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Truth and Lies

Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on September 30, 2008

Truth is only controversial
In a world of lies

© pamela leigh richards

Close your eyes in order to see.

Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on September 29, 2008

There are three classes of people

Those who see

Those who see when they are shown

And those who do not see.

~ Leonardo Da Vinci

These two species encapsulate so much…
You can just feel the connection they have for one another.
It is so beautiful. I want to cry when I see it,
For it reminds me of what I know life can be…
This is home…
Where man and animal are free.
We are a pure living energy
Respecting each others forms
Intelligently and mindfully.
So Peacefully.

When I arrived in Sedona, Arizona, after leaving my home in England,
and husband David Icke, on February 3rd, 2008,
I had this idea to help spread the message David is sharing in a creative way.

An email from David May 14, 2008, saying: “The signs gave me a laugh. love, David”

Photo from his L.A. talk in 1999.

So when I arrived in Sedona to begin a new life, I was seeing all these barricades up. It had a feeling of prison walls as they were widening the roads while under construction. I thought to plant some seeds in the minds of all those people passing by.

I took photographs then went back the following day for some daylight shots.
So here goes:







Peace on Earth please.

My life with David took a shockingly wrong turn though in 2009.
“I’ve lived, loved, cried, fell down, laughed, died, I got up, I grew, to love more.”

All photos © pamela leigh richards

The Baby Moose

Posted in: Touching Your Heart by Pamela on

A baby moose was in distress in a creek.
A man got him out of the creek; tried to find the mother & send him on his way,
but eventually the moose stumbled back into the creek & was rescued again.
The baby moose followed the man home. The man has only a small cabin
so he took the moose to another neighbor, who took these photos.

They took the moose the next day to a woman who looks after wild animals
and she put it in a pen with a rescued fawn.

Who says different species cannot co-habitate? Everything is possible and love is all.
Take responsibility and spread love, kindness and goodwill.
Love is simple, not difficult.
I thank the people involved in helping this beautiful baby moose, that shares life with us.
People think the world is going crazy and mad? No. The world is mad because of the ‘people’.
We are at the cross roads in life. The problem has always been choice. Choose wisely.
Do something kind, right now. 🙂

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