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Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 30, 2008

QUESTION: Why do Pelicans fly in formation?


Researchers explored this theory by monitoring pelican heartbeats during flight.

Examination of the data showed that the heart rates of pelicans

flying in formation were much lower than that of a bird flying alone.

Other studies have estimated that a flock of 25 birds in formation

can fly as much as 70% further than a solo bird using the same amount of energy.

My daughter Alexandria drove up to Sedona from Phoenix one weekend to visit
and brought with her this amazing little white bundle of fur.

It was a Bischon Frise.

He was just a baby at four months old and needed a home

for he was rescued from a puppy mill by some of her friends.

His mother did not make it sadly.

Alexandria is now going to be taking a trip to California to participate in saving these animals.

I said bring him. I will keep him until I find a good home.

It all happened very quickly.

I had him for only five days and fell deeply in love with him.

He has a quality about him that is beyond human. Very intelligent and loving.

The new family found was Kimberly Miles and her two daughters Sam and Morgan.

Kimberly Miles is a nutritionist and when she found out I was feeding Wiggles

organic carrot juice and raw food such as broccoli,

she knew this was the puppy they were looking for.


Thank you for coming into my life and Mr. Wiggles’ life.
I am very happy to forever be an “Auntie” to the little guy.
As he enjoys his world with all of us in Peace.
With our growing Global family.


Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 28, 2008

One of the biggest guards at the door I have found in my life to real FREEDOM
Was the inability to say, I love me and that “I” am ok.

People can knock you down with harsh words

Verbal abuse is just as powerful as physical abuse.

Do not accept this from anyone.

So many layers of programming are falling away rapidly.
I grew up feeling insecure and not good enough and I am sure many can relate to this.
I was a chameleon trying to please everyone else.


“If I tell you I love you and I do not love myself then I am a liar.

If I wish for peace in the world yet, have conflict in my own, I am a hypocrite.

If I cannot forgive, then I will be at the mercy of emotion.”

~ pamela leigh richards

Our feelings must be as trained as our intellect.

Please forgive and love yourselves first and foremost.

Then our world will truly change.


I was talking to someone about this very thing recently
and synchronistically, her twelve year old daughter walked in
wearing a little button that said: “I love me”.


Valley of the Kings

Posted in: Photo Gallery Egypt by Pamela on October 25, 2008

Landing in Egypt was a very profound and important part of my life.
I was constantly being told it was forbidden to film the police, yet, I did anyway. 😉
So interesting to have this shot.
I had to drop off my camera for none were allowed inside the chambers
and as I was doing so, this policeman taking my camera wanted a photo?
See how easy it is for us all to bypass rules and go with the flow?

I shall not forget how utterly hot it was. Amazing place.

A Gentle Touch

Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on October 22, 2008

It is the little things in life that mean so much.

It can be like a liferaft,
thrown out along the way,
letting others know
they are not alone.

Like the butterfly effect.

The idea that a butterfly’s
flapping wings
can create tiny changes
in our dynamic system,
which then causes
a chain of events
leading to a much larger phenomena,
is real.

Had the butterfly not flapped its wings,
the trajectory of the system
might have been vastly different.

What may appear
to be the small everyday choices,
are the ones,
that can be earth and life-changing.

And no matter …
what anyone says about you.

It is not,
who you might have been,
before and “then”.

It is what you do
with what you have now gleened.

It is who you have Become,
in remembering.


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on

I am having a day where I feel as if I am being torn into pieces

If I had a weakness ~ it was discovered and ripped apart

Falling upon the ground are the remnants of my heart

Stolen and asking you to turn away please

For it is something I would not wish upon anyone to see.

I, too, am trying to let myself down easy

As I float above my body

Wondering what is wrong and what is right?

And now I wonder if I can even sleep tonight?

May I fast forward the memories of the past

Slipping into the comfort of right here and right now

Letting go of everything within the doors of confusion

Into my silence, telling me somehow

Holding it all together without a fight

One justifies the reasons ….

I walk away without a word, I am simply silent

Merging with peace and quiet.

Into the stillness of the night.

~ pamela-leigh:richards May 17, 2007


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on

Love is not complicated … People are.


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on October 21, 2008

“Life is a dance… every move is another chance

To take you into a world of circumstance.

To make the next move

Within a kalaidescope of rhythmic grooves

And no matter where you land…

You are always connected to the strand

In the web of life.

Until you raise your hand

And say stop, realizing it’s just a ride

And I am getting off

No more will I succomb to this sort of life

Of spinning round and round

Time to slow down and look around

Climb upon the observation deck with me

It is all just so crazy

Release your fears, worries and tears

Step away and make a stand for no more wars

No more anger, hate, frustration and division flooding all of us

Like bullets trying to bring us down

I can pack myself up in a matter of minutes

Bypass all my critics

I can never go back to what I am leaving behind

If there is one thing that is certain, I cannot run away

From what is in my face

A mirror that is my friend not my enemy.

Teaching me.

~ pamela-leigh:richards


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Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on October 20, 2008

Hello Pam,

So glad you enjoyed my poem for you.
…. thank you for replying.

With love.

Steve x
A little poem i dedicate to you..

Spirit child wild and free,
dance for me.
Swirl, in your embrace of a gentle breeze,
lifting you softly into the skies,
falling into dream-scapes,
where oceans span in rainbow hues,
reaching a far horizon and lucid dreams.
Swim with dolphin sages and walrus kings,
enchanting them with songs of old,
from Celtic tribes on emerald glen,
under full moon nights and starry skies.
Then come back to me,
with tales to tell ,
to lift my spirits, to ‘heaven’ as well.

Hi Steve … Thank you very much for such a beautiful poem.


Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on

The circle of life it keeps going round and round and round.

My life has no ending nor coming round to see the backside from whence it came.

I am tired of playing the game.

I am taking my ball and going home.

Shutting the doors on what was behind and awakening to my inate powers.

Remembering it is I who really matters,

For I am the whole and all its parts together.

Lets stop running in circles, stop repeating patterns, repeating lies and open our eyes.

To see the door has always been open, we have simply been passing it by.

This is why people are attracted to those who stand up and speak their mind.

The rebels who live life talking about things some wish they could but dare not.

For fear has enslaved the many to keep their clarity buried.

The time is now the awakening no longer hushed,

The covers that were once thought warm,

Are now the deception being thrown,

Lifting the bodies of light out of bed,

Having voices to be heard, as they lift their heads.

Their eyes now see, and ears now hear

The illusion and veils are lifting the sound is clear.

Their wings were once clipped one by one,

As they fell to the ground wandering,

The might of love has no boundaries.

It is within this realm of peace and understanding,

That they become great wings remembering … everything.

May it be so.
~ pamela leigh richards

The louder this world gets … the quieter I wish to become.
~ pamela-leigh: richards

Stand for Something

Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on October 19, 2008

It is time. The choice is yours.
If you do not stand for ‘something’, you fall for everything.

“A lie can travel halfway around the world,
while the truth,
is putting on its shoes.”
~Mark Twain

It is all worthwhile

Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on October 18, 2008

Always remember …whatever pain or sorrow
You might be going through,
You are not alone.
Somewhere, someone has been there too.

It is time to awaken from the dream
And connect to all that is
A passion for truth
Makes it all worthwhile to live.

Give Peace A Chance, Pasadena, California 2004

Posted in: Photo Gallery by Pamela on October 17, 2008

Below are some photos taken back on June 19, 2004 in Los Angeles
where David Icke, my husband at the time, was speaking.
At the end of the show David walked off stage as he always did.
Something that was planned did not go accordingly.
I remember running backstage asking everyone to come out.
We all walked out as ONE, the crew, the producer Rolly,
and the people that worked behind the scenes to make this event happen.

The lights were lifted in the audience as people were leaving.
And the song “Give Peace a Chance” by John Lennon, began playing.
Almost all turned around and came back to join in.
To sing along. It was very powerful.
We began lifting everyone on the stage as we embraced together.

It was so beautiful & so much fun to be all together like this.
A moment in time I will never forget. Let’s keep this movement going.

Scott Huckabay opened for David and sent this video to me much later after the event. I had no idea who he was because I unfortunately missed his performance as I was working behind the scenes with the producer. This video is Scott backstage after playing, as David walked on. Scott is an amazing soul and good friend. His unique story of how music became his life.The way Scotts friend shot this is very interesting. As he turned the camera towards the speaker? The timing was absolutely brilliant as you hear David’s voice coming off the speaker and what is being said.
David and I are parted now, and I choose to hold onto the love and laughter of our life together.

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