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Aller plus haut ~ To Go Higher

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on April 27, 2014

Pamela screen shot of film in Northern New Mexico cold and barefoot 4


“I don’t want to tell people what to do.
I just want to share what happened.”


Pamela Mirror Quote
They are renovating the Main House on the property where I rent the guest house.
I brought this mirror over that had broken to put in the pile for removal.
Mike said: ‘you broke the mirror?”
I said: “Do you think I’ll have 7 years bad luck?”
He said: ‘yes’
I said: “Well, in pammys world when one breaks a mirror?
It is good luck because you’ve just broken out of the prizm.”

We are re~scribing life.
I then asked him to put the mirror to the side for the picture.
He smiled happily. It just happens.

BabySeal Pamela Peace Quote

“One cannot get away from living. It is going on all the time.”
“I AM not here to challenge what you know. I AM here to know when to let go.”


“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us,
are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
~ Henry Thoreau


“If you get the message please do not worry about the wobble of detail.”

Under-water-photography-3386 pamela quote2

“Did I have to know your mathematical numbers in order to realize Peace?
My Heart Sings without question.”

Seagull beauty flying 2

“Am I out of my mind?
Just give me a moment to settle down into your space.”

Tiger Reflecting Green Eyes Pond

Peace is freedom from personal disorder.
The Calm ‘within’ while walking among chaos.

Tiger Holographic Energy Pamela quote

“Can you look me in the eye with no thought?”

Pouvez-vous me regarder dans les yeux avec aucune pensée
Possibile mi guardi negli occhi senza pensare
Você pode olhar-me nos olhos com nenhum pensamento
Können Sie mir in die Augen und ohne Gedanken

Pamela on Red Rock

“The song has more purpose than money”.


“Those whom have walked the ground, have yet to hear her sound.”
“A kind Heart of the feather can outweigh any mind of steel.”

“Can you tell me something of your belief now, that is not repeating history?”


“It’s not where I’ve been. It’s where I AM.”
No need to seek peace. Be Peace.

Sailing the Seas large 2

“Sailing the seas while the world goes by. Keep smiling.”

“When you sit in the seat of indifference (want of difference, similarity),
the tail you catch is going to carry you beyond word, beyond thought.
For all of whatever has been a mere step,
when you could have punched through it ALL without thought.”

“Calming Waters flow upon thy thinking,
for a simple matter called Peace in the instant.”

Pamela quote collage lady blue dolphin dream

Pamela quote lady elk love

Pamela quote deer lady love

“The day is not distant when the very planet which gave him [her] birth will tremble at the sound of his [her]voice; he [she] will make the sun his [her] slave, harness the inexhaustible and terribly intense energy of microcosmic movement; cause atoms to combine in predetermined forms; he [she] will draw the mighty ocean from its bed, transport it through the air and create lakes and rivers at will; he [she] will command the wild elements; he [she] will push on and on from great to greater deeds until with his [her] intelligence and force, he [she] will reach out to spheres beyond the terrestrial.” ~ Nikola Tesla

I find this interesting because after my fall, I came out saying that I could see floating rivers filled with marine life. We could project ourselves into it freely at will, becoming and experiencing in kind, the forms of creation with no harm done. Floating in and out, knowing no death, simply the coming and going of the ebb and flow of life.

stars purple  blue and white

Pamela quote Cat beautiful Eyes

Pamela quote lady with  leopard love

“The great spirals… apparently lie outside our stellar system.”
~ Edwin Powell Hubbell

“Magic is in the air ~ Never landing.”

“The phallic enters the dome after leaving the baggage at the gate of her open presence.”

“Leave the trash at the door before entering.
For where we go from here is beyond thought, beyond everything you’ve been taught.”

“I Am not here to answer your question. I Am here to help you stop asking them.”

“Never allow the outside world determine who you are.”

“I connect with the All Seeing Eye in thee coherently ~ peace.”

Pamela Sun Magic Garden face forward 5

I was stung by a scorpion a month ago.
Lying in bed it crawled upon my left hand that was resting upon my face.
As quick as I realized it, the flash happened.
I actually saw the sting upon my left thumb in my inner eye.
I jumped out of bed, turned on the lights, pulled the covers off.
And there it was. Still upon the white pillow. Three inches long tail curled.
I picked the pillow up, spun around into the bathroom, placed it on the toilet.
It dropped in. With blessings I flushed. Talk about a three pointer!
Then it hit. Venom raising like lightning up my arm through my armpit and throat.
I tried to read about these things on the internet, but it was happening faster than I could read.
Called 911. Two o’clock in the morning. All Good.
My heros, paramedics arrived, surrounded by comforting words and deeds.
Nothing could be done. Let it be. And be it was.
My legs and feet are still slightly numb. Focussing on removing the cause.


“Dance with moi upon the sands of time seeing no’thing’ albeit the spiraling winds of silence.”


“You can try to deny me, yet, you cannot erase me.”

Quotes & Comments: Pamela Leigh Richards otherwise kindly noted.
“OceanHeart” her up and coming artistic endeavor.
“Her book of Knowing” ~ working title for the other ONE.
Images: Unknown unless stated, thank you.
Photo: Pamela on Red rock, in Sedona, Arizona. Bill Mortimer an angel in life itself.
Photo: Lady holding wolf Thoreau quote. This was a print Pamela has. Precious indeed to her. The story behind how she got it? Upon arriving in Sedona, she did some work in the film/audio/ industry. When asked how much for her services? She saw this print on the wall and said, can I have that? Keep smiling!
Photo: Space and Sails. Collage created by Pamela Leigh Richards from internet.
Photo: Sun pamela leigh richards sitting on her crystal rock.
Photo: White Feather from Deva Premal and Miten’s Meditation Channel

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All The Knowledge In The World

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on April 07, 2014

“All the knowledge in the world is of no use to fools.”
A soft answer turns away wrath, however, a harsh word stirs up anger.
The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly, yet, the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness.
Time to go within, where all the answers begin.

“If there’s no world ‘out there’
What are you reacting to?
Ask yourself that question every moment
Of every day When your peace is disturbed.”
~ Kenneth Wapnick

“Hope you are having a wonderful day no matter where the winds blow,
as the experience always leads to home.”

The Kiss Pamela quote

Peace Train 2


“Reflecting life through thine eyes.
Erase Doubts, Fears, insecurities, and life itself if not nurturing.
For the good of your knowing.”

“I will sit with you making up my right mind.”

“There is always a way. Be kind to nature, every animal, every step you make,
every moment you breathe, spread kindness and peace.”

“Peace crosses many lines in order to make it BE so.”

I saved a wee moth this morning from the bird bath.
It was drowning and spread its wings on my finger.
I blew a warm breath upon its being.
If you could have seen the look in its beautiful eyes.
Rising upon mine glistening.
Life speaks when you thought you could never hear.

Pamela quote Owl and Tree

“Life is just too big for my head.”


My body was once a part of me
but now my body’s dead.
The only thing that’s left to see
is this piece now called the head.

This poet he did not kill me,
he took me from a grave
to restore a form of beauty
and his soul to try and save.

I sat there in my forest
with my roots so strong and deep
until people chasing money
they’ve sold their souls for keeps.

The stuff we all call money
we chase it till we’re ill.
Some people steal it or print it
some people even kill.

I think you’ll all be sorry
this can’t be my God’s will
as you live in your society
where the doc says ‘take the pill.’

Are we all so stupid
that none of us can see
this paper stuff called money
really was a living tree

So humans, look amongst yourselves
and see what you can see.
Does the knowledge that is in this world
come from humans or from a tree?

Magi McGlynn Stewart, Bard of Scotland, Bard of Glastonbury Tor

Tree lined forest path fairies
“Sometimes you have to follow your heart,
and not wait for knowledge.”

Tiny Dancer

Alexandra K. Trenfor

“The strength of ones heart wielding a feather is more powerful,
than one wielding a thought of steel.”

Tigers Eye to Eye Pamela Quote
Birds two in speak pamela quote
Dog shaking water

“Being refined by the struggle.”

“We live in a monetary world I wish to erase.
Life and living should be Free in totality.
No suffering. No hunger. No homelessness. No Pain. No illness.
Free minds. Free living. Free Breathing. Free Life ….”


“Life appears very strange to me.
Words and history have changed over time.
Then the moment comes where we relate.
And have no idea where the meaning came from?
One word in the 2nd century, was changed to mean something else today.
Which lie will one buy?”

aurora-borealis-svalbard_58917_990x742 Pamela quote

Manny pamela quote Heart

“When you read between the lines of life,
nothing is there albeit a silent word waiting to be heard.
Stop and do not look upon listening.”


Ana-h’opta po
Hear my words!
Chief Arvol Looking Horse
19th Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe Bundle

“Somewhere deep within I believe the Peace train began in all of us.
Now coming to the surface to be heard.”


This is the trajectory of the moon over my home currently.
The Moon Over My Pammy *giggling*
“If we are reflections of each other,
then what are you trying to teach me,
and what do you think I’m trying to teach you?
When does the teaching end and all parties to the idea come together,
without having to ‘think’ about it?”

Tesla lightning

TESLA IS FREE: A third approach for wireless power transmission was to transmit electrical power to the area 80-kilometers above the earth known as the ionosphere. Tesla speculated that his region of the atmosphere would be highly conductive and again his suspicions were correct. What he needed was the technical means to send electrical power to such a high altitude.

One night in his laboratory, Tesla noticed a repeating signal being picked-up by his transmitter. To his own amazement, he believed that he was receiving a signal from outer space. Tesla was widely ridiculed when he announced this discovery, but it is possible that he was the first man to detect radio waves from space.

“Why am I here speaking to you that cannot hear?
Never be afraid to shed your tears.”

“If I never said a word, would you hear me?”

Lady siloughette

“He tried to silence her … yet, she knew the music.
He tried to remove a free thinker.
yet, she knew more as a quantum leaper.
He tried to remove her from life.
yet, she had the gods on her side.
They would not let him take away her soul.
For her heart was here for the good of the whole.”
pamela leigh richards 2010

The Phoenix of Pamela and friends with the moonlight for PEACE. Photo.

Don’t even think about it.
Gain control of your ship without thought.
Float freely in calm singing softly.
Erase the non-sense. Set it aside like passing a plate of indifference.
Coming hOMe to a place of knowing.
Meet moi there, otherwise, I do not care.

“How much do you need to know,
before you realize you never had to know anything?”

“I was born in a land called America, however, I am by nature of all.”
Je suis né dans un pays appelé Amérique, cependant, je suis par nature de tous.
SONO nato in un paese chiamato America, però IO per carattere sono di tutti.
Eu nasci numa terra chamada América, no entanto, eu sou, por natureza de todos.
Ich wurde geboren in einem Land namens Amerika geworden, aber ich bin von Natur aus alle.
Jeg ble født i et land kalt Amerika, men jeg er av natur for alle.

Pamela Sunlight Garden 1

“What is life? It’s the seed that grows and noone knows.”
Has nothing to do with sex. Get over it. Calm. No need to do anything.
Love me without the idea. Peace within one’self’.
Calm, soothing, no thought, gentle touching, even in passing.
Find the place you feel alone in, and love IT.
Life did not teach this in school. We are here to rewrite history.
The big bang? A distant memory.

“Do I have to spend the rest of my life trying to sort things out?
I, you, me, what are we? Then WE wake up doing the same routine. Pretty much.

“In the beginning was the word. So what do you have to say?
She says hear without thought and get off the ladies screen,
as she walks in the garden of Peace.”

“I cannot deny life as it pours through me speaking in translation,
to the mind of mankind in the only way I know how.
Am I real? Yes. Do I feel? Yes. So where does one go with it?
I cannot say unless you sit with moi,
for the messages coming through is beyond form and matter and space and time.”

“I think we should all go to sleep before we wake up together.
Meet her in her dreams.”

“Her words are like whispers in the night,
sailing the seas of cruising knowing no-thing.”

“If I gave nothing I know that I left you with everything.”


Swim Bonnie Swans Swim!
“This lady dances on the surface with one foot beneath and above it wondering,
like a carpet weave dipping in and out of life itself.”
“When one loses temptation is when we meet not looking.”
“I’m happy for happy happening.”

White Swan reflection pamela quote

“There is a place I long to be
Like some distant memory haunting me
A void of nothing, yet, everything
Where only kindness matters
In the joy of infinity.”

Elena Shumilova Pamela Quote copy

Lady Desert White Wings Pamela Quote copy

All quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated.
I am so grateful for the collaboration of all artists allowing the sharing.
VISION forthcoming: OceanHeart and her book of “Knowings”.

Images: unknown unless stated with all due respect & grateful for sharing.
Image: Peace Train by David Dees. Pamela played with photoshop on it and voila. 2005-ish.
Image: Pamela camera mirror 2008
Image: White Buffalo ~ moi
Image: The three ladies under the Full Moon
Image: Dog and young child: Elena Shumilova
Image: Lady Desert. Unknown edited by moi
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Good to Let Go

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on April 03, 2014

Pamelas White Rose 2Pamela silhouette QuotePamelas White Rose 2

“Nature is her guiding light.”

“Never let another determine who you are.”

Diving to the depths of despair and rising to the heights of ecstacy,
in between the two beyond the speed of light.

Dolphin flying

“Pardon moi,
I did not know about Einstein in that moment of recognition.”

“I see everything when I’m lost now found.”

“Who is the kind guiding fool?
Whoever it is, love them dearly, thank you.”


“Know the goal. Do not seek it.”

“Life is not serious. Make light of it.”


Eye to Eye Cat Horse pamela quote

“May we all take the walk in Peace through our personal journeys.”

All quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated.
I am so grateful for the collaboration of all artists allowing the sharing.
Images: unknown unless stated with all due respect & grateful for sharing.
Image: White Roses pamela leigh richards
Image: silhouette of pamela taken by Bill Mortimer, thank you dear friend.
Image: White Buffalo ~ pamela
VISION forthcoming: OceanHeart
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