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Navigating Through

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on May 29, 2023


European Union in Brussels on the 3rd of May 2023

The 3rd International Covid Summit.

Dr. David E. Martin.


This ‘pathogen’ began in the US labs in 1965. It is a biological weapon to wipe out most of the human race with your help of the populace not paying attention and caring about the ‘garden of humanities spiritual evolution’. You and I, we are the ‘progenitors’ to wake up the human race into a survival of a superconsciousness, natural humanity, and not just robots of Ai.


“.. But if you are Looking for the.who done it as a forensic investigator ..
vs you are observing the crime as it unfolds,
you have two very different perspectives ..
and what I really did at the EU Parliament is said, hey,
slow the tape down lets get all the facts on the table.
Corona virus, covid19, the whole thing was pre-mediated, it was murder,
it was active terrorism by a State against the world.
Let’s call it what it is, and let’s not pretend like maybe
there’s a more complex explanation for, I don’t know, the facts?
And the facts are, here’s the bad news,
for fifty eight years the United States, the UK,
in collaboration with researchers around the world,
planned to use corona virus to instill the most tyrannical reform of society
that this generation has ever seen ..
and they did it purely pre-meditated
to make sure that we were cowed into submission.
And the bad news for them is,
there’s alot of people that didn’t take the needle.”
~ Dr. David E. Martin



Source Film “Out of Shadows” 


BREAK THE SPELL. If we can’t find common ground  .. well, there are many paths to where we are going. We are living in a total mind controlled game that is targeting children specifically right now. STOP IT. The choice is yours. Bring them home. Our greatest ally is nature. Let your children walk on the grass and five hours later ask them how much did the grass grow?  Inspire and nurture their unique mind, heart, body and soul together as parent and child! Sometimes the student can outteach the teacher. Pass it on.



Reflecting Simple Truths

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