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Breathe Freely

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on August 29, 2023


Christine Anderson speech in European Parliament Brussels, May 3 2023


“Right now every moment matters, tell it like it is.”
~ plr


“Every piece to the puzzle matters.”
~ plr


“A student only learns as well as the teacher teaches.”
~ plr


“We are in a ‘uINversal’ transition right NOW.”
~ plr


“Nature is multi-dimensional, language is linear.”

~ Alan Watts


“Something dreamed all of this into existence,

I think it’s time I dream myself out of it”

~ plr


What I see happening is ‘they’ (common enemy), are using AI to assist in their organizing and strategizing to maneuver the next best steps towards an agenda for world domination. When I saw the UN’s website with very detailed graphs laid out, it was just too succinct and detailed to have been done by a human, and everything is moving at lightning speed.

‘They’ have what I would call a ‘war room’ which is giving them detailed instructions instantly like a blueprint of how to do it. While the people have no clue and are at the mercy of this high technology in a VERY UNFAIR GAME.

Unfair why? Because ‘they’ know everything we do, think, and say already, via the ENTERnet, phones, digital devices of all kinds, smart homes, smart refrigerators and kitchen appliances. Even the proliferation of ‘smart cities’. Thine enemy has an advantage that beggars belief and it was a very clever set up. Noone to blame but ourselves really, and here we are.

What do we do to unplug? Well, it really comes down to a personal journey and humanity must get over all the petty things and stop infighting and unite.

My theory, and hand to God I will bet my life on it, what ‘THEY’ are doing is inputting to the digital AI a question.

Example: “Show me how to get a population of people under global tyrannical control”.

What AI would do is spit out quite quickly the steps to be taken in order for that goal to be achieved.


This appears to be exactly what the graphs on the WEF (World Economic Forum), and UN (United Nations) websites are doing. It is very strategic and organized.

We had Agenda 2020, then Agenda 2030. The goal pasts are moving because the population is rising up and becoming AWARE of what is going on.

I suppose, if I was thinking like thine enemy what would I do?

Well, I would input into AI this new situation that people are rising up in disagreement, which is causing an upset to the initial strategy and upsetting the apple cart, so asking AI how to move forward with this?

“New information causes new choices to be made.”

The outcome from AI would show the next best steps in order to achieve the continuing desired GOAL.

Just look at the graphs and goals HERE and HERE, and how they are being achieved.

Purely by humanities acquiescence.

We just have to say NO.


I input into AI this question and look what it gave me.

The steps to take in order to achieve the GOAL.

We can turn the tide if only we got it together people.




Above is a link. Click it.

The above link “Our Amazing Grace’ is the story of one father who realized his daughter was murdered after years of forensic investigation. Americans were murdered by the thousands in hospitals by doctors and nurses – and they got paid for doing so – under the cover of the CoVid panic. It’s a bold claim. And it has been thoroughly documented. This explains how it was done and how they have managed to escape consequences – at least for now.


An Arborist Explains Maui

Above is a link. Click it.


Peace within Maui 8.8.23

Above is a link. Click it.



In a world where silence often reigns,

She arose unbound by chains.

With an Ocean of love aglow,

As the sands wash upon her feet walking

She dared to speak to let truth flow.

Fearless soul she faced the storm,

Her words like waves they did transform

An unfair equation unbalanced and unjust,

She shattered it with courage robust.

Her once silent voice becoming a beacon of encoded light

Guiding her through the darkest of nights,

Like a ship on a boundless sea,

She brought her truth unapologetically free.

Consequences might dance on the winds of fate,

But she stood strong innately unafraid.

For within the strength of love’s embrace,

May we all bring harmony to the world’s uneven pace.

In a world where hearts entwine and souls unite,

People will yearn for truth that shimmers in the light.

A quest for peace like whispers through the trees,

Guiding us to shores where gentle waves sing.

Harmony is the symphony of souls in tune,

A melody that dances underneath the moon.

In each embrace lives a knowing to let go of hate,

Weaving a tapestry where compassion dictates.

Love is a beacon that ignites,

A force that turns wrongs into what’s right.

It knows no bounds transcending all divide,

A river that flows connecting with the tides.

Joy, like wildflowers blooming in the sun,

As its laughter echoes and sorrows come undone.

Hand in hand united on this humble quest,

We strive to build a world that’s truly blessed.

For truth, peace, harmony, love, and joy we yearn,

In each endeavor it’s humanity’s turn.


Dr. Ben Goertzel – SingularityNet

Above is a link. Click it.


She didn’t know much but left something to think about.


“My song has a whispering presence in the speakers,

yet, is a voice in the orchestra of life,

like a deep echo sailing through the canvas

as a water color assisting life in the big picture.”

~ plr 


Dance Freely and Wear NO MASK.


Dr. David Martin DON’T FEAR

Above is a link. Click it.


“ .. Remember there never was a C*v*d Pandemic .. this is a behavior modification exercise to fulfill the objective of the financial interests that were being served. And let’s remember that the quote, and I keep saying this quote because no-one is still admitting that the criminals acknowledge their own crime.

Until a pandemic is at emergency threshold, the public doesn’t understand the need for medical countermeasures, such as a pan corona virus .. vaccine. We need the media to create the hype, we need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues .. investors will follow if they see profit at the end of the process.” 

~ Dr David Martin


Once you take a species out of its original environment it lives a life worse than death. No different than taking a dolphin from the Ocean into a tank, or a bird into a cage. Therefore, willful leaving to let go becomes easy at this point. Humanity’s Earthly life is being controlled, and imprisoned, and something has to give. One way or another, something has to go. 


This is a clip from an interview with Patrick Henningsen and cartoonist, Bob Moran.

Stand firm dear friends.



Singing in co~hear~and~see (coherency) 

“With a seaside cafe moment of coffee and tea with thee,

What matters is the Entrainment 

of not having to know the math 

but knowing the melody…”

~ plr


The Think Tank with …

Above is a link. Click it.

The above interview on the “Think Tank”,

I have met in person two of these beautiful entities and value their knowledge.

May it continue on as we ALL discover who and what we really are.

Oh the JOY of the JOURNEY,

and I am so humbled to know what I do not know,

and may we forever be friends.



I love you forever mom, who taught me things she never said, but I know now. I heard something in between the silence so clearly as you were dying, and I WILL BE  a silence breaker, in the sense that my voice will ring loud and strong, for all of life to know and recognize, we are not alone here as an object to be used, we are here as an instrument to express our innate ability to create Peace on this Planet. For those that do not know, my mother passed over from a vicious ravaging cancer November 23, 2003.


“One of the greatest contributions I have given to Life, is making up my mind.”
~ plr


The Summer of 2007,

as I flew over the Mediterranean from England,

entering the lands of Egypt,

as clear as day a telepathic message came forth with no words,
just a form of pure energy’s presence,

transferring a message,

and its translation was this:

“You need to get grounded.

You need to ground yourself.

Plant your feet back on the earth”


Next, what ran through me after hearing this initial message on the plane were overlapping telepathic thoughts explaining that the reason I had to ground was because …


“You have things to fulfill within yourself,  

this is a very personal journey.

You have to realize your gifts, gain confidence, stand strong.

You have a Heart to give which would help lift humanity in this physicality.”


I later wrote:

“The seeking we each strive for will never be found in the external.

For what is eternal, what has always been ‘in’ternal, can never be lost, only found.”

A personal journey?

Yes, indeed it is.



Above is a link. Click it.


Grooming the Young to police the internet

Above is a link. Click it.


“You can control a man with brute violence,

but you can never truly OWN a man until he’s convinced

that your word is law and obedience is a virtue.”

-The Jones Plantation



END THE CYCLE = Living Freely in Peace

Above is a link. Click it.


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Never Lose Your Humanity

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on August 12, 2023




There was life before the ENTERnet.





I’m just traveling with travelers.

With like heart and mind.

A fractal of creation

repeating peace,



Get this.

We, humanity, are at war.

Our opponent KNOWS every move,

and every sound we make.

 They are gaining ground at lightning speed.

We have entered a digital playground for total control.

Unfair game, but we silently agreed.

Hard to live trying to share some truth,

when you get shut down at almost every move?

UNPLUGGING is tough to do,

but do we must, or take it over for good.


The best way to control your opposition is to lead it.


“You can’t live fully, unless you can live fully now.”

Alan Watts


We as a species have perfected politeness to a fault.


I Love Terrence

Above is a link. Click it.


“… in the few short years ahead as we converge toward the eschaton, that transcendental object at the end of time, things are going to get weirder and weirder until they become so weird that we will no longer be able to ignore the weirdness. 

“.. this explains our present circumstance, it explains the rush towards new technology and social organization in the new millennium. But you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand that if the Universe is complexifying faster and faster, an epoch of time will come when this rate of complexification is occurring so rapidly that it will become itself the overwhelming phenomena in the world of three dimensional space and time. And I call this the Omega Point or the transcendental object at the end of history, and I believe it is not that far off. 

“That with the emergence of Global internet, a human population of several billions and electronic noosphere, that we are now within the shadow of this transcendental object at the end of time. Your religions sense it, that’s what gives them their apocalyptic intuitions, and I think the ordinary man and woman in the street sense a kind of built in acceleration .. and in fact it is true .. our own decision to view the Universe as dead, as inanimate, as unintelligent, allowed us, permitted us, to dissect it, to use it and deny its validity outside of human purpose. Now the consequences of living like that is coming back to haunt us. 

“Now we have almost destroyed our home, we have almost cut the Earth from beneath our own feet .. we must give reverence and credence to nature and natures methods because no other methods will allow us to work our way out of the present mess we are in … we’re at the end of the rope.” 

~Terence McKenna 


We Need To Talk About Mr. Global 

Above is a link. Click it.


“Never let Fear stop You from Making the Next Best Step.”

~ plr


“Noone will ever know until you are unafraid to speak out.”

~ plr


AGE OF TRUTH w/Jordan Maxwell

Above is a link. Click it.

I knew of Jordan Maxwell who worked with a group called “TruthSeekers” in California back in 1998, and later met Jordan briefly at a conference circa 2008. 

What Jordan Maxwell begins talking about in the timeline stamp I noted below, about his meeting with three members of the governing body of the JW’s and what they told him, clarifies in my view, so much of what’s unfolding before our very eyes today. Our human species is dealing with an aggressor with disregard for all life outside of its own. Period.


“ First of all I always try and say that I am not the worlds authority on anything. I am smart enough to know how much I don’t know. But I’m also smart enough to know that you are not going to be perfect on everything, so sometimes, maybe it’s just your opinion, and your opinion may be wrong. And so I try and tell people that I’m not the worlds foremost authority. I prefer to think of myself as just an ordinary man pursuing extraordinary knowledge.” 

@8:22  in the TIMELINE:

“.. I scare myself thinking about all the strange places I’ve been, and people I’ve known, and yet, I’m still alive. I will give you my opinion on the world scene today. I believe, based on fifty eight years of experience .. that there is a concerted organized conspiratorial movement  in the world and I refer to it, the way it refers to itself as The World Revolutionary Movement … “ 


“I prefer to think of myself as an ordinary man

pursuing extraordinary knowledge.” 

~ Jordan Maxwell



Above is a link. Click it.


The above link is a wonderful summary

of the most important issues on this planet.

One being the future of humanity,

which involves the children of yesterday and today.

Time to solutionize the problems.




If two people who had a child can’t get along,

If two people who never had a child,

can’t get along …

how in the world, can they EVER teach a child …

to grow up?


“Each and every one of us,

is not living in a ‘uNIverse’ of separation,

but a ‘uINverse’ of experience.”

Robert Edward Grant

Speech at World Changers Summit July 5, 2023.

Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Vatican City



“The dissenter is every human being
at those moments of his life
when he resigns momentarily
from the herd and thinks for himself.”
~ Archibald Macleish


“I would rather be consciously inquisitive

than unconsciously thinking.” 

~ plr 2010


The Happiness Expert

Above is a link. Click it.


“There are many paths to where we are going.”

~ plr 2010


Seek yet do not seek.



“Do not fear the problem, know the soul~u~tion.”

~ plr


We are all on the same team
and the rest coherently align
loving our essence first and foremost
with like heart and mind.
We navigate this world
beyond our looking,
rather our inward feeling.
A sense beyond sensing .. a knowing.


In an environment that is incoherent

we are merely biding our time

to live here.



“My heart is beating always

for the sound of birds singing

along with a clean breeze

dancing in between the leaves of a tree.

Never lose sight of nature

for she is our guiding light.

The great cause in this world is the love for life.” 

~ plr 

And surely worth the fight. 



“When you are not afraid to die,

fear takes a back seat to living life.”

~ plr 


I will not drown in the sorrows of fear.

It is time to correct current understandings of history.



In a perfect world in my view, I do not want to live another day missing anything that I loved so dearly when it is gone. I’ve been there done that and it is tortuous. Of course I miss them, that is natural, but living in that emotional state is agonizing. I do not wish that upon anyone to live entertaining grief. NO. The comfort I have received is when I knew they were at peace and so was I in unison with them. In all of creation I ask  … why? Why this kind of pain or suffering?  Why can’t life be something as easy as come and go, appear and disappear with free will and peacefully always? I have also experienced life beyond the one we all know as Earthly life. I wish for a world where all life comes and goes at its leisure without any controlling factors. And when it does the Inverse or Universe celebrates for all eternity with only love as the wind that sails its ship. Peace is knowing this ones departure is a glorious adventure in the timeless thing called … creation.


I heard this saying:
“Forgive them for they know not what they do.”
Well, who or what taught them to KNOW NOT?
Fire the engineer.


Ayla Nereo 

I love this woman.
She represents the flow within my knowing.
She has a vision so like mine.
And adore her creations
embedding visuals with poetry.
If we are all ONE,
then this ONE is welcome in my hOMe.
She represents my voice
that longs to sing,
my eyes that long to see,
my touch that longs to feel,
and my ears that know what to hear.
This is about relating to existence,
and full heartedly respecting
coherent life in moral decency.


“If only to be heard, never to be silenced.”


“My tears sometimes,
are merely a symptom,
of an Ocean of droplets crying.”
~ plr


“The base of Quantum Physics
is tied to Zero-Point Energy,
an infinite amount of energy that we cannot ignore.
This is the energy of Spacetime,
the fundamental nature of our reality.”
~Nassim Haramein


“I live to live, not to fight.
Struggle is not an envy of mine,
but an unnecessary battle
of manufactured might.”
~ plr

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Always one must make up their mind.

It is either this or that. Yet there is an otherwise.

Because there is another path

even beyond that.” 

~ plr 


I wrote in 2010 after the Gift of a Fall,

a near death experience involving brain surgery.


“I care so much I must walk away.”

~ plr 


It had great meaning for me then

and even more so today in 2023.

I hope all who reads this finds comfort too,

in knowing you are not alone,

no matter where you are on the journey.

PEACE is our collective destiny.



On my gravestone:
“I never knew, but I did, and now I really know.
Don’t wait for your final breath to speak what you always wanted to.”

Something else always mattered.
I love you as I slip away from your view.


TODAY is MONDAY 9.4.2023.
Labor Day they call it …
How about ALIVE DAY Ending all war.
Break the pattern, the cycle, the false narratives.
No labor necessary.


We have perfected politeness to a fault.
I AM polite to a degree with all dignified manners present,


“It is a seed that plants the future.

Be very protective of the nourishment

that precious seed requires to grow.

Even if it means moving to another garden,

for the most important thing for its life, is its soil.”

~ plr




“One that holds breath afraid to speak,

lives a life worse than death.”

~ plr 


What is happening on Earth is something far bigger than most humans can summarize or fathom. I wish more of the truth as far as I can see, would be brought in ~ based upon the fact that we are not alone as a species and so much more is going on than most could possibly recognize.

It is a real challenge to bring forth information that conflicts with dogmatic belief systems, but we must in order to re-order life in a coherent manner. For I feel the very foundation of certain belief systems were part of the controlling factor upon humanity. Keep em’ busy on the farm, divided and fighting with each other about … whilst the dastardly deeds go on. And here we are.

You ~ each and every one are a free spirit, a free life form to behold with love. Surround your WORTH with love, with peace, with rightful manners and kindness and respect, along with whatever necessary to defend oneself. The rest? Well, if there is a cancer in the host body it must go. There exists knowledge that would enhance this Earthly realm with clean rivers and waterfalls, clean soil, clean air, and clean skies ~ naturally.  Whatever has intervened that from happening must be removed, and I don’t know how to do that on a global scale, but this remains to be my wish.

Just saying.


The message is the message 

With a life of its own,

 it carries easily its truth.

The one and only thing 

That forever lives

Is that truth within you.

~ plr 2000


Why AM I here?


“To truly know the world,
look deep within your own self;
to truly know yourself,
take a real interest in the world.”
– Rudolf Steiner


I have taken an interest in the world

for I AM part of it.

So if I see a solution,

why are those in positions

that could do something about it

not doing it?

Something other than I

must take responsibility too.

Noone can do this alone.

I don’t like the world I AM in

and humbly know what is going on

is much bigger than I AM.

For my heart and mind SEES,

yet in my sixty three years of life living,

nothing is changing,

not even my heart beating for Peace.






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to Die

for Life

“Life can be a happy Accident,

If we Let It Be”



“She lived, she loved, she cried, she never knew,

she fell, she laughed, she got up, she grew.”

~ plr


When We Unmask Ourselves

We Unmask everyone else as well.


If you don’t tell your story

someone else will tell iit for you.


“Where there is unity there is always Victory.”

~ Publilius Syrus (85 BC)



Every cover tells a personal story. ~ A Life Worth Lived to Tell.

Push the limits for reasoning beyond all doubting.

For those who are unafraid to ‘rock the boat’.

When through it all she nearly gave up …

Patience has been her guiding light ..

Something we call naked truth.

Care to take a ride?


Truth begins the way forward.


Someone told me once as a threat:
“You don’t know how far I will go …”
Well, you don’t know how far “I” will go.
Check mate.
Peace is easy if we let it be
with all hands on deck in transparency.
It’s a personal journey and …
Laughter is good medicine and healing.
May our children know truth
in every aspect of our lives,
Such a might fine relief,
Passing down wisdom
with nothing to hide.
From the micro to the macro,
reflecting in kind,
is the only way to reciprocate.
FREEDOM = I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you today.

“If my voice is not heard

then what is breathing for?”



With profound self respect,

we venture towards everything,

within the slowest part of ourselves.


Just take a moment

and look at it

through her eyes.


“The powerful play still goes on,

and you may contribute a verse.

What will your verse be?”

~ Robin Williams, Dead Poets Society


photo: 1982
she knew then at 22.
She knows more Now.


“There is a realm that exists that once met,

one will realize just how extraordinary life is.

In this realm at least from my view,

tears will be no more,

for there is no sadness there,

no war, no nothing of the sort.”

~ plr 


Reframing the experience.

Honest self-reflection.


When you change the way you look at things,

the things you look at .. change.


Even though the play continues performing,

never doubt your voice in the orchestra

singing its versing.


What was personal,

went Universal.


For the longest time I’ve wanted to share,

the TRUTH about my life with British author,

David Icke, and writing those memoirs.




They tried to silence her ~ she said NO.

To be silent, is consent.

Where does this intolerable hatred come from?

The punishment unleashed upon her,

by ‘Bridge of Love’ was undeserving of the ‘no’ crime.

An aggressive purposely orchestrated covert push to remove her.

And you know who you are, all the others who took his side.

What was private David took public to her surprise.

And Pamela had three death threats from his followers,

after the public article was posted by he and Regina.

As one witness said: ‘it was a ruthless witch hunt’.

The damage done was left unheard.

With ALL the evidence to support it.

Telling the truth = Freedom.

She survived to tell it.

One girl unarmed.

Coming Soon.


Words are living energies.


She was healing from a near death experience involving brain surgery, fracturing skull, subcutaneous hematoma, head trauma with left epidural hematoma, cerebral contusions, hairline fracture of spine, fractured left wrist with 9 rib fractures and bruising all over left side when the divorce began. What was to be an amicable departure of marriage? Her departing husband who wrote a book called: “Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is Illusion” , said why doesn’t she get a job, and sent this to her father.

“If what I am reliably told is true, she should know that at tidal wave of worldwide revulsion will descend upon her immediately and for the rest of her life and the Richards family name will be dragged through the cesspit ongoing as a result.”

And the next day her father had a mild stroke.


Words have a huge impact

on your nervous system.

Words can influence the metabolism

in parts of the brain

that are exactly the same

parts of the brain

that regulate your heart,

your lungs,

your immune system

and so on. Think about it.


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

~ Martin Luther King Jr


Your work is to take care of the spiritual interior of the language.” And he said in Japanese this word we use, kotodama, means that each word has within it a spiritual interior. The word is like a vessel that carries something ineffable. And you must be the caretaker for that. You must be careful when you use language to look at every part of the word and make sure that you’re showing respect for it in the place that you’ve given it to live in the sentence.”  

~ Kazumasa Hirai ~ Japanese novelist


Sapere aude = Dare to Know

In 2010, January 23, I had a near death experience.

During that INlightINmental period of recovery and healing,

I was attracted to this phrase I saw in Latin.

Dimidium facti, qui coepit, habet; sapere aude, incipe. 

“He who has begun is half done, dare to know, begin.”

Slowly, this lady is beginning to fly.

What an amazing journey this life.



David has four children and grandchildren.

I have one child, Alexandria.

We both care about them all and their future.


I am still healing.


FREEDOM = I appreciate the opportunity to speak with you today.


AN OPEN LETTER with Compassion.



“Cowardice asks the question, is it safe?

Expediency asks the question, is it politic?

Vanity asks the question, is it popular?

But conscience asks the question, is it right?

And there comes a time when one must take a position

that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular,

but one must take it because it is right.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr. 


Many things were confirmed through having a relationship with David Icke, much more than I could ever have learned in his books, although they do compliment one another at times. It truly is a personal journey, and look forward to sharing the other side of it with respect to this human experience on Earth.


“A publicly revealed lie

is as important for the

good of humanity

as a clearly stated truth.”

~ Leo Tolstoy


She almost died

many times in her life.

Twice by choice ..

Still here,

now finding her voice.


Telling the truth will always,

either be accepted or attacked.

So what, say it.


He who knows enough is enough

will always have enough.

~ Lao Tzu


“It is good to have an end to journey towards; 

but it is the journey that matters ~ in the end.”

~ Ursula Leguin


Trauma can be passed on …

I will not let a dark moment in time

move through any generation forward.

I’m here to clear it, and release.

Breathing life fully in peace.


“There is no greater Freedom than Truth in Love.

There is no greater love than truth without fear.”

~ plr 2010



Problems only require Solutions,

and “grace” is extended

to those that ‘stop and correct’.


The Universe abhors deception,  so do I.


“You’ll never see the Big Picture,

Until you have every piece of the puzzle.”

~ plr


Nothing can be achieved

unless you try.


As long as we are separate,

we are a doddle to manipulate.


We are living in a plague of corruption.


We’re born then we die.

May we nourish the tender moments

in between.


You know the really great thing about love?

Is its door is always open.


When she takes her last breath in this Earthly realm,

She will leave nothing but truth and love in her wake.

Prepare to flip your perceptions to see more clearly,

open your mind and further your awakening.

Nurturing knowledge and conversations.

I’d rather face it all now,

than live in fear.

No more.


Point of Destruction


Point of Creation



I documented PART of the journey.

And I mean ONLY PART as it was happening.

May PEACEFUL MEANS reign supreme.

If only to be heard. All will be revealed.


“Never allow someone else’s fears,

cause you to disappear.”

~ plr


If we are all going to stand together

we must stand together .. informed.


I totally agree!

Image: plr


We can do better than this.

We are not just mere mortals,

we are made up of star dust and stories, many of them.

And they are not there to tell us how brilliant we already are,

but they are there to tell us who we CAN be.

Our stories are there to feel, touch, and let go of,

as well as inspire and empower us to our higher better selves.


Transcribed from David Icke interview above. 

“ … and the point that needs really expressing is [to think] that these people have power to ban. Well, don’t .. let’s look at it as if those behind it are all powerful. They are censoring for a reason because they are weak. Strong people that are confident of what they say do not want to censor anyone. I don’t want to censor anyone. [ except Pamela ] I want the free flow of information, and all opinion and then people can make their minds up on the totality of it, what they themselves want to believe ~ it’s called freedom.”


You can’t have ‘no-go’ areas if you are investigating truth.

What was private, David took public from a one sided perspective,

which is not representative of the WHOLE truth.



When I finally left David, February 3, 2008, I said:

“This has got to be one of the greatest love stories never told.”

Until Now.



“May love turn away rage, may truth turn away hate.”
~ plr 2010


“It is not because things are difficult

that we do not dare,

but because we do not dare,

that makes things difficult.”

~ Seneca


The voice told David this will be talked about in 100 years.

Yes, I do believe it will be, and it will include her side of the story.

Uncensored in a time capsule for the future.


“Truth first then love, Otherwise, One is just loving the lies.”

When the dam breaks – be water my friends.


In the above clip, it was December 2005 in London.

David was doing an interview

on the “Chat Show”.

I was filming as I always did.

We waited, then I opened the door.

Laughter is Good Medicine!


Next scene entering the “Chat Show”


“..I want to put information into the public arena

that people aren’t told.”

~ David Icke 1997 BBC interview with Oliver James 


“So do I, so let’s crack the eggshells of false perceptions.” –  says pamela


February 27, 1998 Chicken Itza.

David and I were touring an underground cave in Mexico,

where we encountered bats,

and the lack of oxygen

due to the depths we entered,

along with a great sense of humor.

The ride was only beginning for us both.

And really, the rest of the world collectively

on a global scale in the coming years.


A healing journey, ending the madness.

TRUTH truly be told with evidence by being bold about it.


2006, London.

Being interviewed for the Documentary “David Icke was he right”.

So here’s what happened.

 I  wanted to buy some of Bill HIcks’ recordings.

So I  reach out to his publishing company.

When I did, the lady who answered was Bill’s mother, Mary.

Lovely lady and we talked for a bit

and she told me she could send me his whole catalogue.

Which she did and I still have them on disc.


” .. there is consciousness anywhere that is ‘ I ‘

you then in a way look out through all eyes,

and that perhaps is the secret of,

the great virtue of compassion.”

~ Alan Watts



A Few Clips from years of life together

Apologies for quality. Filmed clips from my phone.

Editing the story properly is in the works.

2006 was a very interesting year for her. 


June 7, 2006 London, England.

Filming by pamela

This is Brian Haw, who was protesting the wars in front of Parliament Square for many years.

Another incredible man I was honored to meet whilst on my travels with David.

There is a whole story surrounding Brian whose billboards were destroyed,

and confiscated by the police in the wee hours of the morn on a raid @ 3am.

Warring will end one way or another in our lifetime.



2003 Christmas on the Isle of Wight.

Pamela commissioned a painting for David by the artist Ivan Berryman.


 2006 Filming David in front of Parliament


2006 Filming and just happened to turn my camera at Noon o’clock on Big Ben.


2006 at Regina Merediths home where David and I were staying on a visit.

Regina is creator of Conscious Media Network now with Gaia TV.

More to this story later!


2006 at Regina Merediths home where David and I were staying on a visit.

Regina is creator of Conscious Media Network now with Gaia TV.

More to this story later!


I am grateful to David for this one specialty for I too, love steam Trains!

I am grateful to David for this one specialty for I too, love steam Trains!


I am grateful to David for this one specialty for I too, love steam Trains!


I am grateful to David for this one specialty for I too, love steam Trains!
Jaymie and I trying to get in the engine.


2003 Kent Sussex Railway. I love steam trains!


1 TOURING David’s ol’ stomping grounds when he played for Coventry.


2 TOURING David’s ol’ stomping grounds when he played for Coventry.


3 TOURING David’s ol’ stomping grounds when he played for Coventry.


4 TOURING David’s ol’ stomping grounds when he played for Coventry.


2006 In South Africa on a private safari one evening.


2006 In South Africa on a private safari one evening going home.

2006 In South Africa on a private safari one evening going home.


2006 While visiting Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa in South Africa,

we toured Credos community.


2006 While visiting Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa in South Africa,

we toured Credos community.

And she danced. So much fun learning with these young ones!


2006 While in South Africa visiting Credo Mutwa we stopped the car
to go over and speak with these lovely children
playing soccer or football as they call it in the UK.

I wanted to get the children on film to all HUG each other, which they did.

Then David says: “Wouldn’t it be great if we did that all over the world,

then there would be no war.”

Yes, that would be great if we all did this David.


2002 Early days with Kerry, Jaymie and Gareth, David’s children,
for David’s 50th Birthday Party at our favorite restaurant on the Isle of Wight, Salvatores.


2006 David wanted me in the Documentary “David Icke was he Right”.

I was filming ‘them’, filming David, while they were filming me filming David.

Which I always did ever since meeting him

because  I never went anywhere without a camera.


2003 on our way to the Brazilian rainforest for Ayahuasca.

At this moment we thought I was pregnant with our baby.


2003 On our way to Brazil to do ayahuasca via the Arizona Deserts.


Sedona skipping rocks, could life be more simple David?


Sedona skipping rocks, could life be more simple Pamela?


1999 Early days at Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona


The Amusement Park! David wanted to win something for Pamela.


The Amusement Park! David wanted to win something for Pamela.

She won it ~ so funny!


UPDATE: JUNE 4, 2023

As I continue writing my memoirs to be published,

here are a few more snippets to share of travels from January 6, 2007.

Rome, Italy, where David was invited to be interviewed with Bill Maher.

And a side note: The hotel was to be paid for by the inviting group,

but to our surprise upon check out?

We were left with the bill.


Waiting for Bill Maher for the interview. Two ladies part of production team.


Speaks for itself.


I was saying my peace … yet .. no, not possible because my camera was professional.


Bill Maher arrives.


Polizia says no filming.





Behind the Scenes

A few clips from behind the scenes during the filming of

the Documentary “David Icke Was He Right”,

which aired December 26, 2006 Boxing Day in England.


2006 During the filming of the Documentary “David Icke Was He Right”.

Our home on the Isle of Wight, making tea and coffee for the crew.


2006 During the filming of the Documentary “David Icke Was He Right”.

Apologies for sound.


2006 During the filming of the Documentary “David Icke Was He Right”.

Our home where David still lives. The wall of pictures now gone.

How interesting this life where we come and we go from.

Are we all ONE?





A screen shot from my films. February 1998. 

Pamela and David taking a walk
in a Cave, Chichen Itza, Mexico, laughing and in love.
The journey for us both was just beginning. 


“We see the goal. It’s the journey that needs remedy.”
A screen shot from my films. 2006
At a football match during the filming of the Ch5 Documentary:
“David Icke ~ Was He Right”
On a Global scale, yes he was!


David took this photo. Early 2000’s.
We used to go to Las Vegas alot.
I dreaded these trips,
and has effected me to this day.
Let the healing begin.


2010 Seeing with New Eyes.


A screen shot from my films. July 2006
Event Backstage Mt. Shasta, California


“May we learn to live without regrets. 
To live with Peace in Understandings.
To behave in rightful manners.
To look in the mirror and reflect.
To see ourselves as we are,
Growing, dissolving, accepting, re-emerging,
As fully potentized realized beings. 
To admit face to face where we went off balance.
To see that the journey was …
I AM that I AM.” 
~ plr  2010

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