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Walk On

Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on January 26, 2011

The most amazing things have encountered my being over a very short period of time. Time?
We have all the time in the world to get it right.
I am so happy to now becoming ‘aware’ of many things that I’ve known within and all along.
That I struggled all my life to bring forth in language to share? I wobbled alot.
That’s what energy does when it shifts. It feels like a wobble in the temple body. It will not remain confined.
It likes to move, yet, absolutely understands coherency and calm.
I was caught and knew it. All my life, up until the last few years, could not figure out why or how?
Questioning, doubting, wondering, bouncing from the left to the right.
Confusing not being able to make up my mind ~ Is it this, is it that?
I was a chameleon growing up and a people pleaser. I wanted to be liked.
To conform and be accepted, I had to believe what others believed, or so it seemed?
From the path I knew in my heart, and the walk in our world that separated this ‘knowing’.
To be free to ‘be’. To experience One’self’ in form, from the formless Ocean of Pure Energy.
All of us are caught up to varying degrees.
In a world without judgements and comparisons, this would be quite an easy walk.

The walk I am on, apparently had written that at this particular time Pamela was to take another quantum leap.
Or rather a Flying Fall 12 feet from a loft in the garage onto the floor of concrete.
Upon the skull that doth did fracture, causing disruption within the brain once sitting minding its own business.
The storm was awakened, the lightning strikes …
Changing direction and patterns in the ever evolving ebb & flow of existence.
How ironic, how utterly profound, and even more beautiful, in how I now see this journey we call ‘Life’.
There are many paths to understanding. One is dying and coming back.

“Do not ever be afraid to experience.

Just know when to drop off the excess baggage.

For how can one fly when ones mind weighs so heavy with fear.”
pamela leigh richards

“Nature is our Greatest Ally. Nature is our Greatest Teacher.

God is in Everything.

The god particle. Get to know it. Get to know thy’self’.”
pamela leigh richards

I always add to these postings. They too, are ever-changing,

like the fractals of Life in its e-ternal-motion.

Like an artist that begins with a canvas

and paints a colour here, and a colour there.

Then walks away to come back another time.

How kind it is to share a bit more of one’self’ …
In projecting visions from the palette of her mind.

“Breaking Free. The doors are opening for all to see.

Life is a most magnificent Journey.

Let Go & Let your’self’ Be.”


“With the strength of my heart and the feathers of my voice,
These shall carry me on the path I came here for.”
~ pamela leigh richards


“If I bow to anything, it is to the strength of the humbled heart ‘within’,
Admiring the courage of the journey of the many.”
pamela leigh richards

What one calls an enemy, I have not.
An enemy is just a big bully. The difference between the name calling
Is the Bully has a heart and can be taught, the enemy is a matter of created thought.
Change your mind environment, Change the Versal environment.
Change your tune. Change the song being sung.
It is all a matter of mind. What form of matter would you mind?
Love has no separation. Bring balance to both sides of the equation.

Shhhhh Listen. Nature is our greatest ally.
She is waking up too. She has had enough of what humans can do. It is time.
To step back & do the drastic. Be different. Be the One who calmly steps out of line.
You are a Living Temple. Your Third Eye ‘within’. It is time, to make time. Let Go and Soar in Calm.
Create a new habit. Change your mind environment. Expand your awareness and do the different.
Know that you will always have wings to fly and soft landings, no matter what.

To my family and one and all. This is a message and a prayer.
The message is that my travels taught me a great truth.
That we all have … and what everyone is searching for … Yet, few ever find.
The one thing in the world that we were born with to love forever …
From the great blue and mysteries beyond we come.
One who is rich in simple treasures … ‘self’-made, ‘self’-taught.
The One’self’s harbour, her forever home.
Where no wind or trouble … or even a little death can knock down this house.
The prayer is that everyone in the world can know this kind of love and be healed by it.
When this prayer is heard …
Then there will be an erasing of all guilt, all regret, remorse, pain, suffering …
And an end to all anger.
Please, hear this voice ‘within’ …
And then …
One’self’ can walk the Earth in peace again.
Spread this like wildfire without the burn.

“I ask you to look inside your’selves’ and find the answer for your’self’.
It is not a matter of question anymore. It is merely a decision to act without ‘thought’.
To hold onto the moment that ever touched your heart and made you feel.
To hold onto the moment where everything was up to you. Where you fell into your own Heart.
Carry this moment with the Power of Love and let it grow.”
~ pamela leigh richards

May It Be. It Is Already Happening.

“Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved through understanding.”
~ Albert Einstein

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May 3 2017.
I had a choice ~ or sometimes not ~

to leave this realm,

or better my life.

I chose self betterment.

Meditate on this and only love remains.


April 30 2017.

I was just notified my 87 y/o father died, somewhere in Mexico.
Mind you, he was not on vacation.
This story involves excessive abuse and preying upon a vulnerable elder.

The facts will curl your hair and the truth will eventually touch your heart.


August 23, 2019

My last remaining family member, brother Steven, passed.

In my view? He was also murdered by the woman who married my father.

As he was a long term drug addict, she gave him the means to go overboard,

giving him money and buying him out,

keeping him away from his sister so they would not unite

to remove this woman, a stranger,  from our fathers life.



FACTS:  It is my knowing and opinion, filled with tangible facts and hard evidence, that the woman I am speaking of is someone to be on the alert about. She is not to be trusted, and for the benefit of other families out there, I hope she is not preying upon another vulnerable elder, nor his or her family, as this person did to my father and what remained of my family.

The woman involved in this incident is Mavis Darlene Eggert, from Sun City, Arizona, who was 77 years of age when she met my father (84) in March of 2014.   She has a son, Eric, whom I feel was also involved.


Note to everyone: Stay close to your precious loved ones and elders.
Do background checks immediately on any stranger coming into a family fold.
Especially with a vulnerable one.


As Early as 2010 ~ I watched my beloved father begin to slowly deteriorate in memory.
The medical records and evidence from his long time doctor prove it.

A stranger marries my father ~ Within months of meeting, this stranger of a woman married my father in a very quick manner. Once married the vicious tactics began.

She changed his long time personal doctor to a VA (Veterans Hospital) doctor.
Totally not necessary.
She was incredibly calculating, devious, uncaring, and knew exactly what she was doing.
I was gutted, shocked, and bewildered by this entirely premeditated viscous act.

My father was having mild strokes, had two diabetic comas,
once fell backwards like a dead tree, landing on his head onto concrete, another 911 call.
His memory loss was increasing, and signs of Alzheimers/Dimentia were becoming apparent.

What transpired in the course of thirty one months is something out of a horror movie,
hitting hard like an unseen guillotine, and never saw it coming.

March 23, 2014, a woman, Darlene Mavis Eggert
swept in like a vulture preying upon a highly vulnerable 84 year old man, slipping in like a slithery snake from the crevices of an online dating service.
This is how they met.

It was around April 7th I called my father like I always had on an almost daily basis to check in on him.

My father answered, and as usual I could hear inconsistencies in his cognition of memory and speaking.

He said he met someone and she was there, did I want to talk with her?
I said: “yes, I’d love to.”
This was the first time I met Darlene Mavis Eggert.
When she answered we talked. I did ask her to please not marry my father, he is vulnerable, and simply needs a companion. She said quote: “Oh I won’t, we are just having fun.” The conversation ended incredibly strange. She handed the phone over to my father quickly, when my father said in his strange voice, like a child; “We are going on a cruise to Mexico”. I asked when? He stumbled to think for a bit then answering with: “In about five days … gone for two weeks.”

On April 12, 2014, Darlene and my father went on a two week Cruise to Mexico.

This was the beginnings of a nightmare I had no forewarning was coming.

The last time I spoke with Darlene on the phone, she and my father went on that cruise to Mexico. I was in touch with my father, of course along the way, emailing and wishing him well, to take pictures and have fun. I have all the email exchanges between my father and I during that time. Upon their return she left him.

There is so much more but for this blog will keep it brief.

Thursday July 24th, 2014

I drove from N. Arizona to my fathers home in Sun City, 2 hours south.

As usual I call him letting him know I am on the way. He replied: “But I have a date”. I said great we’ll get to meet her. I had a long time friend with me who happened to be a lawyer and friend of my fathers. My father proceeded to say he would leave the backdoor open for us. We arrived in the back door sat on the couch and waited.

You’ve got to understand that I am still learning what is going on here? I have never encountered elder abuse, but it was in my face and moving swift and strong towards my father.

It wasn’t long before my father returned walking in and to my surprise was this large tall woman behind him. Apparently his ‘date’, Barbara. He comes and sits down next to us on the other couch, very stoic and totally not my typical Air Force Fighter Pilot with a genius mind, with his head bowed down. This woman had gone to the bathroom and returned with such a force, plopping herself on the couch next to my father (thank God she didn’t sit on him!), throwing her arm around him and looking me dead straight in the eyes shouting sternly; “I’m going to marry your father Pamela, I hope you don’t have a problem with that!”. What? I was shocked as was Bill, our family friend. Some things were exchanged, my father sat there saying nothing, head down. We end up leaving for it was a very touchy situation.

Sunday July 27th, 2014, three days later, I receive a call from Darlene.  

She left a message twice, saying she is afraid for my father and very concerned. She doesn’t know where he is? He is with some woman and not sure if they went off and got married.

I called her immediately and when I heard the story, I knew she was talking about Barbara. So Bill and I drove down to meet Darlene, and get this Barbara out of my fathers life. The details are vast and putting it all in a book, but for here and now, suffice to say, we got rid of Barbara, and my father hooked up with Darlene. It all seemed okay and thought my father had a kind companion. It was extraordinary. A 78 little ol’ lady, became the devil in disguise.

On September 9, 2014, just forty three days after her call to me on July 27th, they got married in Northern Arizona. Here I was thinking my father had a companion who cared for him? I found out they got married after Bill and I drove down to visit my father, meeting them for dinner. I saw the ring and asked if they got married? Quote in her words: “Oh yes, and I wanted a small ring but he wanted to buy me a bigger one.”

So once married, like a predator grifter the isolating tactics began. She was devious, calculatingly cold and cunning in her swiftness. She removed my fathers computer and phone so he had no contact with the outside world, nor could anyone reach him, only but through her. Even banning one of my fathers very near and dear long time Air Force buddy’s from seeing him. Oh the details in between these fine lines.

November 7, 2014. On this day Darlene filed an “Order of Protection” against this daughter for no good reason, other than to further isolate her from her vulnerable father, while D.E. did her dastardly deeds, all for his money. Now being married, she had ‘rights’, and under this filing my father was considered a “Protected Party” by the wife, a stranger my father just met?  Less than two months after marrying my father, and mind you, he was certainly not being protected for his well being, but for the well being of his captor, so-called, wife. He was a caged animal, unable to get out. Unable to get away from her claws, sinking deeply into his memory loss.

My father being one who got lost trying to find his way, was now under a stranger’s control for financial satisfaction for herself.  She was holding her asset tight, very close, and again, knew exactly what she was doing. Which meant that I could not see my father for one year via this “Order of Protection”. Swift move, and calculating.

Very cruel to do this, and my father never knew what she was doing behind his back.
She was brainwashing him, manipulating and exploiting with financial and undue influence.
She began going through all of my fathers financial affairs ~ changing everything.
My father was under her wicked spell and I could not reach him. It was simply terrifying.
D.E. fooled me into her graces saying “you’re the daughter I never had.”
One of her hobbies was ‘flipping houses’ in real estate.

As I look back, it was after leaving my fathers house one time, she was waving,
standing in the driveway, with my father standing by her, his head bowed down as if submissive,
when she eerily yelled out: “Don’t call me next week I’ll be working, it’s my play money!”
What? It just didn’t register all these signs until it was too late.

And again, the whirlwind through this experience was calculatingly swift.

I eventually found out the family home was sold Oct 14th, 2014, and a ‘fixer upper’ home was bought and moved into Oct. 15th, 2014. 

The day my father moved into this “fixer upper” home? I was not prepared for the call I received out of the blue from Darlene shouting: “Don’t ever call me again!” and hung up. Remember, it was just 23 days later, on Nov 7th, 2014, she filed the “Order of Protection”. She was on a roll now, to isolate and make the move to kill, swiftly. Going after the juggernaut with intent to destroy for her selfish greed crushing everything that got in her way.

The shock and bewilderment intensified within my very soul by this. I thought I was dealing with a companion for my father. I was in her presence only a few times before the isolating tactics began, it was like an emotional torrential hurricane. As it happened I reached out to learn what was going on. I realized I was dealing with “Elder Abuse”. She was like Jekyl and Hyde. It was instant. Once an apparently nice old lady, the next? The wicked witch of the west. One could not put the circumference of a proton in between the rapidity of the events that followed. The devastation began to take place and take hold.

This woman is one of the wickedest people I’ve ever met, and my father is now dead.
Dying in a foreign country, alone, without any family or long time familiar friends with him.
She had him cremated in Mexico and has his ashes. More questions I have.

But one thing I do have, are loads of evidence. So surreal what went on behind the scenes revealing the truth of the matter.
I come to find out my father is to be buried at Arlington National Cemetary.
Strange because he already had burial plots purchased for the family in 1984,
in Phoenix, Arizona, after the murder of his young son, and
Where his wife of fifty years, and mother to his three children are buried.

I was my fathers ‘wingman’. This person snuck in and took him down.
This has been nothing short of experiencing what a form of hell might be like.
It took the wind out of my sails and had many moments of losing the will to breathe.
The final ‘shock’ was my only other sibling, an older brother, sided with her.
She paid him off, and he took it, leaving his sister in the dust.
He actually helped keep me from my father, all for some money.
Now I hear my brother has liver cancer. UPDATE: My brother died on August 23, 2019. I was informed 2 weeks later.
I will always love my brother so very much.

I feel deep sorrow that he surrendered and succumbed to this. He actually sat across on the other side in Court during the proceedings, with Darlene, some stranger our father met from on an online dating service. Siding against his own sister, while our father was crying out for help, no-one would hear, no-one was listening, as our father was lost and vulnerable. I could not reach my father, nor my brother. Desperately heart wrenching.

The irony? The first experience of losing a loved one, my younger brother, Robert, murdered in 1984. Now here we are, sitting in a courtroom in 2015, in Phoenix, and I am trying to rescue my father from the hands of an elder abuser, with my only other brother Steven, sitting next to Darlene, on the opposite side of the courtroom, with whom I consider to be the eventual murderer of my father and brother. It was something unimaginable. Yet, another strangeness in this scenario? As I sat one day listening to Darlene’s testimony, it took all I had, and turned my head to look out the window noticing the Court building directly next door. The building I was looking at was where my family sat in 1986, enduring three weeks of trial for the murder of my younger brother Robert on the 9th floor!  So during the enormous grief my family went through then, almost taking my own life, the irony is? I said to what was left of my family at that time, Mother, Father, brother Steve, “no-one else is going before me because I can’t go through this again”.  Every one in my family is now gone, tragically. Why on Earth am I still here?

The details are vast and can only share part of it now, and I will share it because I know this is not just one story. It is one of millions and I wish to help others by letting them know they are not alone, and how does one come through such tragedy to heal? Well, we certainly don’t stay quiet about it.

Another cryptic irony in this case that I just discovered.
An email from my father dated April of 2014.

Some background to it:
I sent my father some photos of his granddaughter, my daughter Ali,
from a music festival she attended in April, 2014.

It was his reply that I am now looking at with cryptic surreality.
He replied to ME, thinking he was talking to his daughter Ali,
and signed it “Rich”, not “Papa” as he normally would have.
Clearly showing his vulnerable state of mind.

Here is the cryptic chronology:
March 23, 2014: My father just met D.E. from an online dating service.
April 12, 2014: They went on a Cruise to Mexico for one week.
April 22, 2014: Date of email exchange just after they returned.

From: Carl Richards [Rich]
To: Pamela
Date: April 22, 2014 10:53:43 AM MST

“Thank you, Ali, You are turning into a beautiful young lady.
I only wish I could be around to see what you will look like at age 30.
My best wishes to you, always. Rich”

April 30, 2017: My father dies in Mexico. Just under 3 years after writing this email.
Jan 3, 2017: Ali turned 29 years of age.
My father died nine months shy of Ali’s 30th birthday.

Cruella (Darlene) won’t tell me how my father died, but I will tell you how he lived.
At the same time in my growth from this,
I found an equal balance for myself to this kind of human behavior,
and what it means to be a human being.
I stand centered within, in order to continue.
With heavy heart ~

A most interesting thing happened though on Sunday April 30th, 2017?

I was leaning over to pick something up off the floor in my closet. To give you a visual, imagine this. As I was leaning down, imagine it happening in slow motion. At the same time I felt this energy pour through me like a whispering breeze, sailing in from the right side and top of my head, down my entire body through my feet sailing away into the Earth and outward. Before the breeze of energy arrived, it all happened in sync. I knew it was my father coming in, I recognized the imprint of my father immediately upon arriving in my space and body, as it flowed through. My mind was empty in this recognition as it was happening simply Being with it in its passing. The message was very clear. He now understands. So beautiful it was, so powerful and healing.
So surreal. He is now free.
The celestial skies just gained another star, and he’s shining with my mother Annis Elaine, brother Robert, and his beloved sister, Marion.
This woman may have my father’s ashes,
though he came to me in spirit, leaving Earth on final flight.
Meet you daddy in the middle of forever, your loving daughter, Pamela

UPDATE: March 25, 2019

Finally the day came. I attended my fathers services at Arlington National Cemetery scheduled for 3:00pm on Monday March 25th. Filmed and documented. So surreal and so beyond my belief that this is how things would unfold in this family’s life, extraordinary really. One more step on the journey towards discovery of ….

On April 30th, 2017, my father died. His death certificate though stated the date of May 1st, when presented in Court. It is now March 25th, 2019, almost two years later that his ashes are put to rest. Why so long? Well, only one will know. There were two other dates for burial but both were cancelled. I flew to Arlington for the second burial scheduled. At the last minute standing in the Administration building for the 3:00 pm services, came to find out that it was cancelled. Of course I was expecting family members and whomever to be there, yet, no-one but me and a friend were. What this woman is capable of doing, in my opinion, is beyond belief. With no mercy at all. Even to the very end it seems she did not want me to even attend his funeral. But I did.

It was likely unexpected that I would be there, but for the grace of life itself, I was. I will write more later.  For now, will leave this page with a photo of the billboard that flipped from one name to another on this day of many VETS who were being laid to rest. To see my fathers name appear was beyond any word I could tangibly speak. I was there to pay my respects and made it. Finally. There were only two other people there at his full honors services beside myself the only daughter and family member. The other two were the stranger he married, and her son with his bulldog. They got away with a lot of cash, they got away with murder, but they can’t take away the dignity of truth.  With all my love daddy … Incredible.

“Release is freeing.

To be heard is allowing.

To recognize is loving.

And to let go, is beyond measuring.”

~ plr

“Would add that we DO come full circle to absolute change again ~

like a fractal flying from its base with coherency.

And if there is no coherency with that past,

then the past fades, and the flower blooms.”

~ plr



“Let your stories

speak through lies,

and open doors.”

~ plr

I want to share a vision with you all, that I had as a child. My father went to Vietnam for one year of duty, and returned, thank goodness! There was this moment when all the people were coming off the plane at Sky Harbor Airport. It was 1967 or 68?  I remember the moment so well. I saw my father walking out, recognizing him as he was wearing his flight suit, walking into the open aisle of the airport, kneeling down with open arms. Running to him I did, with such joy to see him again!

Sometimes you just wanna crawl into the corner of your warm bed with blankets comforting. It is here in serenity and silence, at least from my memories, that I meld into beautiful dreams undaunted by what my eyes have seen.

My mother used to call my two brothers and I one by one into the room where the reel to reel tape player was in the living room. Privately we each would have time to talk with Dad while it was being recorded and later sent to him in Vietnam. Later to find out all those tapes were destroyed when my fathers bunkers were bombed. He showed me a photo of it but that photo is gone now, but here we were, my two brothers and I around that time.

One story my father told me of his time in Vietnam 1968 …
his plane was hit and went down.
He walked with a broken back,
to finally finding a farm where he got help.
So much more but for now …Sigh with deep love.

This page was originally created back in January of 2011.
It was a dedication purely to my father for our shared love of flying,
and my love for him.

Fly For The Love Of It. Not the Fight of It. This ones for you daddy, I love you!


A pilot, Carl Sidney Richards (Tango) who flew for the love of it,
and this love remains in his heart today.


It was his dream. It is the love of his life. It is a dream he achieved.


It is a dream of flying, metaphorically and skyway speaking that I believe in,
and share with him eternally.


My dream is that we open a new door, and those who fly in war …
Turn those birds around and come home.


“I adore quality vs. quantity.

Patience over haste.

Heart over matter.

Truth over waste.”


“What you don’t believe in evaporates.”

~ plr


Adding this short film on January 5, 2023
“A Fighter Pilot”.
I was going through hard drives pulling up evidence
and came across this film created by one of my classmates Susan,
while we were attending the Zaki Gordon Institute for Independent Filmmaking,
in 2005, Sedona, Arizona.


One week our class assignment was to create a film based on ‘Family’ ~
and my family was chosen among my team as the subject to work with.
She chose to do it on my father, who was a retired fighter pilot, Instructor pilot, and Veteran.


I thought this film was lost and so very happy to have found it,
in perfect timing and so surreal to watch it.


My wish was to be with my father when he took his last breath,
to sit with him and dive deep into our family story, but that was not to be.
Sadly, my father was in process of writing his memoirs for his children.
That dream died with him too.


My father was a genius in so many ways.
He could read a book on how to tile a bathroom and DO IT.
He was a gardener extraordinaire and curated his home and yard with finesse.
He could listen to music and play it on the piano without a lesson.
He was an amazing artist and writer. I miss him so very much.


I used to say to my father:
“Fly for the Love of it, not the fight.”
Which is the only reason he did fly.


My father survived Vietnam, but not a 79 year old woman.


“My airplane is quiet, and for a moment still an alien,
still a stranger to the ground, I am home.”
~ Richard Bach 1963


The military term “Stand Down” describes the movement of soldiers in combat
To a safe place for rest and recovery.

I think this world needs a rest don’t you?
Fly For The Love of It ~ Not The Fight of It.


“The soaring pilot makes an aerial excursion, not an incursion.
His passage leaves a whisper, not a shriek.”
~ Richard Miller, 1967


“Every bite I take feeds the hungry.
Every drink I make nourishes the thirsty.
Every breath I take awakens me further along with another.
And every line I cross, shows me just how much farther I can go.”
pamela leigh richards



Ide were were nita ochun
Ide were were
Ide were were nita ochun
Ide were were nita ya
Ocha kiniba nita ochun
Cheke cheke cheke
Nita ya
Ide were were.


Ochu is the Goddess of Love.


The lyrics of the Ide Were Were song

are simple yet powerful

and evoke feelings of joy,

peace, and connection

with the divine feminine energy.

The song has been passed down

through generations

and still holds its power today.



“Action manifesting by the movement of pure energy knowing ‘no thought’.”


“If you wish to take a fly on the breeze,
within your Heart speaking gently to thee.
I am home here. All egos checked in at the door.
Remove fear. Free your mind.
Building what I see. No thinking necessary.”


“I can be as strong as I have to be.
At the same time I know I don’t have to be.
Love is the only strength we need.”


“I would rather have few friends who live freely to speak,
than many who hide in secrecy.”



















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