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Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on October 20, 2008

The circle of life it keeps going round and round and round.

My life has no ending nor coming round to see the backside from whence it came.

I am tired of playing the game.

I am taking my ball and going home.

Shutting the doors on what was behind and awakening to my inate powers.

Remembering it is I who really matters,

For I am the whole and all its parts together.

Lets stop running in circles, stop repeating patterns, repeating lies and open our eyes.

To see the door has always been open, we have simply been passing it by.

This is why people are attracted to those who stand up and speak their mind.

The rebels who live life talking about things some wish they could but dare not.

For fear has enslaved the many to keep their clarity buried.

The time is now the awakening no longer hushed,

The covers that were once thought warm,

Are now the deception being thrown,

Lifting the bodies of light out of bed,

Having voices to be heard, as they lift their heads.

Their eyes now see, and ears now hear

The illusion and veils are lifting the sound is clear.

Their wings were once clipped one by one,

As they fell to the ground wandering,

The might of love has no boundaries.

It is within this realm of peace and understanding,

That they become great wings remembering … everything.

May it be so.
~ pamela leigh richards

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