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Truth and Lies

Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on September 30, 2008

Truth is only controversial
In a world of lies

© pamela leigh richards

Close your eyes in order to see.

Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on September 29, 2008

There are three classes of people

Those who see

Those who see when they are shown

And those who do not see.

~ Leonardo Da Vinci

These two species encapsulate so much…
You can just feel the connection they have for one another.
It is so beautiful. I want to cry when I see it,
For it reminds me of what I know life can be…
This is home…
Where man and animal are free.
We are a pure living energy
Respecting each others forms
Intelligently and mindfully.
So Peacefully.

This website contains merely “post it notes” of my life.
In a holding pattern for now, assisting memoirs being written.

“It’s not just personal, it’s Universal.”
~ plr

I am assuming those reading this will know what and whom it is about.
If you don’t ~ you soon will.
So will I.

So when I arrived in Sedona, Arizona,
after leaving my home in England,
and husband David Icke, on February 3rd, 2008,
I had this idea to help spread the message David is sharing in a creative way.

You see, we parted amicably, all was good,
as it always should be in a coherent manner.

And three months later,
I received a lovely email from David May 14, 2008, saying:

“The signs gave me a laugh.
love, David”

So when I arrived in Sedona to begin a new life,
I was seeing all these barricades up.
It had a feeling of prison walls as they were widening the roads while under construction.
I thought to plant some seeds in the minds of all those people passing by?
I took photographs then went back the following day for some daylight shots.
So here goes with a loving heart and great sense of humor.
The world needs a giggle, and we are coming in with the tickle!







I walked across the street to take this photo,

Under a Full Moon.

It was my headlights shining on …

“Peace is Easy, and Truth is not Dangerous.”

~ plr

The Moment Matters.

“I’ve lived, loved, cried, fell down, laughed, died, got up, I never knew, I grew, to love more.”

All photos © pamela leigh richards

We Have One That Can Dance.

Posted in: A - Her Lucid and Mystical Experiences by Pamela on September 26, 2008

The experience below was written when I left my home in England on February 3rd, 2008 and landed in Sedona, Arizona. I thought to add this as it was quite funny, at least to me it was and hope you get a chuckle out of it as well. The reason I am sharing is because I believe that when we share our experiences we can help others. To let them know they are not alone. And if I can help bring a smile to someones face, then this will have been worth it. So, I hope it makes sense and you get a good laugh out of it!

I just spent six months in Egypt (June 6th, 2007 - January 11th, 2008), swimming with wild dolphins and would dance on the beach, which, is relavent to this story. I was known as “the dancer on the beach” at Marsa Shagra, an ecovillage on the Red Sea in Egypt. It became a haven for a time while I put the pieces of my heart back together. It is a diving and dolphin mecca. A new beginning was unfolding. All good and beautiful, even through enormous pains being endured. When I arrived at Phoenix Sky Harbour Airport I drove to Sedona which is just under a two hour drive, North.

This hotel was my temporary home while I searched for a new place to live. Sedona is very powerful and holds a special place in my heart. I had left England with ten suitcases on the way towards the next leg of my journey.

I picked up the key to my room and seeing as I had ten pieces of luggage, I only brought what was necessary up to the room, for I was exhausted and fell asleep quite quickly.

I awoke in the wee hours of the morn’ … as I would, for my body clock was out of whack. When I pulled the curtain back what I saw caused me to take a deep, deep breath, as my whole being fell into a simmering silence. The reason? It was snowing! If you have never seen snow falling on the desert upon these powerful Red Rocks, it is very emotionally moving. So beautiful. I have this on film and will most likely be included in some of my work in the future.

I decided to take this awakening opportunity to bring all my cases up to the room. It was great fun really, as this wee lass was hauling suitcases up two flights of outside stairs with the snow falling all over her at 3:00 am, laughing with every step she made.

So, now that you have some background, Here is the story .

One day I decided to go hiking up Bell Rock, which, I could walk to from my hotel.

Instead of walking though, I danced along the road that led to the opening towards the hiking paths.

And while doing so, I got pulled over for … dancing. Yup! Can it get any sillier?

So, this is the road I had to take (see below) from the hotel to the hiking paths.
It is about .7 miles from the hotel.
When I could see there were no cars on my side of the road,
I moved out for more ‘breathing room’ to dance.
As you can see I did not have much room to walk, let alone dance.

I arrived at the entrance to Bell Rock’s hiking paths, went in and danced deep into the canyon.

Came out and as I was in my own little world dancing back home along the road listening to music,

I heard this noise in my headphones?

Certainly was not part of my music 🙂

I looked up, turned around and saw a police SUV vehicle behind me with his lights on?

Ok, here we go, I thought?

He got out and asked a few questions …

“Have you been drinking?”.
I said “No, I was only dancing”

He said “Because we received alot of calls from people.

They were only concerned you might get hit”.

Fair enough. The strange thing was, he did not ask me for I.D. or anything.
He did not even say, “Ok, go ahead” … nothing.

I simply turned and walked away.

And as I was doing so another (backup) car pulled up.

I took this opportunity to take a photo after I heard the officer actually say to the other:

“No, it is ok, she was only dancing … ”

And as I began to dance away a helicopter flew overhead and it felt like the movie “THEY LIVE”.

I could just hear the chopper on the radio saying: ‘We’ve got one that can see!

Only in my case it was: ‘We’ve got one that can dance!’.

I’m outa here …On my way …. to somewhere peaceful!



As A Bird Flies So Will I.

Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on September 25, 2008

A new day is coming
My house was shattered and my world fell apart
I looked around and for the life of me could not find my heart
I was told to hold on, not to worry and it would be alright
Steady on girl, you have the key to unlock the door
As I continue to pick the pieces of myself up off the floor

And if there really is such a thing called ‘life’?
For I am balancing on the wire
Hanging by a thread
Then the wings that have been clipped
On many a lonesome night
Will come back and find me once again
As a bird flies, so will I.

~© pamela-leigh; richards June 2007

May all beings seek the truth and the truthful.

And take strides towards honesty in all things.

For although the crowded earth world is dangerous,
(even for the most diplomatic of soothsayers),
the inner world is yet more dangerous,
for those who create confusion,
with lying and manipulation.

For the great is found in the little,
and the little can topple the great.
So what is a little falsehood,
and what is a travesty?

There is of course a difference,
in scale and scope.

But once a lie is allowed to tear the fabric of truth,
Every pull and stress
adds to the tear
until no truth remains.
And all are blind who listen to it.

“I would be as much a murderer to my own heart,
as I would to anything or anyone, if I could not forgive.”

“In my view if one cannot forgive?
One will be in a prison forever.
When I release myself from others,
I release the world.”

The thread of ‘truth’ exists within,
every fiber and cell of your being.

We are at a fork in the road.
What path will you choose?

Walk with honour,kindness,truth,
justice, peace, understanding,
love and forgiveness.
We cannot do this alone.
We all fall once in a while,
and that is okay.
When one is down the other is there,
to help pick you up along the way.

The Silent Call

Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on September 24, 2008

The Journey of life is so amazingly beautiful.

Through the fires, pains and nightmares, I have risen.

“Life” has been my greatest teacher and gift of all.

A peaceful warrior ‘acts’ … only a fool ‘reacts’.

“I hear people say sometimes that you cry too much?
I say the world sometimes does not cry enough.
How do you express the ocean in a grain of sand?
My tears are the ocean falling from my eyes
Struggling to speak without words to describe
The depth of the ocean we all carry inside.
With one more tear I shall shed with happiness,
Knowing that our tears together,
Our compassion and empathy,
Love, Understanding and Harmony,
Will help remind us …
Of lifes greatest gift of all,
The gift of the TEARS that fall.
The gift of the SILENT CALL.”

Just Another View

Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on

The world is only as chaotic as we make it.
Stop supporting chaos.

I know things that I cannot speak
Therefore it is within my walk that one will see
And feel, what I feel.
It is beyond words.

This is what is real to me
Peace, love, understanding forgiveness and harmony.
May it be so for all eternity.

Just another view …

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