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The Golden Dragon

Posted in: A - Her Lucid and Mystical Experiences by Pamela on October 18, 2009

“When stillness becomes your home. And the theatre of your mind lets go.
It is here freedom begins to flow.”
pamela leigh richards

As brief as it was, this was an amazing experience, extremely powerful, and wish to share. It was years ago in Hawaii where during a session using Holotropic Breathing (Stanislav Grof) that this happened. Holotropic means ‘moving towards wholeness’. From the Greek “holos” (whole) and “trepein” (moving in the direction of something). The technique involves a very simple process. It combines accelerated breathing with evoking music in a special setting. With your eyes closed and lying on the floor with a mat or something comfortable one will use their own breath and the music in the room to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This state activates a natural healing process and is unique to the individual.

So, here I was breathing deeply and fast for about 2 hours straight. And just before I came out of this intense breathing, right before I was going to stop, I was propelled lucidly and highly visually into a large cave. It all happened rapidly, yet, like a smooth move. It was dark albeit a light shining from behind above my head onto the other side wall like a spotlight. I arrived with a phooom! My eyes were looking at the floor on the other side, to the feet of a man. As my eyes drew upwards to his knees … It was here he began to grow tall morphing into this beautiful Golden Dragon. And as he did my eyes followed him up and up and up and up. Its wings extended out and long neck moving upwards then curving and looking down upon me, while at the same time, tucking its wings next to its body ever so gently. I can still hear the whoooshing sound its wings made before resting on its sides as he gazed upon me. I call it the Golden Dragon because it was so perfect in its shape and the colour was like a Golden Sand.

What went through me was a glimpse of fear, and as quickly as I felt it, even quicker it disappeared. I just stood there looking up. Now connecting with the most powerful feeling of bliss passing between both of us. In this incredibly heartfelt moment I fell in love with it. It was a beautiful bond. The same eternal love and bonding I felt with the Oceanic White Tip Shark in Egypt. The communication that passed between us was outside the parameters of our language, yet, what did come through loud and clear was … “We are evolving too, just like you”.
Powerful. Just powerful and profound.


“If you don’t shine your light how can anyone see you? It is time to change your mind.”

It IS possible to live in bliss, while those around you live in torment.
This has little to do with your location in time and space,
but more to do with your vibrational state.
Be in the world but not of it.
On a collective scale most have lost touch with nature,
and nature is our greatest ally. Be kind and keep it simple.

“I feel an amazing untouchable energy pouring into the portals of our world
and branching out along the entire field with an awakening and transformation
on the edge of eternity knocking on our door.”

Something like the vision I had in Brazil showed me.

“Through every rift of discovery some seeming anomaly drops out of the darkness,
and falls, as a golden link into the great chain of order.”
~ Edwin Hubbel Chapin

Quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated

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Posted in: A - Another View of Life by Pamela on October 17, 2009

This sister site was created in 2008,
It was designed and fulfilled its purpose.
The time has come to redirect it to here @
This site too, is in the throws of its own evolution and I thank you for your visits.
Wishing that everything you read, see, hear and experience, has been of help to you in some way
on your own personal journeys, in the extraordinary thing we call ‘life’.
I’m on to building a Love dream. Uniting the endless skies within the body of the Seas in me.
To the depths of the Earths Heartbeat, and everything in between.
Build what you see, Build a Love Dream, if you please?

“One of the greatest contributions I have given to Life, is making up my mind.”
pamela leigh richards

As I flew over the Mediterranean from England,
entering the lands of Egypt,
as clear as day a telepathic message came with no words,
just a form of pure energy transferring a message,
and its translation was this:

“You need to get grounded. You need to ground yourself. Plant your feet back on the earth”

Next, what ran through me after hearing this initial message on the plane,
were overlapping telepathic thoughts explaining,
that the reason I had to ground was because …

“You have things to fulfill within yourself, this is a very personal journey.
You have to realize your gifts, gain confidence, stand strong.
You have a Heart to give which would help lift humanity in this physicality.”

“The seeking we each strive for will never be found in the external.
For what is eternal, what has always been ‘in’ternal, can never be lost, only found.”

A personal journey? Yes, indeed it is.

“Through every rift of discovery,
some seeming anomaly drops out of the darkness,
and falls as a golden link into the great chain of order.
Edwin Hubbel Chapin

“Sometimes you just have to follow your Heart and not wait for knowledge.”

“Nature is our greatest ally, for God [the god particle] is in everything.”

“We are each here for something, we must find what that something is,
on this very personal journey.”

Images: Credited, otherwise unknown source at this time
Quotes: Pamela Leigh Richards unless otherwise stated.
Photo SunLight Geometries: Sunset in Sedona from my garden across to Airport Vortex
Video: Almadrava granted permission to use her video.



This is probably one of the more extreme ‘out of body’ dreams I have ever had.
For those who don’t recognize the two on either side of myself in the middle picture?
It is High Sanusi Baba Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa (the high holy man), the official storyteller of the Zulu nation, a Sangoma (traditional healer) and his wife, High Sanusi Virginia Nkagesang Rathele Mutwa, also a fellow Sangoma. They are both authors in their own rights of many books including “Indaba My Children”, “Zulu Shaman” and “Woman of Four Paths: The Strange Story of a Black Woman in South Africa“.

I was there visiting for about two weeks in 2006, with my then husband, British author David Icke.
Credo calls on all human beings to awaken the mother mind, that part of human consciousness
that feels what is happening in the world. He describes the African philosophy, Ubuntu;
“I am because you are”, as the root of humanity’s interconnectedness, a sense of unity
between people through which we each discover our own strengths and virtues.

Many awakenings and visions have happened in my life since this time.
I am not the same and this is a good thing and used to say growing up
“If I am the same tomorrow, as I am today, I will not be happy”.
I was aware of something back then that I’m now beginning to understand what it means.

I mentioned to Virginia, that prior to coming, I had three vivid dreams with she and Credo.
When she heard this she said, as we were sitting in the Ancestors House,
“Pamela, please let us know if you have any more dreams like this”.

Amazingly, the following dream occurred on the very night after leaving Kuruman heading back home to England.

I first found myself walking into this room, as if I simply appeared there?
In such a profound lucid state ~ It was so beautiful.
I stood there as Virginia approached and had a long mesh dress in her hands for me to put on.
There was no verbal communication. All was understood telepathically.
It was draped over both of her arms in an extended manner as she placed it in front of me
and I knew to put it on, without question. I could actually feel myself ‘thinking’ that it was not something I would wear but this ‘thought’ evaporated immediately and I slipped into an awareness that did not ‘think’.

I just knew things. It was an elevation of understanding beyond our 3-D world.
I experienced this same understanding with the dolphins in Egypt.
She helped put it right over my head and what I was already wearing, as it slipped down my body. It was hand made from very natural materials. There could have been tiny beads very sparcely interwoven?

Sort of like this picture below, only it went down to my ankles in length and not a halter but over my shoulders. This was close to the colour as well. Creamy/Golden/Tanish.

We then walked to these windows in the room placing our hands upon them laughing so happily!
A very tall black man was coming up from the left towards the windows on the outside.
To give you a visual: Imagine you are standing in a small room with two large windows.
Outside is a grassy area, like a front yard, with a street and a streetlight. Like a neighborhood?
It was night time with only the light of this street lamp.
As he walked to the window he placed his hand upon it matching up with mine on the other side.
We looked into each others eyes and it was only for a moment really.
This picture is almost exactly what it was like.

Virginia was standing on my right with her left hand on my window too.
She and I were looking at each other as well, laughing. It was so beautifully fun!
The 2 windows were closer together though. Not so much division between them.
After he did this, he turned and skipped/danced away very happily as he was now laughing too!

Next, I found myself standing in this same room facing a door
and to my left was a very wide panoramic length window.
What was out the window reminded me of a hotel that had an open atrium sort of area
with the sky above and some trees and plants were there and a sidewalk
where Virginia was briskly walking with great purpose to her step and intent. Very focused.
I knew she was coming to the door in front of me.
I turned to look at the door and she opened it coming directly towards me.
At that very moment of walking towards me,
it was very purposeful with determination, she looked up and said;

“It Is Time … The Seven Circles (sounded like the word Circles?) something, something, something, The Seven Circles something, something, something, the Seven Circles something, something, something … “

She repeated this three times that I could hear.
At that very moment, it all happened so quickly and words are difficult to find to describe.
I began to leave energetically upward and out, like a wave pulling me backwards
as I watched her below speaking and my entire being leaving.
Then boom! I was back in my body. It was abrupt.
Saying “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” over and over, which, woke my husband up
because I was trying to find something to write it all down with in the dark.
I finally found my way to the computer and just began typing.

The next morning my husband heard the whole story and said he felt I might go back and study with Virginia. I did not feel that though. There was more to my path that was unfolding and has led me to where I am right now and find the journey getting more and more profoundly beautiful.

Maybe Truth for humanity is just a signpost that you traverse in your attempt to interpret the reason for your existence, and there are an infinite amount of signposts ready and prepared by your Creator for you to experience? Maybe this is the role and purpose of mankind? To constantly dynamically advance and choose new signposts, integrate the lessons, and forge ahead towards Oneness. Be open to completely letting go of past systems, letting go of old scars and resentment, and look forward towards the great adventure that life really is meant to be.

I am now realizing the probable meaning of this 7 Circle Message.
So beautiful.

‘Our plans miscarry because they have no aim.
When a man does not know which harbour he is making for, no wind is the right wind.’
~ Senecca

“It may take years to learn rightful knowledge, yet,
tis’ something one can learn quickly by instinct.”
pamela leigh richards

I wish to share something that happened some time ago.
It was a highly lucid tangible dream and very profound.
I do feel that I am understanding its meaning much clearer now.
And whatever it is, I am the Captain of this water, body, vessel, vehicle Ship.
Life is Precise.

As I went to sleep I had this image of what appeared to be very clearly …
An “A” in a Circle hovering over me all night.
It was floating in the Universe or what I would now consider the vacuum of darkness.
The Black Hole, the Event Horizon, the Void, the Silence, the point of beginnings.
It was beautiful really and had this feeling that it was watching over me. All night.
I woke up 3 times and every time I went back to sleep this image was just ‘there’.
No fear, no anything. Very neutral in its presence. Just watching over me observing.
Others came up with their versions of what it might be, yet, I stayed ‘within’ my own knowing.
This falls right in line with a theme occuring in my life where people would look at me and say; “We have never seen anyone like you before?”
It has happened more often than not. I just know my Heart and its meaning. No comparing here. No ego. It is what it is and I have something to share unafraid to do so.

I feel the Dream had to do with Creation.

Dealing with a brain injury has been one of the most important challenges of my life for it has opened up doors. What I ‘see’ goes way beyond what I speak of here. My gratitude is there always to life for this amazing journey, and honoured to be able to share.

“I am my own Life’s experiment. I am my own Reserch Project.”

“There is a song I’m singing you cannot hear, yet.”

“I’m dealing with so much and only so much I can deal with.”

It is time to Clean House.
The internal and external House. The mental, emotional, and environmental House.
It is time to Let Go.

“I’m dropping a pebble in the pond of thought.”

“No matter what my heart can weep still
There is a place that calls from deep within
All the wisdom in the Multiverse is a sonnet
Every cell and soul of yours knows this
Don’t let anyone or anything intellectualize it
Leading you astray to follow, for indeed
This song of yours is a most important thing.
I feel nature inside on a ride to bursting.”

“We are all boarding different trains going in different directions, that is all.
Where they originate from, the station is still the same.
Where they end up, only you will know.”

Life is a personal journey. Get to know thy’self’.
At the same time remember, you are never, ever alone.

“Your words are like scenery outside the window of my train. I don’t have to bring it in.”

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It is Time. A Global Clearing. Over Here For A Word.

Images: Credited, otherwise unknown source at this time
Quotes: Pamela Leigh Richards unless otherwise stated.

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