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2022 What Really Matters?

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on March 26, 2022


“I’m tired ~ 

Just say it 

she says to herself


Don’t even think about it


Here goes

Once upon a time..

Voice it 


Choice it


Just say it


Here goes


Cruising where?

Well I don’t know

Just let go


Here I go … 


Birds singing 

Feathers washing over

My skin so softly

Waving by

Isn’t that so nice

Nothing needed

To know 


To get the whole world talking 

about something 

that should have been 

talked about 

I forgot

a long time ago.”

~ plr 





“Do not believe on the strength of traditions.

Even if they have been held in honour

for many generations and in many places.

Do not believe anything

because many people speak of it.

Do not believe on the strength

of sages of old times.

Do not believe that which

you have yourselves imagined,

thinking that a god has inspired you.

Believe nothing which depends

only on the authority

of your masters or of priests.

After investigation …

Believe that which

you have yourselves

tested and found reasonable,

And which is for your good and that of others.”

~ Gautama Buddha





“ The climate of .. 

it’s forever changing and evolving… 

I never imagined that it would be more villainized,

to pursue justice than,

it is to try to destroy it and tear it down. 

So where I realize us five years from now ~ 

is not something I can realistically predict.”

~ Stew Peters


Why Take Sides? ~ David Icke

Above is a link. Click it.



“Unjust laws exist;

shall we be content

to obey them,

or shall we endeavor

to amend them,

and obey them

until we have succeeded,


shall we ..

transgress them at once?”

~ Henry David Thoreau


“The mystery of life becomes clear

Upon the moment I say goodbye

To it all with no fear.”

~ plr 2010


“In order to grow,

Sometimes one must let go,

of the current flow.”

~ plr


“There was an attempt to erase me from life,

but I will not hide.”

~ plr


“How can there be Peace when there are secrets?”

May humanity’s immune system COME ALIVE NOW!


Yes Sir, No Sir.

Sometimes it takes courage,

Heart over mind,

to take your skills,

and do a 180.

For the love of humanity,

For the love of life.

It’s a personal journey to decide.




“Power is within each and every ONE of our beings.

If only we were nurtured 

With this knowing 

From birth

It is the way 

It should have always been.

No loving God or creator,

Would birth something,

Create something,

That would be void of all truths. 

Truths of how creation happens.

Truths of who we are,

Truths of our human potentials,

And truths of how to live. 

From birth to death,

From appearing, 

Then disappearing,

Peacefully, coherently in unison,

While adoring our differences,

Shapes, sizes, colors and ideas,

That would never create, 

Hate or harm to any other living being. 

Nature provides it all,

On the canvas of life,


What should be,

a natural occurring existence,

Full of Curiosity,

Of starting out with love,

And seeing just how much more,

Loving we can be.

Rising from a seedling

To the heights of, 

Who knows where? 



Blessed with unwavering support,

For the journey, 


Is filled,

With ecstatic joy. 

Where we go from here?

Is not a guess to imagine,

It is a knowing. 

Wherever it is?

Will be filled 

With peace and ease,

Forever lasting.

This is my dream.” 


~ plr


Freedom From CHOICE.

Above is a link. Click it.


It’s a War on the Public.

Above is a link. Click it.



Image compilation by: Nassim Haramein

“In your wildest dreaming,

you cannot currently imagine

where Earth is headed.

The masses are entranced

by a world of facts,

encyclopedias, television,

and newspapers,

and the Mulitdimensional Anomalies

have not yet penetrated

your plane of existence too deeply.

When they do,

things beyond what you can conceive

will begin to occur.”




“I am everywhere and not,

at the same time.”





The Trust Technique

Hempfling love of horses

Animal Spirit Anna Breytenbach

Hidden Meanings Videos


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2022 Light UP World

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on March 11, 2022

“The answers to all questions will never be taught, 

they will be remembered.” 

~ plr 


No matter what 

No matter where

It is always home

When love is there.


“Don’t always do what you are told.

Add your voice.”

~ plr


“Some rules are meant to be broken,

And some traditions are meant to die.”




“If a coherent life can be created,

then a coherent life can be perpetuated.”

~ plr


“The past is gone,

and Now is the Future.”

~ plr


Oliver Stone Film ~ Ukraine On Fire

Above is a link. Click it.



Wag The Dog ~ A Film

Above is a link. Click it.


5:06 minutes of … Terence McKenna

Above is a link. Click it.


Fortune =

Living in a coherently peaceful environment forever.


“When I lock eyes with an animal,

I get a special feeling.

A feeling of togetherness.

Not animal to animal,

not human to human,

but being to being.”

~ Anthony Douglas Williams – ‘Inside the Divine Pattern’


The Movie that Inspired A Movement

Above is a link. Click it.


“You have nothing to lose,

when you speak the truth.”



Conversation with Ken Cook & Dr. Mark Hyman. 

Above is a link. Click it.

Excerpt from the above Conversation: 

Dr. Hyman:

“ .. I was a big runner, a Yoga teacher, 

so I had this proclivity 

to understand health

and wellness and well being. 

I’ve been like that my whole life. 

Its gotten way more focussed 

as I began to really understand 

the scope of, 

the acceleration 

of the destruction of our species ..

Everyones worried about the planet 

and the Earth and the environment .. 

Earth is going to be fine .. 

We leave, 

it’s going to reclaim itself. 

Just like with Covid, 

people went inside, 

and within a few weeks 

all the animals were coming back 

and the fish were coming back .. *laughter*

It’s like we put humans on pause. 

And the Earth is going to be fine. 

Earth is a self cleaning oven, we are not. 

We are at high risk of extinction.

I am concerned because, 

we are not addressing,

the root causes,

which are our food system, 

and our environmental toxic system.



“You did leave something out

that you didn’t mention

as part of what turned the light bulb on for you ~

which was ‘Medical School’. 

Dr. Hyman: 

“Oh God no! No, no, no, no.

Ken, I went to medical school

knowing I was going to be in a cult.

And I was going to be indoctrinated ~

I was going to be brainwashed ~

and I needed to make sure,

like a good Navy Seal..

but I knew the techniques to resist..

but anyway .. *laughter*

I was the weird kid in the class doing Yoga in the back,

bringing us healthy food to school ~

it was an interesting experience.

I learned .. did very well ..

the way our bodies really work .. it is an eco-system.”



The Day The World Stood Together

Above is a link. Click it.



Sean Stone

Brasscheck TV

The Wobble Effect

The Trust Technique

Hempfling love of horses

Animal Spirit Anna Breytenbach

Hidden Meanings Videos

The Corbett Documentaries



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