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The Move

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 11, 2013

Child Wonder FlowersLioness pamela quote 11 Sep 13

“Sometimes you have to be tough on the outside
while riding the crest of the wave INside.
Oh how looks can be deceiving.
ALL~ways have fun in calm, coherency, and PEACE while doing it.”

It is not nice to fool Mother Nature.

Swan pamela quote 11 sep 13

“Going quiet for a long while.
Remember, there is no time” 🙂

“I have enough to get me from here to …. see you there.”

“What is it …. that brought you here to teach me?”

“Life can come and go in a thought form. Just like all that burned in the ‘Library of Alexandria’. Did we miss anything? I do not ‘think’ so.”

“With our eyes we ‘look’.
With our knowing we ‘see’.”

“Dance in whatever way you can.
Your heart will never be the same.”

“Multi molta nemo nomni novit.”
~ many men know many things
but noone knows everything.

“I care not what you wear.
I care what is in your nature.”

“It is okay to get mad once in a while.
Just don’t carry it.”

Never be afraid to speak UP.
Clean earth, Clean water,
Clean air, Clean skies,
Clean hearts, Clean minds.


“I don’t know? I simply know something.”

“Chasing the ball in the water.
Go with the flow of know.
Stop trying to catch it,
the ball that is.”

pamela first phone

“One thing I will never be told …
is to stop speaking from the heart.”

“Physics nor science will ever catch up to the illusive nature of reality, I do believe, based upon experience so far? Physics will never catch up to the moment something happens by trying to write it into an equation, for its existence, its being, is gone while they are trying 🙂


A Vegan Dragon.
“You might breath fire, yet,
you will never eat meat again.
And yes, it is possible.
Welcome to the new pitre dish.”


“Clear paths don’t have room for trash.”

Put that into your experi’mental’ truth.

“I don’t love anyone so much as I love life itself, all inclusive.
I’m not a boundary to be captured by any one’s thought.”


“a bird sitting on a tree does not worry about it breaking because her trust is not dependent upon the branch. Tis’ upon her wings.”

“I cannot slow down for anothers belief. Catch me if you can.”

“Everyone has it. Nothing can deny it.”

“The greatest friendship you can have?
Is with yourself.”

“Don’t get hung up on the moment.”

“I’m doing the best I can as far as I can think.”

“Our world is being built upon the mental mind we give it. Consciousness? I dunno? It is even more elusive than what we’ve been taught to believe.”

“Never give up to get it right.”

“Peace in coherency and equalstanding.”


“Where you look there you are,
your reality awaits you.”

“Through the pillars of time,
Life begins.”

“Something created something,
that caused you to seek it.”


“It’s perfectly fine.
Once you get over yourself.”

“I find television very educating.
Every time someone turns it on,
I go outside and go INside.”


“If you miss me,
it won’t be because I’m gone.”



“The touch vs thought.
Just don’t get caught in between,
know what I mean?
A’space’ship can come and go,
in the blink of an eye in the sky.
Imagine and it will be.
And we are surely not alone,
in our thinking.
Ask and you shall ‘maybe’ receive.
Life seems to be a roll of the dice,
yet, highly precise.
Wink, wink.”

Free bird

Free bird

“When any environment is controlled,
how can truth be told? Hear her roar.”

“There is no lack of time,
to get it right.”


“You grow not because others believe in you.
You grow because you believe in your’self’.
And whether you come or you go?
Know you are never alone.”

Quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated.
Images: off the net with all due respect unless noted.
Image: pamela pointing UP ~ tis the ladies copyright.
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Image: painting on wall artist unknown with all due respect. Was a hotel room.
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