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Setting the Table

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on August 02, 2022


Lifting the Veil

to See how to Sail,

in the Ocean of Life

Unbound and FREE! 


“Laughter is good medicine

& truth dissolves fears.”

~ plr 2010


“I’m habitually tired,
of walking through this life with lies.
Aren’t you too?, said the foot to the shoe.”
~ plr
“Once you reveal your true self,
NoOne will be able to destroy your character.”
~ Liara Covert


We Will Not Be Centralized!

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“..and if you go to 

the BIS website, 

and you READ literally 

all their governing documents, 

it will astonish you, 

the extent to which 

they enjoy immunity from 

national government laws. 

They have become a 

Parallel Universe 

 unto themselves.”


“.. where this is headed 

is so ridiculous 

and so dark 

it needs to be 

dialed back 



“.. the structure 

of the system is, 

they have a back door 

into everything 

we as taxpayers 

put money into. 

And either we shut 

that back door, 

and start to get 

our money back, 

or there are 

no solutions.” 

[It has never been ‘our’ money though]


{Polly Tommey says:}

“ .. because if we 

don’t stand firm now, 

look at your grandchildren, 

look at your children ..  


{Catherine continues}

“No, no, I’m going 

to stop you Polly. 

You won’t be able 

to look at them, 

because they will

have taken them. 


“If they can put 

a chip in your hand 

and implement a 

financial transaction 

control grid ..

It’s not just 

that they can 

mandate a vaccine, 

or cut you off from food, 

They can, and will, 

take your children. 


“When people say 

I have nothing to hide? 

Yes you do, 

you have your children to hide. 

I’m serious about this. 


If you look at the people 

who are running 

this operation 

they are slavers. 

They practice slavery, 

they believe in slavery  

slavery is the single 

most profitable business 

ever to date 

in the history of man 

on the planet. 


They will take your children. 

Not from everybody, 

but I assure you, 

this fight is for all the marbles. 



These guys can print money, 

they don’t need your money. 


They want your land, 

they want your gold 

and they want your kids. 

Those are the 

real assets they’re after. 


“It’s so important

to turn the boat

before we hit the iceberg.”


We have to get 

a little bit frightened 

so we realize .. okay, 

it’s time to turn the ship.”

~ Catherine Austin Fitts


Missing Money?

Above is a link. Click it.

Excerpt from link above:

“What’s going on?

Where is the money?

How could this happen?

How much has really gone missing?

What would happen

if a corporation

failed to pass an audit

like this? Or a taxpayer?

This means the Fed

and their member banks

are transacting

government money

outside the law.”


Do NOT Comply

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Reversing the Narrative.

I call it a …



Knowledge or information 

based on real occurrences.

IST = 

Denoting an agent.

One who does or makes. 


The CIA  coined the term

“Conspiracy Theory” in 1964.

In order to re-direct the public,

and shame anyone who was


the Kennedy assassination.


An Encouraging Romp

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But it does mean that

we can and will make it through

these trying times.

And the quicker that we wake up

and realize the power

to change the world for the better

is in our hands—not in the hands

of the would-be world controllers—

the sooner this nightmare will end.


“You can never make a mistake,

only make the next best step.”

~ plr


The oldest and strongest

emotion of mankind is fear,

and the oldest and strongest kind of fear

is fear of the unknown,”

~ H.P. Lovecraft


AND BELIEF is just a habit

that is sometimes hard to break.

It is called Mind Control,

In a simulated world.


“When you face your fears,

the demons disappear.”

~ plr


When we turned the corner into 2020,

I said with a passionate heart

that could see what was unfolding,

before our eyes at lightning speed,

“Do not ever get used to

twenty twenty.”

~ plr



Above is a link. Click it.


What David is saying here

is very much in line with

what my personal experiences and views

have always been, yet, had no words to decipher it?

For what reason does not matter, it is happening,

and this knowledge is surfacing for all to see.

David is a word man and does a brilliant delivery

of something that might seem so complex,

made simple. Thank you.


I have been on a journey

that is showing me so much.

It is beautiful really.

Not always been easy.

Like the part of me that was insecure,

growing up hidden within a vessel,

unclear, afraid, and never wanted to come out.

Well, that precious part has broken through.

“Whatever is written in stone,

can be broken.”

~ plr




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What Else Is There?

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 23, 2022



“The more one is censored,

the bolder one becomes.”

~ plr



It just Happens my friends. And she wrote:



the past keeps

the presence going.

A kinda’ spark,

that lifts one up,

with confidence to say,

In any given moment:

“Hell No More”,

For the gift,

of humanity’s future,

Singing out loud now.

We have eyes to see,

Ears to Hear,

And truth






“The Good news is TIME flies.

Even better news?

You are the co-pilot!”

~ plr


After the Gift of a Fall in 2010,

I said:

“If I believe

the same tomorrow,

As I do today?

I won’t be happy.”

~ plr


You can grow up with a hard life,

suffer injustice, sorrow, and pain,

and still be a beautiful and kind person.



Let’s Remember! 

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White Coat Summit

Above is a link. Click it.


Let’s Be DONE with it!  

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Below is an excerpt from a gathering of friends,

with Dr. David Martin and his wife Kim.


“..if we look at principles in nature, 

we can suddenly 

move from a world 

in which we saw 

that we had problems, 

to a world 

in which we saw 

that we had power, 

that we were not harnessing 

appropriately.” [Tao]


“.. none of us 

have a problem to fix .. 

because it isn’t 

a problem to fix, 

it is energy to steward.”


“And by repositioning ourselves, 

repositioning our stories, 

repositioning our perspectives, 

we’re able to enter 

into the powers of observation 

to say the Universe 

has richly provided us, 

with all the energy we need 

to LIVE and LIVE fully.”


“I just want to make sure you realize .. 

that you are not alone. 

We are here with you, 

you are here with us ..”


“They stood 

for their homeland, 

their values, 

their families, 

their lives, 

and most of all 

for the ideal 

that was in fact 

bigger than any 

individual one of them at all. 

And the reason 

300 stood against a million, 

and prevailed against a million, 

is because 

they did the work 

to know that we 

are not the sum of individuals, 

we are not the chained 

and the shackled, 

we are not those 

without a home, 

WE are HUMAN.”


“And the power of tyranny 

can never hold a candle 

to a human fully enlivened.”

~ Dr. David Martin


Treasure Map

Above is a link. Click it.


See The Techniques Used on Humanity

Above is a link. Click it.


Time to Listen!

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The Healing Thread 

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“As you heal ~ 

Your attractions

Change too.


Toxicity stops

Looking like





Peace stops

Looking like 


~ author unknown


May Peace Reign Supreme



 Science has been infiltrated! 

Above is a link. Click it.


Celebrity Frontmen

Above is a link. Click it.



There already EXISTS

Technology ~

That could heal the world,

from poverty,



and every lack

humanity seems to have.





CLEAN Hearts & Minds.

One breath at a time.

Break the Divide



Teach our children well,




Remember the importance 

of nurturing your first 

few followers as equals

So it’s clearly 

about the movement, 

not you.

The biggest lesson, 

Have you noticed,

Did you catch it?

Is that leadership 

Is over glorified.

Yes it was the shirtless guy first,

And gets all the credit.

But it was really

the first follower

That transformed 

The lone nut

Into a leader. 

Have the courage to follow

And show others

How to follow.

When you find a lone nut 

Doing something great?

Have the guts 

to be the first one

To stand up 

And join in. 



“ .. and the reason 

why it’s important 

to tear apart 

the idea of belief?

Is I’m not special

in my insight,

I just look differently.”

~ Dr. David Martin


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Unafraid to Be Real

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 12, 2022



“We must be skeptical

of absolutely everything.”

~ John Pilger


“You will find more danger

in one day in any city in the world ~

Than you will ever find in those forests.” 

~ Instinct the movie


We all have gifts to give

Moments to share

that are relevant

and necessary

for the good

of the whole

to live.



you have to

lose your mind,

in order to find it.”

~ plr



you have to let go,

of pretty much everything,

you were ever taught

to believe,

in order to SEE.”

~ plr



Drop the Pebble in the Pond. 

The rock called your Voice. Do It. 


Break the Current Waves

That are not nurturing

For Clarity

For Truth

For Peace. 


“There is no greater Freedom,

than truth in love.

There is no greater love,

than truth

without Fear.”

~ plr 2010


“Noone needs letters after their name,

like PhD’s or anything,

to have a meaningful

something to say.

Like, how about

starting with,


~ plr



You do not need to defend

your education.

Or rather,

the indoctrination.

Break Free.

Reverse the narrative.


image: 2006 Documentary “David Icke Was He Right”. 


“In a perfect world

testing would Never

be necessary,

for all is known.

It’s just where

my mind goes.”

~ plr


“When more than one person,

focusses on ONE THING,

it manifests more quickly.

Like all things in life,

it works much more effectively,

if everyONE sincerely,

believes in themselves.”

~ plr



You are loved.

You are important.

You are relevant.

You have meaning.

You have purpose.

You are a human being.

You are Not Alone!

You have friends out there,

even if never met yet.

You are here and valuable to yourself,

first and foremost.

Never Forget THAT!




There was life before the internet.

Never lose your humanity.

Never get swallowed.

Nature yearns

to be nurtured,

coherently on,



Excerpt below from above video.


“Listen .. both sides,

Liberal, conservative ~

Get RID of the Labels.

We’re all individuals.

And the minute,

We all GRASP that,

And the minute We realize 

Were projecting Our energy 

Into such unnecessary 

Theatrical Theatre,

Which is what it is.

And infiltrating 

The way you think,

The way you dress, 

What your emotions will be.

It’s controlling you 

more than you can imagine. 

You gotta walk away. 

They go behind the curtain

And laugh AT US! 

[‘they’ being the ones creating all this mind BS]

And when they say it’s a party,

This party, that party, 

They’re ALL at the same party!

They go Cheers ..

Look at these dummies ..

You know what we gotta do?

You know how you ‘FAST’ 

For your body?

We have to ‘FAST’ for our MINDS. 

Fasting for your body 

is really good for your health, 

but you know what’s even better? 

Noone ever talks about it but ..

Why not doing..

‘Fasting for your Mind’.

..turn everything off 

No Radio


No News

No Religion

No Pop Culture.” 

~ Jim Breuer & Jimmy Shaka


“Once you understand the foundation,

it is up to you to choose,

which house to build.”

~ plr 



Above is a link. Click it.



“Every bite I take feeds the hungry.

Every drink I take nourishes the thirsty.

Every breath I take

awakens me further,

along with another.

And every line I cross,

shows me just how much

farther I can go.”

~ plr 2010


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2022 A Silent Door Now Opening

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 07, 2022


“Silence enables the liar.”


“When you are

on the same path

with someone,

even though parted?

And the fork

in the road appears in 2020

for the entire world?

The only way through,

is together

no matter what.”



The time for talk

and half-measures

are over.


Like Terrence McKenna

said long ago, and I agree.

We have

perfected politeness

to a fault.


Yet, at the same time?

Being polite is the way to go,

just don’t cross

the line.


No matter what,

Speak your truth.

Break free,

because you are

worth it.



I know the extraordinary is possible.

I know my heart beats for Peace.

I know there is,

something else happening,

beyond what I speak.

Blissful easy feelings.

I want to be there,

and never leave.


We are in uncertain times.

In order to make them certain?

May our journeys be well defined.


“My brain is only a receiver,
in the Universe there is a core
from which we obtain knowledge,
strength and inspiration.
I have not penetrated
into the secrets of this core,
but I know that it exists.”

~ Nikola Tesla



Above is a link. Click it.

Below is excerpt from Film Above. 

Cathy O’Brien is someone I hold to heart 

with deep admiration. 


I met her during my 

personal journeys in life 

with former husband, 

British Author David Icke. 


“There is no place to run,

except right at them!”

~ Mark Phillips



“He bragged 

about sexually abusing me..

My brain was 

trying to protect me 

from the sexual abuse 

that I was enduring. 

It was so suffocating 

to me as an infant 

That it caused 

what is known as 

Dissociative Identity Disorder.

The mind manipulation 

that I endured afterwards, 

the hypnotic language, 

the neurolinguistic programming ..

They actually changed 

the way that my brain 

was functioning. 

They changed that 

so that ‘they’ decided 

when, where, and how 

that particular compartment 

of my brain 

would be open 

to be accessed. 

And they replaced 

the triggering mechanism 

with hypnotic codes, 

keys and triggers, hand signals .. 

there’s also phone tones 

can open those neural pathways 

and give access to the 

compartmentalized memory 

as well.” 

~ Cathy O’Brien


One Hour w/Cathy O’Brien

Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.

Humanity must wake up to this.

You don’t know what to get out of,

if you don’t know what you are in.


Break the Spell



I love the research of Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Being a TBI survivor, what Joe says resonates deeply.

The Sanctuary of Sedona,

is a flower in the desert.

Personal friends.


Breathing is an addictional program too.

A Good Thing!

It is simply a code into our system that is automatic,

so one continues to do so,



We humans are simply

light informational coding in form,

and can be re-programmed,

by our environments.


Change your mind,

Change your environment,

Change your world.


We are collectively


removing the weeds

in the garden of life,

in order to



One thought

One heartfelt knowing

One moment

at a time.


It is happening before our very eyes.


The World Unfolding,

to places Unknown.


I know which way I AM going.

NO COMPLIANCE to absurdity.



Oh my friends

the memories.

So much pain,

so much love.

Truth is so freeing.

Life is very much

a personal journey.



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Precarious Times to Balance

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 02, 2022
“Never get used to 2020,
and never lose your humanity.”
~ plr 2020


“May we learn to live without regrets.
To live with Peace in Understandings.
To behave in rightful manners.
To look in the mirror and reflect.
To see ourselves as we are,
Growing, dissolving,
accepting, re-emerging,
As fully potent~eyes’d
real~ eyes’d beings.
To admit face to face
where we went off balance.
To see that the journey was …
I AM that I AM.”
~ plr 2010


“Freedom is letting go.
Releasing thoughts
that are inhibiting.
One cannot fly,
with excess
~ plr


“Our existence in ‘form’ of matter,
is merely ‘living art’ by thought”.
~ plr 2010


The next quantum leap
in understanding,
is what dominates
the animation of the art?
The Mind or the Heart?
Paint Life Pretty
Sing Life a Beautiful Song



“Our greatest discoveries,
will not be found in ‘outer space’,
they will be real-eyes’d in ‘inner space’.”
~ plr  2010


“We are swimming in a vast Ocean,
and are but in it,
for a moment.”
~ plr 


“In order to lessen the pains of growth,
some traditions must be broken.”
~ plr  2010


No Fear

Above is a link. Click it.


Manufactured Enemy

Above is a link. Click it.


Sometimes you need a Laugh!

Above is a link. Click it.



Not on my watch! 

Above is a link. Click it.


Do Not Comply

Above is a link. Click it.

“People and certain governments are awakening to the fact that a group of globalists are working against them on every level, and they are starting to fight back.  We do not want to be ruled by a centralized power telling us what to do or how to think.  The concept of the Great Reset has failed in many ways, but there is still work to do.

Never give up, never allow a group of influential globalists whether they are billionaires or bankers, government bureaucrats or special interest groups, resist this ideology of a unipolar world order.  We can win this war, there is still time, I believe that we will prevail if we just don’t comply with their goal of them trying to control us, [what they deem as] the useless people. ”


“I care not what you wear,

I care what is in your nature.



Care to Venture the endless journey:
Rest of My Life
The Shift is Within and Listening
Walk On
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2022 Compose the Moment

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on June 18, 2022

Much of what you ‘think’ you know about me will be wrong.

The reality of it all is much more colorfully remarkable.



“One must have no baggage,

in order to see


~ plr


“Memories can fade,

yet love within,

must always remain.”
~ plr


“I love what I know,

I love more what I’ve yet to know.” 



“When push comes to shove,

never do it with glee.

Do it only,

because it was

absolutely necessary.”



“I do not want to grab your attention

by sharing a story of my suffering.

I wish to grab your attention,

by sharing how uniquely

our brightness shines.”

~ plr


“I think we make it up as we go along,

someone else did.”

~ plr


“I feel the Universe,

the UniVoice,

abhors deception.”

~ plr


“Humans are so good

at defending a bad habit.”

~ plr


“Never allow

someone elses’ fears,

cause you to disappear.”

~ plr


“When you can laugh

is when War and Peace

finds the door.”

~ plr


“An oath to a scoundrel is meaningless.”

~ Scarlet Pimpernel Film


Know when to say yes, and when to say no.

Noone knows everything,

We each know something.




When asked why he lived

as a philosopher,

rather than an expert

in any one of the classical arts?

Philo = love

Sophia = wisdom

He replied:

“Some are influenced

by the love of wealth

while others are blindly led on

by the mad fever

for power and domination.

But the finest type of man

gives himself up

to discovering the meaning

and purpose of life itself.

He seeks to uncover

the secrets of nature.

This is the man

I call a philosopher

for although no man

is completely wise in all respects,

he can love wisdom

as the key to nature’s secrets.”


Be acutely discerning

every step of the way.


“We as humans,

must be careful,

about believing,

there is integrity,

by keeping secrets

unknown to us,

that are compartmentalized.

So noone else knows,

what we each,

are giving our parts & labor for?

For the build up,

of something

we know nothing about

in its conclusion?

I call that ignorant.”


I am tired of deception.

Life and living should be

peaceful and clear,

voicing freely Universally.


“Do not cover truths with secrets unseen.

They do more harm hidden than in the open revealing.”



Reflecting in kind.

I grew up on Air Force bases.

Father was a fighter pilot.

“Tango” was his call sign.

Flew the F-104, maybe the F15?

I said to my father,

fly for the love of it, not the fight.

In this interview

I value the training explained.

There were a few things

I would disagree with.

However, great conversation.

I say to all

the trained men

and women in the military..

Take that training,

organize, strategize,

and do a 180.

We have enemy’s on home turf.

Yes Sir, No Sir.

Thank you!



Above is a link. Click it.

One is an accident.

Two is a coincidence.

Three is a pattern.

And we are waaaaaay beyond Three.


Media and many others

need to stop playing checkers

on the chess board.

Hit the target

and end the game.

The narrative has gone on for far too long.

Stop following the carrots.

Re-write the script!

Those in positions of power,

are critical for this undoing to happen.


Turn those birds around,

and come hOMe.


“One needs coordinates,

points on the path,

a map to see/sea,

or they get lost.

Getting lost can be

a good thing

or not.

I’d rather

take my chances

on knowing

where I’m going.”



“Let your stories

speak through lies,

and open doors.”

~ plr




Above is a link. Click it.

Mattias Desmet is recognized as the world’s leading expert on the theory of mass formation and is the author of Psychology of Totalitarianism. He is also a professor of clinical psychology in the Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Ghent University (Belgium) and a practicing psychoanalytic psychotherapist.



For a very long time,

a totalitarian tiptoe,

has herded humanity,

an experiment,

we have all been involved in,

funneled through a system,

that perpetuates,

attempted control over us,

without us ever knowing it,

until NOW.


“Become AWARE

of the AWE

that you ARE.”








“ … I’ve been rattling their cages

because I had to

train people in the media

to listen to me differently.

Because if they

just saw me

as an actress first day,

this would all not

have worked out .

I had to set up

a domino effect worldwide. 

I wanted to show people

that if you fight

and are strategic,

and very smart about it,

you can

cut off the head

of rotten power

instead of biting

at the ankles of picket signs.”

~ Leah Remini


And together we can stop it.

Not by fighting it,

but by not complying with it.

Change the Narrative.

And the airwaves will change.






Above is a link. Click it.


The Battle for Humanity

Above is a link. Click it.


Virology Is Way Past It’s ‘Cell’ by Date

Above is a link. Click it.


The End of Germ Theory

Above is a link. Click it.

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2022 Summers First Step

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on June 13, 2022

When you take that first step

out of a comfort zone,

you discover there

is more to you,

there is more

to every


“Say what you were ever afraid to say.
Listen, when you did not think you ever would.
Slow down your breathing before ever speaking.
Love the very thing you felt your heart never could.
Look where thine eyes feared to seek.
And in the end, merging into New Beginnings.
This shall be a mighty fine relief.”

~plr 2010


When you are in a space
of remembering
who you really are,
you cannot help
but add that
to the collective
of humanity.
And the more people
that are out there
who are seeking
something better,
something different,
the more you answer the call.
~ Arcturian 9D counsel
“When a stupid man
is doing something
he is ashamed of,
he always declares
that it is his duty.”
(George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright, 1856-1950)


Whatever it is, if it makes sense?

If it sounds good,

if your heart vibrates,

if your mind is in tune

the resonance is coherent,

go with the flow of know.



“It is no great accomplishment

to hear a voice in the head.

The accomplishment,

is to make sure

it is telling

the truth.”

~ Terrence McKenna



The above dolphin images, 2007

Screen shots of my films.

Now this was a surreal experience.
I was alone,
and so was this beautiful
large bottlenose dolphin
in the Red Sea, Egypt,
near Elphinstone Reef.
The zodiac driver took me out
as we saw this lone traveller
it so seemed?
I asked to get in the water
and did so
ever so gently
and briefly,
for it was a vast Sea
and she was moving swiftly.
Yet, a moment
was all that was necessary
to capture a glimpse
of her journey.
I thank thee lovely lady of the Sea.
In the Ocean of Tranquility.


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2022 Traveling Through June

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on May 28, 2022



If suffering is an illusion,

then so is feeling extreme bliss.

Which one will you choose?

Speak your truth,

no matter

what anyone else believes.

Always in harmony

with benevolence,

of manner.

Smile, laugh, and proceed.


I will leave nothing

but truth and love

in my wake,

bypassing through

all the mistakes

I have made.


remember me

that way.

~ plr


“Rest satisfied with doing well,
and leave others to talk of you as they please.”
~ Pythagoras


“All truths are easy to understand
once they are discovered;
the point is
to discover them.”
~ Galileo Galilei




39:09 minutes of … LISTEN.

Above is a link. Click it.



The Film above “Meet John Doe” from 1941,

really depicts how humanity,

has been shown what is going on,

all along.

Via the entertainment industry,

the music industry,

and every area of advertising,

and media.

They WANT us to choose,

or decide on things,

but most of those decisions,

come from being persuaded.

Humans are

malleable minded.

Change Direction.

Look the Other Way.

I totally SEE the manipulation.


Make Sense

out of all the



“Love, compassion,

empathy, respect,


are all innate components

within the human being.

May those traits be nurtured eternally.”

~ plr


Fahrenheit 9/11

Above is a link. Click it.


The Dangers of Education

Above is a link. Click it.

The above 12:24 minutes on ‘Education’,

reminds me of the ‘Stockholm Syndrome’,

where the prisoner falls in love with its captor.

What is happening globally has truly been,

in my opinion, a totalitarian tiptoe,

just as it was stated in the document:

“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars”.

I see how likely long ago,

this technology slowly,

was being implemented.

They are close to perfecting A.I.,

to a degree,

where they collect data,

which is input,

then computates strategic outcomes,

to accomplish particular goals,

at lightning speed.

Faster than the human brain can.

This is why it is appearing so fast,

before our very eyes.

Very calculated,

for complete control,

over all on Earth.


But WE CAN turn it around.

If WE ALL stop fighting,

and literally shut the system down,

by walking away from it.



And I know our human vessels,

and beings,

can communicate fast,


because I experienced it,


in the Red Sea, Egypt.

No computers necessary.

No wi-fi necessary,

because we ARE a biological interface,

within the field of life,

to do so.





We are just beginning

to tap into

our true potentials,

never taught in school,

or what is really,

an indoctrination system.


I know it’s a big order,


if we reach for the stars,

we might land on the roof.

If we reach for the roof,

we might not ever

get off the ground.



“You do not heal ‘from’ trauma. 

You simply come to know yourself as Life Itself. 

And you turn towards the wounded place.

And you flush it with attention, which is Love. 

And maybe the wound will always be with you. 

Maybe you will always walk with the hurt. 

But now, you hold it. It doesn’t hold you. 

You are the container, not the contained. 

It doesn’t control you any longer, the wound. 

Because it is drenched in awareness now. 

Drenched in You. Loved by You. 

Even celebrated by You. 

You do not heal ‘from’ trauma. 

You find healing ‘in’ the trauma. 

You find yourself at trauma’s sacred core. 

The One who is always present. 

The One who can bear,

even the most intense feeling states. 

And survive. 

The Indestructible One. 

The Infinite One. 

The Powerful One. 


~ Jeff Foster



“In no time she sits





In twenty twenty two 

The evening fell

The world surrounds 

Whilst she sits alone

The past was ..


All along

She sighs

Lets go

Flows into silence 

Of …  

Yeah that


Heart beats 

She listens

She breathes 

She listens

The song begins to play


Her mind

So much joy

Tears too

So silently whispering

On and on it goes.

Melodies loving you …”

~ plr



“The Dimming” Documentary

Above is a link. Click it.

Excerpt from above Documentary. 

“When I witnessed

the destruction of

this miraculous web of life,

I can only think

of returning to the front line

of the battle to sound the alarm.

Reaching a critical mass

of awareness

in the population

is the ONLY

way forward in this fight.

The challenges we face

are immense,

the odds are against us,

but as the proverb goes:

‘It’s not over, till it’s over’.

Any one of us

can be the final pebble

that triggers the landslide

of awakening.”

~ Dane Wigginton



Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

Above is a link. Click it.


11:54 minutes of LINE in the Sand!

Above is a link. Click it.


Yes Sir, NO Sir.

Don’t change the subject.


Crimes against life itself.

Lock em’ up.

Let’s get to the root

of the problem,

expose it,

and fix it.


“Unjust laws exist;

Shall we

be content

to obey them,

or shall we endeavor

to amend them,

and obey them,

until we

have succeeded.

Or shall we ..

Transgress them

At once?

~ Henry David Thoreau


You don’t know

who you are

until you make up your mind.

Even then,

you are still changing.

Go with your know of flow,


“You cannot reason,

with an irrational mind.”


“New information causes,

new choices,

to be made.”

~plr 2010


“I was not merely

beholding a vision,

but had caught sight

of a great and profound truth.”

~ Nikola Tesla



“Clean Soil Earth,

Clean Water,

Clean Air,

Clean Skies,

Clean hearts and Minds,

is necessary,

in order to live,

in order to thrive.”

~ plr 2010



Above is a link. Click it.


Oxygen is the Breath of Life.
It is a reference to Light.
The 8th element,
on the periodic table,
because it has 8 protons.
In particle physics,
it is represented by the photon.
I am somehow reminded
of holography.
I’m learning too,
my favorite part,
of the journey …


“Truth is a stubborn thing,

It never goes away.

Never Forget


~ plr 2010

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2022 A Quantum Leap

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We  are the NEW I~magi~nation.




“Truth does not hide,

and love has no shadows.”

~ plr 


“From age to age,

loves word rings forth.

The Truth is true,

and all is well.

Unconquerable life prevails.”

~ Martin Cecil ~ Marquess of Exeter


“Nothing can disrupt the harmony WITHIN.”

“Patience has been her guiding LIGHT.”

“Where you Look,

There you are,

Your reality

Awaits you.”


“I ought to know by this time,

that when a fact

appears to be opposed

to a long train of deductions,

it invariably

proves to be,

capable of bearing

some other interpretation.”

~ Sherlock Holmes – A Study in Scarlet

Chapter 3: Light in the Darkness.


Speaking truth

in times

of Universal deceit,

is a revolutionary act.


“Would you believe it wasn’t worth it?

Or that nobody would care?

That you added a touch of goodness

to the world by being there!”

~ Tomfoolery 


Always remember …

“Laugher is good medicine.”


How many fires

can one put out?


“What is life stalking me to learn?

What did my story set me up to heal?

What is the lesson

of this entire story and saga

of my lifetime,

asking me to become a master of?



I just had a conversation with a friend this evening … in relation to ‘dying’.  For his step-father (92) is on that leg of his journey.  It was a beautiful, authentic conversation. Very up front and discussing how we would like our parting to be for those left behind.

For mine I said I wish NOONE to wear black, at least not in full gear. I wish for everyone to celebrate my flight with colors like the rainbow and beyond … of course grief and sadness will occur, more to some than others and that is perfectly okay ~ it’s what we do.

I suggested he ask his step-father to be a part of his departure by asking him to write down what he would say to his friends and family if he was speaking to them from heaven looking IN. And you dear ONE could read his words aloud at his eulogy.  He liked that idea.

I feel it is imperative that we change the narrative on so many things in life. Because we can. Bring heaven to Earth. Whatever that beautiful meaning represents to each one of us … no religion necessary, no dogma necessary .. simply being a human naked unclothed and free to speak with integrity and heartfelt from deep within the caverns of our vessels less traveled.

We did not come here to make friends, we came here to BE. And friends are merely the icing on the cake whilst on the weaving thread of love traveling through eternity.

No-one has any idea,

until I am asked,

what happened?

I wasn’t asked,


I shall answer anyway.


“When facing the frigid cold
after a warm shower,
When you become the cold,
The gentler it becomes upon you.”
I am not here to hurt, I am here to HEAL
There is another side to the story.
Hear the
Evolution of
All that
Live beyond nonsense.


Helping the
Recover from
~ plr


Saiwala (Gothic for Soul)

Coming from

or belonging to the Sea,

A moving Life Force.

This is my hearts mission ~

to keep sailing

to my hearts desires

unhindered and unwaveringly free.


“Those who are at peace in their hearts,

Are already within the great shelter of life.”

~ Hopi Prophecy


I am going to use this landing post,

to begin the sharing,

of her personal journey,

through  62 years of life,

and what a ticket it was to ride.

Stay tuned.


Peace is
the only Train
I’ll catch a ride upon.
With Honest Release,
And Freedom,
As the Destination.


“There is no greater Freedom
than Truth in Love.
There is no greater love
than truth without fear.”
~plr 2010




People have asked so here is how.



My blog is only part of a compilation of a book, or Cinematic Film, yet published. If this blog has inspired you, opened your eyes in a positive manner for whatever reason, then I am grateful. It really has been a canvas to draw upon one girls visions, poetry, quotes, opinions and views, and life experiences.

Greatly appreciate you.


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2022 May Waves

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We need to communicate a different way.

Coherently together.

Feel the Love

“The more you are censored,

the bolder you become.”

~ plr



Truth is scary sometimes,

yet, the revealing,

is very healing,

when unafraid to speak it.


May 1st 1999

Salt Lake City, Utah

In a hotel room alone

I sat in bed all day long

in emotional agony

watching this movie

over and over again,

and simply cried.


There is always a reason why.

Courage is being able to let go.

May we all have this courage

To say yes to something

That once before 

Felt like a no.


I would rather die,

in my age of whatever time,

my forever youth,

knowing I actually lived

speaking my truth.



“We never tell our tales

to continue the weeping,

we tell our tales,

to end them.”

~ plr 2010


The Voice said,

as I flew over

the Mediterranean Sea,

into Egypt, 2007.


“… you have a heart to give,

that will help lift humanity,

in this physicality,

it’s a personal journey.”


I feel like my story
IS a message in a bottle
Floating in the Ocean
Through the seas of journey
Upon its landing
Finally being heard.

“To all the ships at sea

And all the ports of call

To my family 

And all friends 

And strangers

This is a message

And a prayer.


The message 

is that my travels 

taught me a great truth.


I already had 

what everyone 

Is searching for,

And few ever find.


The one person in the world

Who I was born to love forever

A person like me

Of the outer banks 

And the blue Atlantic mystery.


A person rich in simple treasures

Self made, self taught,

A harbor where I am forever home.


And no wind or trouble 

Or even a little death, 

can knock down this house. 


The prayer is that 

everyone in the world 

can know this kind of love 

and be healed by it. 


If my prayer is heard,

Then there will be 

an erasing of all guilt 

and all regret 

and an end to all anger. 

Please God … “

~ Message in a Bottle


Graduates of Klaus Schwab WEF

Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.

Excerpt from above link:


“On May 7, 1966

a 9 year old child named Cathy O’Brien

was subjected to an occult ritual

named “The Rite to Remain Silent”.

This is her own very shocking

and eye-opening life story

about her experience as a CIA MK-Ultra

Whitehouse Pentagon level

trauma-based Mind Control slave.

She speaks out to expose those who abused,

who go right up to presidents

and congressmen and women

and to give voice to the many mind control

victims out there who can’t think to speak out.”

I met Cathy O’Brien circa 1998.

This information is on a “need to know NOW”! basis. 



I AM beginning to unfold,

my Lifetime’s memoirs.


Such is the nature of this realm

Change & Adventure

Walk in Beauty

In strength

In Bliss




Above is a link. Click it.


Once you see the threads,

It Doesn’t take much


Still though,

there is one element

missing from the equation

missing from the conversation,

which is the non-human Connections.



Above is a link. Click it.

Excerpt from above link:

“At its finest


is a necessary nuisance

and at its worst

a horrific

and destructive parasite.

Government builds nothing

and creates no profit…

it is a corpse

which only gains life

by taking it from the People.”



Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.


UKRAINE Seized by Globalists

Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.

Please scroll down the above linked page

to the video “The Plan”

It ties in with Dr. David Martin.


Once you see what is really going on,

you will see the news,

from a totally different

vantage point.



Above is a link. Click it.

Excerpt from link above.

The Highwire 

Episode 265 FOOD WARS, 

with Del Bigtree 

and Catherine Austin Fitts. 

“The way you build your future

is one transaction at a time ~

Small groups.. figure it out

and you build forward.

The whole world

is run with conspiracies ~

I always thought of conspiracies

as wonderful things,

they were fun to do,

they were delicious ~

I was great at it …

I always say,

Don’t ask if there’s a conspiracy ~

if you’re not in one,

then you need to start one ~ 

I’m a Conspiracy Foot Soldier ~

let’s get in the game.

Because if you look

at the Conspiracy Theorist’s

engineering game,

we are going to be eaten inside

while they enjoy

owning us on the outside.

So I want you to embrace

your inner conspiracy creation

[It works both ways!].”

Stop financing those that are killing you.

It takes a conspiracy to beat a conspiracy.  



Above is a link. Click it.


This is the kind of conversation, I love.

We have been deceived all along.

Nothing surprises me.

After the Gift of A Fall, back in 2010,

I woke up in hospital after brain surgery,

seeing with new eyes,

as I called it.

Because I was seeing,

the holographic nature of reality.

Very powerful and freeing.



Above is a link. Click it.


Life is a mystery.

It is being unravelled.

We are IN IT.

In coherence,

Live it.



Tuning Into:


Stop World Control








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2022 Springing Into Awareness of ALL

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“The artist is, 

temporary Intrancient. 

[refusing to 

moderate a position, 


The art goes on.

The song is always 

more important 

than the singer.

The song 

will find other singers, 

on down the road, 

and other drummers 

for other marchers.

Like the great whales, 

who pass their songs, 

on down,

through the generations, 

modifying them,

here and there ~ 

the important thing, 

is that we go on ~ 


~ John Soderberg


“Build what you see,

What you get,

is what you feed.”

~ plr 


“Charged with the Illusions of grandeur,

are no different than,

illusions of what we are living in.

The point is ..

which one

will be

coherently endured?

I know which path

I choose.

Peace is my only lure.”

~ plr


“I am becoming 

More and more 


About sharing 

What I do know

And not what 

I don’t.

The journey is

Never walked alone

Thank God 

Whoever that is

That got us here

In the 

First place.


Are totally 


Like I said 

After having the 

Left side of my brain


From the gift

Of a Fall:

“I love what I know,

I love more 

What I’ve yet to know.” 

~ plr 



Excerpt from above video:

“ … so advertising is tactical. 

We’re going to use this headline, 

we’re going to use this picture ..

this slogan .. 

real marketing is .. 

you can market legitimate things, 

you can market illegitimate things ..

What Is Marketing?

Marketing is..

let’s figure out 

who’s our target audience?

What’s the message 

that’s going to 

move the needle?

And what are 

the distribution points 

that we need to control 

to get the message out there?

That’s all it is!


.. SO ANYWAY you have a whole generation

of so-called public health officials

that slept through this horror,

and are 100% behind it.

So when Fauci their cheerleader for AIDS,

[now] waving the flag for COVID,

they all just stepped into line ..

So what they had in place .. 

they were better organized than we are, 

but the power they had was the network. 

They owned the media, 

and they owned 

all the public health departments. 

That’s how it worked. 

So they didn’t have to be super sophisticated. 

Here’s what they had to do. 

They had to get together 

in their little room 

with their white board 

..and come up with a few good themes..

and then make sure 

everybody in the network 

repeated the same message incessantly, 

that’s Step 1. 

Step 2,

was to shut down 

anybody that said anything different. 

Thats the other side of the coin, 

which they had the power to do ..”

~ Ken McCarthy



Above is a link. Click it.

Humanity has one common enemy.

All come together.

Wearing our coats of many colors.

May we be strategically united.

With like hearts and minds.



Above is a link. Click it.

A film about

the citizen-led

community-energy movement

in Europe and the visionaries lighting the way.



Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.



“Isn’t it ironic in a way?

That now I feel stronger,

And free’er.

I’ve always wanted to leave this place,

Yet now, 

My voice is able to speak,

What it always wanted to say, 


I’d rather be on a quest, 

Continuing curiosity, 

That blends into, 

The depths of love,

Peace, calm,

And silence…

That lives forever within,

Than never living. 

I’m learning to love being here. 

Continuing the learning journey,

being in the world but not of it … is freeing,

Peace and calm within, 

will take me from here to there, 

in a heart beat ever lasting,

Through the storms,

it’s real,

this funny feeling.”

~ plr 


So IMPORTANT to know,

how valuable,

the conscious human being is.

To say YES

in the comfort

of saying HELL NO.

“In case you missed

the “punch line” in the story,

the hospital literally

attempted to coerce this man’s daughter

into killing her father

by agreeing with their desire

to withhold care

so he would die

and they could cover

their own criminality.

The reason

their effort failed

and this man is alive

is his daughter

resisted their pressure –

and their blantant lies.

These kind of things

go on in hospitals every day.

CoVid has amplified the corruption

of this vile system,

but it was already

rotten to the core long before.

This happens to be a Canadian story,

but it could easily

have taken place

in the US, Australia, the UK

or any place

that has turned over

its people’s medical care to the criminals.

And that’s what all

the doctors, nurses and hospital administrators

in this story are: criminals.

And they get away with it

and are paid lavishly for it

every day of the week.”

~ Ken McCarthy


“THEY LIVE” ~ The Movie

Above is a link. Click it.


37:18 Minutes of ..  “Good Morning CHD”

Above is a link. Click it.


7 Patented Poisons in INJECTIONS.

Above is a link. Click it.


As I said two years ago:



Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.

“With regards to the “Red Button Story”?

How about humans becoming sober,

And aware ..

And the NARCS business’ closed shop

Due to no customers.

Like .. becoming consciously

Coherent Beings, 

living for the good,

Of the collective whole, 

Of our humanity?


It’s not just about, 

Making addicts sober..

It’s about making 

The addiction,

to Power, 

sober as well. 


And how about 

Our form of exchange,




Because Nature 

Provides it all


Pure Energy.


There is no 

Dollar exchange

Between the tree 

And the bird 

That lands

On the branch

for rest and recovery.

Living should Naturally 

Be Free.” 



“I ought to know by this time,

that when a fact

appears to be opposed

to a long train of deductions,

it invariably

proves to be,

capable of bearing

some other interpretation.”


~ Sherlock Holmes 

-A Study in Scarlet

Chapter 3: Light in the Darkness


“… and you wouldn’t take it, 

because YOU

would respond 

to the truth 

with integrity, 

which is ..

My body is NOT 

going to be defiled 

by your experiment.



~ Dr. David Martin


Slide from Dr. Martins’ above presentation.

Powerful, and kinda nails the Admission!


“How many people 

have been dumb enough 

to say it [a dumb thing] 

and then write it down?

If you are dumb enough to say it,

And then you are 

dumb enough to write it down..

I would NEVER

be dumb enough 

to publish it 

in the proceedings of the 

‘National Academy of Sciences’, 

particularly when you 

consider the fact that

in 2011 and 2012 

the World Health Organization [WHO], 

had said that Sars Corona Virus 

was an irradicated disease. 

So why would we need in 2015, 

a vaccine for a disease 

that had been declared irradicated? 

We needed it because 

this was not about disease, 

this was not about a pathogen. 

This was about a biological weapon ~ 

the spike protein 

that was trying to take down 

the lives and livelihoods 

of the dynamic life forms 

of humans ~ 

THAT’S why in fact it was done. 

How could somebody 

be that nefarious? 

Well, let’s do some psychology, 

shall we? 

..Have you ever heard 

of a real sociopathic serial killer..

the ones that carve their initials 

into people bodies, 

or leave a trinket 

at the murder site..

There are actually 

people who celebrate 

the fact that they can 

harm and mame 

and kill people 

and leave a totem 

or a talisman 

to actually flaunt 

the fact that they are doing it. 

So why did Peter Daszak say this? 

Well, according to the 

most reliable evidence 

of his genealogy, 

does anybody 

want to comment 

on the fact that 

Peter Daszak’s father 

reportedly was a member of the SS? 

And isn’t it funny 

that the pathogen 

that he created 

and sent over 

to a German biotech company 

called BioNTech 

was the thing 

that was first injected 

into the state of Israel. 

You know..

I’ve heard of bad marketing 

and branding campaigns .. 

That one feels really bad to me. 

Can you believe this! 

A German biotech company, 

Using a pathogen 

formed by the son 

of an SS officer 

was first injected 

into the entire population 

of the State of Israel ..

That’s one of those 

‘duh’ moments 

when you say 

that sounds bad 

when you say it?

Well yeah, you know why? 

Because it IS BAD!

And we the people 

Know that he said it ..

And rather than 

standing and calling 

our public officials 

to account for this.

We actually 

let them get away with it 

by doing nothing.”

~ Dr. David Martin











9:28 minutes of: CHANGE DIRECTION

Above is a link. Click it.




The song is communication

a dialogue between two

in the sound of music

honestly and purely

respectful singing

between hearts and minds

Within & Beyond

all realms




Calming, listening,





“There is a time,

that cannot be erased,

only remembered.”

~ plr 





Ice Age Farmer

Hidden Meanings Videos

Acharya S 

The Trust Technique

The Morphogenetic Field


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2022 What Really Matters?

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“I’m tired ~ 

Just say it 

she says to herself


Don’t even think about it


Here goes

Once upon a time..

Voice it 


Choice it


Just say it


Here goes


Cruising where?

Well I don’t know

Just let go


Here I go … 


Birds singing 

Feathers washing over

My skin so softly

Waving by

Isn’t that so nice

Nothing needed

To know 


To get the whole world talking 

about something 

that should have been 

talked about 

I forgot

a long time ago.”

~ plr 





“Do not believe on the strength of traditions.

Even if they have been held in honour

for many generations and in many places.

Do not believe anything

because many people speak of it.

Do not believe on the strength

of sages of old times.

Do not believe that which

you have yourselves imagined,

thinking that a god has inspired you.

Believe nothing which depends

only on the authority

of your masters or of priests.

After investigation …

Believe that which

you have yourselves

tested and found reasonable,

And which is for your good and that of others.”

~ Gautama Buddha





“ The climate of .. 

it’s forever changing and evolving… 

I never imagined that it would be more villainized,

to pursue justice than,

it is to try to destroy it and tear it down. 

So where I realize us five years from now ~ 

is not something I can realistically predict.”

~ Stew Peters


Why Take Sides? ~ David Icke

Above is a link. Click it.



“Unjust laws exist;

shall we be content

to obey them,

or shall we endeavor

to amend them,

and obey them

until we have succeeded,


shall we ..

transgress them at once?”

~ Henry David Thoreau


“The mystery of life becomes clear

Upon the moment I say goodbye

To it all with no fear.”

~ plr 2010


“In order to grow,

Sometimes one must let go,

of the current flow.”

~ plr


“There was an attempt to erase me from life,

but I will not hide.”

~ plr


“How can there be Peace when there are secrets?”

May humanity’s immune system COME ALIVE NOW!


Yes Sir, No Sir.

Sometimes it takes courage,

Heart over mind,

to take your skills,

and do a 180.

For the love of humanity,

For the love of life.

It’s a personal journey to decide.




“Power is within each and every ONE of our beings.

If only we were nurtured 

With this knowing 

From birth

It is the way 

It should have always been.

No loving God or creator,

Would birth something,

Create something,

That would be void of all truths. 

Truths of how creation happens.

Truths of who we are,

Truths of our human potentials,

And truths of how to live. 

From birth to death,

From appearing, 

Then disappearing,

Peacefully, coherently in unison,

While adoring our differences,

Shapes, sizes, colors and ideas,

That would never create, 

Hate or harm to any other living being. 

Nature provides it all,

On the canvas of life,


What should be,

a natural occurring existence,

Full of Curiosity,

Of starting out with love,

And seeing just how much more,

Loving we can be.

Rising from a seedling

To the heights of, 

Who knows where? 



Blessed with unwavering support,

For the journey, 


Is filled,

With ecstatic joy. 

Where we go from here?

Is not a guess to imagine,

It is a knowing. 

Wherever it is?

Will be filled 

With peace and ease,

Forever lasting.

This is my dream.” 


~ plr


Freedom From CHOICE.

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It’s a War on the Public.

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Image compilation by: Nassim Haramein

“In your wildest dreaming,

you cannot currently imagine

where Earth is headed.

The masses are entranced

by a world of facts,

encyclopedias, television,

and newspapers,

and the Mulitdimensional Anomalies

have not yet penetrated

your plane of existence too deeply.

When they do,

things beyond what you can conceive

will begin to occur.”




“I am everywhere and not,

at the same time.”





The Trust Technique

Hempfling love of horses

Animal Spirit Anna Breytenbach

Hidden Meanings Videos


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2022 Light UP World

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on March 11, 2022

“The answers to all questions will never be taught, 

they will be remembered.” 

~ plr 


No matter what 

No matter where

It is always home

When love is there.


“Don’t always do what you are told.

Add your voice.”

~ plr


“Some rules are meant to be broken,

And some traditions are meant to die.”




“If a coherent life can be created,

then a coherent life can be perpetuated.”

~ plr


“The past is gone,

and Now is the Future.”

~ plr


Oliver Stone Film ~ Ukraine On Fire

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Wag The Dog ~ A Film

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5:06 minutes of … Terence McKenna

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Fortune =

Living in a coherently peaceful environment forever.


“When I lock eyes with an animal,

I get a special feeling.

A feeling of togetherness.

Not animal to animal,

not human to human,

but being to being.”

~ Anthony Douglas Williams – ‘Inside the Divine Pattern’


The Movie that Inspired A Movement

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“You have nothing to lose,

when you speak the truth.”



Conversation with Ken Cook & Dr. Mark Hyman. 

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Excerpt from the above Conversation: 

Dr. Hyman:

“ .. I was a big runner, a Yoga teacher, 

so I had this proclivity 

to understand health

and wellness and well being. 

I’ve been like that my whole life. 

Its gotten way more focussed 

as I began to really understand 

the scope of, 

the acceleration 

of the destruction of our species ..

Everyones worried about the planet 

and the Earth and the environment .. 

Earth is going to be fine .. 

We leave, 

it’s going to reclaim itself. 

Just like with Covid, 

people went inside, 

and within a few weeks 

all the animals were coming back 

and the fish were coming back .. *laughter*

It’s like we put humans on pause. 

And the Earth is going to be fine. 

Earth is a self cleaning oven, we are not. 

We are at high risk of extinction.

I am concerned because, 

we are not addressing,

the root causes,

which are our food system, 

and our environmental toxic system.



“You did leave something out

that you didn’t mention

as part of what turned the light bulb on for you ~

which was ‘Medical School’. 

Dr. Hyman: 

“Oh God no! No, no, no, no.

Ken, I went to medical school

knowing I was going to be in a cult.

And I was going to be indoctrinated ~

I was going to be brainwashed ~

and I needed to make sure,

like a good Navy Seal..

but I knew the techniques to resist..

but anyway .. *laughter*

I was the weird kid in the class doing Yoga in the back,

bringing us healthy food to school ~

it was an interesting experience.

I learned .. did very well ..

the way our bodies really work .. it is an eco-system.”



The Day The World Stood Together

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Sean Stone

Brasscheck TV

The Wobble Effect

The Trust Technique

Hempfling love of horses

Animal Spirit Anna Breytenbach

Hidden Meanings Videos

The Corbett Documentaries



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2022 Calling It Out

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on February 16, 2022

No ‘thing’ to hide.



Truth is only a conspiracy in a world of lies.

You cannot reason with an irrational mind. 

Time for talk and half measures are over.



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37 Minutes of …  EVIDENCE

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Judy Mikovits, Ph.D. Explains It! 

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“The Real Tony Fauci” Ep:20 Q&A 

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Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb??

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Excerpts from NAME THEM!:

“And the problem is, 

we are at War.

And the crime is so egregious.”


“.. because if we are going

to turn this around

we need to stop lying 

about genetics 

and start telling the truth 

about the fact 

that when we were told 

we were wonderfully made, 

THAT was actually an instruction 

to connect to our purpose, 

not to be divisible from it.”


“Slow down to the 

speed of consciousness.”


“The problem is, 

we are living in a time,

where we do not have

representative government. 

We have complicit corruption.

And we need to,

call it what it is,

and change it!”

~ Dr. David Martin


This clip from the film “They Live” (1988), 

reminds me of Klaus Schwab speaking at,

the W.E.F., Davos, Switzerland. 


“We energize the forces of darkness,

when we anonymize them.”

~ Dr. David Martin

We are living in unprecedented times of change.

We are in a World of War, no doubting that. 

Extreme measures are being taken to conceal the truth. 

Humanity has been lied to for eons.

The factual evidence is going Global.

Censorship is not going to stop 

and neither is truth telling. 

 Strategize, organize, gather and expose. 


A Letter to … Pulling Back the Curtain!

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Above is a link. Click it.

When I heard what Mr. Trudeau  said

in the Compilation Link above?  

What immediately came to mind,

in my opinion,

was what was actually being said.

Read it and replace ‘virus’ with the word ‘humans’. 


“To eliminate this virus anywhere,

we need to eliminate it everywhere.”

~ Justin Trudeau



“ … the rules that govern the laws of the FDA.. inside of.. Code of Regulations, Section 50.23 and 24, there’s a requirement that says that before you conduct any human experimentation you have to have an ‘Ethics Board’ review that experimentation .. must have no financial interest. You cannot have financial interest and hold ethical purity..


“Let’s take it one step further ~ Peter Daszak ~ March of 2015, made the following statement: [At the National Academy of Sciences meeting]  [And Mr. Daszak’ father was an SS officer]


“And just for the record I’m going to read it directly from the quote .. I’ve read this way too many times, but can you read the admission of the felony that’s destroyed human lives too many times? I don’t think you can. 


Until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and in emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain funding based beyond the crisis, we need to increase the public understanding of the need for medical counter measures such as a pan corona virus vaccine.’


“This is 2015. The World Health Organization had declared this disease irradicated. So can you tell me in what dimension of reality would you build a public understanding for the NEED for a vaccine for a condition that four years earlier had been declared irradicated.


That feels very odd to me. It feels extremely odd and should feel odd to every one of us. Because the public shouldn’t need to have a need for a .. medical counter measure for a ‘thing’ that doesn’t exist! Unless you knew something existed, and you were making it exist. In which case you would know there was a need for it. Let’s go on..


‘A key driver is the media, and the economics will follow the hype.’


“By the way if you are not familiar with … that is an admission of a lifetime felony and a $100 million dollar fine crime. That is called Domestic Terrorism. Anytime you coerce a population into doing a thing they would not otherwise do ~ that is by definition Domestic Terrorism.” 


‘We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.’ 


“.. I wish it was as simple as money ~ it is evil ~ this is pure evil ~ there is no justification on ANY moral basis or legal basis … to say we are going to coerce the public into accepting a ‘thing’ by using the media hype. If there is something real, then there’s something real. But if you tell me that you have to have the media hype to get people to accept this thing, then you are already admitting that your moral compass was so uncalibrated that IT IS NOT MORAL. This is actually an admission of pure evil … an admission to genocide.” 

~ Dr. David Martin





“Nature is our greatest ally.”

~ plr 


“A few can only control the many,

when the many are at war with themselves.”

~ David Icke 2005 8.19 Interview Alex, Out of the Box


“There comes a point ~

where your heart and mind don’t collide.

They unite.”

~plr 2010



Acharya S is a dear friend.

Her departure from Earth was an irony unto itself.

What a beautiful heart and mind.

StellarHouse Publishing


“Some humans have been so trained

to defend their prison warders.

Break the spell.”

~ plr 






The Trust Technique

Hempfling love of horses

Animal Spirit Anna Breytenbach

Hidden Meanings

Hidden Meanings Videos

The Corbett Documentaries

The Wobble Effect



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2022 ~ INtuition

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“Take out the spin and go with the KNOW OF FLOW.”


“There is only the end of hate and confusion,

into living coherently everlasting.” 

~ plr.


“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime,
you are ruled by criminals.”
~ Edward Snowden




“Nay indeed if you had your eyes, you might fail of the knowing me:

it is a wise father that knows his own child.

Well old man, I will tell you news of your son:

give me your blessing: truth will come to light;

murder cannot be hid long; a man’s son may,

but at the length truth will out.”

~  Lancelot, in Shakespeare’s “The Merchant of Venice”


Truth will out. Eventually given enough time,

the good, the bad and the ugly will be revealed.


Art: Jean-Luc Bozzoli 


“A wave has no boundaries,

its currents are unseen,

 like an artist has no shutters

on the canvas of their dreams.”

~ plr


Lisa Denning, thank you. 


EYES on FOCUS  ~ Nick Hudson

Above is a link. Click it.

“.. there are layers around this storm in a teacup,

it’s very diversionary .. so I prefer not to talk about ..

we need to stay focussed on the important principles here ..

is that coercion and mandates have no place in public health,

and these zealots need to be seen for what they are.

We need to start turning the tide by focussing on the people

who are promoting mandates .. this is wrong ..

so the reality is the population is basically just saying NO ..

they’re not going to line up for multiple injections ..

they’re calling the bluff on the whole escapade.”

~ Nick Hudson



This video is posted because some good information is delivered.

I have no affiliations with the promotion being discussed.

Exerpt below.

“If you want to know where the axis of power really lives .. 

Realize something very simple. 

Overthrowing governments is actually,

Part of community standards.

Facebook said so. They celebrated it. 

So if you are part of a government, 

that they decide they don’t like,

It’s okay to overthrow that government ..

.. it’s okay to overthrow Egyptian governments, 

but not okay to call Trudeau out for his self dealing, 

where by the way he continues to receive, 

on behalf of royalties from both Moderna and Pfizer..

He continues to receive royalties,

that come through Arbutus and Acuitas pharmaceuticals, 

Canadian companies out of British Columbia..

He still gets to get that money … 

So this poor helpless Prime Minister,

who is hold up with his ‘little cough’..

THAT Prime Minister ~ we can’t have any challenge to him,

because it turns out ..

he doesn’t salute the flag that has the maple leaf ..

he salutes a very different flag … 

he salutes the flag of Pharma.”

~ Dr. David Martin


End Conflict by Zeroing in on the Culprit!

Above is a link. Click it.


15:01 minutes of .. A Fulcrum Ninja on Wall Street

Above is a link. Click it.


“First of all … the bigger the obstacle, 

the bigger the challenge, 

the bigger that intractable, 

that impossible that we’ve heard so much about? 

The closer to ‘that thing’ you need to get, 

to effectuate the greatest change.”

~ Dr. David Martin 



“The opposition trembles when the ‘others’ (humanity) come together..

when they thought they never would.

It is called consciousness

with critical thinking without a doubt.”




Above is a link. Click it.

Interview with Jessica ~ The number of vaccine (bioweapon) injuries,


Complete media blackout plus active government

disinformation campaign.


WEF Designer Babies 

Above is a link. Click it.


“Kindness is a language

which the deaf can hear,

and the blind can see.”

~ Mark Twain


Humanity with Morality combined,

 are switching, turning the tracks,

  activating another channel down the timeline of life. 


“The answers to problems are availing

when all parties involved

come to the table wearing no mask.”

~ plr





The Trust Technique

Happy Dog Web Hosting

Jon Rappoport

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2022 ~ Soul Spirit Defines Life

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 27, 2022

“I was born on a piece of land called America.
I AM by chance of living life.”
~ plr


“I care not what you wear,
I care what is in your nature.”
~ plr


“When shared vision, knowledge,
and perspective be our bones,
no winter can take us.”
~ Ronald Vincent



Freedom is unwinding itself from the clutches of a center,
attempting to capture humanity within it.
No more says the wings of freedom.


Peace renders itself eternal in mysterious ways.



“I don’t like when the battlefield is defined by the opposition.”

~ Dr. David Martin


Below is an excerpt of the above video,

with Dr. David Martin and his lovely wife, Kim. 


“I am often alone because .. [not alone anymore!] 

I’m not following the narrative defined by the opposition. [touche’] 


This is where the conversation 

is going to appear to be a little offensive ~ 

and I am not offensive in what I am saying. 

I am being precise in what I am saying. 



And this is where we’ve got a real problem. 


As many know there have been protests and marches,

and right now in D.C. against medical freedoms .. 

all are legitimate topics .. 

except for the fact that they spend time and effort and energy, 

away from THE TOPIC. [Agreed!]


THE TOPIC is that for the last 25 to 30 years, 

the national health platforms of ..

have been hijacked by Corporations, 

that are repeatedly violating the public trust, 

and are co-opting public funds to do so. 


And then worse than that are taking aim, 

at humanity’s willingness to fall for stories ~ 

and essentially they are falling into the trap, 

of being trapped for their own harm. 


We live currently under an ‘Emergency Use Authorization” 

for one thing none of you are talking about. 

And that’s a bummer because 

we should be talking about it. 


We have two EUA’s going on right now. 

One for C19, one for the Opiod crisis. 


Now let’s put this into perspective. 

I want you to understand and this is so hard to wrap your head around, 

but .. we have to wrap our heads around this. 


The opioid crisis has officially been going on for FOUR HUNDRED .. years! 

The opioid crisis was not something, 

that just started a couple of years ago ~ 

we’re not in the EUA because we just manufactured this problem. 

As a matter of fact if you go back to the 16th and 17th century ~ 

what you’ll find is ~ 

the British East India Company, 

actually used opium to addict the Chinese to opium, 

so that they could ultimately overtake China, 

because China would be in fact a bunch of drug addicts. 


Opium goes back to at least the 6th century .. 

it’s been around for a long time. 


But the addiction to opium, 

and the addiction to pain reduction, 

that became a drug addiction, 

has actually been with us at least since the 12th century. 

We are not talking about a 400 year opioid crisis today, 

because we are now doing the exact same thing again with the current crisis. 


We are pretending that the crisis ~ 

is in fact what the opposition is telling us IT IS. 


They’re telling us that we in fact, 

are somehow subject to this horrible pathogen, 

and we have to do all kinds of radical interventions around that horrible pathogen ~ 

but what we’re missing is .. that the foundation of this, 

has to do with the definition,

of how we engage as society,

when it comes to matters of health and liberty. 


And we’re not talking about that. [collectively]


So when we have marches and we do these other things, 

the point is that they are in fact nothing more,

than fig leaves on the nakedness and shame of a humanity,

that is unwilling to address the fundamental problem. 


The fundamental problem,

is we’ve decided to let corporations hijack,

what we call health,

and turn it into monetary addiction.


Now some of you are sitting there going .. 

yeah but it’s much harder to deal with that Dave, 

its much easier to march on the capital or truck across Canada. 


And here’s the problem. 


The problem is .. in one sense you are right. 

It’s easier to be playing on the field defined by the opposition. 

It’s easier to do the ‘thing’ where you don’t have to do any original research. 

It’s easier to do things where all you have to do is a ‘Twitter’ feed,

and that’s how you get a campaign going. 

It’s much more difficult if you actually have to inform yourself. 


[my personal view is protesting is a good thing. 

The breakdown is happening on many fronts.]


We have to change the battlefield. [YES!]

We have to change the way we go to battle. [YES!]


I am committed to continuing to show up on the battlefield of my choosing… 

At the TIME of my choosing, not the time of their choosing. 


I am committed to bringing the weapons that I have which are what? 

I have great analytics, I have deep insights, 

I have research that goes back dozens of years .. 

the corona virus case, and hundreds of years in the opioid case,

and thousands of years in the finance case ~ those are the weapons I have .. 

Because we must spend time becoming educated on that which enslaves us. 

Because if we do not understand that,

we will actually feed energy into the very institutions that are harming us.”



DO NOT FORGET the addictions to FOOD.

I’ve always wondered since my teens (1974),

why have all the FAST FOOD business’s survived into my sixties (2022)?

Taco Bell

Duncan Donuts

Burger King

Kentucky Fried Chicken et all.

Follow the money/shareholders of the corporations feeding humanity.

Stop eating from the trough.


David Martin NEWS HOUR

Above is a link. Click it.


49:02 minutes of… The Entire Shabang! 

Above is a link. Click it.


10:47 minutes of …

The “Milgram Experiment” 

Above is a link. Click it.


January 23, 2022 D.C. NO Mandates

Above is a link. Click it.






Above is a link. Click it.


8 Minutes of …. Nurse Nicole Sirotek

Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.


Breaking the Spell through Natural Logic!

Above is a link. Click it.


“When exposing a crime

is treated as committing a crime,

you are ruled by criminals.”

~ Edward Snowden


Always factor in the possibility of success!

“If I bow to anything,

it is to the strength of the humbled heart ‘within’,

admiring the courage of the journey of the many.”

~ plr



“Speaking your truth should never be suppressed,

especially from those who say,

they are on your side.”

~ plr





Long Ago Another View of Life

The Wall of Bliss ~it is how I feel much of the time, peace.

The Trust Technique

Jon Rappoport

Happy Dog Web Hosting

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