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Wise Beyond Measure

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 13, 2023


Chantress Seba


“Peace is the Motive.

Love is the Endurance.

Laughter is the medicine that keeps us alive.”

~ plr


Wherever you are.

Just know the gentleness of who you are,

is never lost only found.


“In this Earthly realm

does knowing alot

equal intelligence

or knowing no~thing

more intelligent?”

~ plr



When ONE sees from within, a very deep transformative moment of recognition happens, that no matter what is going on OUT THERE, a PEACE is felt, the song sings, the moment appears, The whole world becomes calm. Can you imagine if we experienced that together as ONE?


“I will not comply
with what they are intending.
I will stay Free
Forever my friends.
And so shall thee
When we see eye to eye
And not with each other fight.
Stand strong heart with heart
The feather becomes the arrow
From the sheath
And with unified mind
It is time
To end divide
And be kind with might.”

~ plr



This image is when I was recovering from a TBI (traumatic brain injury).

Sedona, Arizona, 2010

Went to a gathering with the Buddhist Monks.

I was in a very different world. Empty Mind.

Operating from heart not thought.





Whatever is going on in our world,

if we can’t come to reason NOW.

What good is breathing for?



It was the year 2017.

I went on an expedition with physicist Nassim Haramein,

and fellow participants to Peru and filmed this.

Our guide was telling us how the PYRAMIDS were built.

Thinking we were tourists, yet, we knew better.

There IS HOPE for humanity if only we stop buying the lies.

To realize how deceived we have all been about the world we live in.


Eagles: In the City



NO we will not, however,
as long as there is division among the ranks?
Meaning YOU & I?
We are a doddle to manipulate.
There might only be a few of THEM ~
But they are a focussed unification,
while THE MANY are scattered.


YOU CANNOT be in the trenches during battle,
with fellow soldiers arguing about who got the last tin of beans.
As a pilot my wing man KNOWS to focus when I SAY:
We got a mig at nine oclock!
That is how the battles are won.
For the Good of the Whole
And may all battles END in PEACE FOREVER.


History is bound to be repeated
unless we learn from it
and make the change RIGHT NOW.


PEACE is forever,

and may LIFE swiftly

end all warring.


I shall share a snippet from my forthcoming BOOK OF MEMOIRS.


“It was the summer of 2007 when I left for rest and recovery ..

from a home environment that was being highly devisive..

unbeknownst to me …

From England I flew ..

and landed in Egypt on the shores of the Red Sea ..

Upon an Eco village … a dolphin and diving Mecca ..

I was in the community bathroom on the beach,

when a woman approached out of the blue?

She was a very unique being really ..

She asked: “what brought you here?”

I was sharing that I was a filmmaker

and wanted to use film to speak good truths for humanity ..

she opened her satchel and pulled out a book ..

it was by Gary Zukav: THE DANCING WU LI MASTERS.

She brought it to read herself.  It was brand new.

She handed it to me saying:

I think you need this more than I do.

I asked her to sign it. She did.

I love you Sheila, what a gift you were in my life,

at the right time and still are, a shining Star.

I still have that book and read it from front to cover in two nights.


After she left the Eco Village we kept in touch.

She later sent another two books ..

One of them was by Martha Beck called:



“I believe that a knowledge of that perfect life sits inside you as the North Star sits in its unalterable spot. You may think you’re utterly lost, that you’re going to die a bewildered death in the Dark Wood of Error. But brush away the leaves, wait for the clouds to clear, and you’ll see your destiny shining as brightly as ever: the fixed point in the constantly changing constellations of your life.”

Finding Your Own North Star – claiming the life you were meant to live.
Martha Beck


Bukhu Ganburged


May your journey be well, wishes my father

Mind your honour in a foreign land, teaches my mother

When I return from the lands far away,

my parents will greet me with their happiness



“Without ALL life’s knowledge on the table of truths,

we will always be at the mercy of another,

until we make up our singular sovereign mind.

May like minds coagulate into a coherent mass right now.

I do not need ink on paper to formulate an agreement.

Heart to Heart without question should be fine.

That should be enough in this eternal life field.

I think we make it up as we go along .. someone else did.

~ plr

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