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The Wall Of Bliss

Posted in: A - Her Lucid and Mystical Experiences by Pamela on December 08, 2010

This was an incredibly lucid dream I had and felt to share.

Life talks to us in many ways. I have learned to pay attention.

When I was snorkeling or diving in the Red Sea in Egypt, 2007, if I was not paying attention I could have missed the magnificent beauty of a school of Manna Rays flying under the water to the left of me, or a large turtle coming up for air behind me, or even a shark passing quietly beneath me.

Because that actually happened. This is how poets come about.

I earned my diving license while there as well, at Marsa Shagra, a diving and dolphin Mecca in Egypt on the beautiful coasts of the Red Sea with the never ending Egyptian deserts and mountains breathing life on the periphery.

And through sharing these intimate experiences seeing with new eyes, when never they would have, the story unfolds like never before told. The signs are everywhere now.

It is time to listen to the voice “within” and what you have been asking for.

21 August, 2011
“I have recently discovered something that resonates highly. What I feel this experience was, was Brahman. For everything it describes is what I have been saying without knowing of this explanation or its existence. Brahman seems to be the ultimate supreme Reality. Brahman is eternal. Brahman is beyond words. It is beyond names and forms. Brahman can not be perceived nor can it be described by words. It is beyond senses and intellect. It is indefinable. However, if at all it has to be described; Brahman can be considered as Pure Consciousness.”


The Self is ever the Master however much the forms inhabited by the Self may be bound. [thought Creates form of matter.] The Self is the essential principle of the existence of all those forms, always remaining one and unchanged. He alone who beholds the Self in/as the core of his being possesses eternal bliss.


The Dream


Imagine standing in the middle of the universe. Complete blackness with stars all around.

I was standing there, or rather floating, looking straight ahead. All of a sudden slowly coming down above my head was a thin wall, like a sheet of paper. Peripherally I could see that the left and right edges went on forever. It was a wall of a shimmering fluidic like energy. It was sort of a cloudy white but a whiteness that was beyond what I can speak about. These words are frail to what it was in its true description and the only thing I can say is that it was pure energy.

This flowing down sheath of shimmering energy touched the top of my head moving like a slow breath ~ and as it got to the level just below my eyes, it was instant.

I slipped into the most wonderful bliss. And at that very moment everything I sensed or knew was erased. All thoughts, feelings, senses, memories, all mind … GONE!

Yet, I was completely aware of everything. I was so free is all that I can muster to describe.

It was like diving into the ocean only the ocean was coming into me … the ocean representing the purest form of energy, beyond energy. It was formless. Indescribable because this existence is non-descriptable here. It was Silent in its no-thing-ness, yet was filled with everything.

So, it moved down through my head stopping at that point just beneath my eyes as I slipped into bliss with all lights going off basically.

Then the wall lifted ~ moving over my eyes and above my head ~ and when it did?

All systems came back on in full feeling and memory like a switch had been turned on.

Then again, it moved back down through my head and I experienced the same thing. It was here a message came to me very clearly and direct.

It felt like I was deliberately being shown something which is becoming more clear by the day. The telepathic message that I received was beyond language once again. I call it a transference of energy like I had with the dolphins in Egypt, 2007. This is the best translation I can muster in taking something so powerful and bringing it into this realm. It said: “It is going to be alright” AND “None of this matters”.

I know this is so simple in Earthly terms, or in the language of man, yet, the personal journey is the only one that can see to read between the lines.

We all have that personal journey. I hope to meet in the middle of forever.

Our minds are opening to ‘see’. The Multiverse is ‘within’.

Please see here for The Dolphins

The Hologram

I had another amazingly profound lucid dream where I got up from my bed,
walked over to the wall, put my forehead against it with my feet at the baseboard.
There was some ‘mass of energy’ to my left, (only way I can describe it,) that was very conscious.
I began to move through the wall about four inches then came back out.
Then back in and out. I did this twice.
The communication between this energy and myself is beyond primitive language.
What was being shown is that it is not the wall that changes but myself. Incredibly real.
These are the things we can all do. It is what has been wiped from our eyes yet, now returning.
Paint Peace Please.


“In each person lies the pearl of the highest potential,
if developed it is a treasure to all existence visible and invisible.
This wondrous Metamorphosis was possible of the Human creation, however,
as you see in some parts of nature, not every creation has been given this ability.
Thus there arose a challenge from lower forms of consciousness that manifested as Jealousy
and thus Spirituality and Religion were created, these are the ‘Limits’.
Once again at the close of this time segment the masses will have an opportunity
to discover their true form which is not a Word and comes before even thought.
It is the Highest. If you but knew.”

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