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On The Move

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 20, 2014

Light Trees Man Walk

“I’m not here to tell you what to do,
Or change your mind. I”m here,
To help you make it up.”

“I think I am one of these leaves,
that fell from the tree.
Floating calmly UPstream.”

Dolphins Sun Ocean pamela quote giggle

“Stop asking the questions,
and live the answer.”

“I am dancing with the heart,
Of the herbavore dragons,
Invoking a call for stewardshipping
upon the Earth where feet may walk,
The air we breathe,
The skies we came from or not,
For internal & external renewal,
And directions equalling,
Peace is Easy.”

“I have yet to make a living by what I love.
Yet, what I love goes on living.”


“There are no dumb students.
Learning happens,
as good as the teacher teaches.”


“I am not a product to be sold.
I am a life to be lived.”

“Everyone is on
a different rung of the ladder.
And everyones journey
leaves a seed
in sharing their beliefs.
Simplicity is a lovely idea
after the fires we experience.”


“I can feel the energy
soaring through me
on the clouds of no time.”


Green leaf water droplet

“The gentle connection
sings so sweetly.
Like a dew drop
surfing a leaf
before it drops off
to begin a new flight.”

Leaf Heart Pamela quote

Gorilla Leaf Large pamela quote

“That is what we are here for.
To pass on the baton.
Don’t hold on.”


“If you think the name,
you lose sight of the soul.”

“The bridge is born.”


“Love has no borders,
until you hit a brick wall.”

“Then time for flight,
beyond space and time,
leaving the illusion behind.”

“I am not in here.
I am out of here.”

Quotes & Comments: Pamela Leigh Richards otherwise kindly noted.
Images: unknown unless stated, thank you.

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Quiet Angels

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 03, 2014

Quiet angels
“There are no tests. There are simply screen tests. Know when to walk out.”

Heart Listens
“Never square a circle. Allow it to spin freely without boxing it in.”

“I’m a peaceful person but when you cross my line? It’s playtime.”

“I’ve changed my mind but the world has not changed?”

“What did all the saints and sages and so-called seers of past walking a peaceful way do for our world today? Tis’ not about them, tis’ about what we are looking at.”

“It is a place far away,
roaming in distant beauty.”

“Is life a coincidence?
Or a trail meant to be found.”

“If you see what I see?
Let’s join eyes.”

“We must change the collective mind,
and erase past mental tapes.
Like bursting the dam wall down
in order to see clearly and peacefully.

It truly is a personal journey.
And alone sometimes one might be
in what they see.

Indeed I am willing to give it a go,
And her voice shall now speak.”

“I am a free spirit, a floater,
and will never be captured
by the language of babble-on.”

“If changing your mind,
changes the world?
History would not be a problem.”

“We must break down the walls
of the past completely.
And begin anew.
BEcause WE CAN BE the effect
to new beginnings”


“Sometimes you need to stand strong
and protect the child within.”

Quotes & Comments: Pamela Leigh Richards otherwise kindly noted.
Images: unknown unless stated, thank you.
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