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Full Spektrum

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on May 08, 2019


“One cannot see the big picture,

while there are missing pieces to the puzzle,

for life to be in balance.

~ plr

“I’m learning that I’m not here to please anyone,

I’m here to please myself,

and from there may it reflect in kind.” 

Thank us ALL

~ plr

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Pathway of the Heart

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 27, 2018

I started this website, oh so long ago.

“I have an oath to one thing, and one thing only. 

And that is to myself and my creator.”

Now, November 2018
I’m about to set sail for three months, into nuther worlds once again.
Long overdue, yet, nothing is out of step in time really?
I’ll be journaling and filming, definitely experiencing,
and sharing a lot more in time.

“Let the states of equilibrium and harmony exist in perfection,
and a happy order will prevail throughout heaven and earth,
and all things will be nourished and flourish.”
~ Confucius

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
~ Arthur C. Clarke

“Only those who see the invisible, can do the impossible”.
~ Dr. Ibrahim Karim

“When a distinguished but elderly scientist states,
that something is possible, he is almost certainly right.
When he states that something is impossible,
he is very probably wrong.”
~ Arthur C. Clarke

Image: ~ Parallel Perceptions

“As soon as you concern yourself with the “good” and “bad” of your fellows,
you create an opening in your heart for maliciousness to enter.
Testing, competing with, and criticizing others, weakens and defeats you.”
~ Morihei Ueshiba

“The reason I’m still here? Is I keep keepin’ it real.”

“I love what I know, I love more what I’ve yet to know.”

“I ‘show up’ all the time. You just don’t always see me.”

“Discovery consists of seeing what everybody has seen,
and thinking what nobody has thought.”
~ Albert Szent-Györgyi

“Once you kick the log, the river will start flowing ”
~ Milton Erickson

“Courage is observing from a birds eye view the whole array of light,
and orbiting the play with grace.”
~ plr

“Reading between the lines is the way nature speaks.
If one has no ears to hear,
will have heart beyond words listening.”
~ plr

“Have compassion and respect for the individual journey.
Knowing when to say yes, when to say no,
and when to open doors and when to close.”
~ plr

“Life and living is all about attention.
Tis’ true, where you look there you are,
your reality awaits you.”
~ plr 2010

“May the truth protect me in all ways.”
~ Rig Veda

“The Gateway from intelligent energy to intelligent infinity,
opens regardless of circumstance on the striking of the hour.”
~ Law of One

Being grounded and able to go vertical, makes you a conductor.
At a basic level conducting is very simple.
It keeps an orchestra or a choir in time and together.

“If one should desire to know,
whether a kingdom is well governed,
if its morals are good or bad,
the quality of its music will furnish the answer.
~ Confucius

photo: plr 

“With every step you take, leave the last one you made.”

photo: plr 

“My favorite place to be, is where no explanation is necessary.”

~ plr

“My books are based on Toltec wisdom. You know what Toltec means? It means ‘artist’. This wisdom is about being the ARTIST of your own life and turning it into a work of ART.”

~ Don Miguel Ruiz

“Mysteries unfold when shadows have light shown upon them.”
~ plr
Some links I feel are beneficial for us all to know.

These links below were surely helpful to this girl,

on her journey in life in awareness.

Unafraid of truth,

in its never ending search for itself in the mind of man.

Have faith in your awareness,

Have knowing in your heart,

We are blessed to not be alone,

in our knowingness.

Documentary Film based on a True Story.

“A Good American”

Documentary Film based on a True Story.

“The Internet’s Own Boy”

Interview with Brigadier General Stephen Lovekin, Esq.

Science fiction Science Fact: Advanced Symbiotic Technology

Image: UpHill Flow Media

When I saw this picture and quote by Rabindranath Tagore,

it reminded me very much

of something that happened to me and what I wrote,

that I feel could be in alignment with intended thought?

Sort of like the simplicity of no-thinking, silent mind,

yet understanding so much more in silent awareness?

 I found it interesting that when I emerged,

from a near death experience,

one of the things I shared with others,

during the aftermath in recovery,

with only a few,

simply because it was relevant at the time,

at least in my view,

specifically one instance,

when I was on the phone with a customer service representative,

that ties in with the saying above,

about planting trees?

I said in our pertinent conversation on a whim;

“if you have a child, ask them to go lie down on the grass,

and just watch it for a few hours,

then come back and tell me,

~ how much did the grass grow?”

I have no idea why I said that, however,

I feel it has some very deep meanings

that are rather quite simple to understand,

without thinking ~ about it.

“If life is not honest with me, I cannot live with dishonesty.

Erase the wobble in order for coherency”

~ plr

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift,

and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

We have created a society that honors the servant,

and has forgotten the gift.”

~ Albert Einstein

“Feel” life vs. ‘thinking’ it.

Heart over matter speaks loudly though silent.

“When you realize life is one big experiment?
You become the observer of yourself.”
~ plr

“It is one of the blessings of old friends,
that you can afford to be stupid with them.”
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
“I love you for no other reason,
than for the fascination,
of seeing another loving being.”
~ plr

“The greatest lessons,

are those that happen when one listens,

in between the lines of thinking.”

~ plr

Anna Breytenbach Documentary

“To kill cancer,

open receptors that are only available to the energy of love.”

~ plr

“Chaos does not exist where my senses fit.”

~ plr

“Meet me in the middle of for-ever,

or meet me in the middle of know-where.”

~ plr

Quotes/writings: Pamela Leigh Richards, ‘plr’, unless otherwise stated. 1960-infinity.
Images: unknown or otherwise specified. Please notify me of any authors images that I can credit with all due respect. I love and respectfully share with like heart and mind.

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Seeing with New Eyes

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 30, 2018

“Do not fail
to learn from The pure voice
of an Ever-flowing mountain stream
Splashing over the rocks.”
~ Morihei Ueshiba, The Art of Peace

“The other morning she rose to find a trail ….
The trail led her to awareness of words in her head.
From dreams she was having that night in bed,
and to her surprise what was said,
she found appearing all over her computer screen!?
Just here and there in succession in many forms,
the message was clearly written and shown.
She noticed … pausing to take breath, then knew.
This was a day for the journey …
leaving the trail behind as she continues.”

“For your innate qualities and possibilities to find expression,
it needs a highway of willingness,
not the cage of unwillingness.”
~ Sadhguru

I was watching the documentary “Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond”.
It was created with behind-the-scenes footage during the filming of
Man on the Moon“, where Jim Carrey portrayed his idol Andy Kaufman.

Both films are absolutely brilliant!

He was telling the story of his early days in life,
the early days doing stand-up comedy.
He went to bed one night asking the question;
“What do they want? What do THEY want?” Meaning his audiences.
At some point he awoke sitting straight up in bed,
with a light bulb over his head saying;
“They want to be free from concern!”

“Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Jim Carrey and how are you this evening?
Alrighty then!”

“There’s a part of me that doesn’t want to rest,
while it’s happening.”
~ Jim Carrey

“I am not what ‘YOU’ think I am,
nor what ‘I’ think I am,
but I am what we both think I am.”
~ Charles Horton Cooley

The point of the matter is to let go of what anyone thinks of you,
including yourself.

“Pure Confidence bears no ego,
and rises to every occasion wearing nothing.”
~ plr

“It’s true. There’s only one constant in life. Motion.”

“Be not afraid of greatness:
some are born great,
some achieve greatness,
and some have greatness thrust upon them.”
~ William Shakespeare

“Impeccability is to act to the very best of your ability,
upon whatever knowledge happens to be available to you at any given moment.”

“Consider every path carefully, testing it in whichever way you feel necessary –
then ask yourself, but only yourself, one question: ‘does this path have a heart?”
~ Théun Mares, Return of the Warriors: The Toltec Teachings – Volume I

This is a huge leap, but one I love taking.
Thank you Robert Grant, and Matthew Belair for this amazing interview.
The path of life we are all on is bringing us closer,
to so much that has been hidden now being revealed.
The doors are opening, and I find the journey,
ever more enlightening, and splendidly thrilling.
Together may we know when to close doors,
to have courage to let go of false infractions upon our conditioned minds,
and to fly into the unknown, that is becoming known,
with love in our hearts, minds, bodies, and souls.

“The Great Way is not difficult,
for those who have no preferences.”
~ Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman

“The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena;
it will make more progress in one decade,
than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”
~ Nikola Tesla

“Clarity begins when one sees within,
clarity of emotions from where they begin,
and to where they end.
This is when one becomes clear to see,
that love fulfillingly is the extraordinary emotion,
erasing hate without doubt, for all eternity.”

Quotes and writings: Pamela Leigh Richards, ‘plr’, unless otherwise stated. 1960-infinity.
Images: Noted or unknown at this time with all due respect.

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Sapere Aude ~ Dare to know.

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 14, 2018

I love this latin saying with its breadth of meaning.
Found out about it some years ago when I was around forty eight.
“Dimidium facti, qui coepit, habet: sapere aude, incipe.”
Translation is “He who has begun is half done, dare to know. Inspire.”
Everything is backwards and upside down, time to turn life into balance.

From the journals of her writings.
I wrote this quote back in 2007.
Now setting the tone and space for Universal Peace,
Understanding, Love, Compassion, Non~Violence. Ahimsa.
May it be so. I am with you in like mind and heart this way only.
Centered, no wobbling.

More of her personal story. When I was grieving through some very intense losses, I reached out. Yet, those we reach out to for understanding or help, are as lost as we are most of the time, pretty much. Mind you, we are mere mortals, wandering about going from here to there, from happiness, to sadness, to whatever. The solution is simple if only we would collectively find it, and have the courage to share it once discovered, no matter what myths or allegories etc … are dispelled, that were written long ago in admired works in writings that someone wrote that made sense at the time, yet, does not always make them true today. Discernment is personal and new information and awareness causes new choices to be made uniquely to the individuals mind awakening in its right time upon seeing, that some so-called truths are lies. Patience has been her guiding light, with humbled heart, gratitude, and deep respect for the journey we are all on. Welcome to the magnificent journey of knowing when to let go, when to say yes, and when to say no, thank you. The pleasure is all ours.

“When traveling from any nodal point in space and time ~ to another,
navigating along this path should never be difficult.
When all of creation is on equal terms with peace and coherency in mind,
problems become mute. End of discussion.”

“The cruelty of war is something to end and endure no more.”

I have an affinity, great respect, and connection to our VETERANS.

FACE THE MUSIC. 1968, I was eight, and my daddy was in Vietnam at war. I knew it wasn’t right. Im so happy he came home in 1969, I remember running into his arms as he came off the plane kneeling with open arms in his flight suit at the airport. Even though he no longer lives on Earth now, he certainly is beyond pain and misery.

Here is a picture of my daddy (left) with his Air Force buddies on the golf course in retirement, away from Vietnam. All are gone now, and what was it all for? Much more to know, and we are here to bring an end to war. Boys and girls take those uniforms off and come home, or at least take your training and use it for the good of the whole. There is no war without a soldier.

Going through some of my daddy’s albums. Sadly, next to nothing is left of my family’s memories, belongings, and mostly my fathers detailed picture albums, due to what a woman did over the three and half years of hell she dragged me and my highly vulnerable father through, in what is called “elder abuse”, and this is my opinion with fact. These pictures were recovered, not in any meticulously neat albums my father had them in, but loosely – most of them I’d never seen before. Some precious lost family history all due to a stranger who slipped into our lives so sinisterly. I know that the ‘stuff’ does not matter, and this is what I want to share, to let everyone know we are not alone, and we will make it through, its just that getting there sometimes takes awhile. And what an interesting thing, remembering … life. Today we ask why? I say today, time to change direction for a better way, and teach our children well. This photo is of my father, 1965, at the helms of a Flight Simulator Luke Air Force Base for the F-104G. Luke is where I was born.

My father knew Bill Dana, one of the first to be called an Astronaut working for NASA,
a pioneer in space flight. They were stationed together as roommates
at Alexandria, Louisiana, AFB in the early 50’s.

Bill Dana pilots the X-15 at a mile a second,
180,000 feet above the Earth.
It does not bother him that one mistake could be fatal.
He knows he will not make it.

I never knew!
My mother is standing on Barry Goldwater’s right.
Interesting ~ I met him in a grocery store parking lot in Phoenix,
I was leaving and happened to be parked next to him.
The hood on his car was up due to a problem.
Just conversed briefly and away I went.

Ahhhh the Officers Wives Club putting on their shows.
My mother is third in from the left.
The First Lady was a dear family friend.
She was close to Bob Hope. Bob wanted her to become an actress.

Thank you for the journey mom and dad.
I say you just got out early for good behavior. 🙂

I miss the truths my father could have shared with me in his twilight years, and he left earlier than he should have. Grateful indeed I am though, for the journey with you, and without you, for family is always here every day in the seen and unseen. I pause, feel inwardly, and without thinking, I hear you Daddy, and my loved ones now gone. I feel more than ever today, that in order to help heal humanity, it is important to learn new ways of dealing with such things as death.

“However dear something may be to you, including your own body and life,
you must know how to let it go gracefully when the time comes.”
~ Sadhguru

“The light and spark within our beings is encoded with memories.
Like a rivers water traveling through a beautiful forest in peaceful bliss freely.
Loving memories are not difficult to behold, when flowing this way,
in coherency with natures gifts of life and living naturally.
This world is out of alignment and the message is always the same.
Life is precise and deciding is the perfect step to make.”

“There is a higher love that is an expression beyond touch, or mortal emotion,
it simply eminates from within. And all that come into contact with this …
‘thinking’ will be gone, and feeling this indescribable bliss within themselves,
will be an answer to all questions that quickly disappear.”

Where Glen went in his twilight years as shown here,
reminds me of where my father was.
My father needed help and was crying out, no-one was listening but me.
Sadly his life ended far too quickly.

If we carry the past into our present, it effects our future.
Hold onto all that’s good, cherish the wonderful memories, leave the rest,
and stay on track with life every step of the way.
Most of all, do not be afraid to say; “I love you” each and every day,
to yourself, and those near and dear.

Facing a trauma, writing and journalling the chronology of events down,
is tremendously helpful. One can then visualize a pattern emerging.
Even though you are in it and know something is wrong,
You don’t know what you are in until you get ‘out’ to see.
This is literally a significant benefit to healing.

I’ve lived, learned, fell down, got up, and continue to evaluate my purpose for breathing?
There should never be an issue of understanding when all are coherent,
in the garden of living together peacefully.

Quotes and writings: Pamela Leigh Richards, ‘plr’, unless otherwise stated. 1960-infinity.
Images: Noted or unknown at this time with all due respect.

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“Everyone has Oceans to fly, If they have the heart to do it.
Is it Reckless? Maybe.
But what do dreams know of boundaries?”
~ Amelia Earhart

I share others works and creations on my page because I value what they have to say. I relate to their art, their philosophies, visions, and expertise, that I have yet to acquire. Technology is advancing faster than the speed of sound and light. Therefore, why waste time when a message can be collaborated and shared here between artists born and yet to be born, on the canvas of our ever evolving fractal world.

If we are all one and connected, then I love the dancer in thee, that is in me, I love the nature enthusiast in thee, in me, I love the painter, poet, writer, musician, gardener, alchemist, astronomer, archeologist, mathematician, physicist, biologist, elementalist, photographer, filmmaker, animal lover, astrologer, lighting expert, holographic explorer, and everything in between that leads us all on the journey towards a collective unity of peaceful living.

Sometimes I’m the Director, Producer, Writer, Cinemetographer, DP, Editor, lighting director, and all that happens in creation, as I participate, and/or become part of the audience connecting with something I agree with on the screen. Thank you all for this magnificent journey. Humbled and appreciated you are in my heart.

“It is necessary to create a tension in the Mind,
so individuals could rise from the bondage of myths and half-truths,
to the unfettered realm of creative analysis and objective appraisal.”
~ Socrates

“I would trade all of my technology for an afternoon with Socrates.”
~ Steve Jobs

“What strategic thinking requires is the ability to contemplate possibilities,
not immediately present.”
~ Terrence McKenna

“The past occupies the future in informative information so it is like a self fulfilling prediction is what a fractal is. It predicts by virtue of its past states. They define what its future states will be. Exactly in the same way that I imagine the morphogenetic field defines what future states will be. The fractals that have been talked about to date have been used to describe spatial phenomena. Coastlines, molecular arrangements, the distribution of flowers in a meadow, this sort of thing. But if instead you thought of fractals as descriptors for the temporal dimension, replace the notion of a flat or slightly curved manifold, with an actual fractal surface over which events were flowing, and flowing over patterns, which were repeating themselves at many, many levels in resonance with previous similar patterns. Then you would begin to have a mathematical picture of how the morphogenetic field would work, and you would also have found a phenomenon in nature upon which to hang it. By saying ‘time’ is obviously it. It’s just that we are so engrained by Newtonionism to accept time as an abstraction. As something not having equal status in the other three dimensions, that we’ve overlooked this fact. And yet that is obviously the carrier wave. That’s why you would speak of the presence of the past, what then can it be but time. Past time in the present.” ~ Terrene McKenna

Resonance Science Academy

“Peace is Eye~see”
~ plr

“Words have meaning in truth, of course.
However, if stated without heart and mind united,
they might falter like driftwood on the seas of possibilities allowing intervention.
Be sured, steadfast in knowing, confident in the journeying,
no matter what may lie along the path of tither and frowing.
The sailing to get there will be done,
no matter what the waters waves attempting to thwart the destiny.”
~ plr

“Seek to be alone much to commune with Nature,
and be thus inspired by her mighty whisperings within your consciousness.
Nature is a most jealous god,
for she will not whisper her inspiring revelations to you,
unless you are absolutely alone with her.”
~ Walter Russell

“May we together,
create a world of beautiful feelings ever lasting.”
~ plr

“I have a romance with reality and truth.”
~ Dr. John Henrik Clarke

“May love turn away rage, may truth turn away hate.”
~ plr

“In this infinite sea of potentials,
how come we keep recreating the same realities?”
~ Dr. Joe Dispenza

The past is bound to be repeated unless we learn from it.
May we all in like kind unite, unbounded.
May it be so, may it be so, may it be so.
Thrice is nice, ignite the light.

Peace of mind is the way to build a relationship with life.
The point is, be unafraid to change current directions.
It can never be too late to understand.
It can never be too late to participate in Peace.
One must have discernments with ease.
Integrity within the human institution called consciousness,
operates with deeply rooted truths non-negotiable.

“There is always growth in comforting realities.”
~ plr

“Unjust laws exist;
shall we be content to obey them,
or shall we endeavor to amend them,
and obey them until we have succeeded,
or shall we transgress them at once?”
~ Henry David Thoreau

I feel our timeless creation’s histories, have been recorded quite wrongly.
All life, is energy, tone, intention, harmonics, frequency, vibration, and light.
All life, is electrical, magnetic, and then some.
I value life in birth, and transformations,
through peaceful journeys in entirety.
I respect life for its loving, kind understandings,
and compassionate coherency above all else.

“Never be afraid of the shape,
simply be aware of the intent within it.”
~ plr 2010

“Well its been a short talk tonight but I’m scratching the surface,
of something that would take a lot of talks and lectures to give you …
I do this because I want those who can understand, and have the capacity to understand,
to look into these things in a much deeper level,
because the way its going today we are being turned into forms of machines,
that’s how we’re viewed of course, predictable machines …
has planned for us all is inhumane …
it’s not a natural development or progression.”
~ Alan Watt

“When everything speeds up,
slow down and view with clarity,
then make a conscious move.”
~ plr

“I think one can do a lot – both:
Focused towards oneself and towards the world as such.
Being a part of the solution, not of the problem,
by becoming more and more a part of a complete order.
Trying to set an example – balanced and conscious.
Becoming a sensitive observer of your own life.
The longing for a life without time ~ in time.”
Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling

“Sharing is not immoral, it is certainly a moral imperative.”
~ plr

“They have taught me that the objective world in space and time does not exist
And that we are forced to deal now not in facts, but in possibilities.
Breaking the rules doesn’t worry me anymore
Now that I can see that only one principle really matters.
And that is rightness.
If it feels good, if it seems appropriate and meaningful,
Then it doesn’t matter how absurd it is
In the light of the established explanation of how things work.
Establishments are no longer as stable as they used to be.
They are having to make way for another kind of knowing
Which is concerned only with harmony, with keeping in touch with Earth’s tune.
Lyall Watson – “Gifts of Unknown Things”

“Humanity is merely a product of imagination,
enduring something unimaginable.
We are now the shift of light,
in-between the left, and the right.”
~ plr OceanHeart

Now here’s a change of pace in a story I call GEESE BABY BEAUTIFUL.
I’ll share something I experienced,
that happened on Memorial Day, Monday, May 28, 2018.
The brain has ‘mirror neurons’, which reflect.
May we teach our children well by our actions.

If anyone asked me a question such as this:

“What gives you the most pleasure in life?”

My answer would be:

“When humans do compassionately kind deeds,
towards our two, and four legged, furry and feathered friends.”

“LOVING GEESE in a living dream. Time Stood Still in taking time out for nature.
It’s the little things in life that mean so much.
Setting the scene, this is what happened:

There were Two lanes going North, Two lanes going South, with a manicured meridian dividing them in between, in a lovely neighborhood with a lake on one side.

I was heading South and traffic was slowing down ahead of me in both lanes. I was wondering what the cause was for the intermittent pausing? Well, one car was stopped to turn left into the neighborhood, and as I moved over into the right lane, THIS WAS THE REASON! I quickly noticed some Geese and their babies were on the right trying to cross to the other side. On the other side (where the lake was), were the rest of the family, and traffic was busy!

Something spoke to my heart deeply, and as quick as I recognized the situation in passing it, I took the next opportunity to turn around and head North back to this crossing. I stopped my car in the far right lane, and put my car ‘flashers on’ – got out, turned around putting my hand up to oncoming traffic in the other lane (please stop) – waved the lady who was previously in front of me still trying to make her left turn, to make her turn, which she did. Another car was coming out of the neighborhood to my right, so I waved them on.

Geese on both sides waiting and watching. I walk toward the Southbound traffic, lanes lining up in a patiently waiting holding pattern, with my hand up (please stop for a moment), as my other hand was still up towards the Northbound traffic. To my amazement and relief, EVERYONE stopped, no honking of horns, nothing. All four lanes in each direction waited patiently.

The Geese began to cross with their babies on this hot pavement. I had to walk a bit behind them, to let them know that life is standing still in this one moment just for them to cross safely, which they did, on towards the lake to be with the rest of their family.

Once safely across I turned to all 4 lanes of traffic bowing in a prayerful “Namaste” gesture, with gratitude, thanking them for this moment of human kindness. No-one honked, no-one did, or said anything out of order, in fact, the elderly couple in the front car gave me a smiling thumbs up, along with many others praising this act of kindness with thumbs up. It was like a vortex of time that stopped for this precious moment to occur, in the time space continuum, and all who were present, were united in peace for it to happen.

May we all take time out to do simple kind deeds and things, with grace, as we share life with natures miracles breathing the same air as we, on this special Memorial Day. In line with this and looking back on it – it reminded me of my Veteran A.F. Officer Fighter Pilot father who is no longer with us. He shared many stories of his flying days, with the most important being he simply LOVED to FLY! He did not like war. This Geese story kind of reminds me of an analogy?

As a pilot in war, my father was part of the team that would go in and fire upon a ‘so-callled’ enemy, to clear the way for the Jolly’s (Army Search and Rescue Helicopters), to come in and pick up our boys who were wounded or not. So I sort of felt like both a Pilot, and the Jolly Helicopter . I “cleared the way”, and instead of the need for a helicopter to pick up the soldiers (geese), they were able to walk to safety across the busy streets to a happy NEW BEGINNING.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the wonderful GOOD DEED today!
No matter how small it was. Fly for the Love of it, Not the fight.

This is the view to the road we crossed. I’m standing on the side of the Lake.
You can see some of the Geese to the right,
about to slide into the Lake so peacefully.
My heart sings!

Another View of the Geese happily in the water and safe,
after experiencing some human who did something in kindness,
they have never seen before but the trust was there, and grateful for.

The final few Geese sliding and gliding into the water to meet up with their tribe,
after safely crossing a busy 4 lane hot paved road with the help of a human “Being”.

“Love is our guiding light.”
~ plr

“When nature speaks with you outside of form,
Is when the true nature within us gets along.
Meet me there before all was born.”
~ plr

“Time is a label of infinities.”
~ plr

“Follow yourself integrally, in doing so others will follow.”
~ plr
in·te·gral = 1. Essential or necessary for completeness.

This is 1 hour, 10 minutes, and 58 seconds, of two humans ‘being’, speaking some real truths.

Simple Reminders, Hoisting the Freedom Fighters

Excerpts from this beautiful transmission:

“And getting off of society’s theme ride of scripts and narratives,
and daring to write your own narrative …
even if you have to play along a little bit, okay?
You have to play along a little bit.
I knew a long time ago that I did not want to have to –
throw rocks at it from the outside, nope.
Nobody listens to the rock throwers guys …
And it’s probably a very good thing.
I think it’s better to figure out a way to get in voluntarily,
have them invite you in, and sit down at the table of conversation…
instead of throwing rocks.”

“It is amazing what you can do in ten years,
but not if you’ve been scattered by the system.
Run down, beat down, and distracted.
Your time used up every day listening to gossip, listening to the entertainment,
listening to the so-called news, staying [confined] in your bridal [blinders] …
You know what you are going to do?
You are going to be remade into the image and likeness of your popular cultural creator.
They know what they can do in ten years, believe me.
They know exactly what they can do to you in ten years,
and that is exactly what they are doing.
They are going to take you and your time and your eyeballs,
and they are going to re-make you exactly the way they want you.
Pour you right into the mold,
and cast you right into exactly the way they want you.
They know how to do it in ten years.
Why don’t you take that ten years, and do something for you instead.”

“And troublemakers seem to find each other which is a good thing,
which is why I suspect we have found you, and you have found us.
And that’s why we love you, and that’s why some of you love us.
You are going to take down that white flag now,
and you are going to begin to raise your black flag, join us.
And we are going to be the right kind of trouble guys,
the right kind of trouble, with the big picture in mind.”
~ Bryant and Jenni McGill

“There is nothing more spiritual than freedom,
and it is very spiritual to violate old beliefs for new values.”
~ Bryant McGill

“It seems everything in life ‘lives’ because of sound,
beginning with a tune wavering in the ‘bliss of mellow’ working it out,
Awaiting its arrival for eternity’s yet unheard song to be heard,
a song delivered causing creation from something unknown.
Animals will know purely … beyond definition in the language of man.
No need to prepare for it, for is already happening within,
the silence is deafening, the peace we are is undefinable,
and the outcome is ours to decide.”
~ plr 2010 OceanHeart

“Maybe you are searching among the branches,
for what only appears in the roots.”
~ Rumi

“Arise! Awake! and stop not until the goal is reached.”
~ Swami Vivekananda

“Eleutheria Allegoria Holographicticious”
By: Seth McMahon, Jonathon Solter, Gabriel Welch, E Howard & Luke Brown
Shared with love from a dear friend, Silvia Polivoy, Ph.D
Creator of Spirit Vine Retreats

“The spine and the brain are the altars of God [Life force].
That is where the electricity of God flows down into the nervous system into the world,
and the searchlights of your senses are turned outwards.
But when you reverse the searchlights through (Kriya) yoga,
and be concentrated in the spine, you will behold the Maker.”
~ Paramahansa Yogananda

“Ninety percent of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain,
is generated by the movement of the spine.”
~ Dr. Roger Sperry 1981 Nobel Prize winner for brain research.

“If you treat someone as though they will recover,
they will recover more than if you treat them,
as though they will not recover.”
~ Jill Bolte Taylor

“The pervasive influence of bias in our lives is largely ignored or defended, at greater cost than we can afford to sustain. We need to completely revise the way we function, by actively applying adaptive perspectives that allow us to constantly recalibrate ourselves within the subtle dynamics of every moment we are confronted with. This fluid awareness will assist in illuminating the areas of our life that are not being noticed, so we can observe within our emptiness what is truly manifesting around us.” ~ Naomi Jean

“The essence of void consciousness cannot be located via our prejudice, for as we covert light through the bias of our perception we lose contact with the true source of our spirituality. This is the major issue that we are contending with, and the most jealously guarded secret that does not want to be discovered.

The engineered consciousness we have arrived upon via the states of awareness that we are confronted with within this three-dimensional illusion seems so substantially concrete within the exquisite complexity delivered. Our unwavering devotion to this continuous interaction creates a gravitational eddy that can be difficult to escape.

We are simultaneously subject, at this present time more than ever, to external influences that understand the applications of resonance focused upon our bioelectromagnetic field. This invisible interaction is only possible because we are all empathically inclined.

Our internal process of fractal osmosis automatically accommodates the entrance of light into the toroidal field of our DNA matrix, which switches genes on and off in response to frequential infiltration.

In most cases we have difficulty identifying the source point of these alterations for their application is automatically cloaked, beyond sensorial recognition by our ears and eyes. Yet, nevertheless, we are adjusted incrementally via the fact that our body naturally recalibrates itself to unseen and inaudible frequencies, with profound effect that we are only peripherally aware of.”
~ Lujan Matus

“Dancing with self discovery.
You get burned, you get enlightened?
Life should be self-sustaining, unhinged as a freely living entity without suffering.
Suffering is not necessary in order for life to live.
Whatever created the idea that we must go through some fire for enlightenment,
I say fire the architect/engineer making up the equation in this matter.”
~ plr

“When you realize the value of all life,
you dwell less on what is past,
and concentrate more on the preservation of the future.”
~ Dian Fossey

I wish to offer a page for your perusals.
Here is a dear friend, Mr Bill Donahue. His story is … well, you just have to read it.
His videos have risen to almost six million views!
Check him out to see why, and please enjoy.

“Human life does not fulfill its promise,
within the structures and establishments of society.
Noone comes to true self-hood by being what society wants you to be,
nor by doing what society wants you to do.”
~ Gnostics

“May we all blossom towards our ultimate nature.”

The [human] ‘Experience‘ has not become widespread because there is no infrastructure. Neither physical infrastructure, nor human infrastructure. For example this country 150 years ago they tell me over 95% of the people were illiterate. Today 100% literacy. How does it happen? Because somebody built the schoolrooms, somebody trained the teachers.

That infrastructure for ‘inner experience‘ has been wiped out in the last few centuries. So how do you expect it to happen? One guy talking here, one guy talking there is not going to make it happen. What should be a part of our life from the day we start, because the nature of human intelligence is such. That if you don’t mess it up with belief systems, every human being will find it. Too many concepts, too many ideas, too many belief systems … human intelligence is corrupt from the beginning. If you do not corrupt human intelligence, just leave it. Every human being is capable of knowing this. It is not some superhuman thing. The most important thing to remember is this yoga, this spiritual process is not about becoming superhuman, it is about knowing that being human itself is super.”

“It is nice to transcend your logic, but it is stupid to give up your logic.”

“After making a living you don’t know why the hell you are living.”
~ Sadhguru

“One cannot ‘see’ if one has a belief that is so rigid it blocks one from seeing.”
~ plr

“I so greatly appreciate today more than ever,
the knowing that Time was and is, irrelevant to the moment,
and that always is forever fleeting.”
~ plr

“Energy is a living entity naturally,
and should have no second or third party controlling its availability for profit.”

Enter this equation into the algorithm of life for the good of the whole.

“It is not about the messenger, it is what is being stated.
And I feel we make it up as we go along, someone else did.”

“It is not I that must clothe my body, it is you that must clean your mind.”
~plr 2007

Just a few words in the endless ponderings of a wandering mind …
“Sitting like a seashell on the sandy beaches of somewhere.
Going to places spiraling to elsewhere.
Don’t even think about it.
Simply meet me in the middle of forever.”
~ plr

“If speaking your truth means leaving it upon your last breath, then so be it.”

“I have an oath to one thing, and one thing only.
To the unbounded nature of life,
before all thought was born.”

Quotes and writings: Pamela Leigh Richards, ‘plr’, unless otherwise stated. 1960-infinity.
Images: Noted or unknown at this time with all due respect.
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