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A New Year Bridge to … the middle way.

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on December 28, 2016

New Year = “Nature Embedding the World with a Yearning that Energetically gardens,
A Rendezvous with all portals for peace.”

“Better use of life is to create a New Year appearing with coherently kind eyes.”

“Leading is Serving in a Peaceful manner for the good of the whole,
and nature is our guiding ally.”

This website has been an ongoing unedited collage of one girls journey through life. What Klaus is teaching brings such joy in recognition. It reflects my inner knowingness at how life can be with life. And wisely in line with what I’ve been experiencing in such a short frame of time with two foster kitties I’m caring for without ever having a degree? It is an inside job as they say, and being kind, respecting, and loving, is one of life’s greatest teachers, allowing the true nature of who WE are as humans to unfold, unhindered by external thoughts.

Just recently I’ve been able to hold in my arms for long periods, the one feral kitty in a loving cuddle. She allowing me to get so intimately close, whereas before was very skittish, jumping at every attempt to touch her. I observed patiently in my own discovery of learning. Trust ensues with patience and guidance. These cats are teaching me so much, and I them. They know long before I’m going to leave, and long before I return. Upon arriving they are so excited to see me. What is going on? Klaus actually shares a bit of ‘why’ in this documentary. A valuable tool for us all to recognize. There is a bonding that happens, and those that wield it, must carry it with grace, dignity, and honor without harm to any other.

It is vital to get over our human view of how every other living conscious creation sees things. Step into the eyes of an elephant, wild cat, dog, primate, cetaceans, crustaceans, amphibians, even a tree, leaf, a bird or butterfly, the wind blowing in the breeze, it is extraordinary to go beyond traditional sense. So much more to life than what we’ve been taught to believe, and forever I shall love the experience with respect in all that is good and nurturing for a path of living in Peace.

“Never let your teacher be your leader.
May a teacher always be its own student,
leaving both to fly with respect in the collective wake.”

“Technology should not be advancing the question, it should be resolving it.”

“As we sweep round every cycle of time into each New Year,
we must remove the debris from under the carpets in order to live in a clean house.”

“Live the light of kind mind that carries you towards new beginnings peacefully.
In a symmetrically principled world, know which songs to sing,
and which to politely walk out of the auditorium from.”

“Freedom is simply not being afraid to walk another way.”

“I love myself more than what I’m leaving.
You don’t have to love everyone or everything, just don’t hate.”

“Bending Reality means changing the way you look at it.”

“We are a magnet attracting like-kinded minds and hearts.”

“You remind me to celebrate.”

Listen with your heart. The Passion for Peace, hear the call.
All human activity is a dance ritual and still, we must learn new approaches to it.

“If two in neutrality would come together,
I know each ONE would understand the journey of a peaceful forever.”

“Peace is the energy that shifts totality.”

“You are a pivotal point in time. Accept the gift un·e·quiv·o·cal·ly.”

All quotes and writings: pamela leigh richards 1960 onward. Unless otherwise noted.
Images: unknown unless stated.
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I have an amazing personal story in my book (unpublished) about tomatoes, and how they spoke to me. Clearly. It was so incredibly profound. No professor could have taught me what I learned in one hour making salsa on the granite counter top in my kitchen recovering from a TBI (traumatic brain injury). One hour surrounded in a vortex of calming compassion, with poignantly directed focus on what mattered at that moment. Patience has been her guiding light to share in its right time.

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