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There are many paths on the road to real-eyesation.
Live in kindness.
Meet you all in the middle of forever!

“I am not here to answer your questions, I am here to help you stop asking them.”
pamela leigh richards

Let go of confusions. Stop ‘trying’ to make up your mind, and just make it.
This state of ‘being’ envelopes all with a loving energy that has no thought.
It is the formless ‘knowing’. It is living bliss.
Be protective of your environment. You can do it and our world needs it.
Collectively we become the ‘new idea’ that is the love that conquers all.

A meme is an idea that behaves like a virus–that moves through a population,
taking hold in each person it infects.
Memes can replicate vertically or horizontally within a single biological generation.

Malcolm Gladwell

“Sit down before facts like a child, and be prepared to give up every preconceived notion,
follow humbly wherever and to whatever abysses Nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.”

T.H. Huxley

“Slow down, Listen to your heartbeat. Now we can feel. Now we can hear.”
pamela leigh richards

“Sometimes you just gotta follow your heart and not wait for knowledge.”
~ pamela leigh richards

Turn off your televisions. They are only there as a meme to “Tell-a-Vision”.
To indoctrinate your mind into believing a version of reality that does not have to be yours.
Yet, yours it is, as long as you keep paying attention to it. The problem has always been choice 😉
Technology is not progress but regress. Go ‘within’ yourself. Get to truly ‘know thyself’.
The greatest and wisest teachers one could ever have is in nature.
Humanity has lost touch with it and themselves.

Clinging to knowledge. Attached to it so ferrociously.
Are you willing to drop all the knowledge you worked so hard & took all that time to learn,
be willing to let it all go, if the “truth” that resides “within you” appeared?
Are you willing to let go of the script you’ve been reading from someone elses dream and co-create your own?
Like the Architect said in the Matrix movie: “We’ve done this 6 times, we’ve gotten pretty good at it.”
Cycles, cycles, cycles of time. It is time to stop spinning, someone else’s tale.
It is in ones Silence that the Universe surrenders and listens.
Chase away the darkness with everything ‘you are‘. Pure Electrifyingly Potent Love.
Don’t think twice before you listen to your heart, no matter what.

I feel part of chaos is accumulated energy of “information overload”.
It is time to relax, let go and fly with the flow.
In Chi, In Understanding, In Love, In Forgiveness, In Gratitude, In Respect, In Honour.

I am a growing and evolving Soul, just as you are.
We’re just at different stages of our development and we will all get to where we each desire to be.
May we all have patience with ourselves and be sure to make time to enjoy the journey.
Always be aware of your thoughts, and pay attention to their Quality;
Because what you think about …
Is directly related to what you will see around you, and what Life will show you.
It is the difference between conscious, and subconscious Creation.
Keep putting those positive thoughts out.
Persevere, as we all may have a bit of negative work to undo first, but keep catching yourself.
And focusing on the positive in everything and everyone with gratitude and love.

Then prepare yourself for an “almost magical” transformation of your circumstances.

Logic brings you from A to B , Imagination brings you anywhere.
Albert Einstein

Photo Courtesy Of: The lovely Elena Kalis
Over to Build What You See

The Beauty Of Your Heart

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 13, 2010

There is nothing wrong with all of creation. There is simply something wrong IN IT.
And that means your mind environment.
Yet, all things are perfect as they are, because you determined it.
To receive knowledge, wisdom, experiences, understandings, insights, awareness
and navigating the shamanic landscape, has embellished an even deeper knowing
of gratitude and honour ‘within’, showering my soul feelings,
and wish to experience more to share with others, in this glorious awakening.

“I do not walk my path laying down pebbles or ribbons to find my way back.
I walk as best I can, unattached.”

“Nature is our greatest ally. Be kind to all Life.”

“I speak my truth in comfort, knowing it can change in a heartbeat.
And more importantly, not being afraid to do so.”

“Everything in your behaviour that you do or say, ask yourself,
would you wish for your loving creator to be acting, behaving or saying the same to you?”
~ pamela leigh richards

Each and every one of us is contributing to either destruction or living.
The enemy is not “out there”. The enemy is ‘within’.
Enemies are created, bought and sold on the mind market.
If peace is truly ones focus then remove the manufactured enemies.
It is time to take out the mental trash.
Remove all ill-thoughts, mis-guided behaviours and break the habits.

Wipe the slate clean, free your mind, and build what you see, internally.
I call what we are all doing right now, ‘reality shifting’. Do not think twice before listening to your heart.
Change your internal Universe and existence by letting go of polarity thinking.
Let go of thinking at all. Know your heart. It’s a really, really, massive energetic, ‘knowing’ thing.
Fuse everything into one. All that is not necessary will dissolve and melt away.
Leaving behind the only thing that matters. Keep it simple.
Without words or physicality or explanation, it is simply a heartfelt ‘knowing’.
Get out of your head and into your heart.
And this will then be reflected outwardly. As above, so below. Or, as ‘within’, so ‘without’.
What you ‘think’, co-creates your reality. Think Peace Please.
Live, Breathe, Act, Walk Sacredly with ALL in Harmony.
This does not need lengthy explaining.

“My worth is not based on what I am doing in the eyes of the world,
but what I am doing ‘within’ the ‘eye’ of my heart.
And if I sit just loving all that is, It is here, I have done alot.”
~ pamela leigh richards

The sensitivity of life will present itself in its entirety
When it knows it will be respected and treated with kindness.
Like walking into a library of wisdom ~
Knowing it is here, with grace, we walk in our true essence in sacred silence.
The highest realms of Life will not throw itself as a pearl, to be abused before swine.
Yet, at the same time, the pearl and the swine are merely sitting on opposite ends of the same stick.
They come from the same mother. The same father. They are inseparable, in love.

The depth of True Love,
Has no words to speak of,
Albeit it can be recognized,
In a word that is kind.
~ pamela leigh richards

The Unseen: Be open to believe in more than you can see.
The Unknown: Be open to knowing more than you ‘think’ you know.
The Untold: Be open to exposing that which, was never said.
Free your mind, to bring truth to light.
Just Another View of Life?

Bend like a branch in the wind, in all situations.
Yet, know when to snap back, so as not to be walked on.
Don’t waste your mind or your time. A waste is a terrible thing to mind.
And in doing so, make it swift with a humbled heart.
Doing such a required action with no glee, knowing it was done only as necessary.
I feel it is all a reflection here in the big bubble called our Universe.
Remove all the names, names, names and detach from ‘thought’
and live more visually from the heart.

Take away Time, the movie ends, and we fall into the bliss of pure energy in the ocean of silence,
Yet a deafening paradox of loudness. Of knowingness. Of everything.
Hard to describe in words what I have seen and felt
That exists in the shimmering ocean of the thought-less Knowing.

This is the ‘knowing’ place I have struggled to find words to describe?
For I feel words can sometimes pin one down, like a butterfly on a collectors board.
And collectively, generationally, we have all been taught to some degree, to be afraid of this place.
The Silence. The Calm and Quiet Vestibules between thought in the Ocean of Bliss.
Through insecurities, guilts, not being good enough, doubts, misguided and misinforming voices,
Our ears were hearing and eyes were witnessing. Confusing.
They were nothing more than guards at the door.
And now we have eyes to see, ears to hear, and minds awakening, as we say no more.
Now, it is time. The palace of peace is longing for us all ~ to not be afraid ~ to go there.
This place of knowingness ‘within’ you, has merely been shrouded through raised fears.
And the guards are now falling away at this time in the forever year.
Knowing has never left you. It is within you waiting to be found again.
Once entering this valuable knowing library,
“Respect” is the pass and “Freedom” comes with the territory.

Life sometimes hides what you want and reveals what you need.
Courage is not the absence of fear. For fear could be there to experience the energy of fear itself, which,
will motivate an action that takes us to the point of overcoming that fear and not be stopped by it.
It is also what enables us to do what is ‘right’, even with pressure from others around, to do otherwise.
Or even the pressure from within your own doubting mind, slowing down a decision when you know it’s right.
Decide by following your heart. And out the other side you will emerge.
After the action into the unknown is crossed and where new frontiers reveal …
That nothing was to be afraid of and the beauty of your heart is shown.

May you take a moment aside from the chattering mind and calm it down to real-eyes,
Just how valuable your focus and attention is to bringing your world into a state of peace.
Let go of comparisons, judgements, subtle thoughts and comments
That only lead one down the path of confusion and never ending non-sense.
Keep your mind environment clean and take out the trash.
It is time To remove all fears. To remove false beliefs … and do the Quantum Leap.

When one follows the heart, questions start to fall away.
An unedited excerpt from my up and coming book “OceanHeart ~ Immerse Yourself
“Victimhood. It is about getting out of victimhood and treating everything in a sacred manner.
It is about looking at each experience not as something being done To Us,
but rather something being done For Us. Not like dying in any given situation,
but rather view it as if the gift of the experience is with you to shed the old and re-birthing anew.
To begin anew by shedding old habits, thoughts, patterns of behaviour and old views.
Anything from the past that is not nurturing.
Anything that in the very second before has lost value in the moment of NOW. Quiet and unwind the mind.
Letting go of the dead weights, the balls and chains of emotional bondage that are burdening.
NOW add beautiful light feathers one by one, and before you know it,
you will have full wings to spread and fly freely. It might take some time and it does so seem.
Yet, when it begins to happen you will say to others, It really is that easy.”

Our bodies are Temples. Our minds, hearts and voices are precious and will be heard. Treat everything sacredly.
It is time to Sing. To Unite. And I have a dream. A dream to build a Place of Peace.
It begins ‘within’ and then ‘without’ it shall be.
This “Place” starts in the heart, mind, body and soul. It is A New Sacred Temple. A Palace of Peace.
Like the parable of the mustard seed, the tiniest of seeds, so brilliantly showed me,
that the kingdom of heaven is not in the skies outward. It sits in the everywhere skies ‘within’. In ‘self’.
The All Seeing Eye, is within each and every one of us, in my view. The pineal gland comes to mind.
What are we really? We have determined it. What are we ultimately?
We have determined it as the ‘observer’, alternating out of the NOW or zero point to discover ourselves.
We are each our own universes. Like the universes in the creations of a leaf or tree or planets.
The awakening is so brilliant and exciting as the disguise is coming down.
Stay focussed. Remain on track, never lose sight nor give up on yourself and the focus.
Peace has no enemy and love knows nothing else.
I envision a place with vast forested Lands with many rivers running through it.
By clean and pristine Ocean waters full of life. A place that exists in a higher form that seems formless.
Nature and all of existence purely living and enjoying the ecstasies of harmony.
Animals of all kinds will gather and also live in harmony, for they too,
Will be surrounded by love, And safe to live freely without fear. There is no eating here as know it on Earth.
Our living and sustenance is received in a manner that exists in the ‘just as we are’.
We will know it when we get there 🙂
A Sanctuary of living and opening up to to receiving the gifts of experiencing what life was meant to be like.
Where we move about and fly for there is no gravity as we know it.
Where our forms are more shimmering because we are in a higher frequency.
And where this place will be, in the eyes of immortality, is the next big surprise! Hang on for the ride.
No one is an island unto themselves, therefore, with the vision being held, I open up the door.
Asking for a new beginning, to not re-invent the old, but to co-create anew.
A New View of life and Living. The call is out and building the vision has begun.

It amazes me to hear Mr. Eckhart Tolle speak like this, because it is exactly what I am experiencing and have been writing about in the time since my accident. For those who do not know of the accident and wish to? Please see here for “The Light Will Never Go Out” I just said to a friend last night from a great quote I have heard before, that I strongly see as true; “Part of the problem is continuing to look at the problem.” This is what has been happening in my world and what I am ‘seeing’ and have explained to a few close friends who have been near over these last months helping me during this healing and recovery time. I am simply here existing and observe with wonder, awe, intrigue, and very much aware of an unravelling in our collective world. My mind shuts down sometimes, as if telling me, that what I am looking at or listening to, is no longer relevant. My brain and its purpose as the conduit, between something far greater in consciousness or pure source of energy, and myself, have a real ‘thang’ going on and I am ever so grateful. All that I receive and become aware of that will help the good of the whole, I shall with honour, share. The more I look around, the more physicality seems to be disappearing. The past, the parroting of mis-guiding thoughts, is being removed. I can see the hologram breaking down and what I would consider the overlay disappearing.

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