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Natures Way

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on May 02, 2016

Pamela Bill sedona leftBook Light Opening PagesPamela Bill sedona 09_15_20129999_24a

“Remove the cover, look at the Chapters,
Remove them. What is left?
The center page wiped clean,
awaiting a new way to walk and read.”


“We have treated our cousins in fur and feather so horribly, that beyond a doubt,
if they ever formed an organized religion, the devil would be depicted in human form.”
~ William Ralph Inge

“I don’t look at the numbers.
The truth is still the truth,
even if in the majority of ONE.”

“We’re all shadows on the wall in color.”

Quote_Yoda Dream Catcher

“One of the most freeing things in life is to speak your honesty.
In a loving environment, ones honesty will be received coherently indeed.”
Picture is ‘Yoda’, a rescued feral kitty capturing her dream.

“Can you imagine being a legend without ever being known?”
*legend = a list that explains the symbols on a map*

“Time to erase instincts in the DNA that causes conflict.”

“Being patient can mean a very long time.
Being patient can also mean,
a happening in the wink of an eye.”

“Where does a good heart beat?
Sometimes on its own in the field somewhere,
meditating the pulse in peace.”

Whales floating water

“Live from the inside looking out, not the outside looking in.”

“I AM seaming through life with perfectional perspectives.”

Everything on this blog has been a portional part of my endless writings,
on life’s journeys through experience.
In time, all I know and feel and see, will be shared.
Traveling together with like minds is a pure joy. Thank you all for being patient.
This lady doth have a few things more to share,
with patience being her guiding light.
A mighty patient ONE at that, observing time fly by. ~ plr

Though the problems of the world are increasingly complex,
the solutions remain embarrassingly simple.“
– Bill Mollison, Co-Originator of Permaculture

To be nobody but yourself in a world that’s doing its best to make you somebody else,
is to flow through the hardest battles you are ever going to endure.
Let the fighting go on as you step aside and fly.”
~ pamela leigh richards: Inspired by E.E. Cummings, thank you.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”
~ Jiddu Krishnamurti

“If you do ONE thing good your whole life,
know it was worth the moment.”

If you please? Play the two (2) videos above at the same time.
Begin with Oliver Sacks when he starts speaking.
Then start ‘Early Morning in Ebisko’. So beautiful the connection.
Do not ‘think’ about it. Feel it.


Pamela quote-message bottle- 2016
“Let’s go together, for the good of the whole.”

All writings and quotes: authored by pamela leigh richards unless otherwise credited with respect.
OceanHeart: One of her books forthcoming
Images: unknown unless stated with appreciation.
Image: pamela sun tree ~ Bill Mortimer
Image: Playmates by Colin Bogle
Image: Kitty ‘Yoda’ and the Dream Catcher ~ taken by moi

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