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Quantum Entanglement

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on August 27, 2010

Free your mind. Remove Fear. Everything you do effects everything.
Clean earth. Clean skies. Clean Air. Clean mind.
You are what you ‘think’ you are.
Your world is what you have allowed it to be by believing in someone elses dream.
It is time to wake up, do the different. Turn yourself inside out.
And co-create a new reality.

Written on the tombstone of humanity:
They denied the existence of the strange objects in their skies;
they denied the existence of the cryptic designs in their fields;
they denied the true nature of their own existence;
but in the end they couldn’t deny their own self-destruction.

Few tragedies can be more extensive than the stunting of life,
Few injustices deeper than the denial of an opportunity to strive or even to hope,
by a limit imposed from without, but falsely identified as lying within.
~ Stephen Jay Gould

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed people, can change the world.
It is the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Meade

It is so interesting because of everything that is unfolding at this ‘time’.
Even now as my brain is still healing and feeling tightness and re-wiring
there is just something very profound happening.
I have a hard time focussing on tasks unless they are in line with creating.
It is so powerful I simply must move with this flow as it gently carries me.
Through the waves of immortality and eternity.
The only way I can describe it right now.
It is not easy to stay grounded because of the energies pouring in.
I wish to almost fade out and into that which I’m feeling.
It’s a heartfelt ‘feel’ thing.

It was just recently where Damanhur was brought to my attention.
That which is necessary to ‘see’ is being put before me.
Ask and you shall receive? I am feeling a sense of purpose for being here.
It seems to becoming more clear and find it so beautiful.

I am not here to make anyone believe anything.
I am simply here to share what I see.

The choice to believe one thing or another is up to the individual.
The problem has always been choice.
If you do not stand for something, you fall for everything.

Build it and they will come.
Building it begins within your ‘thoughts’, intentions, heart and mind.
Then it shall be co-created and manifested. We are at a very pivotal point.
It is time, it is the shift, the awakening, right now. We’re IN IT.

Remove Fear, Wipe the Slate Clean, Free Your Mind and Feel.
Some of that which, we have been taught to fear, is the very pathway to peace.
Be careful not to throw the baby out with the bath water.
Expand and become transformational as the very being you are, in all possibility.
The adventure on this planet is much more ancient and complex, yet simple, than what is officially told.

“La Belle Verte” – The Green Beautiful

Posted in: Movie Gallery by Pamela on August 06, 2010

“La Belle Verte”, a rare Awakening movie

that was prohibited within all the EU (European Union).
It brings a huge wake up call to people of the World.
Click Here to Watch the Whole Movie

There’s Beauty In The Breakdown

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on August 02, 2010

The world is co-created by the thoughts of your mind.
By the intentions of your heart.
You have the power to re-create anytime.
And you can feed the mind of another if you focus on their world.
Strip away the desires that lure you in. Turn yourself inside out.
Do things different. Life is not what you are told to ‘think’.
Life is what you choose to co-create.
It is time …The problem has always been choice.
And always yours to make.
pamela leigh richards

Always help others, showing love and care whenever and wherever one can.
But do not get caught up in someone else’s “story”
To the point where you start writing it. Know what I mean?

You will not find Truth in your past data, only past data, that is based on other past data
That is based on other past data, and so forth.
Forget your “past experience” and look directly at the experience you are having
Right Here, Right Now.
There is your Truth.


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