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Emotional Justice

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on November 22, 2014

Beautiful river walk in Oregon

“Facing the mountain without climbing,
means surrendering.
I must keep hiking.”


“When crazy becomes the world,
It is time to surf.”



“May the cycles of time come to an end,
where life itself rests in Peace lovingly forever,
without having to think.”


“I am curious about thoughts,
and where they take you?”

“Though I have my own view, you see.”


FREE SPIRIT with no labels.
At the helm flying ship.
On the wings of co’hear’-and-‘sea’.
Be like water my friend 😉

“In flight I will always be.
No matter where my palms reside,
true living remains inside.”

Quotes: Pamela Leigh Richards
Images: With kind respect unknown unless otherwise noted.
Image: Neural Net.

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The Awakening

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on November 06, 2014


“There is this mantra
and most have regurgitated it, including moi,
about how many are still asleep but will wake up.
I say wake up to what?
What would they be waking up to?
Those that claim to be awakened
are themselves still asleep as well?
Alot are not just sleeping,
for I believe it is sometimes in sleep
where great beginnings can happen.

The problem is not being asleep,
the problem, rather SOLution,
could be,
in the nature of ONE’s awakening.
Here the answer rests.”


“We are shake rattling and rolling.
Life is energetically spiralling quickly.
Now is the time to slow down.
Cruise with one oar on the shore.”


“Yes I AM. And I don’t mind.”


“Being flexible
is an energy like water,
that just rolls over it.”


“We are being sold ideas all the time.
The point is to come together
with an idea,
that is not for sale.”


“I AM drowning and flying,
in equal space of no time.”


“Capture your mind in order to set it free.”

“Peace is easy if ONE lets it be.
Like the dancing leaves on a tree,
or the flapping of a birds wings in the energy field
playing in co~hearancy.”


“I do not care what sign you are.
I simply care where it is leading.”

“We do things in life,
Not because it has been easy,
which, it should and can be,
but because the rough edges,
need to be softened.”


“I feel like a little clause,
without the fine print.”


“Do not look at people for who they were,
yet, for who they are becoming.
Allow space in a safe environment,
for their own growth,
without projecting yours.”

“Where there is deception
behind the scenes?
There can never be
an equal agreement in Peace.”


“Love itself,
always knows when to leave.”

Most won’t understand my meaning on this.
“I saw a thread of energy
floating in and out of the material world.
Like a misty wave.
I have known this for a long time.
It has been labelled as love,
yet, once named,
it solidifies into a moment of time.
Sometimes love itself experiences things,
it never will again.
This is when love says goodbye.”

“I feel so disconnected to this place.
As much as I love it.”

“Anything you love is a named god.
Anything you detest is a named god.
All you ARE, is nameless.”

“The Earth is but a needle
in the spektrum of imagination.”

Quotes & Comments: Pamela Leigh Richards otherwise kindly noted.
Images: unknown unless stated, thank you.

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