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And the Beat Goes On

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on March 05, 2024


“Nothing can harm me, it can only enhance my immune system.”

~ plr


“Who am I without telling you in this digital world?

The point is, who are YOU beyond it all,

before it began?


“The greatest gift one can give?

Is integrity to speak truth,

a kind heart to deliver it,

and love as the final ending.”

~ plr


“On the path of truth,

false beliefs are torn down,

but in their stead,

the naked truth rises in its simple beauty.”

~ plr


Life has been romanticized and I was there when it happened.

I am guilty of falling in love with the …

No more.


I am tired of the game playing with my feelings.

I am in control now.

If we are in a movie? Let’s re-write the script.

I am my own life’s experiment, and my own research project.


“Sometimes not having anything to ‘say’ is the best thing to say.

I am simply ONE playing with the multi~verse in song

trying to get along…

in harmony.”

~ plr


“Fire the engineer.

Why do we continue talking about a problem

when the soul-YOU-tion is in clear sight?”

~ plr


“Is my imagination wiser than imagination itself?”

~ plr


“If I bow to anything,

it is to the strength of the humbled heart ‘within’,

admiring the courage of the journey of the many.”

~ plr


There is life outside of here. Beyond this ‘thought form’.

We appear and we disappear, and it is okay.

Love your way out.

Into a world of co~hear~and~see.


Releasing the ties that bind in order to fly.


I used to say after brain surgery, Jan of 2010:

“Thank god for the god of giggle.”

Because I woke up with a great sense of humor.

Your inner child is the only one you need to impress and have fun with.

I am here to heal, not to hurt. Our vibrational contribution to the world is most felt.


If by this time in my life a solution, a resolution, a peaceful settlement,

or something that brings about a global natural involvement of coherency

towards living in harmony amongst all life has not happened …

then what on Earth am I here for?

I am DONE with the chatter that does not matter.

End of story.


And here we are.

I call it ‘Medusa’, the multifaceted snake head infesting every area of our lives.

Like a cancer metastasizing upon our host body planet Earth.

Even those on the front lines, some of those human beings,

that cower in the corners hiding behind their own backgrounds,

unafraid to speak out honestly about what they did or did not do,

or were involved with?

That must come out.

The only way out is full on truth,

to break patterns to create ANEW.


It is nice to know we are not alone.

We do have friends everywhere in and out of  this realm.

Surely it must be so.


Genius can happen in a moment.

You are either in or you are out.

I know which script I will never play a part in.


“I can’t ‘feel’ like I used to until the whole world is in harmony.”

~ plr


“Where you look, there you are, your reality awaits you.”

~plr 2010


“My brain is only a receiver.

In the Universe there is a core from which we obtain

knowledge, strength and inspiration.

I have not penetrated into the secrets of this core,

but I know that it exists.”

~ Nikola Tesla


“I’m just a particle with a heartbeat.”

~ plr 2010

And David Icke said this to her  father during what should have been an amicable departure:


“If what I am reliably told is true, she should know that a tidal wave of worldwide revulsion

will descend upon her immediately and for the rest of her life

and the Richards family name will be dragged through the cesspit ongoing as a result.”


What???  I was healing from a traumatic brain injury.

Yet the bullets kept coming from Mr “Infinite Love is the Only Truth …” ?

Lets get on the table of truths here ~ please.


CampFire Stories

How small acts of love and kindness

have the potential to ripple out and change the world,

touching hearts and minds in ways that we could never begin to imagine.



“ I have a question .. because one disturbance is these ‘bark beetles’

and if we just left it, it would be a natural process.

Now we added another disturbance, me and Johannes.

We actively planted ..

so it’s not actually a natural process here anymore either.

What do you think about this [human] disturbance?”


Martin (Natural Forest Engineer):

“I think you have introduced species that might need some additional years.

It’s not always the goal to reduce human impact,

it’s a matter of WHAT we do.

We need this kind of experiment.

You’re not like bringing in exotic species here.

If you would be doing that then I would be much more skeptical.

A lot of foresters are looking for new tree species,

what other species could be introduced here to handle this situation?

And I think that is really the most dangerous way to go.”


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