between electricity and magnetism.

On Sunday, 27 February 2011
A friend, Bill Mortimer, took these photos of a Sedona Sunset in Arizona.
Two Suns in our Arizona skies? You decide.
Life is magical. Get used to it!

First Photo

Second Photo taken less than a minute later.

Our Misunderstood Sun
Build What You See

Simultania Project

Posted in: A - Her Lucid and Mystical Experiences by Pamela on November 16, 2010

Participating in the 1 minute Simultania Project with Erin Cooney, Creator.

“The Simultania Project is an attempt to experience simultaneous realities by gaining a many-layered perspective of a single moment in time. It’s about our impossible wish to break free from the isolation of a singular sense of consciousness, while at the same time possessing the imaginative power to realize that there are other experiences of consciousness occurring right now besides our own. The project is about our fundamental desire to be special on the one hand, while realizing that it’s this very desire that makes us utterly common on the other. And it’s about how new technologies are changing the way we directly experience the world, and the sheer sense of wonder that results when we realize that simultaneous realities are unfolding around us at all times.”

“The man who speaks with primordial images speaks with a thousand toungues.” ~ Carl Jung

I real-eyes’d I went over the time limit but posted the whole thing here.
It was truly an amazing venture for myself on a personal level as I am just now coming over the edge into another phase of recovering from a near fatal accident involving brain surgery. You see, I lose track of all sense of ‘time’ and begin to sort of fly ‘within’ which, is why this turned out to be 8 minutes long, seeing the world through my eyes in a moment in ‘time’ 🙂 This project was my first attempt at seeing how well I would do on a particular focus. My brain is like a child to me and am very protective of her. I love the neurons, the cells, proteins, peptides and atoms spinning all about just waiting for further instructions from my heart. During this filming there were brilliant coloured patterns of light like Sun Fractals that came in as if from the unseen world, dancing with the 3-D world, communicating without words. Merging from this to that, like the attention you give is what you get back. The power of this energy I have been feeling is to be shared. The Universe and beyond is definately responding in kind to us all. I had a right laugh when my camera decided to lean over at the exact same time I was leaning over! Only proves creation has a really good sense of humour and knows how important laughing is! Thank you so much Erin for the therapy that your lovely project has given me and it was incredibly joyful to do so! Hard to describe what it feels like so all I will say here is “It is what it is” and the only thing worth living for is the good! Be happy, get out of the thinking mind and into the loving heart of life!

Another thing I find interesting? At 3:05 minutes on the video, the colourful lights coming out of the Sun looking like a circle of beautiful prismatic patterns eminating from the center and some of them looked like bells? The synchronistic timing of the background music that was random, dancing with the lights and pretty much in sync with the manifestations of colours and geometric shapes. My heart was flying when I saw these lights and the communication going on was beyond this 3-D world. Then I come to read something called the 12 Around 1. Reminds me of the Flower of Life.

Creation begins as a source of sound, light and color emanating from a pulsating orb of consciousness. 12 spiraling cones (horns, tones, harmonics) burst forth forming a circle around the source consciousness, connecting with it and each other to create endless grid programs of experience following a geometric blueprint we call sacred geometry. Soul sparks of light spiral from the central source, randomly moving into the grids to consciously experience. The “12 around 1 pattern” (12 = 1+2=3) or third dimension references physical reality as nothing more than a biogenetic experiment based on linear time to experience emotions. Our thoughts create a blueprint that is then co-created into form or manifestation. The love that was surrounding me during this filming was powerful. It is an energy that is growing in intensity as I described coming through my heart chakra area. It is what makes me want to hug everyone no matter where I am. To talk to everyone wherever I go and laugh, laugh, laugh alot! All I can say is, we have access to the ‘source’ of all ‘sources‘, follow your heart, know thyself and with intent one can manifest a new reality and the one I’m focussing on is absolute harmony for all of creation. With many, we are going to love this world back into balance. Build what you see.

“When the Egyptians chose to depict the name of God and the creative Word, they did so by encapsulating both in the hieroglyph of the mouth – in essence a vesica piscis – a symbol similar to the shape a vibrating string makes. Just as the forms of sacred geometry emanate from the womb of the vesica piscis, so it is said that emerging from the one tone of creation were seven gods, such as the Biblical Elohim, each of whom was associated with a specific task in the creation of the Universe. These gods were often depicted as rays emanating from a triangle of white light, a principle echoed in diagrams such as the tetractys, where the threefold nature of white light gives birth to the seven colours of the visible spectrum and the notes of the diatonic music scale. By 4000 b.c. geometry and sound were inextricably linked, at which time it was already established that the laws of geometry governed the mathematical intervals that made up the music scale. The inseperable bond was certainly taught in the Egyptian Mystery schools, since many of the temples associated with knowledge and transformation structurally encode the same harmonic ratios found in music. In fact, the relationship of form and substance to tone was understood to such a degree that structures such as the colossal statues of Memnon used to emit an audible tone when struck by the rays of the rising Sun.”
Freddy Silva – Secrets of the Fields

“Remove the ‘awe’ and know the ‘yes’. It is here where all possibility manifests.”

“Sometimes you just gotta follow your heart and not wait for knowledge.”
Pamela Leigh Richards

The overlay is lifting. We are remembering.
The darkness that embraces our planet is the accumulation of human discord.

The components of darkness are entities unto themselves. So there is an entity of War, an entity of Greed, and so forth, but these entities are becoming, every day, a little weaker, less potent. And what is getting stronger is the collective consciousness of humanity. There will come a time when the collective intelligence of humanity subdues the entities of War, Greed, Racism, and Fear and essentially evicts them from the plane(t) of the individual mind from whence all creation happens and all creation emerges from.

Change your mind, change the Multi-verse. It is already happening.

“… that you cannot make a mistake, you can only make a decision that will be your next best step.
There is no reason to hesitate when you know, that you have nothing to lose.
And losing is not an act of Creation, it is a thought in the mind of humans.
Get rid of the thought and you get rid of doubt.
Ride your Wisdom to the next best outcome for the good of the whole.
You will not have to ‘think’ but a second to ‘know’.”
Pamela Leigh Richards – inspired by Neale Donald Walsh

Do not think twice before you listen to your heart.
Let go of all attachments, fears and misguided belief systems.
Remove the names, names, names for ‘things’ and simply listen to your ‘within’ and follow the Light of your Heart.

How far does one think deception can go? As far as you allow it.
That is why it is vital to wipe your slate clean. Remove Fear.
“Be” the change you want to “see” in the world. Stop ‘reacting’ to it.
It is possible to live in heaven or bliss, while those around you live in torment.
This has little to do with your location in time and space, but more to do with your vibrational state.

“If you have an empty mind, it is here your heart can begin to re-design.”

~ pamela leigh richards

You have it in YOU. You are brilliantly designed and if there is turmoil ‘within’ there will be turmoil ‘without’.
You are no good to the ‘whole’ if you don’t become selfish and heal thyself first.
This life is a very personal journey for all of us. It is individual and collective. They go hand in hand.
So let’s stand strong together and help lift this world and all in it to the heights of ecstacy,
to a new timeline, a new earth-world-multiverse of harmony! You can do it, I can do it, everyone can do it.
Do it for the heartbeats of the deer, the whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles, fish, bears, mountains,
rabbits, snakes, birds, bees, trees, rocks, earth, flowers, the air we breathe, clouds, stars and skies …
Do it for everything.
In order to enter the next phase of ‘life’ we must be naked and remove
the deceptions and the overlay of this current system from our mind/body and soul.
Where one can go is an individual choice. Please choose wisely now.

The earth is a duality planet with the complete requisite electro-magnetic spectrum in 3-D …
That contains by definition, a positive and negative Field. We live in an Electric Universe.
Each and every one of us is a conduit of electrical magnetism. We are sparks of Light.
The shape of things to come is determined by your very ‘thoughts’.
The cells in your body take direction from your mind (Thought) and heart.
Stop allowing someone else’s “Thought Forms” to be your guide in Life.

Travel with eternity in the knowingness of wisdom, while at the same time,
not denying the insanity of the current world, which, is causing difficulties for many to manage.
Hold dearly and pay close attention to the visions and vibratorial signatures of the life you wish to live. Focus.
There will be many distractions and deceptions. All you have to do is deny them. Just let go.
Follow your heart and remove guilts, doubts or anything emotional of the kind that hinders your directional intent.
Maintain and be the owner of your emotions always, with love being the Captain of your ship.
It is important that we do this together.
The more of us that walk away with love in our hearts the more we heal those that don’t ‘see’ what we ‘see’
and are not ready to make the quantum leap.
Some might say; “But don’t you care? How can you just walk away?”
To this I will say; “I care so much, I must walk away.”
In doing so we are connecting to the timelines of higher vibrations/frequencies as co-creators.
I hope the path I choose to walk is filled with many.
It was interesting because I have been saying and written “Nature is our greatest ally.”
And this is what happened when I thanked the Earth for carrying me: Thunder Mountain
Then I come to read this and it feels right so will share.

“Every person who believes in the timeline of doom, destruction and horror, will add to its reality.
Everyone who holds as real, the timeline of the New Earth will add to its reality.
You hold in your very nature the power of radical change for yourself and the planet – especially humanity.
The reality that will prevail is being anchored through the choices we are now making,
both as individuals and as a collective.
Enter the timeline of the New Earth and prepare yourself for the miraculous.
Finally—let the Earth speak to you. Let her caress you and transfer to you her deepest knowledge and wisdom.
She shall be a great ally in the coming changes.
As always, even in the midst of such great difficulties as you now face.
We hold a higher vision for you, the human family.
We see your hidden greatness, even though you may not see it yourself.
We hold a light in this hour of darkness.
It is just a reminder of the great light you hold within yourself. It is time to free this light within you.
Future generations will be blessed by your ascent. May it be so.”
The Hathors

We are here to stewardship the planet and all in it, on it and around it, including humankind, towards balance.
For its mind environment has fallen far below the threshold and tis’ now time to inspire it back into focus.
This is one of the challenges. To push the limits beyond anything you thought you ever could.
To believe what you “know” to be true vs. to believe what all the others believe.

I see the existence of ‘bliss’ being pure energy. The tree of life?
Eating from the Tree of good and bad you become like god?
Which god created the idea/meme of polarity? The possibility of how opposite One could go?
How extreme it could take itself? It is time to bring balance of Our’selves’ back to One.
Fear is a creation in the emotional field. Everything is merely creation. It began with Love in its heart.
From there the branches splintered off into the many. The problem has always been choice.
Names, names, names, were co-created by the many. On and on and on it goes.

Out Beyond Ideas of Wrongdoing and Rightdoing, There is a Field.
Meet me There.

When you own your power and know the power of love,
truly, it is here you will walk through fires without getting burned. Love does conquer all.
It is the most powerful feeling of ALL emotion.
It is the beginning of creation. It is the ONE. It is the Infinite Creator.
Ride the crest of the wave to the Eternalness that YOU ARE.

Whales don’t sing because they have an answer. They sing because they have a song.

I feel as if today the gifts of many are falling upon our path.
The heartbeat of Life Is Listening to our collective calling. Know thyself and keep go, go, going!

“According to the laws of aerodynamics, the bumblebee can’t fly either,
but the bumblebee doesn’t know anything about the laws of aerodynamics,
so it goes ahead and flies anyway.”
~ Igor Sikorsky

Artist: Ivan Berryman

The Golden Dragon

Posted in: A - Her Lucid and Mystical Experiences by Pamela on October 18, 2009

“When stillness becomes your home. And the theatre of your mind lets go.
It is here freedom begins to flow.”
pamela leigh richards

As brief as it was, this was an amazing experience, extremely powerful, and wish to share. It was years ago in Hawaii where during a session using Holotropic Breathing (Stanislav Grof) that this happened. Holotropic means ‘moving towards wholeness’. From the Greek “holos” (whole) and “trepein” (moving in the direction of something). The technique involves a very simple process. It combines accelerated breathing with evoking music in a special setting. With your eyes closed and lying on the floor with a mat or something comfortable one will use their own breath and the music in the room to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This state activates a natural healing process and is unique to the individual.

So, here I was breathing deeply and fast for about 2 hours straight. And just before I came out of this intense breathing, right before I was going to stop, I was propelled lucidly and highly visually into a large cave. It all happened rapidly, yet, like a smooth move. It was dark albeit a light shining from behind above my head onto the other side wall like a spotlight. I arrived with a phooom! My eyes were looking at the floor on the other side, to the feet of a man. As my eyes drew upwards to his knees … It was here he began to grow tall morphing into this beautiful Golden Dragon. And as he did my eyes followed him up and up and up and up. Its wings extended out and long neck moving upwards then curving and looking down upon me, while at the same time, tucking its wings next to its body ever so gently. I can still hear the whoooshing sound its wings made before resting on its sides as he gazed upon me. I call it the Golden Dragon because it was so perfect in its shape and the colour was like a Golden Sand.

What went through me was a glimpse of fear, and as quickly as I felt it, even quicker it disappeared. I just stood there looking up. Now connecting with the most powerful feeling of bliss passing between both of us. In this incredibly heartfelt moment I fell in love with it. It was a beautiful bond. The same eternal love and bonding I felt with the Oceanic White Tip Shark in Egypt. The communication that passed between us was outside the parameters of our language, yet, what did come through loud and clear was … “We are evolving too, just like you”.
Powerful. Just powerful and profound.


“If you don’t shine your light how can anyone see you? It is time to change your mind.”

It IS possible to live in bliss, while those around you live in torment.
This has little to do with your location in time and space,
but more to do with your vibrational state.
Be in the world but not of it.
On a collective scale most have lost touch with nature,
and nature is our greatest ally. Be kind and keep it simple.

“I feel an amazing untouchable energy pouring into the portals of our world
and branching out along the entire field with an awakening and transformation
on the edge of eternity knocking on our door.”

Something like the vision I had in Brazil showed me.

“Through every rift of discovery some seeming anomaly drops out of the darkness,
and falls, as a golden link into the great chain of order.”
~ Edwin Hubbel Chapin

Quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated

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This is probably one of the more extreme ‘out of body’ dreams I have ever had.
For those who don’t recognize the two on either side of myself in the middle picture?
It is High Sanusi Baba Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa (the high holy man), the official storyteller of the Zulu nation, a Sangoma (traditional healer) and his wife, High Sanusi Virginia Nkagesang Rathele Mutwa, also a fellow Sangoma. They are both authors in their own rights of many books including “Indaba My Children”, “Zulu Shaman” and “Woman of Four Paths: The Strange Story of a Black Woman in South Africa“.

I was there visiting for about two weeks in 2006, with my then husband, British author David Icke.
Credo calls on all human beings to awaken the mother mind, that part of human consciousness
that feels what is happening in the world. He describes the African philosophy, Ubuntu;
“I am because you are”, as the root of humanity’s interconnectedness, a sense of unity
between people through which we each discover our own strengths and virtues.

Many awakenings and visions have happened in my life since this time.
I am not the same and this is a good thing and used to say growing up
“If I am the same tomorrow, as I am today, I will not be happy”.
I was aware of something back then that I’m now beginning to understand what it means.

I mentioned to Virginia, that prior to coming, I had three vivid dreams with she and Credo.
When she heard this she said, as we were sitting in the Ancestors House,
“Pamela, please let us know if you have any more dreams like this”.

Amazingly, the following dream occurred on the very night after leaving Kuruman heading back home to England.

I first found myself walking into this room, as if I simply appeared there?
In such a profound lucid state ~ It was so beautiful.
I stood there as Virginia approached and had a long mesh dress in her hands for me to put on.
There was no verbal communication. All was understood telepathically.
It was draped over both of her arms in an extended manner as she placed it in front of me
and I knew to put it on, without question. I could actually feel myself ‘thinking’ that it was not something I would wear but this ‘thought’ evaporated immediately and I slipped into an awareness that did not ‘think’.

I just knew things. It was an elevation of understanding beyond our 3-D world.
I experienced this same understanding with the dolphins in Egypt.
She helped put it right over my head and what I was already wearing, as it slipped down my body. It was hand made from very natural materials. There could have been tiny beads very sparcely interwoven?

Sort of like this picture below, only it went down to my ankles in length and not a halter but over my shoulders. This was close to the colour as well. Creamy/Golden/Tanish.

We then walked to these windows in the room placing our hands upon them laughing so happily!
A very tall black man was coming up from the left towards the windows on the outside.
To give you a visual: Imagine you are standing in a small room with two large windows.
Outside is a grassy area, like a front yard, with a street and a streetlight. Like a neighborhood?
It was night time with only the light of this street lamp.
As he walked to the window he placed his hand upon it matching up with mine on the other side.
We looked into each others eyes and it was only for a moment really.
This picture is almost exactly what it was like.

Virginia was standing on my right with her left hand on my window too.
She and I were looking at each other as well, laughing. It was so beautifully fun!
The 2 windows were closer together though. Not so much division between them.
After he did this, he turned and skipped/danced away very happily as he was now laughing too!

Next, I found myself standing in this same room facing a door
and to my left was a very wide panoramic length window.
What was out the window reminded me of a hotel that had an open atrium sort of area
with the sky above and some trees and plants were there and a sidewalk
where Virginia was briskly walking with great purpose to her step and intent. Very focused.
I knew she was coming to the door in front of me.
I turned to look at the door and she opened it coming directly towards me.
At that very moment of walking towards me,
it was very purposeful with determination, she looked up and said;

“It Is Time … The Seven Circles (sounded like the word Circles?) something, something, something, The Seven Circles something, something, something, the Seven Circles something, something, something … “

She repeated this three times that I could hear.
At that very moment, it all happened so quickly and words are difficult to find to describe.
I began to leave energetically upward and out, like a wave pulling me backwards
as I watched her below speaking and my entire being leaving.
Then boom! I was back in my body. It was abrupt.
Saying “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” over and over, which, woke my husband up
because I was trying to find something to write it all down with in the dark.
I finally found my way to the computer and just began typing.

The next morning my husband heard the whole story and said he felt I might go back and study with Virginia. I did not feel that though. There was more to my path that was unfolding and has led me to where I am right now and find the journey getting more and more profoundly beautiful.

Maybe Truth for humanity is just a signpost that you traverse in your attempt to interpret the reason for your existence, and there are an infinite amount of signposts ready and prepared by your Creator for you to experience? Maybe this is the role and purpose of mankind? To constantly dynamically advance and choose new signposts, integrate the lessons, and forge ahead towards Oneness. Be open to completely letting go of past systems, letting go of old scars and resentment, and look forward towards the great adventure that life really is meant to be.

I am now realizing the probable meaning of this 7 Circle Message.
So beautiful.

‘Our plans miscarry because they have no aim.
When a man does not know which harbour he is making for, no wind is the right wind.’
~ Senecca

“It may take years to learn rightful knowledge, yet,
tis’ something one can learn quickly by instinct.”
pamela leigh richards

I wish to share something that happened some time ago.
It was a highly lucid tangible dream and very profound.
I do feel that I am understanding its meaning much clearer now.
And whatever it is, I am the Captain of this water, body, vessel, vehicle Ship.
Life is Precise.

As I went to sleep I had this image of what appeared to be very clearly …
An “A” in a Circle hovering over me all night.
It was floating in the Universe or what I would now consider the vacuum of darkness.
The Black Hole, the Event Horizon, the Void, the Silence, the point of beginnings.
It was beautiful really and had this feeling that it was watching over me. All night.
I woke up 3 times and every time I went back to sleep this image was just ‘there’.
No fear, no anything. Very neutral in its presence. Just watching over me observing.
Others came up with their versions of what it might be, yet, I stayed ‘within’ my own knowing.
This falls right in line with a theme occuring in my life where people would look at me and say; “We have never seen anyone like you before?”
It has happened more often than not. I just know my Heart and its meaning. No comparing here. No ego. It is what it is and I have something to share unafraid to do so.

I feel the Dream had to do with Creation.

Dealing with a brain injury has been one of the most important challenges of my life for it has opened up doors. What I ‘see’ goes way beyond what I speak of here. My gratitude is there always to life for this amazing journey, and honoured to be able to share.

“I am my own Life’s experiment. I am my own Reserch Project.”

“There is a song I’m singing you cannot hear, yet.”

“I’m dealing with so much and only so much I can deal with.”

It is time to Clean House.
The internal and external House. The mental, emotional, and environmental House.
It is time to Let Go.

“I’m dropping a pebble in the pond of thought.”

“No matter what my heart can weep still
There is a place that calls from deep within
All the wisdom in the Multiverse is a sonnet
Every cell and soul of yours knows this
Don’t let anyone or anything intellectualize it
Leading you astray to follow, for indeed
This song of yours is a most important thing.
I feel nature inside on a ride to bursting.”

“We are all boarding different trains going in different directions, that is all.
Where they originate from, the station is still the same.
Where they end up, only you will know.”

Life is a personal journey. Get to know thy’self’.
At the same time remember, you are never, ever alone.

“Your words are like scenery outside the window of my train. I don’t have to bring it in.”

Build What You See
The Shift is Within and Listening.
Once You Have Tasted Flight
The Wall of Bliss
The Ayahuasca Experience
Thunder Mountain ~ Ripping Through the Matrix
It is Time. A Global Clearing. Over Here For A Word.

Images: Credited, otherwise unknown source at this time
Quotes: Pamela Leigh Richards unless otherwise stated.

Dream ~ Two Keys

Posted in: A - Her Lucid and Mystical Experiences by Pamela on October 11, 2008

Another amazingly real and lucid dream I had.
It was incredibly beautiful and intensely profound in some deep meaningful way.

I would love to draw and paint it some day.

In this dream my former husband and I were both standing,
or rather floating in the middle of this vast expansion of the Universe.
It was brilliantly dark,
yet there was light illuminating our forms and the near space around us.

We were facing each other with a large wooden door floating to my right and his left.
Nothing was said. We just stood there in silence.
I was looking down at my left hand carrying two round or barrel keys,
as he was looking at me.
With my right hand I picked one of them up.
Turning to the door I leaned over and placed it through the keyhole, turned it and pulled it out.

(This image of the light coming through the keyhole,
was almost identical to the one in this experience.)

The door did not open I just pulled the key out. I knew it was not meant to open.

I turned to face him and without ‘thought’, it was already understood what was to happen next.
He extended his right hand to me palm up.
I placed the key in his hand and gently folded it while cupping my hands over his.
Then looked up, eye to eye, and smiled.
There were no words said. It was all very deep in its meaning, extremely powerful.
So loving with its intentions and understandings. On some level what this means is known.
For now, it remains simply a beautiful moment.

There are many keys that open many doors to many gates.
Life seems to be a very personal journey indeed.

For I real-eyes’d that as the parable of the mustard seed the tiniest of seeds,
so brilliantly showed me, that their is a key ‘within’ each of us,
so uniquely coded, malleable and open to be rewritten at any time.
It is also I believe, a co-hear-and-see reality.
The kingdom of heaven is not alone in the cosmos.
It is vastly alive holding hands with each and every one of us.
It sits as well in the everywhere skies ‘within’, of ‘self discovery’.

“Peace has no enemy and love knows nothing else.”

Dream ~ The 7 Seals

We Have One That Can Dance.

Posted in: A - Her Lucid and Mystical Experiences by Pamela on September 26, 2008

The experience below was written when I left my home in England on February 3rd, 2008 and landed in Sedona, Arizona. I thought to add this as it was quite funny, at least to me it was and hope you get a chuckle out of it as well. The reason I am sharing is because I believe that when we share our experiences we can help others. To let them know they are not alone. And if I can help bring a smile to someones face, then this will have been worth it. So, I hope it makes sense and you get a good laugh out of it!

I just spent six months in Egypt (June 6th, 2007 - January 11th, 2008), swimming with wild dolphins and would dance on the beach, which, is relavent to this story. I was known as “the dancer on the beach” at Marsa Shagra, an ecovillage on the Red Sea in Egypt. It became a haven for a time while I put the pieces of my heart back together. It is a diving and dolphin mecca. A new beginning was unfolding. All good and beautiful, even through enormous pains being endured. When I arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbour Airport I drove to Sedona which is just under a two hour drive, North.

This hotel was my temporary home while I searched for a new place to live. Sedona is very powerful and holds a special place in my heart. I had left England with ten suitcases on the way towards the next leg of my journey.

I picked up the key to my room and seeing as I had ten pieces of luggage, I only brought what was necessary up to the room, for I was exhausted and fell asleep quite quickly.

I awoke in the wee hours of the morn’ … as I would, for my body clock was out of whack. When I pulled the curtain back what I saw caused me to take a deep, deep breath, as my whole being fell into a simmering silence. The reason? It was snowing! If you have never seen snow falling on the desert upon these powerful Red Rocks, it is very emotionally moving. So beautiful. I have this on film and will most likely be included in some of my work in the future.

I decided to take this awakening opportunity to bring all my cases up to the room. It was great fun really, as this wee lass was hauling suitcases up two flights of outside stairs with the snow falling all over her at 3:00 am, laughing with every step she made.

So, now that you have some background, Here is the story .

One day I decided to go hiking up Bell Rock, which, I could walk to from my hotel.

Instead of walking though, I danced along the road that led to the opening towards the hiking paths.

And while doing so, I got pulled over for … dancing. Yup! Can it get any sillier?

So, this is the road I had to take (see below) from the hotel to the hiking paths.
It is about .7 miles from the hotel.
When I could see there were no cars on my side of the road,
I moved out for more ‘breathing room’ to dance.
As you can see I did not have much room to walk, let alone dance.

I arrived at the entrance to Bell Rock’s hiking paths, went in and danced deep into the canyon.

Came out and as I was in my own little world dancing back home along the road listening to music,

I heard this noise in my headphones?

Certainly was not part of my music 🙂

I looked up, turned around and saw a police SUV vehicle behind me with his lights on?

Ok, here we go, I thought?

He got out and asked a few questions …

“Have you been drinking?”.
I said “No, I was only dancing”

He said “Because we received alot of calls from people.

They were only concerned you might get hit”.

Fair enough. The strange thing was, he did not ask me for I.D. or anything.
He did not even say, “Ok, go ahead” … nothing.

I simply turned and walked away.

And as I was doing so another (backup) car pulled up.

I took this opportunity to take a photo after I heard the officer actually say to the other:

“No, it is ok, she was only dancing … ”

And as I began to dance away a helicopter flew overhead and it felt like the movie “THEY LIVE”.

I could just hear the chopper on the radio saying: ‘We’ve got one that can see!

Only in my case it was: ‘We’ve got one that can dance!’.

I’m outa here …On my way …. to somewhere peaceful!



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