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These are like digital Crop Circles being placed upon the land of mind.
To view, to see, to choose to either delete or believe. With humbled heart I am sharing my story.
To touch and reach out unafraid of the unknown.
To open the door of all possibility and to hear what has shy’d away from being spoken.
We are the cracks in the dam wall and the water is about to burst through like a beautiful waterfall.

You are greatly loved beyond measure. You are important. You have value. You are beautiful!
You are precious no matter how tiny nor how large and have meaning and purpose.
Your very breath speaks loudly in its gentle Silent whisper, always heard.

“To sit down before fact as a little child, be prepared to give up every preconceived notion,
follow humbly wherever and to whatever abysses nature leads, or you shall learn nothing.”
~ thomas huxley … zooologist 1825 – 1895

“Don’t think life, become life.”

I have learned we are not here to change the world, we are here to remember who we Are. And in turn the world will change for the good of the whole. It begins ‘within’. Neurons unite in mind when awoken from their sleep upon observation in sight igniting manifestation upon ones beliefs, it does so seem? And even this is primitive to understanding life in its totality. Never worry, never fret, never doubt, for Nature is our greatest ally with our best interests at Heart always. Looks can be deceiving. I believe, what we are all seeking will never be found. We will simply know it when we get there.

BORN FREE. “I believe in me. If you can’t believe in yourself you can’t believe in anyone else.”
We are all born free and not captive. Yet, for the very mind with that which you ‘think’.
Set yourself free. It is time to ‘think’ differently.

The energy field was never meant to be used to Create harm nor to be controlled, in my humble view. It is not nice to fool Mother Nature. She will sort things rest assured of that. And be aware that nature has all the time in the world to get it right, with patience beyond measure, and when she makes up her mind? She will be swift. Where will you, at that time, be standing?

“I love what I know. I love more what I have yet to know.”

Celebrate What’s Right with the World! 22:19 min’s of …
An amazing National Geographic photographers views, Dewitt Jones.
“There is no use walking anywhere to preach unless you’re walking as your preacher…showed me what it might be like to soar…She was who she was, with discipline, with grace, with total lack of ego… the best for the world.”

“You won’t find the answer in the search. When you stop seeking, is when you’ll be found.”

In a Native American parable, the Creator gathers all the animals and says:
I want to hide something from humans until they are ready for it.
The realization that they create their own reality.
‘Give it to me. I’ll fly it to the moon,’ says the Eagle.
No, one day soon they will go there and find it.
‘How about the bottom of the ocean?’ asks the salmon.
No, they will find it there too.
‘I will bury it in the great plains,’ says the buffalo.
They will soon dig and find it there.
‘Put it inside them,’ says the wise grandmother mole.
Done, says the Creator, it is the last place they will look.

“When you can laugh is when War and Peace finds the door.”
The Global Clearing

“I choose not to be sad. I choose to be compassionate.”

“My tears fall not for the journey and what was endured of it …
They fall for the beauty in the flow of mastering it.”

“I care not what you wear. I care what is in your nature.”

“Who needs drugs. This Universal Awakening is a Trip.”

“Once divided by thought, now coming together by Heart.”
“Ones greatest teacher is Ones Self”
We are setting the outcomes now as a whole species. We are setting forth our own discoveries.

Time to remove the harness. Time to remove Fear.
Time to remove the balls and chains at your feet that bind the minds atmosphere.
Time to remove cages and walls and boundaries of disbelief,
and BELIEVE with a simple calm knowing from the Heartbeat.
You are this powerful and we are never alone.

“If something feels wrong love it and leave it.
If something feels right, love it and keep it.”

If you’re alone, I’ll be your shadow. If you want to cry, I’ll be your shoulder.
If you want a hug, I’ll be your pillow. If you need to be happy, I’ll be your smile.
And anytime you need a friend, I’ll just be me.

“We are all going to get where we are going one way or another. And I believe that in an instant everything you knew, did or didn’t do, will be a long gone memory. Just like words as you turn the page, leave love & laughter in your wake. Enjoy life every day.”

“If we are going to make the next step together, we must leave pretty much everything behind.”

“Do not cover truths with secrets unseen.
They do more harm hidden than in the open revealing.”

The kiss of the Sun will pardon any lack in the movement of mirth.
For one is closest to gods heart in a garden, than anywhere else on Earth.

The Windmills of your mind.
Life is an ever turning wheel. Changing, changing, changing.
Be prepared to let go of everything you thought you could ever know.
Be prepared to take the quantum leap into avenues you thought could never exist.
They DO.

“There is no use walking anywhere to preach unless you’re walking as your preacher.”
~Dewitt Jones

“If you do nothing everything is still happening.
Life goes on and on and on whether you participate or not.
Enjoy where you ARE.”

Breaking Free.
History is ‘bound’ to be repeated unless you learn from it.
I have learned I am not here to repeat it.

It’s a physics, magnetics, electrics and energy sort of thang!

“The past will not help one change the direction of the future.”

“I think we make it up as we go along. Someone else did.”

It is time to begin ANEW.
You cannot change the system using the same mindset that created it.

“Who will be courageous enough to let go of everything they were ever taught to believe?”

“Life is precise and I am patient.”

All quotes and writings: Pamela Leigh Richards unless otherwise stated.
All images: noted or otherwise unknown at this time.
Top Image of Girl Reaching Hand:
Masaru Emoto a loving being and I wholly support his path.
OceanHeart ~ a book to inspire.
Build What You See

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