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Invisible Light

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 13, 2013

Yin Yang TreePamela screen shot of film in Northern New Mexico cold and barefoot 1Yin Yang Tree 2''

“The invisible light is the blank canvas about to shed a starlight upon our focus.”


“Tis’ not the picture that paints, tis’ the heart within that sings its expressing.
And we are never alone in the journey.”


“Know when to turn out the light,
know the light never ends.”


“Life, like music, was never meant to be a difficult transition.
Harmony and coherency blends like sympathetic resonance.
Speak no more. I hear thee.”


“I spread nothing but love in my wake …. I do the best i can.
Forgive me, let go of what you think of me, embrace who you are,
and may we dance in the light of life beyond ‘thought'”


“I have all the time in the world for you to figure it out.”


“You are the space in~between the place.”


“I will love you as I say goodbye.”


triple-planet-conjunction-haleakala Maui Mike Dillinger



If we are all ONE then I am ONE with the SUN.
Love me as I love thee no words necessary.


“Carry me with thy song if I so choose to sing along, otherwise I am gone.”

Eagles Trees River Golden Believe in yourself

“You have to remove fear in order to see where you are going.”

“Believe in your’self'”

“Love me like you love your god.”


4 Aug 11 Magic Garden Red Rock Birdies

“There is no awakening.
We are already awake looking here, there, and everywhere.
Where we look there we are.”


Why does one need someone else to make up ones own mind?
You don’t.
However, thank you to all the others for helping me make it up.


“An unexamined life is not worth living.”
~ Socrates”


“Who sets the template upon which we must examine?
Time to wipe the slate clean. What do you think?”


“Through life and its living
I see through our individual eyes
and all its circumferences becoming.
How beautiful we are.”


Pamela Panda ~Checking in to see how you are

“Belief is the mystery.”
Did you know that we can communicate outside the web of the net?
No wires necessary?
Yes please!

Pamela Panda ~ On the count of 3 push!
Quantum physics. On the count of 3 PUSH!

Seal love look.pamela quote

“How can one make decisions based on the outside? You cannot.
It must come from within.”

“I’m inspired by the depths of my despairs.”

“I feel strange and grateful at the same time.”


A POEM I WROTE in 2006.
May it offer something good to everyones heart in some way as it did mine at the time.


“This is a message and a prayer to share with whomever,
that what my movements in life are teaching me is a great truth.
That we already have what everyone is searching for,
the love that loves me ~ that we were all born with to love forever.
Presiding and flourishing in our gardens and skirts of the seas,
simple in its treasures as the understanding self made awakens to being.
Docking into the harbors of home, where worries,
grief, fears, angers, or the mighty winds of time,
could never knock down the seedling of a tree now grown.
May everyone know this kind of Love and be healed by it.
May this ink on paper be heard and erase all guilts and regrets,
and put an end to all anger, warring, misunderstandings, divisions,
and chains that bind the mind, please.
Who will be the branch in the wind that bends to release?
I pray it is I, for the choices I make are not about thee, but surely about me.
~ pamela leigh richards 2006


Norwegian Fjords
Norwegian Fjords full of love 2013 🙂

“The strongest force is softness.”

Suren Manvelyan dog pamela quote

“I teach what I live.”

“I will not give you your fear.”


“You have to let life create itself, you are a participant.”

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

“There is no use walking anywhere to preach unless you’re walking as your preacher.”
~ Dewitt Jones

Quote If you stumble

There are lovers content with longing.
I’m not one of them.

“The holy ghost is the child birthing an idea.”
~ pamela leigh richards

“There is more to life than a response.”
“Reaching into the night skies to bring a spark of newness to light.”
“When you wipe the slate clean you see life as it is, not what you have been led to believe.”

“Every time you open a ‘thought’, it creates a reality. Alongside this?
Is knowing we are never alone in our ‘thoughts’.
Wrap your mind around that ONE.”

Pamela quote you must dance 1
Dancer on the Beach

BluePeace Pamela quote 2007

BLUEPEACE ~ she tries with amazement.

“Wise~dom means one must have intent that is pure for the good of the whole.”
Time to take out the trash.

“I feel that the worlds tears are many fold.

They express current conditions and a releasing

of all that is to be cleansed internally and externally.

Habits are hard to break.”

“It was unfolding even while asleep. The miracle is recognizing.”

I’ve known all along ….
Strange if one compares. Stop comparing and just BE your’self’.


Regal-Tiger pamela quote

“Silence is golden.

In a world of coherency truth reveals itself with no fear, in no time.”


Diane Fossey

Theo; What makes you think what you know is any different than what other people know?
Ethan; I had different teachers.
~ ‘Instinct’ the movie


Quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise noted.
Images: Unless known thank you for allowing freely.
Image: Red Rock Garden in her sacred place ~ pamela leigh richards
Image: White Poodle ~ Suren Manvelyan

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