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All Together ~ New Views

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on April 18, 2023



Dr. David Martin in Belgium ~ POWERFUL! 

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40 minutes of … Secrets of the U.N.

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Max Igan.Just Say No

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Open Your Eyes People! 

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Investor in Chat GPT is Bill Gates

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Voices Fell Like Raindrops

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Marching to Another View

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Thank you Jim Breuer

This isn’t just comedy it’s a DOSE OF REALITY.

Breaking Patterns


Hawks & Horses

What Matters

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“ONE will never be met until all labels have been removed.”

~ plr 2010


Let us voice fearless CLARITY for good,

a narrative that refuses to listen to false directives.



“The only peace one will ever have,

is within.”

~ plr 


“The Universe

will open its space for all,

and I AM ONE

who wishes to participate

with wisdom and intentions,

of doing no harm to any life form.

Nor have any hiding of secrets,

for ONE who is true

will have nothing to hide.”

~ plr


16:02 minutes of … Decoded  

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My IG Page 

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My Farce Brook Page

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My Twitter Page

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What are we doing here? 

Let go of the outcome

and LIVE and DO

what you know to be right.


“An idiot WITH a plan

can override a genius


a plan.”

~ unknown


18:22 minutes of … Whitney Webb

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“The media are not here to inform you.

They are working for the small group of people

who actually run the world.

They are their servants

and we should treat them

with maximum contempt

because they have earned it.”

~ Tucker Carlson


I’m hearing what you are not saying.


“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete

when everything the

American public believes

is false.”

~William Casey CIA Director (1981)




“The most important way

to ensure victory

is to subject the defeated

to a re-education program.

Only when the war propaganda

of the victors has found its way

into the history books

of the vanquished

and is believed by the

following generation,

can the re-education

be considered successful.”

~ Walter Lippmann

(President Wilson’s Chief Propaganda Minister)


Do you also see? The horses in this film.

Where is their freedom?

Need I say no more to the enlightened.


“I’m traveling with travelers.”

~ plr 


Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Who will guard the guards themselves?

Who will judge the judges themselves?



“There is great wreckage on this planet ..

I do not have a treaty with any wretched, demonic, or ill informed mind, nor do I seek one. 

Alot of what we have to struggle against are the labels cast upon a human being thinking they are THAT label, a doctor, a student, a teacher, lawyer, carpenter, street sweeper, maid, general of an army, president, prime minister, office worker, receptionist, consumer representative, customer service agent, or any other name, name, name you wish to give it ~ but rather we are more in alignment with a free unlabelled spirit inhabiting the flesh and form of a naturally birthed body without harming its innate presence of living a life on Earth in peace.

And when we can show the tenaciousness of conviction and the sense of purpose of the benevolent multi-faceted human spirits joined from every nodal point in time immemorial with peace in heart and mind, can we begin to breath freely without worry or sorrow ~ for in this realm there is no war ~ EVER.”

~ plr


Share because U CARE

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Burzynski Cure – Documentary

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I am not a scholar by any means,

but when I heard this conversation

with Acharya S., and Joseph Atwill ..

it resonated.

I feel that if we look at something

as clear as this,

can it only lead one to reason,

that our whole life,

has been contrived?


“I think we make it up as we go along,

someone else did.”

~ plr 2010


Caesar’s Messiah – Documentary

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Jordan Maxwell Lost Interview #4

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“you are trying to define an infinite mind,

with a finite mind.”

~ Jordan Maxwell


I have had this in mind for a long time.

As life was passing by before me, I said:

all contracts null & void. 

Kind of goes in line with what Thoreau said.

I placed the quote with my beautiful rescue cat, Yoda

“Unjust laws exist;

shall we be content to obey them,

or shall we endeavor to amend them,

and obey them until we have succeeded,

OR shall we …

transgress them at once?

~ Henry David Thoreau


I know NOthing

I know sOMething.


I have been down many roads of beliefs,

and left what did not feel right,

and kept what did.

And my beliefs are changing

all the time.

It is why I call myself a ‘floater’.

My soul will never be captured by lies,

as I continue on the path

of everlasting life.


Ralph Ring, one of the Chief Engineers for Otis T. Carr, who invented a whole new propulsion system based around magnetics in the 1950’s, being interviewed discussing levitating craft.

When I woke up in hospital from brain surgery in January of 2010, there were many things that happened, and all beautiful, because in my view, I was seeing the world with what I called ‘new eyes’ from a holographic perspective and had lost memories. Having the left side of my brain squashed I would say as an analogy to try and describe what was happening on the inside ~ that some of the books in the library of my mind burned but I did not miss anything *laughing*. It really was very freeing and truly was one of the lucky ones because I did not lose any motor skills but I did lose some memory, and I’m still learning about it to this day. The TBI community is a close knit one. We are the walking wounded and the silent epidemic and respect each of our individual journeys.

So, one of the most magical things that happened during that healing time with nine broken ribs, wrist, and skull was I was sitting up in bed with one sheet of paper in my hands. I had printed out this one sheet that I wanted to read. Many things were hard for me to do in those beginning stages but I accomplished this feat. So here I am sitting in bed and began to read this one page of paper with information on it that was of interest to me. As I was reading it my whole room went what I would call ‘plasmatic’.  I was now sitting on my bed in a room that became very gelatinous .. fluid like. Then a literal face popped out of that field 6 inches in front of my face, very spirit like .. not dense in form but cloudy and ethereal. Like a hologram face to face with me. There was a connection and it was so advanced, is the only way I can describe it ~ but the communication was understood on some level that I still to this day could not describe. It came and went within a couple of minutes. And my room became 3-D again. So so very surreal but boy oh boy did it resonate something deep within my being as true to behold. Tiny steps my friends, tiny steps it seems we humans must take in order to shake the illusion of falseness we have been living in. So many more experiences I had and will be sharing them soon.



“It’s out of our dimension.

And he [Carr] explained that the mind,

when you tune yourself high enough

and you get into the mind space

instead of the brain space –

instead of logic or reasoning ..

you just get up to a sense of knowing ~

you know who and what you are ~

that you are a creative, immortal,

infinite being, and we all are.

He said everybody on this planet is.

We are Gods by comparison,

and they don’t know it ~ they’re asleep.

Until they wake up this is what our job is ~

we are making these toys trying to get them

to wake up to realize there’s no limits

to what they can do.

They don’t have to live in servitude,

they don’t have to live in poverty,

they’ve just been told that by people

that unfortunately want to control.

Carr explained that our brain

operates this water vessel that we live in,

but the energy that inhabits the vessel

is who and what we are.

We are energy, we are not our bodies.

The energy is all magnetic in nature,

it’s free in nature, we’re swimming in energy.”

~ Ralph Ring 


The Session Players. Gotta Love em’.

Toto – “I’ll Be Over You” (Live At Montreux 1991)

My first husband was a session player, in my view.

Very bright guy.

He was one of the first students at GIT (Guitar Institue of Technology)

Played with the best and still does.


“NVR4GT = Never Forget
Never Give Up.
If it is what it takes,
do not go quietly fight till the end.
NEVER stop speaking your life’s truths.
For new beginnings are in sight
as we are truly, merely passing through.”
~ plr


“May we ALL unite in Peace and harmony,

co-creating a world that is filled with knowledge

that fills every belly with nutritional needs,

air that is safe to breathe

water that nourishes every cell with glee

and soil that gives natural life to the seed.”

~ plr


“There is no death of matter

Because in the Infinite Universe

Everything has to Move,

To vibrate.

That is ..  to live.” 

– Nikola Tesla



“You will find much more

in the woods than in books.

Trees and rocks will teach you

what teachers cannot tell you.”

~ St. Bernard



“The harmony of the world

is made manifest in Form and Number,

and the heart and soul

and all the poetry of Natural Philosophy

are embodied in the concept

of mathematical beauty.” 

~ D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson



For once you have tasted flight

you will walk the earth

with eyes turned skyward.

For there you have been,

and there you long to return.’“

~ John Hermes Secondari/Leonardo Da Vinci




Eyes Wide Open

Above is a link. Click it.

What is really going on in our world will chill you to the bones, but that is a good thing ~ Knowledge and understanding truly is humanity’s awakening power in order to unite, strategize and organize. We all must be on the same page, with like heart and minds, especially when on the battlefield for LIFE.  

~ plr 2010

“I care so much, I must walk away.”

~ plr 2010



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Wash Your Feet

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on April 09, 2023


It was Egypt 2007, where I spent five months in rest and recovery.

Marsa Shagra, an Eco Village, where this all took place.

Swimming wild & freely with dolphins in the Red Sea.

It holds deeply loving and fond memories for me.

Magical, truly magical and ever so needed.

One Last Goodbye.


“I’m just a particle with a heartbeat.”

~ plr  2010


“When one has peace within,

then the world is ONE/won.”

~ plr 2010


“Sometimes the student can

outteach the teacher.”

~ plr 2010


For every human life including WE right now,

for then our children and grandchildren,

may we leave the legacy of truth.

It starts with US.

Hear the Call.



“In the garden of our challenges

may the Lotus petal

be the table

we all rest upon

with empty minds seeing

eye to eye in peace.”

~ plr


“The freedom of my soul will never be diminished

yet at times is greatly missed.

You know what i’m saying, I know you know.

It is something that is simply there, unhindered.

They want to divide us when our song says unite us.

I just cannot bow to the hate ~ ever.

My soul says rise no matter.”

~ plr


I know many have gone through the worst. So have I.

No comparing  please ~ for pain is pain.

A paper cut to a child hurts even though it seems so trivial. It’s not.

The Greatest Comfort is Knowing You Are Not Alone.

I can’t do small moves, I need quantum leaping solutions NOW.


My whole immediate family is gone.

Very surreal that I am the last one standing.

I had a family of five.

I remember my mother having to sleep in the guest bedroom

of our house because of my fathers snoring through the nights ….

I was living there at the time.

She was in late stages of cancer throughout her body.

I asked my mother one evening as I crawled into bed with her,

if I could sleep with her?

She said, yes of course, just don’t move too much.

We were facing each other and I held her hand.

I said: “Mom, I have always loved your hands”

She said: “With all those age spots ..”

I replied: “They are beauty on the canvas of your life mom.”

Three of my family members came to me profoundly from beyond.

I still wonder…

Even though it was extraordinarily real?

It truly is … a personal journey.


Remember me now for tomorrow you might not.

And that is okay too. No regrets, no sorrow, no nothing.

Meet me in the middle of forever ~ in perfect timing.

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