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Meet me there …

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on August 12, 2023


Always one must make up their mind.

It is either this or that. Yet there is an otherwise.

Because there is another path

even beyond that.” 

~ plr 


I wrote in 2010 after the Gift of a Fall,

a near death experience involving brain surgery.


“I care so much I must walk away.”

~ plr 


It had great meaning for me then

and even more so today in 2023.

I hope all who reads this finds comfort too,

in knowing you are not alone,

no matter where you are on the journey.

PEACE is our collective destiny.



On my gravestone:
“I never knew, but I did, and now I really know.
Don’t wait for your final breath to speak what you always wanted to.”

Something else always mattered.
I love you as I slip away from your view.


TODAY is MONDAY 9.4.2023.
Labor Day they call it …
How about ALIVE DAY Ending all war.
Break the pattern, the cycle, the false narratives.
No labor necessary.


We have perfected politeness to a fault.
I AM polite to a degree with all dignified manners present,


“It is a seed that plants the future.

Be very protective of the nourishment

that precious seed requires to grow.

Even if it means moving to another garden,

for the most important thing for its life, is its soil.”

~ plr




“One that holds breath afraid to speak,

lives a life worse than death.”

~ plr 


What is happening on Earth is something far bigger than most humans can summarize or fathom. I wish more of the truth as far as I can see, would be brought in ~ based upon the fact that we are not alone as a species and so much more is going on than most could possibly recognize.

It is a real challenge to bring forth information that conflicts with dogmatic belief systems, but we must in order to re-order life in a coherent manner. For I feel the very foundation of certain belief systems were part of the controlling factor upon humanity. Keep em’ busy on the farm, divided and fighting with each other about … whilst the dastardly deeds go on. And here we are.

You ~ each and every one are a free spirit, a free life form to behold with love. Surround your WORTH with love, with peace, with rightful manners and kindness and respect, along with whatever necessary to defend oneself. The rest? Well, if there is a cancer in the host body it must go. There exists knowledge that would enhance this Earthly realm with clean rivers and waterfalls, clean soil, clean air, and clean skies ~ naturally.  Whatever has intervened that from happening must be removed, and I don’t know how to do that on a global scale, but this remains to be my wish.

Just saying.


The message is the message 

With a life of its own,

 it carries easily its truth.

The one and only thing 

That forever lives

Is that truth within you.

~ plr 2000


Why AM I here?


“To truly know the world,
look deep within your own self;
to truly know yourself,
take a real interest in the world.”
– Rudolf Steiner


I have taken an interest in the world

for I AM part of it.

So if I see a solution,

why are those in positions

that could do something about it

not doing it?

Something other than I

must take responsibility too.

Noone can do this alone.

I don’t like the world I AM in

and humbly know what is going on

is much bigger than I AM.

For my heart and mind SEES,

yet in my sixty three years of life living,

nothing is changing,

not even my heart beating for Peace.






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