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Almost Nothing Left to Say

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 14, 2023


There was life before the ENTERnet.


Is it more important to follow the law,

where sometimes the law is the criminal,

or to transgress them at once?


“I might be ONE, however, I AM ONE of MANY.”
Do not follow ~ KNOW your own path of heart.
Disengage from lies. Simple truths.
This is where we meet. In the middle of forever.
We are dealing with multiple realms now interacting.
Patience along with power, is our guiding light.
Changing the narrative for the good of the whole.
Now you see me, someday you won’t.
All good no matter what.
I shall leave nothing but truth and love in my wake.
Some will hear, some will not.
And I shall speak so … unafraid.
Then I shall close my eyes.


“If your life is a book ..
be at peace when you close it.”
~ plr


You might not be able to go back ~
but you surely can GO ON.


Clean Soil
Clean Water
Clean Air
Clean Skies

Music: “Now we are Free” by Lisa Gerrard & composed by Hans Zimmer.
Video compilation: unknown. would love to credit.



A Man to Hear 

Above is a link. Click it.


AS long as we are on the internet?
We are fodder to the system
for they know every move and sound we make,
and it is getting more controlled by the day.
AI is data driven and knows our thoughts
which has been compiling for a long time.
The ‘system’ will take that data
and make sure it formulates answers
that day by day humans seek them out,
but the answer will give
what the controlling faction
wants you to hear.
Change direction.


“Do not let fear be your capture.”

If your voice cannot be heard what good is living for?

I will not go silently.

~ plr


Todd Rundgren


“Letting Go is a power unto itself. Erasing all hate.

A feeling of forever knowing.

In this realm of everlasting tranquility only you can make.

It truly is ~ a personal journey.

Breaking the spell”



So many use the word love and have no idea what it is?

I too, am lost with its meaning sometimes. However, I know this ~

“I love what I know, and I love more what I’ve yet to know.”

Singularity then becomes worthy.




“You can tell a lot about a person,

by how they treat people they don’t need.”

~ Delmar Ray Byler




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