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Good to Let Go

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on April 03, 2014

Pamelas White Rose 2Pamela silhouette QuotePamelas White Rose 2

“Nature is her guiding light.”

“Never let another determine who you are.”

Diving to the depths of despair and rising to the heights of ecstacy,
in between the two beyond the speed of light.

Dolphin flying

“Pardon moi,
I did not know about Einstein in that moment of recognition.”

“I see everything when I’m lost now found.”

“Who is the kind guiding fool?
Whoever it is, love them dearly, thank you.”


“Know the goal. Do not seek it.”

“Life is not serious. Make light of it.”


Eye to Eye Cat Horse pamela quote

“May we all take the walk in Peace through our personal journeys.”

All quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated.
I am so grateful for the collaboration of all artists allowing the sharing.
Images: unknown unless stated with all due respect & grateful for sharing.
Image: White Roses pamela leigh richards
Image: silhouette of pamela taken by Bill Mortimer, thank you dear friend.
Image: White Buffalo ~ pamela
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