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2022 ~ Soul Spirit Defines Life

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 27, 2022


“I was born on a piece of land called America.
I AM by chance of living life.”
~ plr


“I care not what you wear,
I care what is in your nature.”
~ plr


“When shared vision, knowledge,
and perspective be our bones,
no winter can take us.”
~ Ronald Vincent



Freedom is unwinding itself from the clutches of a center,
attempting to capture humanity within it.
No more says the wings of freedom.


Peace renders itself eternal in mysterious ways.



“I don’t like when the battlefield is defined by the opposition.”

~ Dr. David Martin


Below is an excerpt of the above video,

with Dr. David Martin and his lovely wife, Kim. 


“I am often alone because .. [not alone anymore!] 

I’m not following the narrative defined by the opposition. [touche’] 


This is where the conversation 

is going to appear to be a little offensive ~ 

and I am not offensive in what I am saying. 

I am being precise in what I am saying. 



And this is where we’ve got a real problem. 


As many know there have been protests and marches,

and right now in D.C. against medical freedoms .. 

all are legitimate topics .. 

except for the fact that they spend time and effort and energy, 

away from THE TOPIC. [Agreed!]


THE TOPIC is that for the last 25 to 30 years, 

the national health platforms of ..

have been hijacked by Corporations, 

that are repeatedly violating the public trust, 

and are co-opting public funds to do so. 


And then worse than that are taking aim, 

at humanity’s willingness to fall for stories ~ 

and essentially they are falling into the trap, 

of being trapped for their own harm. 


We live currently under an ‘Emergency Use Authorization” 

for one thing none of you are talking about. 

And that’s a bummer because 

we should be talking about it. 


We have two EUA’s going on right now. 

One for C19, one for the Opiod crisis. 


Now let’s put this into perspective. 

I want you to understand and this is so hard to wrap your head around, 

but .. we have to wrap our heads around this. 


The opioid crisis has officially been going on for FOUR HUNDRED .. years! 

The opioid crisis was not something, 

that just started a couple of years ago ~ 

we’re not in the EUA because we just manufactured this problem. 

As a matter of fact if you go back to the 16th and 17th century ~ 

what you’ll find is ~ 

the British East India Company, 

actually used opium to addict the Chinese to opium, 

so that they could ultimately overtake China, 

because China would be in fact a bunch of drug addicts. 


Opium goes back to at least the 6th century .. 

it’s been around for a long time. 


But the addiction to opium, 

and the addiction to pain reduction, 

that became a drug addiction, 

has actually been with us at least since the 12th century. 

We are not talking about a 400 year opioid crisis today, 

because we are now doing the exact same thing again with the current crisis. 


We are pretending that the crisis ~ 

is in fact what the opposition is telling us IT IS. 


They’re telling us that we in fact, 

are somehow subject to this horrible pathogen, 

and we have to do all kinds of radical interventions around that horrible pathogen ~ 

but what we’re missing is .. that the foundation of this, 

has to do with the definition,

of how we engage as society,

when it comes to matters of health and liberty. 


And we’re not talking about that. [collectively]


So when we have marches and we do these other things, 

the point is that they are in fact nothing more,

than fig leaves on the nakedness and shame of a humanity,

that is unwilling to address the fundamental problem. 


The fundamental problem,

is we’ve decided to let corporations hijack,

what we call health,

and turn it into monetary addiction.


Now some of you are sitting there going .. 

yeah but it’s much harder to deal with that Dave, 

its much easier to march on the capital or truck across Canada. 


And here’s the problem. 


The problem is .. in one sense you are right. 

It’s easier to be playing on the field defined by the opposition. 

It’s easier to do the ‘thing’ where you don’t have to do any original research. 

It’s easier to do things where all you have to do is a ‘Twitter’ feed,

and that’s how you get a campaign going. 

It’s much more difficult if you actually have to inform yourself. 


[my personal view is protesting is a good thing. 

The breakdown is happening on many fronts.]


We have to change the battlefield. [YES!]

We have to change the way we go to battle. [YES!]


I am committed to continuing to show up on the battlefield of my choosing… 

At the TIME of my choosing, not the time of their choosing. 


I am committed to bringing the weapons that I have which are what? 

I have great analytics, I have deep insights, 

I have research that goes back dozens of years .. 

the corona virus case, and hundreds of years in the opioid case,

and thousands of years in the finance case ~ those are the weapons I have .. 

Because we must spend time becoming educated on that which enslaves us. 

Because if we do not understand that,

we will actually feed energy into the very institutions that are harming us.”



DO NOT FORGET the addictions to FOOD.

I’ve always wondered since my teens (1974),

why have all the FAST FOOD business’s survived into my sixties (2022)?

Taco Bell

Duncan Donuts

Burger King

Kentucky Fried Chicken et all.

Follow the money/shareholders of the corporations feeding humanity.

Stop eating from the trough.



David Martin NEWS HOUR

Above is a link. Click it.


January 23, 2022 D.C. NO Mandates

Above is a link. Click it.


8 Minutes of …. Nurse Nicole Sirotek

Above is a link. Click it.



Long Ago Another View of Life

The Trust Technique

Jon Rappoport

Happy Dog Web Hosting

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2022 Inner Fields of Flight

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 16, 2022


OTHERSIDE ~ by Avi Kaplan

Above is a link. Click it.



It’s interesting?

What came to mind for me,

when hearing what the ‘Military Insider’ above said?

Reminded me of this.

I have always had issue with ‘FREE WILL’.

Ever since an experience in October of 1984.

It was October of 1984 my younger brother was murdered.

He was 23, I, 24.

The most devistating experience I have ever, every, lived through.

“Grief” parked itself in my water body vessel and ..

no matter what I did, was not leaving.

So move up to October, 1989.

It was five years later, to the very month, this happened.

I was in my apartment and dropped to my knees,

and prayed to God, saying:

“Please let my heart stop”.

Before I finished those words,

the only way to describe it?

It was instant,

like some energy came and slapped me up the backside of my head.

In that instant, the dark world I lived in for five years …

slammed shut.

And ‘Pamela’ came back.

For the first time in all those years I was happy!

I set goals and attained every single one of them.

Everyone around me were saying:

“What happened to you? One minute you want to die,

and the next you want to live!?”


So, MY FREE WILL was intercepted.

I fervently wanted to die, and something said: NO.

Go figure?

Life is more, much more, than we were ever told,

nor what we could ever believe.

It truly is a magical mystery.

Enjoy the ride.

Love over Fear

In Peace.


AJ Depriest Uncovers the BRIBES! 

Above is a link. Click it.


Something Much Bigger Going On Here

Above is a link. Click it.




This Realm/Earth is shared,

with MANY other Non-Human Beings.

Benevolent AND Malevolent.

Putting this into the equation?

Things start to make sense,

out of all the non-sense.

Covid is a LIE.

Stop following it.




Above is a link. Click it.


“Noah was a ‘conspiracy theorist’ …..until it rained.”
~ Dr. Zelenko

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2022 Miracles of Humankind

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on December 27, 2021

May we realize,

just how valuable we are,



“There is no greater freedom,

than truth in love.

There is no greater love,

that truth without fear.”

~ plr 2010




“I don’t do regrets,

I live and learn.”

~ plr



We are in the field,

life is throwing many curve balls,

telling us it is time to change.


Another View of Life

What is happening to humanity,

Is no different really,

than being ‘Groomed’

by a predator (s).

The most powerful word today,

is NO.


Colorado Hit ~ Advanced Weapons! 

Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.


Mass Psychosis Created for Tyranny

Above is a link. Click it.


Experimental Shots, Which Kills Better?

Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.



“Never let the outside world,

influence your inner knowing.”

~ plr


The Warning We Ignored

Above is a link. Click it.

An almost 40 year-old interview with an ex-KGB Defector, Yuri Bezmenov,

has re-emerged and is going viral. Why is it going viral now?

Del sits down with the journalist who conducted that interview,

G. Edward Griffin, for a deep dive into the Russian spy’s extraordinary warning

to the American people in 1984, and why this warning must be heeded today.




“New Information Causes New Choices,

to be Made.”



Exposing the Coup D’Etat

Above is a link. Click it.


“Stop judging yourself.

Take your aspirations and break them down into tiny behaviors.

Embrace mistakes as discoveries and use them to move forward.”

~ Dr. BJ Fogg


Some traditions are prisons of their own.





The Trust Technique


Jon Rappoport

G. Edward Griffin

Amazing Polly

Happy Dog Web Hosting


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2021 Break Secrets

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on December 10, 2021

@32:05 minutes into the above interview, 
Catherine speaks of a video on her website. 
Under a posting called CASH FRIDAY.
This is THAT VIDEO. 

David Martin Exposes:

Names Faces of those killing humanity!

Above is a link. Click it.


Plandemic 3 ~ Teaser

Above is a link. Click it.


Transparency can BLOW THE GAME!

Above is a link. Click it.


It is vital to understand what is behind what is going on.

And it involves off/on planet species working with humans.

These are the demonic ones. Humans to them are useless eaters.

When you add this point into the equation, it all makes perfect sense.


We are living in unprecedented times of change.

We are in World War III, no doubting that. 

Extreme measures are being taken to conceal the truth. 

Humanity is being lied to.

The factual evidence is going Global.

Censorship is not going to stop 

and neither is truth telling. 



“the simple step,

of a courageous individual,

is not to take part in the lie.

One word of truth,

outweighs the world.”


~ Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn


Dr David Martin ~ NO MORE NICE GUY! 

Above is a link. Click it.


You Are Being Groomed

Above is a link. Click it.


“In keeping silent about evil,

in burying it so deep within us,

that no sign of it appears on the surface,

we are implanting it,

and it will rise up,

a thousand fold

in the future.

When we neither punish

nor reproach evildoers,

we are not simply

protecting their trivial old age,

we are thereby

ripping the foundation

of justice beneath,

new generations.”


~ Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn



Mizu No Kokoro
A mind like still water ….




The Trust Technique

Jon Rappoport

The Corbett Report

Amazing Polly


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2021 The Power of Life

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on November 13, 2021


“Thank you for carrying me.”

~ plr



“Creation does not require work, it requires love,

and the rest will unfold denying gravity,

no matter what you have to let go of.

Let it begin with you.”

~ plr



Breathe Peace



“Living in coherency with life,

Includes knowing when to let go,

of pretty much everything,

one has been taught to believe,

throughout history.”

~ plr


The Gaming System

Above is a link. Click it.


Australia and Ireland with Max Igan

Above is a link. Click it.


Österreich ist GEFALLEN?

Above is a link. Click it.


Investigating Austria’s Lockdown

Above is a link. Click it.


Speaking out in San Antonio Mel K. 

Above is a link. Click it.


Majdanek, Poland 1941 – 1944


What is inscribed on the stone of the Dome?

Beneath it is a pit full of the ashes and bones of humans.

Los Nasz Dlawas Przestroga

“Let our fate be a warning to you.” 



NVR4GT (Never Forget)



“If someone can make you believe an absurdity,

you are then capable of committing an atrocity.”


We are collectively primed to make the shift.

Time to FACE LIFE Together.




“There is a place I long to be 

Like some distant memory haunting me 

A void of nothing, yet, everything 

Where only kindness matters 

In the joy of infinity.”

~ plr


The message. Signed. Sealed. And Released.

All animals want to be FREE.



“Release is freeing.
To be heard is allowing.
To recognize is loving.
And to let go, is beyond measuring.”
~ plr 2010


“My tears fall not for my pain,

but for your compassion.”

~ plr 2010


“The only show that must go on, is the voice in my heart.”




“The path isn’t a straight line: it’s a spiral. 
You continually come back to things 
you thought you understood 
and see deeper truths.” 
~ Barry H. Gillespie


“The only way it’s not going to happen,

to anyone else again,

is when we stop it Now.


Inside and OUT.

And that means …

speaking truth that hurts,

truth that breaks the spell,

that was attempting,

to bind humanity’s mind.

Truth that is free to BE,

truth that is simply that ~

A humanity unbound,

In the everlasting place in space,

of eternity.”


Clean Earth, Clean Water, Clean Air, Clean Skies ..

Clean hearts and minds ..

Nature provides all freely.

Free is what we are ~ naturally ~ untethered.

~ plr



“Meet you in the middle of forever.”

~ plr






Adam Apollo

Sika Sound Journey

The Trust Technique

Resonance Science Foundation

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2021 Forever Human

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 31, 2021

Thank you Mei-Lan, Ali Pervez Mehdi, and James Gibson


“I am one of a kind, you are one of a kind, 

we carry one thing in common. 

The thread of love,

With like heart in mind.” 

~ plr


Do a 180 and invert the current stream.

Time to NOW shift the narrative.

Is that an order?



image: plr rose in sedona 2014


“Just because I’m not there,

does not mean I do not care.”


There’s a reason for it.

There has to be, because it’s happening.


Her work is unseen,

yet gratefully goes unnoticed alone.


Thank you life for sharing the dance,

one point at a time for balance.


Opening eyes to new horizons.

Nature is empty and illuminating ….


“Every breath I take is a prayer”

~ plr eternity sharing


“If you speak the truth over and over, and over,

the lie becomes mute.”


“All the love she knows

continues to grow

upon her healing heart.

Shadows on the playground

Dancing with the light.”


“Monopoly” ~ A Documentary

Above is a link. Click it.


Dr. David Martin ~ EXPLOSIVE! 

Above is a link. Click it.


Trial Participant Speaks OUT!

Above is a link. Click it.


Not New. Not Novel. No Pandemic.

Above is a link. Click it.


“The few who understand the system,

will either be so interested in it’s profits,

or so dependent on it’s favors,

that there will be no opposition from that class.”

~ Mayer Amschel Rothschild


Severe Reaction Fraudulent Trials EXPOSED!

Above is a link. Click it.


Part I United States of Secrets

Above is a link. Click it.


Part II United States of Secrets

Above is a link. Click it.


Breaking the spell ~ can’t hide it anymore.

Above is a link. Click it.


Dr. Robert Spalding – China took Over while Elite Asleep

Above is a link. Click it.


“… and you begin to realize ..

that people that don’t look deep at their surroundings

and begin to think about what they are actually seeing?

My biggest pet peeve, I’ve had it for a long time,

is that people that have an opportunity to think, but don’t actually do it.” 

~ Brig. Gen. Robert Spalding, USAF (Ret)

You can’t escape a prison if you don’t know you are in one. 

You don’t know what you are in until you get out.


Dancing with Ink on Paper

Above is a link. Click it.


This is what is going on and then some. 

Above is a link. Click it.


I wrote when it all began:

“Never get used to 2020”


“Truth is freeing, it is the unafraid key.”


ANY kind of abuse,

whether verbal or physical

can destroy lives.

Everyone has value.


“The truth hurts, but ignorance is worse”

~ plr


“I am at a fork in the road looking around,

So many thoughts dancing in my head,

Decisions to make,

What to do?

Clarification became, 

so clearly evident.

When I stopped wondering,

And made the first step.

The answer,

Was like lightning striking,

An instant knowing…

Keep going.”

~ plr 



“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted,

to a profoundly sick society.”

~ Krishnamurti



“It may take years to learn rightful knowledge, yet …
tis’ something one can learn quickly by instinct.”

~ plr 2010


“Money is an abstract human happiness, 

so who is no longer able to appreciate,

the true human happiness, 

is completely dedicated to it.” 

~ Arthur Schopenhauer





The Trust Technique

Resonance Science Foundation

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2021 Unfolding Reality

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 28, 2021

Thank you Porangui and all family


“Like a minnow knowing, in an Ocean.”

~ plr


Continue communicating with one another 

and as long as we do this 

the tide will turn 

and the choirs voice will grow 

to a point it becomes 

the sympathetic resonance

Of peaceful coherence. 


“It’s the habit that hurts to break, not thee.”


“Turn the Tide and naturally become a New Wave of Life”


Evil wants to kill, and the reverse of that is Life that Desires to LIVE.

We are playing in an unbounded field of potentials and possibililities.

Nurture Peace and kindness.


“When we recognize a ONEness there is no war.”


The Romanov Royal Martyrs

Above is a link. Click it.


“If you speak the truth

over and over, and over,

the lie becomes mute.”

~ plr



“Creation does not require work, it requires love,

And the rest will unfold denying gravity.

No matter what you have to let go of,

Let it begin with you.”

~ plr







The Trust Technique

Resonance Science Foundation

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2021 Make Waves

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 24, 2021


One way through is together en masse.

Another way is a personal journey.

With like heart and mind.

You are a human being with value and importance.

Our upbringing did not teach us the true nature or our reality.

Yet right now our potential is staring each of us eye to eye

Awaiting our arrival.



“What do you think awaits our civilization?”

“In the long term, a realization of the futility of the technocratic path
of development and a movement back to our primal origins.”

“You mean to say that all our scholars are immature beings
who are leading us into a dead end?”

“I mean to say that they are accelerating the process,
they are bringing you closer to the realization
that you are on the wrong path.”

Vladimir Megre – Anastasia



Above is a link. Click it. 


Who are you? Know thyself. 

Above is a link. Click it.


Children are being programmed through Media. 

Above is a link. Click it. 



This Netflix original children’s show.
“Stretch Armstrong and The Flex Fighters”,
threw it all out there back in 2017-2018. 
Truth in plain sight shown to a fan base
of clueless children under the guise of fiction.


Doctors Have Died For with Dr. Carrie Madej

Above is a link. Click it.


Far Smart Matrix

Above is a link. Click it.


The DataVerse

Above is a link. Click it.


Private Planes in Switzerland

Above is a link. Click it.


We were not brought up and trained to know what is going on now.

Others were. A long planned agenda unfolding before our very eyes.

Time to let go of pretty much everything you’ve been taught to believe.

Do not be fearful, be FREE and AWARE.

All together now.







The Trust Technique

2021 December Comes

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 22, 2021

Life is precise.

Time to step away from current alignments.

“I float with unbending intent.”



Our human species is on the precipice of its own distinction. Why?

We must become undivided. Recognize our uniqueness.

Recognize our value for even being here.

Recognize it without EGO, or thinking.

It is there ~ and empty ~ awaiting our arrival,

Beyond all social conditionings that taught us,

to do the opposite of what is possible within us.

Time to unlearn. The field of life is vast and obtainable.

Humans need food, water, shelter, and resources.

Nature provides this availability freely.

And all animals require innately, love, kindness, and understanding.

We are here to Do No Harm. Yet remove harm when necessary.

We are Bio~Electro~Magnetic~Water~Body~Vessel~Vehicles.


YOU have value.

YOU are important.

Together with intention we can eradicate the evils on this planet.

Only with like heart and mind.




the words above are a LINK. Click it.

In Order to Break the spell truth must be told.

Regarding the ‘link’ above:

I lived with Sue Ford for one month in December, 1999.

This was an attempt to recover missing time or memories I might have had.

So far, I have no recollection of ever being mind controlled in the manner she was.

Her daughter Kelly was there along with Ted Gunderson, special agent in charge of the L.A. FBI.



“Thank you life for sharing the dance, one point at a time for balance.”

Opening eyes to new horizons. Nature is empty and illuminating …. 

“Every breath I take is a prayer” 


I earned a PhP ~  purely by breathing. Doctor of Phew!

I have been my own University all along.

My own research project

My own life’s experiment.

Am grateful for the lessons along the way.

Am grateful for those that participated in the journey.

A never ending one at that. Lighten UP!

“Do not try to explain, just be.”




Jon Rappoport

The Corbett Report

The Trust Technique

Resonance Science Foundation


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2021 Uncensored Ideas

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 16, 2021


ANY kind of abuse,

whether verbal or physical,

can destroy lives.

Everyone has value.



“The truth hurts, but ignorance is worse.” 

quote above is a LINK. Click it.


“Even when I held my breath, the truth still came through.

Breathe my friends.”

~ plr


“If the the brain is the radio’s receiver then the heart is the dial,

tuning the radio to the frequency of your choice”

~ Nassim Haramein


“When you lose all sense of self,

the bonds of a thousand chains will vanish. 

Lose yourself completely.

Return to the root of the root of your own soul.” 

~ Rumi


“Behind every unknown is the known.

Beyond the mystery is the never ending truth

that will challenge everything you were ever

taught to believe.

It truly is a …

good thing.”

~ plr 


“Heartbeat for Peace. It is that Easy.”

~ plr 2010


“Love hate out of its own existence.”


“You’ve got the instruments,

You’ve got the words, 

I’ve got the experience,

We are a collective 

That writes the song. 

Without each other 

it won’t be heard.” 

~ plr 2010





Jon Rappoport

The Corbett Report

The Trust Technique

Resonance Science Foundation




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2021 Never Lose Your Humanity

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 09, 2021


” COVIDLAND” ~ A Documentary


 “I do believe worlds among many worlds exist

that have never heard of war.

A place my soul yearns for.” 


The only way to remove war,

is to adopt the philosophy,

of logic and reason.


“You are not the darkness you endured,

you are the light that refused to surrender.”

~ John Mark Green


“Money is an abstract human happiness,

so who is no longer able to appreciate

the true human happiness,

is completely dedicated to it.”

~ Arthur Schopenhauer



“Enter with empty mind,

and only coherency arrives.”

~ plr



This just came to me this morning as a possibility?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, a British computer scientist,

created the World Wide Web in 1989.  

W.W.W. – acronym for World Wide Web. 

It was 2020 that the world turned a corner,

into what I would consider to be World War 3.

WWW = World Wide Web

WW3  = World War – 3 is a sideways W.

The Roman III could easily be arranged into a W. 

The creation of the internet began WWIII. 


Image: Eye Within


A Spiritual War Indeed.

For it involves maths, geometries, sigils,

music and tonalities with intention.

Time to break the spell.



“Behind every atom of this world

hides an infinite universe.”

– Rumi

“Secrecy being an instrument of conspiracy,

ought never to be a tool of the teacher.”

~ plr 10.14.2010





The Bard Code

Jon Rappoport

The Corbett Report

The Trust Technique

Resonance Science Foundation



2021 Call It Like It Is

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 19, 2021



The words above are a Link. Please click it.


“Truth does not mind being questioned.

A Lie does not like being questioned.”

~ author unknown



“Love calls a spade a spade

Love embraces

Love dances with the falling rain.

Love flies with the winged ones

Love flies with forms of all kinds.

Love skips in the meadows

Love streaks across skies as lightning

Love trickles with the river

Love rolls over rocks

Love twinkles in the stars eyes.

Love is naked and undefined.”

~ plr 2014


“We live,

we learn,

we love,

we grieve,

we see,

we are blind,

we open our eyes,

we know what to believe.” 

~ plr 2010


“It’s difficult to find a reality that one can grasp whole heartedly.

The thing I attach to most powerfully in my life ..

Is my humanity, and that of other people.”

Thank you so much ~ Roger Waters.


“Love, but don’t hold onto it, let it flow wherever you go.”




“Is it possible, and I do believe it is ..

that ones potential might not be seen here ~

but surely recognized when one leaves … here.” 



“He who knows the secret of sound,

knows the mystery of the whole universe.”

~ Hazrat Inayat Khan

Art by Shawn Marie Hardy


Logic tends to reason …

that when in war you face those calling for war,

and the generals playing it out ~  not the soldiers.

Not all storms come to disrupt your life,

some come to clear your path.


She didn’t go someplace ~ Your wife.
I felt her go. Not away ~ just out ~ everywhere.


“It’s become appallingly clear that our technology has surpassed our humanity.”
~ Albert Einstein



“The World revealing Revolution. 

The Real~U~Solution.”






The Bard Code

The Trust Technique

Resonance Science Foundation

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2021 Sliding Through Something

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 17, 2021


Competition means…

working towards collective goodness.



“Music gives a soul to the universe,

wings to the mind,

flight to the imagination,

and life to everything.”


“I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy;

but most importantly music,

for the patterns in music

and all the arts are the keys to learning.”

~ Plato


I would kindly add:

To teach our children,

about their very own structure in nature including,

anatomy, geometry, biology, music, chemistry, the elementals, and consciousness. 


“I look for what needs to be done.

After all, that’s how the universe designs itself.” 

~  Buckminster Fuller


Just the facts ma’am.


We are living in a highly advanced global holocaust.

We are living in one of the greatest awakenings of all time.

At once.


In this context of the Interview link above,

“Welcome to Freedom”

People are more important than beliefs.

Respect the Journey.

We are always learning.

We are human beings.


“Sometimes the student,

can out teach the teacher.”

~ plr 2010






“There is another way.

Meet me there.

In the middle of forever.”

~ plr


“Whatever happens, 

if not even prepared 

in a world trying 

to remove 

all my ways 

of life and living 

harmoniously … 

nothing has effect 

upon my peaceful 

inner landscapes.”

~ plr 




“Time for …

Half measures and lullabies,

are over.”

~ plr





“The price of Freedom is eternal vigilancy.”

“I cannot NOT speak

because you are afraid to hear it.

I must speak

for those

who ARE

ready to hear.”

~ plr




~ plr




“A piece of paper 

Shows your degree.

But your behaviour

Shows what’s necessary.”

~ plr





Los Nasz Dlawas Przestroga

“Let our fate be a warning to you.”


To know this is to know the meaning of LIFE





The Bard Code

The Trust Technique

Resonance Science Foundation


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2021 Shift Your View of News

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 10, 2021



Dr. David Martin gives a deposition to Reiner Fuellmich

exposing the patents filed by the CDC and …

Dr. David Martin: 

“… This my friends

is the definition of

criminal conspiracy, racketeering and collusion.

This is not a theory, this is evidence.

You cannot have information in the future

inform a treatment

for a thing that did not exist.



“This could turn into a RICO case.”

(Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) 


Dr. David Martin: 

“.. It is a RICO case ..

how do you treat a thing,

before you actually have the thing.

It’s going to get worse here..” 

“That’s why you do it, because you have the ability,

to see through the program.

That’s why you’re Special People …

It’s so important that we hold that thought.

And refuse to concede that ‘specialness’ to… the psychopaths.

No matter what they throw at us.


Throw at me what you like, threaten me as you like..


You are ‘sane’ people in a world of  … complete INSANITY!

And no matter what comes,

we have to celebrate …  that sanity.

And never, never … give it away. “


10 July 1856 – 7 January 1943

“My brain is only a receiver.

In the Universe there is a core from which,

we obtain knowledge, strength and inspiration.

I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core,

but I know that it exists.”

~ Nikola Tesla


“We cannot liberate a slave when he holds onto his chain.”
~ Val Thor


Peaceful happenings are met through equal standings.

“I love you so much, I must walk away.”

~ plr 2010







Resonance Science Foundation


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I tried and failed, yet, kept climbing again,
somehow undaunted,
towards the never ending,
New Beginnings.


We will know a planet ..

by the way it treats its animals, 

including the human kind. 



image: ©plr

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2021 Spring Into Life

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on May 08, 2021

Carl Safina takes us inside the lives and minds of animals around the world, witnessing their profound capacity for perception, thought and emotion, showing why the word “it” is often inappropriate as we discover “who” they really are. And yet, we are wiping out the very animals we should celebrate; we are the flood coming for Noah’s Ark. Carl leaves us with a difficult question: Do we have what it takes to let life on earth survive?

Jay Tuck is the author of a widely acclaimed book on electronic intelligence activities, “High-Tech Espionage” (St. Martin’s Press), published in fourteen countries. For his latest book “Evolution without us – Will AI kill us?” he researched at US drone bases, the Pentagon, intelligence agencies and AI research institutions. His lively talks are accompanied by exclusive video and photographs.


Bodhicitta (awakened mind/heart)
shines through the darkness of ignorance.
We become helpful, sane, and loving people.

“We are individually powerful, even as ONE.
Yet, noONE is an island unto their~self.
Connecting with each ONE creates a symphony,
A song.
in co~hear~and~see,
within the orchestra of life …
doing no harm,
to ONE,
or Another.”

~ plr



“The signposts have fallen, un~blazed trails lie before us.

Do not be greedy to gobble up the fruit of foreign fields.

Do you not know that you yourselves are the fertile acre

which bears all that avail you?

Carl Gustav Jung. 


“Learning is definitely not mere imitation,

nor is it the ability to accumulate and regurgitate fixed knowledge.

Learning is a constant process of discovery, a process without end.”

~ Bruce Lee



“We cannot liberate a slave when he holds onto his chain.” 

~ Val Thor



“The woods,

the soil beneath my bare feet,

the air,

the gentle breeze,

The sounds of nature,

In its many capacities,

Calls to me.

I walk this way,

With deliberate necessity

For what it has to teach

A yearning to live for,

Every breath I take

May it be fulfilled

Every step of the way.

And when I die

Between life and death I knew

The similarity

and the difference

Between the two.

For without one,

The other could not have known.”

~ plr




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