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It is what it is

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on August 27, 2014


Whale Ocean divers pamela quote 2

Dew & Droplets 16

“Life is not an easy subject if you think about it.”

Starling_800 pamela quote

“There will be many who will see what you see during your lifetime.”

Calla Lilies and Sunset

“You might see my body, yet, to know my soul requires a certain symphony.”

“I do not wish to base my reasonings upon yours.”

Lady Eagle Reflecting Pamela Quote

“It is important that your flight in life carries no anger nor hate within.
The power is the action of compassion to do what is necessary
ending something never with glee,
yet purely because it was absolutely necessary.”


Quotes & Comments: Pamela Leigh Richards otherwise kindly noted.
Images: unknown unless stated, thank you.
Image: Monument Valley reflecting water: pamela leigh richards

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The Word was Where?

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on August 17, 2014

Dancing as she seas.Yin-Yang_SymbolDancing as she seas.
Tiger Holographic Energy Pamela quote

“There is a rule of thought. There is a rule of heart.
May the point of direction lead one on with no question or doubt.”

reflecting rainbow trees pamela quote
Tigers Eye to Eye Pamela Quote

“Words just get in the way really.”
“I AM not here to change your mind. I AM here to make up mine.”

“if I cannot speak now freely, then what good does tomorrow bring?”

“If I am exposed? So be it for the ultimate role of her path.”

“The Fire is not to be abused. The Light.
Wear it well and shine it bright and kind.”

Trees Sun Glow

The Still
“You do not have to answer every question posed.
Someone else’s thoughts are theirs to own
Unless agreed do not defend.
For here silence is your one true friend.”

Goldfish Dog Labrador

“Life is a floating memory with no bounds. Your thoughts will never catch it.”

“I don’t think Life needs research to know itself. Especially when we end the question.”

Leaves falling from Tree

“I’m a leaf on the tree then I fall laughing.”

Fractal Fantasy Woman pamela quote

“It does not take history or a simple mind to reason how to be kind.
The rest just gets in the way of the path undivided.”

Girl Suitcase Dolphin.100

Did you know the most resonate sound is silent?
Will never be determined by any instrument on the earthly plane of humanity.

“Never lose sight of the goal. And when you think you are alone? Know this.
It is not nice to fool intentional Nature.”

Whale Tale Ivan 2bexport

A dear friend gave kind permission to use his paintings in this collage I created that sort of popped out at me. The second one is a screen shot from his video in between edits. My minds eye saw the juxtaposition of the Ocean on top and flying on the bottom to be interesting? Everyone will have their personal views and that is what walking in the gallery of life is all about. And funnily ironic, the whales tale is entitled “No Enemy But Man” by Ivan Berryman (brilliant artist).

“It may take years to learn rightful knowledge, yet …
tis’ something one can learn quickly by instinct.” 2010



Quotes & Comments: Pamela Leigh Richards otherwise kindly noted.
“OceanHeart” her book. A coming artistic endeavor.
“Her book of Knowing” ~ working title for the other ONE.
The Gift of a Fall

Images: unknown unless stated, thank you.

Paintings with kind permission by Ivan Berryman

Walk On

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Make it up

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on August 06, 2014

kagaya_the-universe-207x300The Phoenix Pamela quotekagaya_the-universe-207x300

“If I said nothing. Would you still hear me?”

“Don’t blame. I did not make it up.”

“Stop looking in order to see.”

“I don’t need to say much else do I?
You can add all the entitlements as one pleases does not bother me.”

“If you can’t laugh? Please do not stop me from doing so either.
From an unavoidable choice between alternatives.”

Roger that and good to go on my own with other clear minds.
Clear, clear, clear, is the way beyond sight.

“How can I see thou in order to decide,
if thou is hiding something?”

Avatar Pamela screen shot

“Allow the moments to happen sometimes.
In order to cross the lines of divide.”


Laughing is … well, it just is.
When I came out of my fall? So close to nature I was.
Leaving all else behind. Nothing mattered in mind.
All the schooling gone. The chatter did not matter.
I learned not from any book, nor any thought my way.
I learned more from not having the need to learn anything.

“If you give? Give without a guilt trip.”

“Life is not who YOU are. It is who I AM.”

“Silence is the golden teacher that does not need to be heard.”

“A guru becomes because the title behaves significantly different.”

“I am not here to answer your questions. I am here to help you stop asking them.”

Continue asking and continue laughing.
Tis’ an obligation of appropriate measures to bring forth a polite notice.

Pamela Sunset Rising

“Great as are the past achievements, the future holds out more glorious promise. We are getting an insight into the essence of things; our means and methods are being refined, a new and specialized race is developing with knowledge deep and precise, with greater powers and keener perceptions. Mysterious as ever before, nature yields her precious secrets more readily and the spirit of man asserts its mastery over the physical universe. The day is not distant when the very planet which gave him birth will tremble at the sound of his voice; he will make the sun his slave, harness the inexhaustible and terribly intense energy of microcosmic movement; cause atoms to combine in predetermined forms; he will draw the mighty ocean from its bed, transport it through the air and create lakes and rivers at will; he will command the wild elements; he will push on and on from great to greater deeds until with his intelligence and force he will reach out to spheres beyond the terrestrial.” ~ Nikola Tesla

Lady butterfly meadow edit
YKWIAM (ya~quee~um).
An acronym I made up a while ago = You. Know. Where. I. AM.

Pamela quote legend new beginnings

I wrote this once upon a journey. It just happens.

Pamela quote life feather airport vortex2

Pamela quote Life in loving peace whale tale

dog snow puzzled look

“Do you think I could inquire upon life itself for causing a disturbance in my direction?”

“I can’t type as fast as I do not know.”

Whales Sun Ocean Pamela Quote

“Be content with the moment of not trying to figure it out.”

Whale Human Hand Reaching Pamela quote

Pamela quote girl drawing line in sand

Pamelas White Rose Quote enhanced

Je te souhaite la réalisation de tes rêves! (I wish you the realization of your dreams)

“When you leave desire, true love falls into place.”

“It is okay. We tend to talk along the way.”

Quotes & Comments: Pamela Leigh Richards otherwise kindly noted.
“OceanHeart” her book. A coming artistic endeavor.
“Her book of Knowing” ~ working title for the other ONE.
The Gift of a Fall
“I cannot speak accompanying the vastness of existence,
unless we can meet somewhere in the middle of it all,
leaving trash of mind behind.”

Images: unknown unless stated, thank you.
Image: The Phoenix Bird, unknown, edited by pamela
Image: Sunset – pamela leigh richards

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