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Just Passing Through

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on June 06, 2024



This is for all of us who were lost at one time ~ now found.

Nothing can disrupt our connection dear friends. 

Heart to heart .. mind to mind.

Nice to know we are not alone.

Always together we are.

Never Forget that.  


“I am my own research project

and my own life’s experiment.”

~ plr 2010 she wrote this


Video: In the Red Sea, Egypt, 2007 with wild dolphins. 


“You can read all the books in the world you want,

attend all the seminars with talk, talk, talk,

but what good did that do?

It is 2024 and the ball keeps spinning

with no soul~U~tion happening?

Until there is an end to war,

we open our eyes to the same damn thing.”

~ plr


“No” is the new norm. Because I say “NO”.

No more. End of story. Capiche? My beautiful Uncle was from Sicily.

A relative who as a child used to run into his arms with so much love.

A beautiful being he was.



History is a set of LIES

Above is a link. Click it.

Above is a Film by Stew Peters


“ .. where did we all come from?

If knowledge is truly power,

then maintaining such power,

must rely on the absence,

of knowledge.”


And with that I yield..

Above is a link. Click it.

What Fauci said,

when he didn’t think anyone was listening.

Four-plus years later, it’s all coming out.


“Only a fool rallies an army before an army is equipped.
If the army isn’t equipped they die.
And the vision dies with them.
And if you identify as anything
I invite you to leave right now
because I’ll probably offend you..
And when it comes to fighting ..
if I have to take that hill alone I will take the hill..
If we are all going to stand together
we must stand together .. informed..
We amplify the energy of the enemy
by keeping them anonymous..
Time to talk about things
that don’t want to be talked about..
~ Dr. David Martin


“We have all gone through,

and are still going through,

the worst life could ever offer us,

as well as the most magnificent. 

May we continue watering 

the garden within our hearts 

knowing the journey 

is but a thread in the tapestry

weaving through the stories

we choose to leave,

and the stories we choose to feed.

Diving to the depths of despairs,

and rising to the heights of ecstasies,

in between the two beyond reasoning,

beyond the speed of light

into the unknown now known 

as our pure might.”

~ plr 


International Day of Conscience

Above is a link. Click it.

At the recent International Day of Conscience event

held at Caux Palace in Montreux,

our CEO, Sarah Amne,

delivered a powerful speech

outlining our vision for a sustainable future.

Her words resonated with hope and determination,

urging us to confront the challenges facing our planet

with both awareness and action.

Sarah began the speech

by acknowledging the beauty of the surroundings

and the privilege many of us have to enjoy such tranquility.

However, she quickly transitioned

to a sobering reality check,

highlighting the stark inequalities

and environmental challenges

plaguing large parts of the world.


I was no longer the Rich Kid.

Above is a link. Click it.

“I noticed unexpected changes within … might it be ..from the standard .. diet .. in some sense would they experience the same … the public doesn’t know it but .. will produce this kind of change … we were not just the anomaly … now I was becomging that way and loving it ..something alot of people could benefit from .. any feeling for the love of animals .. if you see it, if the veil is lifted … how deeply .. to be appalled .. I knew .. with compassion …. they will turn away from .. buying the product … as the demad goes the supply will drop .. loved reading the Chapters .. and taken up by writing it .. speaking about the deeper meaning … more beautiful.. connected to the Earth .. more caring …. and it was published…”


“Sometimes one is too close to the distractionary problems,

when the answer is staring you right in the face.”

~ plr


“My heart sings louder
than the language of man trying to define me.”
~ plr


Speak your KNOWING.
Even if it contradicts the convoluted world we all live in.
In order to understand one another,
we must be free to express our moments of truth.
Allowing for the adaptations of healing to begin.
At least you spoke true words
that even if only you knew were true
to carry onward the path of life
knowing you are not alone in your awareness,
knowing your magnificence and awe.
Thank you for sharing your wisdoms.
Thank you for stepping outside the box with me.
Thank you for not passing me by even with what you saw.



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