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Believe it Beautiful

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on February 03, 2014



“Time to break the habits spell.”

Pamela Sedona Bill photograph hiking October 2012

“Life is make believe.”

“Every single second that goes by, is merely a moment in a matter of time.
What to do, what to do, as you leave a calming sound harmonizing.”

“When you know thy’self’, no words can defy this knowing.
Even when one speaks, it passes through the gates of many minds ‘thinking’.
Wow, what a vast library of existence we ALL live in.
Pick and choose reality, indeed. We are all coming and going at lightning speed!
Center of the Universe we are?
I do believe the calm of knowing rests in the center for sure.”

Pamela quote Kindness 2014

“Do not profess niceties when you go home and do not live them.”

Elena Shumilova sunset child sand pamela quote

“Only the fleeting moment matters. So where are you now?”
“For Life itself I shall die, if life is not worth living for.”

“Our strength is not in our living,
it comes sometimes in the end upon a new beginning.”

“Noone has ‘THE’ way. They have ‘A’ way.”

The human potential with respect for diversity,
and coexistence with nature.

“This is the message of the Wu Li Masters:
not to confuse the type of dance that they are doing,
with the fact that they are dancing.”
~ Gary Zukav

There is a beautiful story of how the book of “The Dancing Wu Li Masters” by Gary Zukav,
was gifted upon her hands in Egypt. The lady who gave it to me said it might be helpful for your films. This lady has yet to share what she ‘sees’.

“Everything I have ‘lived’, I am grateful for.
Everything.  No regrets.
For ‘everything’ taught me,
Everything I need to know.
Everything I can now forget.
For everything I was looking for
Was within me and never left.”

“NoOne can corrupt the journey of this ladies heart.”

“When you have no hate, the only thing left is the game.”

“What you ‘think’ is not my problem. Please take no offense to what I ‘think’.
In due course we then have no problem. See? Peace is Easy.
Truth is intention that crosses the line all the time.”

Cat Tree Branch Pamela quote

“So, what do you have to say, today?”

“Going with the winds of change riding the crest of the waves.”

“Dive into the beauty of life and take the ride unafraid to create change.”

“What does it mean to be me?
To devote myself to the life I was born to live,
of my own accord upon moral principle,
and walk with stillness in heart and mind.”

Pamela quote where cool things happen

Single * Taken by Life * .•´*¸•*¨*•.¸¸

“The light is blind, the path is clear, the silence is golden, it comes and goes.”

“The secret of life is always hidden don’t throw it away.”

“I don’t care what they do ‘out there’, I care what I do ‘in here’.”

Notice: I am humbly grateful to those upon these pages,

that created beautiful things shared, when I could not.

Together, it will be peaceful flowing in the universe

like leaves growing on the branch of a tree.

quotes and writings: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated.
images: unless stated unknown with all due respect.
image: pamela tree sunset taken by Bill Mortimer.
image: pamela with her mother before she flew from cancer
image: child sunset and sand, Elena Shumilova

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