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The Pause of an Aritst

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on November 23, 2016

“The silent whispers like a breeze kissing the leaves,
meant for you to recognize beyond your sensoring.”
Please enjoy perusing the rest of this site, as I pause to concentrate on writing, among other things my wonderful friends. The journey must be unfolding perfectly and in right time of logical reasoning. May we each choose our paths wisely and precisely, laced in love always.

“Walking through life freely,
one step, one breath at a time, in one blink of an eye.”

“Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

“Do only that which brings you peace and joy,
let no one and no thing keep you from it.”
~ Zarathrustra

“There is an eloquent position in life that can defy,
a minstrels play upon a wandering eye.”

“”Life is moving so fast I can’t keep up with the spin, therefore,
I ride the crest of the wave unintimidated.”

“Sometimes there comes a moment where everything spirals into a shimmering point.
Tis’ here where awareness becomes free from thinking.”

“In order to be who you are,
you must untangle yourself from seeing yourself,
as who you once were.”

“When I look at someone,
I begin with compassion for the planet they come from.”


“There’s a Tsunami coming UP and the Titanic going DOWN,
I choose to dive through the middle of the wave.”
~ plr

Wow! No kidding, go figure?
A slight moment after writing the ‘middle of the wave’ quote above?
It just happens to all of us sometimes.
This line below appeared as I journeyed to another page,
from one of my favorite people.

“You and I are all as much continuous with the physical universe,
as a wave is continuous with the ocean.”
~ Alan Watts


“When you lose all sense of self, the bonds of a thousand chains will vanish.
Lose yourself completely. Return to the root of the root of your own soul.”
~ Rumi
This image is a collage I created. Standing with what is called ‘the wishing tree.’

“I have felt the moment I took my first breath, a reaching desire to connect,
with the very fabric and essence of life itself before we met.”

“YOU are the LIGHTHOUSE emitting focus on the seas of sailing free,
from every wave resting now calmingly within thee.”

“Peace is not having to answer anything that causes difficulty in the continuum.”

“Creation does not require work, it requires love, and the rest will unfold denying gravity.”

“Let it begin with you, no matter what you have to let go of.”

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe.
If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened.
But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”
~ Friedrich Nietzsch

“Life does not kill you. Thoughts do. Life lives on always.
Wisdom is simple. Be kind.”

All quotes: pamela leigh richards copyright 1960 ONward, unless otherwise noted.
Top Video: Created in 2010 during recovery from “The Gift of a Flying Fall”
Images: unknown unless noted

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