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The Vortex Well

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 15, 2012

“God is a sphere who’s whole circumference is nowhere, but who’s center is everywhere.”
~ Hermetic saying

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.”
Marcel Proust

“Where you Look, there you are, your reality awaits you.”
pamela leigh richards

“When you forget everything, you come into being.”

“Nothing can ever get in the way of the path,
when you know which one you are on.”

“Can the peace movement talk in loving speech showing the way of peace?
I think that will depend on whether the people who work for peace, ‘can be peace’.
Because without ‘being peace’, we cannot do anything for peace.”
~ Bill Donahue

Sunset & Super Moon from Union Digital on Vimeo.

A telepathic message came to me very clearly out of the blue
As I was envisioning a world of peace
It was only just some time ago
The message said “Build What You See”.
The next day or two my consciousness was tapped again, as I was sitting at my computer.
Asking me to look outside. I turned my head looking out the sliding glass door.
As soon as my eyes landed on the leaf of the tree.
The voice said “God is in everything”.

“My Heart is a sacred place. It’s vernacular is eternal and can never be desecrated.”
“Il mio cuore è un luogo sacro. Il vernacolo è eterno e non può mai essere profanata.”
“Inima mea este un loc sacru. Este dialect local este eterna si nu poate fi niciodata desecrated.”
“Mon cœur est un lieu sacré. La langue vernaculaire est éternelle et ne peut jamais être profané.”
“Mein Herz ist ein heiliger Ort. Es ist Umgangssprache ist ewig und kann nie geschändet werden.”

“Life is beyond the many gods that you ‘think’. God does not think, it knows. Wear your god well.”

“The lure of the distant and the difficult is deceptive. The great opportunity is where you are.”
~ John Burroughs

“I cannot exaggerate the effect of this marvelous night on my childish imagination. Day after day I have asked myself; ‘what is electricity?’ and found no answer. Eighty years have gone by since that time and I still ask the same question, unable to answer it. Some pseudo-scientist, of whom there are only too many, may tell you that he can, but do not believe him. If any of them know what it is, I would also know, and my chances are better than any of them, for my laboratory work and practical experience are more extensive, and my life covers three generations of scientific research.” Master of Lightning: A story of Youth Told by Age

In other words our rage and our very proper rage against evil things which occur in this world must not overstep itself, for if we require as a justification for our rage, a fundamental and metaphysical division between good and evil, we have an insane and in a certain sense a schizophrenic universe of which no sense whatsoever can be made. ~ Carl Jung

“The journey is already dancing for those willing to see/sea .
I’m a dreamer. If you can, catch me. Above and beyond this reality.”


“The pen is mightier than the sword, so it is said.
However, the formless, is mightier than the pen of form.”

“Nothing happens here without it beginning out there.”

Thank you Life. I am grateful for Peace in coherency.

Pamela priceless in England wondering what the bubble is for?
What would happen if I popped it? What would be left?
Me endlessly thinking. Stop it!

Eye Images: With kind permission Suren Manvelyan
All Photos: Source unknown with all due respect unless otherwise noted.
All Quotes: copyright pamela leigh richards unless otherwise noted.
Image: Crop Circle Birds in Flight Freddy Silva
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Nassim Haramein The Resonance Project
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