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Assorted Images

Posted in: Photo Gallery by Pamela on December 31, 2008

Pamela with her brothers, Steven and Robert in England. I love you both dearly.
Robert died in 1984 at the age of 23 and I, 24, but still lives on …

Four months after accident.

Playing around with m’camera. Reflecting off mirror.

A while ago in time. New Foundland about to film whales. How utterly beautiful this was.

Moon over my pammy (*giggling*)

Full Moon with Rainbow Circle.
Taken while sitting on my floor looking up through the sliding glass door.
“We can turn water into Wine, we can turn the Moon into Sunshine.”

At the “Wishing Tree”, Sedona, Arizona
It is not what happens to us in Life. It is what we choose to do with the experience.
We are put in situations to build our character, not to destroy us.
The challenges in our lives are there to strengthen our convictions.
They are not there to run us over.
Until you spread your wings you will have no idea how far you can fly.

Sacred Geometry. Its all in the maths. Its all in the code. Its everywhere.
We are but particles of Stardust. We are merely ‘thoughts’ happening.

Pamela and daughter Alexandria. Love you so very much!

Alexandria and friends. Living Life!

Alexandria and more friends. Living Life!

Alexandria and friend Living Life and just ‘be’ing. So beautiful these smiles!

Pamela with the children seeing stars in our eyes and sharing the magic of Life!
Libre 40th celebrations in Gardner, Colorado at the Last Commune Standing.

Filming a promotion in support,
of moving these beautiful White Buffalo to new pastures in Oregon.

Below are screen shots from my films.

“I’m healing and sharing the gifts of discovery and recovery.”

“I don’t mind seeing what is there as I depart.
And will leave only love in the wake of my heart.”

“The chatter does not matter.”

“I see you …”

“If you follow anything, follow your own dream.
Always for the good of the whole.”

“Never allow someone elses’ fears, cause you to disappear.”

“Balance while on the ground always with wings on standby to fly.”

“Beyond the Rainbow”

Sedona Sunset from my garden.

During 2011 in ongoing recovery from a Near Death Experience,
involving a TBI (traumatic Brain Injury).
So many do not understand what it is like.

Pictures below taken in my Magic Garden

“Through every rift of discovery some seeming anomaly drops out of the darkness,
and falls as a golden link into the great chain of order.
~ Edwin Hubbel Chapin

Filming in London

Viewing the frame 😉
Painting the picture you desire. Just Another View of Life.


Posted in: Photo Gallery by Pamela on December 30, 2008

Dragon Dancers

Posted in: Photo Gallery by Pamela on

Dragon Dancers
In Love
We all come from Intelligent Infinity.
The undifferentiated Absolute.
Unlimited Potential. From the Central Heartbeat of Life.
The Central Sun within everyone. Elevating.
If we’re going to get there, we’re going to get there together in Positivity.
Let’s raise the vibe and harmonize!
It is time to bring in balance. I love you.

Bette Davis and my Uncle
William Grant Sherry

Posted in: Photo Gallery by Pamela on December 29, 2008

Grant was Bette’s third husband.
He also fathered Bette’s only natural child, B.D.
For the “short” of it, if you wish to view? Please See Here and See Here
Discovery Channel interviewed my Aunt Marion (Richards) a few years back
for a documentary called STARDUST about Bette’s life (Marion lived with Bette).

My desire is to create a film about my Aunt Marion
because her story is incredibly amazing.

One which, truly touches my heart deeply on many levels
at what this young girl lived through, coming out the other side with such
love, forgiveness, compassion and empathy for all she endured.

Upon meeting Marion, Grant told Bette, we must hire her! And said “she has the face of an angel.”
Which she does, and a heart to go along with it. I love her so very much and is a soul mate.

Time Magazine
Two days after he was divorced by highstrung Cinemactress Bette Davis, 42,
William Grant Sherry, 35, announced that he would marry Marion Richards, 23,
nursemaid to his and Bette’s three-year-old daughter Barbara.
Said Sherry:
“Marion is a very spiritually impressive girl.”

Uncle Grant and Aunt Marion.


Posted in: Photo Gallery by Pamela on December 18, 2008

Beautiful people. So happy to have met them. In studio for television interview in 2008.
Jim Rodgers, Kyle Dayton, Edward Martin and Pamela Leigh Richards
Sharing views, changing minds, awakening souls one entity at a time.
Interview Here

These Were Very Special Times

Posted in: Photo Gallery by Pamela on November 17, 2008

This was an amazing part of the journey we call “Life”.
A picturebook of so many memories
I hold onto the brilliant light
Learned lessons from the dark
Both exist within all of us inside
Together in the end, we all unite.

all photos © pamela leigh richards.

It is now end of February 2011. Seems this photo has been the subject of inquiry by at least one that I know of on my Facebook page, finding out only yesterday. Here is the exchange:

Roziio: “What were you doing with your hand?”
Pamela: I have no idea Roziio? It is whatever you want to believe it is.
Why don’t you ask all of these people who put up the same Sacred Symbol
with the lovely & highly evolved and talented Artists Alex and Allyson Grey?
COSM Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Members Page

Pamela: How utterly magnetically beautiful Life is. Since you raised the question Roziio, about this posture my hand fell into? I found an answer simply and purely on an outing today. As synchronicity would have it, I took a turn off the road as I was heading out somewhere today. The decision happened just as I was passing, and remembered the Stupa (Spiritual Monument of the enlightened Buddha) was up there. I walked up the hill, spoke with a few, saw a Buddha sitting so lovely on the side of the mountain and looked at his hand positions and was blown away because it is the same as the one in the picture above. I asked some of the monks if they could tell me what this symbol means? They said it is called a “Mudra Teaching”. It is a gesture of teaching, it is all about ‘teaching’ from the Enlightened one, Buddha, usually interpreted as turning the Wheel of Law. I will go one step further and state it is all about Sacred Geometry. You will have to look that one up to learn more about it. Look up “Dharmachakra Mudra”. Most everything we have been told to fear is ‘truth’ being revealed if one is courageous enough to let go of misguided false infractions upon ones mind to ‘see’ clearly. This only validates more of what has been pouring into this girls view. Thank you Roziio for igniting the wonderful journey today that put me in the right place at the right time to unravel more …. back to writing it all down, to be shared at its own right time. 🙂 Thank you. Peace.

Dharmachakra Mudra ~ The gesture of teaching usually interpreted at turning the Wheel of Law. The hands are held level with the Heart, the thumbs and index fingers form circles.

Give Peace A Chance, Pasadena, California 2004

Posted in: Photo Gallery by Pamela on October 17, 2008

Below are some photos taken back on June 19, 2004 in Los Angeles
where David Icke, my husband at the time, was speaking.
At the end of the show David walked off stage as he always did.
Something that was planned did not go accordingly.
I remember running backstage asking everyone to come out.
We all walked out as ONE, the crew, the producer Rolly,
and the people that worked behind the scenes to make this event happen.

The lights were lifted in the audience as people were leaving.
And the song “Give Peace a Chance” by John Lennon, began playing.
Almost all turned around and came back to join in.
To sing along. It was very powerful.
We began lifting everyone on the stage as we embraced together.

It was so beautiful & so much fun to be all together like this.
A moment in time I will never forget. Let’s keep this movement going.

Scott Huckabay opened for David and sent this video to me much later after the event. I had no idea who he was because I unfortunately missed his performance as I was working behind the scenes with the producer. This video is Scott backstage after playing, as David walked on. Scott is an amazing soul and good friend. His unique story of how music became his life.The way Scotts friend shot this is very interesting. As he turned the camera towards the speaker? The timing was absolutely brilliant as you hear David’s voice coming off the speaker and what is being said.
David and I are parted now, and I choose to hold onto the love and laughter of our life together.

LIBRE Filming in Southern Colorado

Posted in: Photo Gallery by Pamela on October 16, 2008

This was one of the best times of my life, filming for PBS in Southern Colorado in the Sangre De Christo Mountains, which is the longest mountain range in the world and holds the most reported sightings of UFO activity with ships being seen flying into the mountains.

I wrote in my journals that this place, this land is so full of granite and quartz crystal
that when the sun shines on it, it sparkles.

The love that was shared in this field of energy was intense, to say the least.
Happy, there was just happiness in great abundance eminating from every heart.

The last two photos are split due to crunching on this blog (still haven’t figured it out yet?) of me sitting on the ground filming my lovely friend Beatie singing on stage.

Photos courtesy of Crow Norlander

Pamela & David ~ It’s What It Was

Posted in: Photo Gallery by Pamela on October 15, 2008

What Once Was … And Always Will Be.

And as I was learning along the way,

the only one I am responsible for is my’self’.

Sadly it ended, yet, I personally will walk away

with great love in my heart for the experience.

David was a part of my journey, and I his.

I hold nothing but extreme love to “life” for showing me so much,

including David, and all those who have crossed my path.

Australia with one of the other loves of my life. A baby kangaroo.

Screen shots from the Channel 5 documentary film “David Icke Was He Right”

South Africa. Time we spent with Credo Mutwa and his wife Virginia.
Life is so extraordinary and beautiful.
This was late one afternoon in a protected Safari park.

Pamela David Mexico 1998 180 px

The Early Days. 1998 Chichen Itza, Mexico

Pamela David West Kennet Crop Circle 180 px

Standing in newly formed crop circle in West Kennet, near Avebury, England

Great Friends

Posted in: Photo Gallery by Pamela on October 14, 2008

All I can say is I LOVE YOU so much and miss Katie Anne! Keep flying!

Fantasy of Flight

Life and Times

Posted in: Photo Gallery by Pamela on October 10, 2008

Travelling in Southern Bavaria to my former home in Berchtesgaden, Germany.
This is at a restaurant in the Untersberg mountains. Notice the Orb in my lap?

Southern Bavaria, Germany. Untersberg Mountains. Interesting observation?
Some friends brought my then husband, David and I to this place
where a UFO landed on the grassy hill to my left. One of them had this book.
He opened it and coincidentally came to this page I have opened and we all just went whoa!

This view shows where I was standing on the hill with our friend holding the book in his hand.
David had just seen it and was calling me down to look at it.

All photos: © Pamela Leigh Richards

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